Patch 6.1.4

User & User Groups

In the Users section you can now see a button next to Add User and Mass Edit that says User Groups.

  • You can create as many user groups as you like.
  • You can set a name, description, and skill level to keep track of the agents in your group and organize them.
  • Filters have been added to Users to allow filtering by User Groups
  • Mass Edit has been updated to allow for Mass Adding and Removing to groups as well as dropping all groups from a user.
  • Users Edit section has been reformatted slightly using a new method in preparation for upcoming Licenses and Contracts.
  • Groups tab has been added to Users Edit.
  • Changed Meta tab to Settings.
  • Reorganized some fields into different tabs.
  • User Groups will be available for certain reports soon, as well as to be used in future reports planned regarding Agents / Users.
  • Bugfix: Disable Global Quote Tools was Disabling personal ones as well. This bug was introduced in the timezone patch.


  • Touchpoints has been optimized to reduce lag on the Leads Screen.
    • Touchpoints data now only loads when selecting it from columns or filtering.
    • For accounts with over 1 million leads, always joining touchpoints was causing lag due to the nature of the query, this solves that until you are filtering data.
    • Some queries with no filters but asking for Touchpoint data will still lag. This is expected until we can find a workaround.


  • Bugfix: After Adding Country, Zipcode field became smaller. It has been made “biggerer” again.
  • Lead validation now properly works when configured at the vendor level.


  • Added Validation Settings from new fields in 6.1.0

Patch 6.1.0


  • Vendors has been restructured into a tabbed format for ease of use.
  • Contact Section has been added to Vendors
    • You can use this section to keep contact info on your vendors.
    • Sales, Billing and Support Emails Fields have been added
      • In the next few patches, these emails will be used to optionally send daily status and dupe / invalid state rejection reports to your vendors automatically on different schedules (dailty, monthly)
  • Vendor Lead Validation
    • Prevent your agents from missing critical information by requiring certain lead fields be filled out before dispositioning a lead.
      • This works along side the Product Validation system form patch 6.0.5 and can be used separately or jointly
  • Disable Touchpoints for Vendor
    • Your vendors can now individually ignore the touchpoint system in case you do want to receive duplicate leads on inbound calls for that vendor instead of looking up another lead and placing the touchpoint for this vendor.


  • New Fields!
    • Drivers License
    • Drivers License State
    • Country of Birth
    • Draft Date
    • Mothers Maiden Name
    • Medicaid Level
      • fdbe
      • qmb+
      • qmb
      • slmb+
      • slmb
      • qi
  • Change to AEP Eligible Field
    • No longer a Checkbox
    • Now a DropDown
      • Ineligible
      • AEP Eligible
      • SEP Eligible
      • AEP & SEP Eligible
      • Out of Network
  • Terms
    • Terms is how many times the policy can or will renew
      • Some policies from certain carriers auto renew as a different policy with a different Policy Number at certain intervals
      • In this case for a policy with 2 terms, you would select the term total, and current term for each policy for tracking purposes.
      • If a policy has no term limits, you can select Auto Renew by default.
    • Term Total
      • Unlimited
      • 1
      • 2
      • 3
      • 4
    • Term Current
      • 1
      • 2
      • 3
      • 4


  • You can now search by multiple lead id’s separated by ” “, “,”, “:”, or “;”.


  • Post Dates, Payment Issues, Insufficient Data, and Carrier Declined Customer sections now auto sort as they did before. You can override this with the sort filters.

Patch 6.0.5

Options Page

  • Options page has been changed to a tabbed format to be easier to use

Product Customization

  • Product Edit Page has been changed to a tabbed format for be easier to use.
  • Moved Mail settings into the Mail Tab
    • Added Support for All Languages to Mail Tab. (Not just English Spanish, inquire for new languages). All Mail defaults to English if nothing else is set, or if no language is set.
  • Added Points Settings.
    • Points can now be automatically applied to a product sold based off a selected status trigger.
    • You can set different point values depending on what the policy has been set to.
      • Points for Full Payment
      • Points for Post Dates with No Deposit
      • Points for Post Dates with Deposit
      • *More Criteria to come per request.
  • Added Validation Settings for Policy Workflows.
    • Customize which fields are required (Lead + Policy Fields Required to Press Sale, Verify and Submit)
      • Tools to Copy Settings from other Products or to Every Workflow status.
    • The policy will still save, but will throw and error and refuse to Convert, Verify or Submit without information
    • Fields required can be set for the Contact, Dependents and Policy Data.
  • Prep for Commissions:
    • Commissions tab has been added pending Commissions Calculation Update.


  • Added Deposit Field for products that accept a deposit.
  • Added Sort and Order to Policies

Touchpoints Module

You can now use the touchpoints system for inbound lead tracking. This can be enabled under Settings -> Options -> Dialer Tab

  • If a lead Exists in the system, it will find the latest lead in the following order
    • Latest Converted Lead
    • Latest Lead
  • Instead of adding a new lead within the inbound vendor, it will add a “touchpoint” to the lead with the vendor information, which shows up in the Logs section.
    • The touchpoint has it’s own created date and is unique, you cannot have two touchpoints from the same vendor.
    • The touchpoint has it’s own conversion information based on what happens with the next policy.
      • Once the Sale button is pressed, the touchpoint converts and adds a date converted and who converted by.
      • Once the Submit button is pressed the touchpoint converts and adds a date sold and who sold by.
  • When Touchpoints is enabled you can see the Touchpoint report under Reports.
    • This is useful when you are remarketing your own leads, especially those that have already converted. It prevents needing to duplicate your leads.
  • Touchpoints can now be seen in the Leads section and are searchable
    • You can choose to see Leads with or without touchpoints
    • You can choose the “touchpoints” and “touchpoints description” columns in the Columns Selector.
    • You can choose specific touchpoint vendors from the Touchpoints list.
    • If you choose “Touchpoint Data” from the Columns List you will see a subtable under each lead with details on the touchpoint and it’s conversion information.


  • Fixed an issue with inbound vendors sometimes tagging the wrong vendor.

Patch 6.0.1

This is a Major Patch. Every part of the system is affected. We have done tons of internal testing but please keep an eye out for any strange behavior.

The patch will go live Thursday 7/27/2017

There may be additional changes added in these patch notes after this initial post. Please check Tuesday for changes.


  • Increased Policies query Speed by 700% ~.2s query time
  • Increased Lead query speed by 300% ~.01s query time


The entire system now supports local timezones at different levels. The user setting overrides the account setting, and the account setting overrides the system default.

  • System Default: US/Eastern
  • Account: Configurable
  • User: Configurable

The system will pull data to view in Local Time (EX: US/Pacific) a

Date and Time Formats

The system now allows you to choose from a few different valid date formats to format date / times, dates,  and times throughout the system. Each format is configurable (you can show times differently than dates, etc.). The user setting overrides the account setting, and the account setting overrides the system default.

  • System Default: 2020-04-20 16:20:20, 2020-04-20, 16:20:20
  • Account: Configurable
    • Example: 04/20/2020 04:20pm, 04/20/2020, 04:20pm
  • User: Configurable
    • Example: 04/20/2020 04:20pm, 04/20/2020, 04:20pm

Dialer Policies

Changes have been made to how the Policies section is viewed. They are minor changes and informational updates.

  • A Save Button has been added to the Top left of each policy
  • The Policy ID (For Rewrites especially) has been added near the Save Button
  • An Info Button has been added next to the top left save button which pops open an info window with basic information on users and dates related to the policy
    • This info section has been removed from the top of the policy in favor of the pop open window.
    • This info section now will tell you the Policy ID and Policy Number it is a Rewrite Of (From)
      • *A rewrite can also be rewritten
    • This info section now will tell you the Policy ID and Policy Number it was Rewritten At (To)
      • *A rewrite can also be rewritten
  • The Policy Tag on the top right has been modified to also show if it is a Rewrite, or Rewritten it will append this info with dashes to the right of the policy number. Rewrites can be rewritten, so you can create a chain of rewrites on a policy indefinitely. EX: A client keeps resubscribing for 3 – 5 years+
    • Example: Policy – A4201921 – Rewrite
    • Example: Policy – A4201920 – Active – Rewrite – Rewritten
    • Example: Policy – A4201919 – Cancelled – Rewritten
  • The save button has been modified
    • The Save button is now smaller and always at the bottom left of a policy
  • The trash button has been modified
    • The trash button now shows at the bottom right on the same line as the save button
      • Agents cannot untrash
  • Positive Actions now show next to the save button in green. All permissions for button availability have been preserved.
    • Sale
    • Verify
    • Submit
      • The Submit button now changes to a disabled button that says – Submit: Post Dated with a tooltip that tells you that you cannot submit until the post date.
    • Reactivate
  • The current Status of the Policy is now showed in a disabled button next to the save button for all users so they can see what has happened to the Sale.
  • Negative and Neutral Actions now show below the save and positive row. All permissions and workflow have been preserved.
    • Buttons are now smaller and no longer span the whole screen.
    • Neutral actions show before negative (Pending Payment, Pending Carrier Payout, etc).
    • Kicked is always the first negative action when in verification or submission, after neutral actions.
  • Bugfix: Issue with Trashing and Untrashing a Policy not setting the proper Status back of if you did it more than once in a row. (Last Status was Trashed, so it broke)
  • Bugfix: If you are an admin with access to changing dates, unkick and reactivate wouldn’t clear the dates and somtimes the policy would get stuck in a weird status. This is now resolved.
  • Bugfix: You can now Unkick a policy that has been put into a non kicked negative status after verification. This will set it back to Application and clear verified, and interrupted dates.
  • Bugfix: You can now properly search for multiple phone numbers space separated in the searchbox for policies.
  • Bugfix: After saving a policy, and trying to upload a new document, the filename wasn’t showing when you selected a file.


  • New Checkbox – Medicare: AEP Eligible (Active Enrollment Period)
  • Added Option to Disable Status Buttons in Options Section.
    • You cannot Disable Sale, Do Not Contact, or Trash.
  • Added Out of Network as a Status Button
  • Callback Button no longer changes status from Converted to Callback once it is a Sale.


  • Added Policy Modified Date Search
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with lead date created search

Notes / CSR

  • CSR Scheduling now accepts Date AND time, not just Date. This will make for more useful followups.

UI Updates

  • Dates and Times
    • Moved away from jQuery UI Date Picker and replaced it with a nicer Bootstrap date picker system wide.
    • Changed Time Picker to use the same DaterPicker as it can have Dates, Times or Both.
    • Added Clear and Close buttons to Date Picker for ease of use.
    • Date and Time Picker respect user, account and system Date and Time formats.
    • Quote tool window now auto expands when you click the first time instead of shrinking down.


  • Chat beta is live, we are looking for people who want to test it. Currently it support rooms based on Roles and the Account as well as a System broadcast channel for us to push notifications. This will take a bit to get completely live and for direct messaging between people. Chat history is logged.
  • We are adding the ability for people to pass the current lead to others with the push of a button.


  • Added Hide Lead Status Buttons under Dialer section
  • Fixed issue with multi-check options not allowing you to remove all options.


  • Fixed some minor non breaking vulnerabilities in forms.

Penetration Testing

  • We are happy to announce we had a thorough penetration testing done on our system and found no critical issues and little to no medium to minor issues that have been addressed in this patch. None of the issues effected data in the system but could cause weird behavior in front end of the system.

Code Updates

The entire system has been retooled with new functions to make creating forms and modules a bit a bit faster as well as to tune system performance.

Coming Soon

  • Multi-user editing: Get notified when a user changes a lead or contact while you are opening it.
  • Opportunities: Reconvert the lead in your marketing campaigns
  • Touchpoints: Get new conversion metrics for your leads when they come in via different campaigns
  • VOIP Lead Creation: Have our inbound phone system auto create leads in specific vendors even if you don’t answer the phone and open the CRM.

New Policy Buttons Examples









Patch 5.3.11

Rewrites / Renewals

  • A user reported that a renewal wasn’t showing up in the renewals section, this was due to the renewal being a renewal from a previous policy. The renewal Checkbox was being used as the filter to decide wether the system would look for a rewrite or not. This has been removed in favor of the Rewrite ID box. If a new policy has a rewrite id of an old policy, the old policy will now no longer be considered a renewal and removed from the renewal queue. If the old policy has the refused checkbox, it will remain in the queue but as a rejection. You can filter rejected renewals in the renewal and lapsed sections.
  • Lapsed now takes this rewrite ID into consideration
  • The checkbox has now been removed and is a hidden field. It will automatically set it self to checked if there is a Rewrite ID and set itself to Unchecked if a Rewrite ID is removed.
  • Next to the Rewrite ID checkbox is a dropdown of existing policies on the Contact. You can now select it in order to autofill the Policy ID into the Rewrite ID
  • You can still Manually set a Rewrite ID if the rewrite is from another policy. When this happens the Dropdown box will notify you that you have Manually set a Policy ID into Rewrite ID.
  • PopOver notes have been added to this section to clarify it’s workflow.
  •  Workflow:
    • Policy is in Renewals or Lapsed Policies
    • Open Policy
    • Create new Policy
    • In new Policy Rewrite section, fill in or select the ID of the policy it is considered a Rewrite Of
    • Press Save
    • Policy is now no longer in Renewals or Lapsed Policies

Patch 5.3.10

PCI / PHI Updates

  • Separation of Concerns -> Data Entry and Exporting
    • Data Entry is now prevented with the “Disable PHI / Disable PCI Data Entry” Options
    • The current option to Hide Sensitive PCI and Sensitve PHI Data works for exporting information
    • You still have to check Show PCI and PHI data to get this data in an export.
  • Show PHI Data is not required in the Lead Section for exports and logs _safe VS _phi

New Medicare Related Lead Fields

  • The following PHI Data Fields where added (and respect PCI / PHI Settings)
    • Medicare Claim Number
    • Medicare Part A (Date)
    • Medicare Part B (Date)
    • Medicaid Number
  • The following Non PHI Data Field was added
    • Scope of Appointment (Checkbox)
      • This will allow you to sort and filter which contacts have a scope of appointment which allows you to initiate outbound communications with a possible medicare sale. You still need to have them hangup and call you back when they decide to purchase. (This is a Medicare technical rule)


  • Do Not Call Status
    • All Dial Buttons (In Top Panel and on top of the Phone numbers) are not disabled when a lead is in Do Not Call status. The dial button will become a red DO NOT CALL button and the buttons on top of the Phone Fields now just say DO NOT CALL in RED to make sure your agents know not to call. You can still copy paste the phone number out if you REALLY need to call the person.

New Options

  • Dialer – Show Lead Status
    • If you choose to show your lead status on the dialer it will show up to the right of the Vendor Icon (if set) which is to the right of the name and location on the Contact Tab.

Bug Fixes

  • PCI and PHI Sensitive Data was showing in export if its enabled in the system but was not checked to show.

Patch 5.3.9


We added a new way to find your leads and allow your agents to find leads by introducing the favorites system. The favorites system is a quick way to bookmark a lead and go back to it later. It shows up on as a star next to the name of a lead when enabled. The star will be filled in when it is a favorite or empty when it is not.

When you favorite a lead it keeps the order in which is was favorited on the dashboard under the Favorites tab.

This feature is default disabled. You can enable it in Settings -> Options under Dialer Configurations by changing the Max Favorites to any number greater than 0. If an agent tries to set more than the allowed favorites it will return an error.

By default phone numbers are shown on the Favorites tab, you can change this under Dialer Dashboard Configurations by changing Favorites Phones.


Patch 5.3.8


  • Added admin_fee to the system
    • Admin fee is non commissionable fee that is charged on top of the premium by the carrier
    • You can now split the actual premium from the admin fee. This will reflect in the commissions system in the future
  • New Summary Calculations
    • You can now see calculations split into groups
      • ALL
      • Policies
      • Active Policies
      • In Process Policies
        • Application
        • Verified
        • Pending Payment
        • Pending Approval
      • Other Policies for a customer
    • Breakdowns have been modified.
    • Next to Premium in Parenthesis you will see the Subsidized Premium (not calculation of actual premium)
    • Actual Premium now reflects Premium – Subsidized Premium
    • Monthly Fees  has been added. This Reflects Premium + Admin Fee
    • Initial Fees  has been added. This Reflects Premium + Admin Fee + Enrollment Fee
    • Actual Monthly has been added. This reflects Premium – Subsidized Premium + Admin Fee
    • Actual Initial has been added. This reflects Premium – Subsidized Premium + Admin Fee + Enrollment Fee
  • New Helpful Calculations
    • Monthly Fees, Initial Fees have been added to main section next to Admin Fee
    • Actual Premium, Actual Monthly Fees and Actual Initial have been added in the Marketplace section next to Subsidized Premium
    • Calculation Fields have a helper Icon to show they are calculations and what the formula is.
  • New Policy Status: Not Taken
    • This status is useful for clients who have accepted a policy and has been accepted by the carrier, but at the last minute the client cancels.
    • This is considered a CANCELLED status, and will stamp date_cancelled and who cancelled it.
  • Fixed a visual bug with Status in Customers Filters.
  • New Ability: Export PHI and Export PCI
    • Shows option to Export PCI and Export PHI Data for those who shouldn’t normally have it. Please refer to your organizations rules as to who should have access to this information.


  • Revamped the Action section of the Dialer Screen
    • It now has actions split by the following:
      • Lead
      • Policies
      • Dependents
      • Notes
      • Status
      • Policy Status
    • It now does a comparison of the last change done before the current save, and will tell you what changed.
      • Look for Green “CHANGES” buttons
        • Hover over for details as to what changed
      • Red Buttons with NO CHANGE will report that a save was clicked but no changes where submitted.
    • This should help with Auditing what has happened to a lead / client and prevent people from overwriting, adding or changing data and claiming that they had not.

Server Updates – 5/12/2017

Tonight we performed a server migration for our application platforms as well as our phone system.

As a safety practice all users have been logged out from all instances of their accounts for security purposes. You will need to relogin.

We hope you are happy with the new updates as we have tested the system and found significant speed improvements in page load and query time. The phone system is also faster in general and we see a quicker call to ring speed. If you have any issues, please feel free to email us at with any problems and we will jump right on it. We will be open at our usual hours ready to receive feedback or bug reports.

The following are benefits of the new servers:

New Server Benefits

  • Fully PCI / HIPAA Compliant Data Center hosted via AWS (Amazon Web Services).
    • We have signed a BAA with AWS.
  • DDoS Protection via AWS Shield.
  • Increased Speed via AWS EC2.
    • Application and Data are now on the same internal network.
    • Optimized AWS Network Infrastructure.
    • More Compute Power.
  • Infinite Expand-ability.
  • Less Estimated Hardware Downtime and Disaster Recovery.
    • Due to AWS EC2 Virtualization Technology running the Server.
    • AWS Snapshots of the Server can be spun up in an instant.
    • Possibility for Load Balancing in the future and Servers in different Regions.
  • Less Network Downtime.
    • AWS Enterprise Class Infrastructure.
  • Separation of Concerns.
    • Application, Databases and Phone System are now all on separate services.
      • This means if there is a server outage for the system, the phones don’t go down, and vice versa.

Phone System Updated!

  • Now has it’s own protected server in AWS.
  • Now has it’s own database server in AWS for CDR’s.
  • Running State of the Art Asterisk 14.4 Virtual PBX.
  • Better Sound Quality:
    • Old: 8khz bitrate New: 48khz bitrate.
  • Now Supports Opus Codec for phone calls.
    • Opus is unmatched for interactive speech and music transmission over the Internet, but is also intended for storage and streaming applications. It is standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as RFC 6716 which incorporated technology from Skype’s SILK codec and Xiph.Org’s CELT codec.
    • Using this Codec is optional. The system still supports the 8khz ulaw codec.
  • Better Quality Recordings.
  • Smaller Recordings Files.
    • Opus files are 10x smaller than ogg, and can be converted to any other format.
  • Bugfixes.
    • No more crashes due to attended transfers.
  • Asterisk ARI.
    • This newest version of Asterisk will allow us to do some amazing things between the CRM and the phone system as it has a standardized development interface.
    • Predictive Dialer Coming Soon™.
  • Recordings Stored in 3 Locations.
    • Application Server, Phone Server and AWS S3 Backup.
      • Complies with Medicare regulations for backups. Protect your commissions!

Patch 5.3.5


Changes have been made to how administrators are able to export data. This will help you keep in line with PCI and PHI compliance standards

  • By default, exports strip PHI and PCI Data.
    • This can be overriden with the “Show PCI and Show PHI” checkboxes which are visible to Administrators only.
  • Any data exported will be logged as per usual, but if PCI or PHI data has been exported it will show both in the filename that is downloaded as well as in the log file.
  • Files without PCI / PHI Data will be tagged as “safe”.
  • Standardized field names in certain sections.

PHI / PCI Data

You can now disable PCI and PHI Data outright in the options menu.

  • Disable PHI  will remove SSN from Leads and Dependents.
  • Disable PCI will remove all billing information for Credit Cards and Bank Accounts. You can still select a payment type.
  • These settings effect exports on Leads and Policies


  • More fields are now available to send out to your customers via the mailer.
  • Fixed a bug with Spanish Marketplace emails. This can be found in the templates section
  • Fixed a bug where template editor and HTML mode wasn’t showing.
  • Spanish Unsubcribe text now supported.


  • Recording Downloads are now being logged. Log section coming soon.
    • You will be able to see if someone played or downloaded a recording and the respective format.
  • Fixed a bug where the player was autoloading audio files and downloading them all without needing to.