Call Barging in TLDialer

It is now possible to Call Barge in TLDialer.

This feature requires your user to have a TLDialer Webphone configured. It can be done from any Browser and operating system except for iOS Currently, as the WebRTC Connection does not seem to be working. We will try to resolve this issue so you could use an iPad or iPad Pro to monitor your call center.

You should be able to connect from any Windows or Mac Chrome Browser, or Android devices with Chrome running. Most of our code is optimized for chrome so it is your safest bet to use this browser although the system should work in Firefox, Edge, or Safari but we have not tested with these browsers.

When you click on Live Agents you will be presented with 3 buttons. The buttons are larger on Tablets and Mobile devices when in mobile card mode.

Once you click one of the buttons a large button will appear next the the Live Agents title. Pressing this button will disconnect from whatever mode and person you where connected to. If you click another button on another agent, or another mode, you Will automatically be disconnected and placed in the other call. The phone will auto hang up and accept the next call.

When barging or whispering please make sure to disconnect from the agent when you are done or you will continue to transmit background noise.

Button 1: Monitor

This will allow  you to listen in on the agent. It will not prompt the agent or make any noise to notify them you are listening.

Button 2: Barge

This will play a Vici POP noise and place you in the call with the agent. The Agent and the Client will be able to hear you.

Button 3: Whisper

This will allow you to listen in on the agent, and only speak to the agent. The client will not be able to hear you. It will not prompt the agent or make any noise that you are there.

Button  4: Open Lead

If the agent is currently on a lead, this will open the lead. The agent will be notified that you have opened the lead in TLD, as well a sync any changes you make. It should also sync changes the agent makes to your screen as they hit save if you want to monitor their data entry.

*Button 4/5: Hijack:

We found this feature while working in the Vici codebase. We have yet to release it but are experimenting with it as it is an unlisted and undocumented feature in Vicidial. We assume this takes the call from the agent and places the agent on mute but it is currently unverified so we did not push it out. It is easy to implement once we figure out what it does.

TLDialer – Vicidial Integration Beta

Our Integrated Vici solution is ready to go live, and is available for Beta testing to any of our users using our Vici solution.

It should be seamless and require no setup on your end, just shoot us an email if you would like to try it out.

TLDCRM can now control VICIDIAL instances that we manage and maintain. We have written a high level service plugin for Vicidial that follows all their standards and takes some liberties with the data they provide. We did a lot of reverse engineering and you can be sure we will be adding more and more features as time goes on, particularly based on client feedback.

This page will be continuously updated with progress and status notes regarding TLDialer

TLDCRM Specific Changes

  • Statuses and Custom Statuses can now be mapped to VICI Statuses.
    • When Vici is enabled, you can set custom VICI Status codes in the Fields section when editing a status or custom status. This way you can choose the mappings, otherwise it will revert to default statuses we have selected to match our internal CRM statuses. Unknown statuses will default to”Other[O]”.
  • Setting Status and Callback on leads emits an event we catch to pass to VICI, all Dialer work should not effect workflow for non dialer users. We can use these events later for other dialer integrations if needed!
  • When Vici is disabled, but a user is Enabled via User Settings, that user will load all dialer resources where necessary. This is a good way to only allow certain agents to load the Dialer if you want to play around with it before giving it to everyone else.
  • TLDialer will now show on the Agent Dashboard as a Button Link when enabled for the user or account.


  • Exit TLDialer
  • Login / Logout
    • Select Campaign.
    • Automatically Set Ingroups.
  • Show Campaign
    • Show Ingroups
  • Park / Grab.
  • Pause / Resume.
  • Record / Stop Recording.
  • Load Lead on Incoming Call.
  • Update Status on TLD Status Change.
  • Hangup Call.
  • Disposition Vici Lead from TLDCRM Lead.
    • Set Callback Disposition and Schedule from TLDCRM Lead / Callback form.
  • Automatic Hangup on Disposition
  • Queue
    • Show current Queue count
  • Transfers / Conferences
    • Show List of Users and their Statuses
      • Disable Transfers those not in READY or PAUSED Status
    • Park and Transfer to Queue (Ingroup)
    • Ring and Transfer to Queue (Ingroup)
    • Release and Transfer to Queue (Ingroup)
    • Park and Transfer to Agent
    • Ring and Transfer to Agent
    • Release and Transfer to Agent
    • Hangup All Lines
    • Hangup Conference Line
    • Leave Conference (Remove Self)
  • Manual Dialing
    • Dial current lead from TLD to Vici
      • Clicking the dialpad on a phoen number in a lead will initial a call when paused.
      • It will search for a lead in Vici to load based on reference_id (VICI lead_id), vendor_lead_code (TLD Lead ID), and then phone number. If no reference ID is set in TLD for a lead found, it will updated it and connect the VICI lead to the CRM lead.
  • DTMF Tones
    • Dial Pad
    • Send Typed in Digits
      • Supports Letters! Converts letters to numbers for you.
        • Example: 1-888-646-WOLF(9653)
  • Update vendor_lead_code with TLDCRM Lead ID on creation of TLDCRM Lead from Vici
    • Currently happens via Dialer Pop, not via direct insert. We may add that option later.
  • Update lead data in VICI when pressing Save in TLDCRM
    • Lead must have both Reference ID (Vici’s Lead ID) and TLD Lead ID.
  • Qualification Time
    • Show Qualification time for the particular inbound vendor,
    • Show countdown timer based on time the customer called in.
  • Jump back to Current Call Lead while Navigating CRM.


  • Queue
    • Show Queue List, with links to TLD leads where available.
  • Group Aliases
    • Show List of Group Aliases (Outbound Caller ID)
    • Select Group Alias on Transfers / Call
  • Qualification Time
    • Update lead cost when hanging up before Qualification Time


  • 2018-4-10
    • Fixed issue with Disposition Status 0, Trash. Now works.
  • 2018-4-13
    • Fixed issue when refreshing session disconnects but cant get back in.
    • Fixed issue when disconnecting phone, now ends session and hangs up any clients
    • Fixed issue with Pause not showing reliably.
    • Fixed issue with Transfer button to agents not showing based on correct statuses


  • Working on behavior when you refresh the screen, currently disconnects like Vici native but sometimes leaves a stuck session.

Patch 6.0.1

This is a Major Patch. Every part of the system is affected. We have done tons of internal testing but please keep an eye out for any strange behavior.

The patch will go live Thursday 7/27/2017

There may be additional changes added in these patch notes after this initial post. Please check Tuesday for changes.


  • Increased Policies query Speed by 700% ~.2s query time
  • Increased Lead query speed by 300% ~.01s query time


The entire system now supports local timezones at different levels. The user setting overrides the account setting, and the account setting overrides the system default.

  • System Default: US/Eastern
  • Account: Configurable
  • User: Configurable

The system will pull data to view in Local Time (EX: US/Pacific) a

Date and Time Formats

The system now allows you to choose from a few different valid date formats to format date / times, dates,  and times throughout the system. Each format is configurable (you can show times differently than dates, etc.). The user setting overrides the account setting, and the account setting overrides the system default.

  • System Default: 2020-04-20 16:20:20, 2020-04-20, 16:20:20
  • Account: Configurable
    • Example: 04/20/2020 04:20pm, 04/20/2020, 04:20pm
  • User: Configurable
    • Example: 04/20/2020 04:20pm, 04/20/2020, 04:20pm

Dialer Policies

Changes have been made to how the Policies section is viewed. They are minor changes and informational updates.

  • A Save Button has been added to the Top left of each policy
  • The Policy ID (For Rewrites especially) has been added near the Save Button
  • An Info Button has been added next to the top left save button which pops open an info window with basic information on users and dates related to the policy
    • This info section has been removed from the top of the policy in favor of the pop open window.
    • This info section now will tell you the Policy ID and Policy Number it is a Rewrite Of (From)
      • *A rewrite can also be rewritten
    • This info section now will tell you the Policy ID and Policy Number it was Rewritten At (To)
      • *A rewrite can also be rewritten
  • The Policy Tag on the top right has been modified to also show if it is a Rewrite, or Rewritten it will append this info with dashes to the right of the policy number. Rewrites can be rewritten, so you can create a chain of rewrites on a policy indefinitely. EX: A client keeps resubscribing for 3 – 5 years+
    • Example: Policy – A4201921 – Rewrite
    • Example: Policy – A4201920 – Active – Rewrite – Rewritten
    • Example: Policy – A4201919 – Cancelled – Rewritten
  • The save button has been modified
    • The Save button is now smaller and always at the bottom left of a policy
  • The trash button has been modified
    • The trash button now shows at the bottom right on the same line as the save button
      • Agents cannot untrash
  • Positive Actions now show next to the save button in green. All permissions for button availability have been preserved.
    • Sale
    • Verify
    • Submit
      • The Submit button now changes to a disabled button that says – Submit: Post Dated with a tooltip that tells you that you cannot submit until the post date.
    • Reactivate
  • The current Status of the Policy is now showed in a disabled button next to the save button for all users so they can see what has happened to the Sale.
  • Negative and Neutral Actions now show below the save and positive row. All permissions and workflow have been preserved.
    • Buttons are now smaller and no longer span the whole screen.
    • Neutral actions show before negative (Pending Payment, Pending Carrier Payout, etc).
    • Kicked is always the first negative action when in verification or submission, after neutral actions.
  • Bugfix: Issue with Trashing and Untrashing a Policy not setting the proper Status back of if you did it more than once in a row. (Last Status was Trashed, so it broke)
  • Bugfix: If you are an admin with access to changing dates, unkick and reactivate wouldn’t clear the dates and somtimes the policy would get stuck in a weird status. This is now resolved.
  • Bugfix: You can now Unkick a policy that has been put into a non kicked negative status after verification. This will set it back to Application and clear verified, and interrupted dates.
  • Bugfix: You can now properly search for multiple phone numbers space separated in the searchbox for policies.
  • Bugfix: After saving a policy, and trying to upload a new document, the filename wasn’t showing when you selected a file.


  • New Checkbox – Medicare: AEP Eligible (Active Enrollment Period)
  • Added Option to Disable Status Buttons in Options Section.
    • You cannot Disable Sale, Do Not Contact, or Trash.
  • Added Out of Network as a Status Button
  • Callback Button no longer changes status from Converted to Callback once it is a Sale.


  • Added Policy Modified Date Search
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with lead date created search

Notes / CSR

  • CSR Scheduling now accepts Date AND time, not just Date. This will make for more useful followups.

UI Updates

  • Dates and Times
    • Moved away from jQuery UI Date Picker and replaced it with a nicer Bootstrap date picker system wide.
    • Changed Time Picker to use the same DaterPicker as it can have Dates, Times or Both.
    • Added Clear and Close buttons to Date Picker for ease of use.
    • Date and Time Picker respect user, account and system Date and Time formats.
    • Quote tool window now auto expands when you click the first time instead of shrinking down.


  • Chat beta is live, we are looking for people who want to test it. Currently it support rooms based on Roles and the Account as well as a System broadcast channel for us to push notifications. This will take a bit to get completely live and for direct messaging between people. Chat history is logged.
  • We are adding the ability for people to pass the current lead to others with the push of a button.


  • Added Hide Lead Status Buttons under Dialer section
  • Fixed issue with multi-check options not allowing you to remove all options.


  • Fixed some minor non breaking vulnerabilities in forms.

Penetration Testing

  • We are happy to announce we had a thorough penetration testing done on our system and found no critical issues and little to no medium to minor issues that have been addressed in this patch. None of the issues effected data in the system but could cause weird behavior in front end of the system.

Code Updates

The entire system has been retooled with new functions to make creating forms and modules a bit a bit faster as well as to tune system performance.

Coming Soon

  • Multi-user editing: Get notified when a user changes a lead or contact while you are opening it.
  • Opportunities: Reconvert the lead in your marketing campaigns
  • Touchpoints: Get new conversion metrics for your leads when they come in via different campaigns
  • VOIP Lead Creation: Have our inbound phone system auto create leads in specific vendors even if you don’t answer the phone and open the CRM.

New Policy Buttons Examples









Server Updates – 5/12/2017

Tonight we performed a server migration for our application platforms as well as our phone system.

As a safety practice all users have been logged out from all instances of their accounts for security purposes. You will need to relogin.

We hope you are happy with the new updates as we have tested the system and found significant speed improvements in page load and query time. The phone system is also faster in general and we see a quicker call to ring speed. If you have any issues, please feel free to email us at with any problems and we will jump right on it. We will be open at our usual hours ready to receive feedback or bug reports.

The following are benefits of the new servers:

New Server Benefits

  • Fully PCI / HIPAA Compliant Data Center hosted via AWS (Amazon Web Services).
    • We have signed a BAA with AWS.
  • DDoS Protection via AWS Shield.
  • Increased Speed via AWS EC2.
    • Application and Data are now on the same internal network.
    • Optimized AWS Network Infrastructure.
    • More Compute Power.
  • Infinite Expand-ability.
  • Less Estimated Hardware Downtime and Disaster Recovery.
    • Due to AWS EC2 Virtualization Technology running the Server.
    • AWS Snapshots of the Server can be spun up in an instant.
    • Possibility for Load Balancing in the future and Servers in different Regions.
  • Less Network Downtime.
    • AWS Enterprise Class Infrastructure.
  • Separation of Concerns.
    • Application, Databases and Phone System are now all on separate services.
      • This means if there is a server outage for the system, the phones don’t go down, and vice versa.

Phone System Updated!

  • Now has it’s own protected server in AWS.
  • Now has it’s own database server in AWS for CDR’s.
  • Running State of the Art Asterisk 14.4 Virtual PBX.
  • Better Sound Quality:
    • Old: 8khz bitrate New: 48khz bitrate.
  • Now Supports Opus Codec for phone calls.
    • Opus is unmatched for interactive speech and music transmission over the Internet, but is also intended for storage and streaming applications. It is standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as RFC 6716 which incorporated technology from Skype’s SILK codec and Xiph.Org’s CELT codec.
    • Using this Codec is optional. The system still supports the 8khz ulaw codec.
  • Better Quality Recordings.
  • Smaller Recordings Files.
    • Opus files are 10x smaller than ogg, and can be converted to any other format.
  • Bugfixes.
    • No more crashes due to attended transfers.
  • Asterisk ARI.
    • This newest version of Asterisk will allow us to do some amazing things between the CRM and the phone system as it has a standardized development interface.
    • Predictive Dialer Coming Soon™.
  • Recordings Stored in 3 Locations.
    • Application Server, Phone Server and AWS S3 Backup.
      • Complies with Medicare regulations for backups. Protect your commissions!

Patch 5.3.0 – Commissions Received

Commissions Received

This is a new feature that has been a long time coming. This is part 1 of 3 parts regarding commissions.

The parts are:

  1. Commissions Received from Carriers
  2. Commissions Paid to Agents
  3. Commissions Estimation from Carriers (Hardest part)

Today we launched our first rendition of the Commissions Received module in manual mode.

The system will allow you to manually enter commission records and attach them to policies in a quick fashion using a typeahead quick lookup / search from the add panel. Instead of using a modal (popup window), we are using a accordion menu that allows you to enter data quickly. You can even take a statement for one clients commissions and just keep changing the dates and adding if it’s for the same policy. Pretty easy!

The commission system allows you to put in an amount, and an optional breakdown of the amounts. If you don’t put a breakdown it will automatically put the amount as “flat” for you. If you fill in the breakdown and don’t fill in the amount, it will automatically total it up for you.

In the case of chargebacks, you should be putting a negative number. You can enter a commission received as just a chargeback with a negative amount.

Commissions statements do NOT require they be attached to a policy. We did this because we know sometimes you may get paid on commission items from a carrier not related to a policy, or for a policy you haven’t entered into the system. We provide a Reference and Description field to allow you to enter text based information on the policy in this case.

You may also attach an agent to the commisison statement. Although policies already have agents set to them, we know sometimes the commissions either all go to one person, or may be attached to different people (in the case that everyone who writes under their own name gets paid a commission from the carrier separately).

Records are editable, and keep track of who last modified them. You can trash a record, but not delete it. We currently do not store a history of record changes however as this section should be only used by administrators and accounting (Managers do not have access).

You may also put in a paid through date for commissions that are up front payments. This should help you keep track of when the next payment should come in.

You will also be able to see a list of commissions in the logs section of the dialer screen if you have the permissions to see commissions.

Of course, the data is exportable too and when attached to a policy exports policy data (we are still working out what data should be exported)

All the data being entered here and this part of the system will eventually be used for reconcilation purposes vs the Commissions Estimator once we are able to create a schedule of what should have been paid to your agency. The same holds true for the Payroll portion of the commissions section so that we can compare how much money you are making per sale your agents makes. The payroll section will even include hourly payments, not just commissions per policy.


There are currently no reports written for this data. We are open to suggestions! How do you want to see it? Tables? Graphs? Let us know. Every report becomes a permanent addition to the system and we are interested in being able to offer robust reporting on this topic.


We would love any other feedback or feature requests! If we missed something let us know. Commissions is something no one has gotten completely right on any system. We want to make sure we do.

Other Updates

  • Fixed a bug in Notes that was not letting you set a CSR Agent.
  • Fixed a bug with Action log for Statuses that aren’t statuses (reactivated, unkicked, untrashed)
  • Added Note to the CSR Table so you can see what it was about.


  • Reorganized Dashboard into tabs. Standardized all views. Added buttons to open leads to prevent agent from having to just look it up via search.
  • Added CSR Section into Dashboard. If you have a CSR assigned to you, it will show up there with details and the note set.


  • Forgotten Clients Filter
    • Shows you policies that once had an active sale and have no other active sale attached.
  • Policies Not Status
  • You can now search by marketing and newsletter opt in.
    • These two fields now show up in exports.
  • Policy Expiring Filter
    • Calculates Policy Expiration Date by Date Effective and Duration in Months.
    • Searches based on this date criteria


  • You can now play recordings from the browser.


  • Managers can no longer download recordings due to possible PHI Data. They can still play them.


  • Added Calls Report which gives you inbound and outbound call times. All sections are exportable.


Patch 5.0

User Abilities

There is now a section on the User Permissions called “Abilities” which is split from roles.

Abilities allow for fine grained permission in the system.
  • Verify” allows an agent to self Verify and Submit policies. This does not allow them to cancel them.
  • Cancel” allows and agent to Cancel policies. It does not allow them to Verify or Submit them.
  • Upload Documents” allows the agent to upload documents to a policy.
  • Send Mail” allows and agent to send the welcome email, otherwise the mail button will not show.
  • Set Vendor” allows an agent to set the Vendor from a list of “Agent Selectable” vendors.
    • A Vendor must be configured as “Agent Selectable” to shows in the list of Vendors for an agent with this permission to use.
    • Set Vendor ONLY WORKS on creating New Lead that has not been automatically created by an Vendor with an Inbound Number set.
  • “Change Vendor” allows an agent to set any vendor regardless of status and “Agent Selectable” both when creating new leads or modifying them.
    • Vendors with an Inbound Phone creating new leads will still create the lead based on the Vendor settings. It can then be edited afterwards with this permission.

Mass Update

Vendors and Policies now have new mass update features for some popular fields. Be careful, there is no undo.


The following lead fields were added:

  • County,
  • Contact Preference
  • Language

Changing Columns and Sorting

The lead section now allows you to change columns as well as sort data. We will be adding these features to all Policies sections in the next patch.

The change columns button can be found under filters.

Sort By and Sort Order can be found in the leads section.


The following policy fields were added:

  • Application Number
  • Date Paid
  • Date Reactivated
    • This now gets set when the “Reactivate” button is pressed.
  • Reactivator ID
    • This now gets set when the “Reactivate” button is pressed.

You can now search by Date Paid and Date Reactivated. The Boolean Paid checkbox has been added to the “All” table.

Search by Policy Number and Application Number is now possible as well.


Vendors can now be listed as “Active, Inactive or Inactive Visible”, similar to users.

  • Inactive visible will still show when modifying leads soas to not accidentally remove Vendor data.
  • Inactive Visible will show on Filters throughout the system, Inactive will not.
  • [INACTIVE] has been added to labels for both Inactive and Inactive Visible vendors

Run your Live Transfer Health Insurance Leads Business through TLDCRM

Sell your live transfers through TLDCRM!

We make integration between your lead sources and clients easy and transparent, from our relay system to our reports, tracking charges, expenses, and costs has never been easier. We’re here to let you focus on selling your leads in real time as they come in, or as live transfers with the push of a button.

  • TLD CRM’s Relay system does all the heavy lifting.
  • Clients can’t sell in certain states? Relays are configurable to send only to applicable states!
  • Automatically pass your inbound leads straight from your vendor or landing pages to our system and then immediately to one or multiple clients.
  • Use any Dialer in conjunction with our phone system to pass calls seamlessly to call centers throughout the world.
    • Attended (Warm) Transfers
    • Blind Transfers
    • Custom Solutions
  • Track how much you need to charge your client by setting a price per relay and utilizing our ever-evolving reports.

Auto-Recording & Caller ID Passthrough

As of today, we now offer the following new features for our phone system:

  • Auto-recording (on agent pick-up) of calls to queues (hunt/ring groups).
  • Caller ID passthrough for our relatively new Attended Transfer functionality, this is particularly helpful for warm transfers from your office to a buyer.

Submit a support ticket or give us a call during business hours to ask how we can activate this for you or how this would best fit your needs.

Thank you for using TLD CRM.

Patch 3.0

Relays are now live.

Dialer integration have completely changed in form and functions in terms of how data gets from TLD to Dialers (Genesis).

It is now possible to send a lead from TLD to multiple dialer posts or other dialer vendors. This allows you to resell your leads should you choose to in real time.

Please see the section on using Relays for more details.

As a courtesy all accounts have been updated to use Relays based on the “Third Party” settings that was used previously.


Patch 2.73

Mailer Interface


Mailer campaigns allow you to pair a Mail Template (From the Templates Section) as well as add a subject, filter criteria for Lead or Policy, and the age of the lead at which you want to send an e-mail.

Emails are sent once per hour on the hour and filter age criteria based on the exact moment the lead came in. This formula has proven to work well as it is often synced with the time a person was already seeking and inquiring health insurance.  It also allows us to stagger emails to prevent flooding the email service.


Mailer logs allow you to see and filter results regarding your mail campaigns.

New Policy Status: Insufficient Data

Added Insufficient Data section for when you havbe submitted a policy but are missing data. Works as a queue for your agents to fix the data. Added a button for this status as well.

Optimizations & Fixes


Combined JS methods for Filters into one patterned script for better performance. Removed “click” filtering when using multi-checkboxes and checkboxes. You must now press Go to filter. This will increase performance in some cases when selecting multiple checkboxes.


Exports work across Leads and Policy sections properly. There was an issue where if you were on anything but the “All” section in Clients, it would not export based on the section you were on.


Fixed an issue where you could “Reactivate” a policy before Submitting it, leaving it with no Date Sold.

Now displaying Policy Date information at the bottom near the buttons. This includes Created, Modified, Verified and Sold Dates. This will be editable by Admin or higher in a later patch for now it is just display. Will include Cancelled and Kicked Dates as well.

Table Formatting

First pass at standardizing the look of tables and buttons, as well as specific column placement to give the system a more seamless look.