Patch 6.8.3

TLDialer –¬†Significant Change!

  • New Table: lead_dialer_leads
    • This table stores all the dialer leads associated with a lead when a duplicate if found and loaded instead of created newly.
    • How It Works
      • Every Dialer ID associated with a lead, including the current one, is stored in the lead_dialer_leads table
      • The lead_dialer_leads table is an association between lead_id and dialer_id
      • lead_id and dialer_id combos are unique.
      • When a lead is loaded via Manual Outbound, or Inbound, or any other method, when the lookup function of TLDCRM loads, it will check for both a Dialer ID (TLDialer Lead ID) and a Lead ID (TLDialer Vendor Lead Code).
        • Id a Lead ID Exists, it will load that lead precisely.
        • If a Dialer ID is passed along with the Lead ID, it will add the Dialer ID to the new table along with the Lead ID.
        • If a new lead is created with a Dialer ID, it will add that to the table as well.
        • Upon loading a lead that already existed, with a new Dialer ID, the system will set the CURRENT Dialer ID on the TLD Lead, to that Dialer ID, so that TLDialer and TLDCRM are working on the same lead. Updated will be passed to the TLDialer Lead, this includes if information already existed on the TLDCRM Lead.
          • An Action log will be added with the user loading the lead and the updated data.
      • Recordings will be lookup up via the Primary Dialer ID on the Lead, the leads in the lead_dialer_leads table, as well as any dialer_id’s in touchpoints.
    • A Link Icon will show next to the Lead ID, if there are entries in the lead_dialer_leads table. Click it to see the ID’s. We will allow for manual entry of Dialer ID’s onto a lead later to fix some merging issues.
    • A Broken Link will show next to a Lead ID where there are no entreis in the lead_dialer_leads table.
  • What does this mean?
    • This may fix some issues where people get “stuck” unable to leave a lead, as well as making sure the right lead loads when you do a manual dial and click the dial icon. The problem we are possibly seeing is that when manual dialing, a¬† lead with similar properties loads, but is the wrong lead_id / Vendor lead code that what is actually loaded in Vici.
    • This also means you can prevent dupes by searching for and tagging leads with Dialer ID’s in Customer Service Queues, making sure you load the right lead without creating dupes.
    • It also means that recordings for the same lead on different phone numbers can show up in the recordings tab.
  • Address3 / Phone 3
    • Address3 now works as a Phone Field (as per Vici Spec) and can be dialed as ADDR3. This field now syncs to Vici Database as well.

Report Update – Lead Scorecard.

  • Please see the Reports -> Lead Scorecard Report for more information!
    • You can now see call data along with new leads created, spend, qualified costs (based on qualified time) and CPA as well as conversion %.
    • Click the labels tab and drag and drop labels to reorder the report. You can also hide fields and change the names of fields.


  • Fixed an issue with aggregate queries not showing properly.