Call center agents using TLDialer

Contacting clients is easy with TLDialer. Our phone system is placed within the website, so you can manage your call and lead all on one page. No downloading a dialer and no switching tabs. Your vendors can also send leads directly to the dialer through our relay system. TLDialer allows your agents to stop worrying about contacting leads and focus on making sales.


TLDialer is integrated directly into our CRM. All of the controls are available on the same page as your lead, so your agents can transfer calls, write policies, and close deals without switching tabs! And with simple controls, your agents can focus on their calls instead of navigating a phone system.

Already have a dialer you love? Let us know and we can try integrating it!

Call Recordings With TLDialer

With TLDialer, you get high quality recordings of all of your calls. Access recordings directly on the lead for every call with that client. Or you can view recordings from the Recordings logs and pull a report. Whether you need recordings for verification or quality assurance, you can rest easy know they are safe; TLD stores all of your recordings with back ups in multiple locations.

Live Call Monitoring

With live call monitoring, you can listen in on calls while they are active! This tool can help you better manage your workforce and boost your agents’ performance. You have three options for call monitoring with different levels of involvement.

Monitor: Listen in on live calls without being heard. This option is great for new agents to shadow top performers or for live QA checks.
Whisper: Speak to the agent without being heard by the client. You can assist an agent while the call is still live to save sales.
Barge: Join the call and be heard by all parties. Enter the conversation to de-escalate or just add to the conversation.

With these options, you can use TLDialer to help your agents close deals and keep your customers happy.


With TLMessenger, your agents can text customers directly from the lead. Offer convenient, personalized communication that keeps leads informed and engaged. You can use TLMessenger to get verification, share files, and send reminders. Craft pre-written responses for common questions and scenarios to save time and ensure consistency in messaging. Respond quickly and efficiently, build rapport, and convert leads faster. Ready to revolutionize your lead conversion? Let TLMessenger be your secret weapon!