Agency Plan
$75/moPer Seat - Increase / Decrease Anytime
Your secure business account
Cloud backup of all data
Live support
Initial training and docs
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$500One Time Setup Fee

Setup covers the cost of preparing your system, setup of phones if you use our phones, installation instructions for our SoftPhone and training.

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Phone System
¢2/minute *Added to your bill at the end of the month.
Unlimited seats
Connect from anywhere
Live support
Free call queues
International rates may differ
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DID's (Phone Numbers)
$3 - 11/moper number

Use extra phone numbers to track inbound sales and where they came from. Simple and easy.

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Agency Plan

CRM & Dialer

$100/mo per seat
$0.018 per minute
$1 per phone number
Texts cost $0.02 for outgoing and $0.01 incoming
Live Support
Data Backup
10 Seat Minumum


One Time Setup Fee

Account creation and configuration
Initial trainings for admins and agents

TLD is a comprehensive, cloud-based insurance sales platform and VoIP solution designed to empower your team and drive business growth. We equip you with industry-leading tools that streamline lead and policy workflows, optimize agent productivity, and ensure complete data security. TLD’s compliant call recording and document storage provide peace of mind, while our intuitive interface and powerful features enable you to close more deals and achieve measurable results.

TLDCRM’s robust lead management system empowers vendors to seamlessly submit lead information, triggering an immediate connection with a qualified agent and initiating the sales journey. Our comprehensive platform tracks every step of the process, from initial conversion to finalized sale, capturing all agent notes, recordings, and key interactions. This transparent data visualization provides supervisors with invaluable oversight, enabling them to:

TLDCRM’s scalable architecture and feature-rich ecosystem adapt to the unique needs of any insurance organization, from small agencies to large enterprise groups. Our dedicated onboarding team conducts a comprehensive analysis of your workflows and strategic goals. This assessment informs the development of a custom solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing submission platform and empowers your team to achieve optimal performance. Whether you require advanced call routing for high-volume teams, automated compliance tracking for complex regulations, or a reporting dashboards for executive insights, TLDCRM delivers a tailored solution that drives measurable results.

TLDCRM’s global reach extends beyond its US base in Miami, California, and Texas. We empower overseas sales teams with seamless integration and support. During onboarding, your dedicated specialist will thoroughly analyze your specific needs and tailor our services to deliver a streamlined customer experience.

Upon successful registration of your 10DLC Brand and Campaign, TLDCRM unlocks the power of personalized SMS/MMS communication for your agents. This enables them to nurture customer relationships throughout the insurance journey, providing timely updates and reminders at key touchpoints. From initial sign-up information to enrollment application stages, and even renewal notifications, this direct communication builds trust and fosters customer engagement.

TLD offers comprehensive support options to ensure your success, with dedicated online channels and additional emergency assistance.