Patch 6.9.1

TLDialer – Updates and Upgrades – OPUS Codec Enabled. (Better Call Quality)

  • Asterisk and Vicidial upgraded to v13.21 and Revision 3046 respectively. Opus codec enabled and preferred. Inbounds tested working. Outbounds tested working. Recordings tested working. Please let us know if anything unusual arises that may be a result of this update as soon as you notice. We don’t expect any issues. Thanks! Oh, also, *don’t forget to close your browser and refresh your cache* in case Chrome decides it wants to load old files!
    • This will be live on  10/8/2018 for those of you who do not have it yet.
    • Answering Machine Detection EXTREMELY IMPROVED. 80 – 95% detection rate.
    • Drop Rates Improved. You can push your dialer harder now.



  • Added 2 new Policy Statuses. These policy statuses can be disabled in Settings -> Options -> Dialer and Hidden from Dropdowns in Fields -> Search for policy_status
    • Pending: Direct Bill
      • Shows after Submission for Direct Bill Clients that have made it through the Submission Process
    • Cancelled: Non-Payment
      • Shows up for Active Policies, for when a client gets cancelled due to Non-Payment.
  • New Credit Card Type
    • Direct Express. It will have a Mastercard Icon, as it is processed by Mastercard but sponsored by the Federal Government.

My Business

  • It is now possible to show “Vendors” via their public name, and only those who have a public name, in the My Business Sections ( Leads, Policies )
    • The setting is in Settings -> Options -> Data -> Show Public Vendors in “My Business” sections.
    • This allows you to give your agents access to sort through lead lists, without knowing the actual vendors information. Cheers!


  • Uploader should now remember the correct vendor you last selected.
  • Uploader should now start spitting out results as they come again.
  • Added Protections for FTP Sync.
  • FTP Now Supports Archived Documents. It will unzip them for you.
  • FTP Now create Thumbnails for PDF’s on Sync, and attached THAT file to the Link instead of the document itself. The document will still be downloadable and openable in the download section.
  • Added Links to Vendor Log in Uploads List.
  • Added Links to Vendor Logs Filtered for Errors on Error Files.

Vendor Post System

  • New Options in Vendor Data Settings
    • Update Lead on Dupe
      • This will update the most relevant lead with the information provided when a dupe is found (Conversions First, then Last one Modified, or last one in.)
    • Update Lead on Dupe Lead ID (If Present)
      • If you pass a Lead ID that exists in the system, it will update the lead with what you have provided.
      • If you pass a lead ID without this enabled, you will get an error. Do not pass Lead ID’s if you don’t plan to update. If Lead ID is empty, normal dupe rules will apply.
    • Send Relays on Dupe
      • Default Off, Why send it Back?

Vendor Logs

  • Added Links to Vendor Maps and Post Instructions to Log Section.

Lead Scorecard Report

  • TLDialer Mods
    • The Lead Scorecard Report will now favor the calculation of calls * the vendor rate over the lead rate per lead. If there are no calls, then the lead rate will show as is.
    • The Lead Scorecard will now give you the option to see “Duplicate Calls” and “Dropped Calls”. If you don’t see these fields please press “Reset Labels in the Labels Tab.

Feature: Print

  • This feature will be improved on at a later date.
  • If enabled, under Leads and My Leads, users can select multiple leads, and it will create a print friendly version with a print button of all those leads with basic information, any content within the “Image” field, and a worksheet of questions. Future renditions will allow for different Print layouts, and different print layouts per vendor. The goal is to have the print layouts merge with the Template system in the future.


  • User Section can now be sorted again. Huzzah!
  • Users can now be added as Inactive or Inactive Visible and will preserve the setting (And not check seat count)
  • Users had a bug on add. Fixed.