Patch 6.9.0


  • TLD Database
    • Now Running Latest Aurora mySQL 5.7 Compatible Engine (~5x Faster)
    • Now Running on Latest Generation AWS RDS Instance (Better, Newer CPU)
  • TLD Server
    • Now running latest PHP Version. Slightly Faster. New features for development.

Core Modules

  • Rewrote pretty much the entire Core System. This should clean up any oddities and errors that came from the upgrades on 9/16/2018 which will forever be known as “The Event”  (9/19/2018)
    • “The Event” did not effect production in any major way, but did cause some minor issues that got hotfixed in the beginning of the week until we realized we needed a core rewrite to continue adding new features.
    • The rewrite will also let us Develop in a standard way.
    • The System should be much faster, less possibility of Memory leaks and more secure overall.
    • Tons of Legacy code have been removed that was pending 3 – 4 years to be removed.


  • Cleaned up some styles and issues on the Uploader.
  • Found and fixed a bug causing lag on live with Field Maps.
  • Added Column Count and Max Row Size to Uploaded File Info.
  • Added Column numbers to File Maps.
  • Some changes to text description on Uploader.


  • Fixed an issue with Shared Notes
  • Custom fields should now properly save.