Account Customization

two men and a woman work on account customization on a laptop.

Your account works for you. We understand that you need your CRM to fit with your companies needs. That’s why we have extensive account customization options to tailor your system to your business’s unique needs. You can customize user accounts, contact forms, products, workflow, and more! Even add your branding to make your account truly yours.

Lead and Policy Forms

Forms within TLD are customizable. You decide what information to include on your leads and policies and what to leave out. Streamline productivity with forms that have exactly what you need. You can even make certain fields required to ensure you have all the important information. We also provide the option to add custom lead statuses that agents can apply to leads after every call, also known as dispositions. Users can update the lead status after every call so you can see where that lead is at in the sales process.


Include all of the carriers you work with and the products you sell ready to go for your users. Whether you sell the standard metal tiers or unique ancillary products, they can all be available in TLD. You can even customize your products to only be available for certain user groups or trigger different actions based on the carrier’s requirements.

App Integrations

We use APIs (Application Program Interface) to seamlessly blend your favorite programs into our software, creating a unified workspace where everything flows effortlessly. No more switching between several different apps to get your work done. Customize your account with all the tools you need in one place to optimize your workflow and sales.


You have the option of changing your account to reflect your business’s branding by adding your logo and brand colors. More importantly, you can include custom messages to your voicemails, hold music, and in canned text messages to your clients. Our account customization options help you make TLD truly yours.