Patch 5.3.2


Send Welcome Email button has been modified and improved. It will now choose to send a normal email or marketplace email based on the Marketplace checkbox on a policy, as is configured in the Options section under Settings

The Send Marketplace Welcome Email button has been removed now that the system detects which email to send. We have left a note as to why.

The following is a chart on the new Welcome Email Workflow:

Product Custom Email and Language Support

You can now customize which emails go out on a product by product basis. Go to Settings then click Products. Double click the product you want to customize.

You will now have the following features

  • English Welcome Email and Subject
  • Spanish Welcome Email and Subject
  • English Marketplace Welcome Email and Subject
  • Spanish Marketplace Welcome Email and Subject

You must configure both the template you want to use as well as the subject or it will ignore these settings.

If either the template or the subject is missing it will not send that email. It will revert to the System Default Welcome Email or the System Default Marketplace Welcome Email under Options.

If no email templates are set under Options, it will give an error to contact an administrator to send it.

Both the subject and email template must be selected under Options for them to work.

The mailer log will now tell you exactly which email was sent, including the standardized name of the product (not the custom name of the product).

It will also tell you which email was sent in notifications so you can be clear it sent the right one!

This patch should allow you ultimate customization when sending email information to your clients about their new policies!


Patch 5.3.0 – Commissions Received

Commissions Received

This is a new feature that has been a long time coming. This is part 1 of 3 parts regarding commissions.

The parts are:

  1. Commissions Received from Carriers
  2. Commissions Paid to Agents
  3. Commissions Estimation from Carriers (Hardest part)

Today we launched our first rendition of the Commissions Received module in manual mode.

The system will allow you to manually enter commission records and attach them to policies in a quick fashion using a typeahead quick lookup / search from the add panel. Instead of using a modal (popup window), we are using a accordion menu that allows you to enter data quickly. You can even take a statement for one clients commissions and just keep changing the dates and adding if it’s for the same policy. Pretty easy!

The commission system allows you to put in an amount, and an optional breakdown of the amounts. If you don’t put a breakdown it will automatically put the amount as “flat” for you. If you fill in the breakdown and don’t fill in the amount, it will automatically total it up for you.

In the case of chargebacks, you should be putting a negative number. You can enter a commission received as just a chargeback with a negative amount.

Commissions statements do NOT require they be attached to a policy. We did this because we know sometimes you may get paid on commission items from a carrier not related to a policy, or for a policy you haven’t entered into the system. We provide a Reference and Description field to allow you to enter text based information on the policy in this case.

You may also attach an agent to the commisison statement. Although policies already have agents set to them, we know sometimes the commissions either all go to one person, or may be attached to different people (in the case that everyone who writes under their own name gets paid a commission from the carrier separately).

Records are editable, and keep track of who last modified them. You can trash a record, but not delete it. We currently do not store a history of record changes however as this section should be only used by administrators and accounting (Managers do not have access).

You may also put in a paid through date for commissions that are up front payments. This should help you keep track of when the next payment should come in.

You will also be able to see a list of commissions in the logs section of the dialer screen if you have the permissions to see commissions.

Of course, the data is exportable too and when attached to a policy exports policy data (we are still working out what data should be exported)

All the data being entered here and this part of the system will eventually be used for reconcilation purposes vs the Commissions Estimator once we are able to create a schedule of what should have been paid to your agency. The same holds true for the Payroll portion of the commissions section so that we can compare how much money you are making per sale your agents makes. The payroll section will even include hourly payments, not just commissions per policy.


There are currently no reports written for this data. We are open to suggestions! How do you want to see it? Tables? Graphs? Let us know. Every report becomes a permanent addition to the system and we are interested in being able to offer robust reporting on this topic.


We would love any other feedback or feature requests! If we missed something let us know. Commissions is something no one has gotten completely right on any system. We want to make sure we do.

Other Updates

  • Fixed a bug in Notes that was not letting you set a CSR Agent.
  • Fixed a bug with Action log for Statuses that aren’t statuses (reactivated, unkicked, untrashed)
  • Added Note to the CSR Table so you can see what it was about.


  • Reorganized Dashboard into tabs. Standardized all views. Added buttons to open leads to prevent agent from having to just look it up via search.
  • Added CSR Section into Dashboard. If you have a CSR assigned to you, it will show up there with details and the note set.


  • Forgotten Clients Filter
    • Shows you policies that once had an active sale and have no other active sale attached.
  • Policies Not Status
  • You can now search by marketing and newsletter opt in.
    • These two fields now show up in exports.
  • Policy Expiring Filter
    • Calculates Policy Expiration Date by Date Effective and Duration in Months.
    • Searches based on this date criteria


  • You can now play recordings from the browser.


  • Managers can no longer download recordings due to possible PHI Data. They can still play them.


  • Added Calls Report which gives you inbound and outbound call times. All sections are exportable.


Patch 5.2.5

Login Changes

  • Redirect to Admin Profile Page now works again.
  • is no longer the main login page. is the new page. We are moving to will redirect to as well. will be a marketing and FAQ website as it is now and will be improved in the future.
  • You can now login from other accounts and it will respect IP restrictions for your parent account if you get redirected to your parent account.
  • If you have permission on the account you are logging in, but it is not your parent account, it will then check your IP on that account based on the current accounts settings. Your parents IP permissions apply first.
  • IP Restrictions are now checked every time a user does anything in the system if they are logged in to prevent a user jumping from one account to another (if they have access) to bypass IP Restrictions on accounts based on their parent level IP restrictions.


  • There is now a Callbacks Manager.
  • Callbacks can now be trashed by administrators.
  • Users now have an override for how many callbacks they can have. This overrides system settings. You can set it to 0 if you do not want the agent to set callbacks.

UI Changes

  • Notifications have been moved to the bottom right and now stack vertically.
  • Pending Approval is now a Red Button instead of Yellow


  • You can now see if the user is currently logged in. This does not mean the user is currently active but it does mean the user has access to the system from their last login and are not logged out.
  • You can now boot all sessions for a user.
    • Note: Currently when a user logs out it already removes all other active sessions.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed someone to mass update status for users that where higher level than them (whoops)
  • Fixed a bug that wasn’t letting someone edit individual user if they were inactive.
  • Mass update now logs users out when setting to something other than active.
  • Fixed issue switching accounts.

Login Logs

  • You can now see if a user has an active session base on the login attempt.
  • You can boot users out of their current session.

Quote Tool

  • Quote tool can now be reordered via Drag and Drop
  • Quote tool can now be removed by pressing X.
  • The way the quote tool displays  is top to bottom.

Relay Logs

  • Fixed Relay Log Bug for old Log.


  • You can now trash leads in Sale or DNC Status
  • Pending Approval Status (20) now gets it’s missing red status buttons.


  • Double clicking the dynamic fields icons now places the text at the last point you had the cursor.


  • Fixed issue with relays not showing.
  • Uploader now accepts notes and dependents

Patch 5.2.0


  • You can now set more than one callback per lead, and you don’t need to clear the previous callback. Callback Maximums are still in effect.


  • Login attempts are now logged in the system, along with the session they were logged in on. We record all information regarding the login source.
  • Login now has protections against hammering (spamming credentials) via both session(10 attempts), and IP (100 attempts) within a 5 minute period.
  • Login now correctly shows when logging into a deactivated account instead of just invalid credentials
  • Login Codes:
    • 1 login_code success Successful Login
    • 2 login_code invalid_credentials Invalid Credentials
    • 3 login_code user_wrong_account Wrong Account
    • 4 login_code user_no_accounts No Accounts
    • 5 login_code user_problem Problem
    • 6 login_code user_deactivated User Deactivated
    • 50 login_code user_invalid_ip IP Restricted
    • 51 login_code hammering_session Too many login attempts in this session.
    • 52 login_code hammering_ip Too many login attempts from this ip.
    • 100 login_code account_disabled Account Disabled

Quick Search (Experimental)

  • After typing for 1 second, it will start looking for leads and policies based on your criteria. You can either press Enter to go to the first lead it find as per usual, or you can wait for the dropdown to show the latest 10 results.
  • The way the permissions work here is they fall through. If you have view_leads, it ignores view_own_leads for example.
  • Normal Agents without the new abilities do not get any results, they have to use the system as they have before by pressing enter or the search button.
  • New Quick Search Abilities
    • Leads
      • view_leads
        • Gives Access to Leads Page
      • view_own_leads (filtered by current user as lead agent_id or creator_id)
        • Gives Access to Leads Pagefiltered by current user as lead agent_id or creator_id. (Not currently implemented)
      • quick_search_leads
      • quick_search_own_leads (filtered by current user as lead agent_id or creator_id)
    • Policies
      •  view_policies
        • Gives Access to Policies Pages
      • view_own_policies (filtered by current user as policy agent_id or creator_id or agent_of_record)
        • Gives Access to Policies Page filtered by current user as policy agent_id or creator_id or agent_of_record. (Not currently implemented)
      • quick_search_policies
      • quick_search_own_policies (filtered by current user as policy agent_id or creator_id or agent_of_record)

Post System

  • Vendor Posting with Notes
    • You can now post Notes into the system. This works similar to dependents. You can post as many notes as you need, you just need to configure the max amount of notes in vendor mappings.
    • This will create an entry into notes per note by the system.


  • New Filter: User
    • This is an all around search for any lead or policy where a user has their ID stamped. Ignores LMB (Last Modified)
  • Show Notes in Lead Search
    • You can now show notes via a filter command in Leads section
    • You can also show only those leads that have notes!
  • Fixed a bug with badly formatted dates in the DoB causing an age calculation error.
  • Added Coinsurance Field to Policies
    • 100
    • 90/10
    • 80/20
    • 70/30
    • 60/40
    • 50/50

Logs Section

  • The following Logs where grouped into the Log Section. We made the logs much more robust in terms of filters and options. All are exportable.
  • Note some of these logs are new.
    • Actions (New)
    • Exports
    • Logins (New)
    • Relays
    • Vendors
    • Mailer
    • Downloads (New)
    • Opt Out (New)
  • Action Log will now show Status Changes so it’s easier to find.
  • DIaler Action Log now shows Status changes and then a full log for ease of use / history.

Documents Section

  • Cleaned up some filter elements.


  • Changed multi-checkboxes to show a thinner font, and bold when selected / unbold when unselected
  • Changed Order of Abilities in User Filters to follow Menu Order.

Patch 5.1.5

  • Changed system font to Open Sans. Whole system should have a cleaner look.
  • Added Font Awesome Icon Set.
  • Fixed issue with Changing Columns in Lead Screen
    • Now unsetting all checkboxes will return back to Default Settings.
  • Dialer
    • Lead Page has been Reorganized to be less daunting.
      • Broken into Sections: Main, Medical, Insurance, Marketing and Admin Sections
    • Cleaned up labels to be more vertically even
    • Cleaned up labels to hide on overflow instead of pop down for mobile and smaller screens to keep the input boxes even.
    • Added City and State to Contact Label. If a full address is provided the globe icon will turn into a link to Google Maps.
    • Moved Vendor Labels to Float Right so they are always in the same spot.
    • Unlocked Dialer from being one size. Now is fully responsive no matter the size of the monitor.
    • All Dropdown Selects including Products and Carriers that have been Selected for a Policy, but hidden from the system, will now show properly when loading the dialer. If you select a different carrier and save over it, the hidden product will no longer be re selectable. This is to prevent old Sales from losing data when being managed because admins turned off Products or Carriers they are no longer selling (but still maintaining)
      • Basically the menu makes an exception to the rules based on what was selected in the database.
  • Leads
    • Sort now works by any available field listed.
    • New Fields updated on Dialer Screen and Vendors / Post System:
      • requested_term
      • requested_coverage
      • condition_diabetes
      • condition_cancer
      • condition_heart_disease
      • Creator ID
    • New Mass Edit Fields
      • State
      • Fronter
      • Agent
      • Vendor
  • Dependents
    • Added Annual Income and Occupation Fields
    • Converted Spouse into Selectable Field instead of Checkbox (1 is still Spouse).
  • Policies
    • New Fields
      • Date Issued
      • Date In Force
      • Creator ID
    • Fixed Mass Edit Field Display for Paid and Date Paid
  • Plans
    • New Plan Types
      • Term Life Insurance
      • Life Insurance Changed to Whole Life
      • Property and Casualty
      • Bundle Plan (More than one Plan, ie: Accident, CI, Life all as riders under one.)
      • MAPD (Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan)
      • Prepaid Health Clinic
      • Hospital Negotiaton Service
      • Annuity
      • Automotive Plan
  • Vendors
    • You can now Post creator_id in a Vendor Post. This allows for some Automation with VICI Dial where you want to post to TLD on an Inbound Call based on the User who answers. You would have to set the User ID for TLDCRM in VICI / Dialer.
  • FIxed a Bug with Saving CSR Notes with no Note but having a Agent Scheduled would freeze the button.
  • Automated System Processes now get stamped with ID 0 which is the System User (Not a real user).
  • Coming: Favorites
  • Coming: Callback Manager

Patch 5.1.0

  • New Payment Type
    • Check
      • New Field: check_number in relation to Check.
      • *Must be enabled under “Fields”. Disabled by default.
  • New Filters
    • All new filters that have multi checkboxes include the NOT feature, which allows you to search for selections that do NOT included what is selected.
    • Users
      • Roles
      • Abilities
      • Status
      • Language
      • Modified Date
      • Created Date
      • Activated Date
      • Deactivated Date
      • Level
    • Vendors
      • Default Lead Status
      • Relays
      • Status
      • Dupes
      • Creator
      • Last Modified By
      • Modified Date
      • Created Date
      • Inbound Phone
      • Price
  • New Exportable Tables
    • Users
    • Vendors
    • Mailer Campaigns
    • Mailer Logs
    • Products
    • Fields
    • Relays
    • Templates
    • Exports
  • Optimizations to Model Data and Logic
  • Exports Log has been Enabled for Super Administrators so you can see who has exported what.
  • New Abilities
    • Complete CSR
      • Allows a user to complete a CSR. Normally reserved for Managers or Higher.
    • Assign CSR
      • Allows a user to assign a CSR Request to a particular agent. Normally reserved for Managers or Higher
    • View Reports
      • Allows access to the Entirety of the Reports Section.
    • View Users
    • View Products
    • View Fields
    • View Relays
    • View Recordings
    • View Templates
    • View Products
    • View Leads
    • View Policies
    • View Mailer Campaigns
    • View Mailer Logs
    • View Vendors
    • Export All
    • Export Users
    • Export Products
    • Export Fields
    • Export Relays
    • Export Recordings
    • Export Templates
    • Export Products
    • Export Leads
    • Export Policies
    • Export Mailer Campaigns
    • Export Mailer Logs
    • Export Vendors
  • Surveys
    • We now support Surveys via IVR. Currently the implementation has no front end but a report will be available soon. This allows us to use the IVR to setup Survey campaigns with questions attached, allow us to have the questions answered by the client, and then be able to run statistics and logs based on the answers.

Patch 5.0.5

  • Added Language, Language Code on Lead and Policy Exports
  • Added Product, Carrier and Plan Descriptions to Exports
  • Fixed an issue with Date Effective Filters in Policies
  • Vendors
    • You can now redirect successes or errors when posting to Vendors to whereever you like.
    • A Success and Error URL must be provided
    • The URL will be appended with a query string providing the following
      • response
      • message
      • vendor_id (if any)
      • lead_id(if any)
    • If you provide a URL with a Query String already set, the system will parse that query string and add on it’s own. It should preserve any parameters you pass in the URL.
  • Made Insured Carrier list all Carriers not just what is visible by the current account.
  • Added Insured Carrier information to Exports
  • Added Pending Carrier Payout Status and Button.
    • This is meant for a Policy that has been sold but is pending payout from the Carrier. The workflow is to Submit the sale and then put it into Pending Carrier Payout and later Reactivate the Policy.
    • Feature can be enabled in Options.
    • Client Menu item can be hidden in Options
    • Button can be Hidden in Options.
  • Fixed bug in Options Menu not reflecting actual results until you refreshed options page.
  • Fixed Registry issue for deleting cached data.
  • System now deletes options from DB that are unset in options panel.

Patch 5.0.1

New Features

  • Insured Premium (Field Existed, was not on Lead Form).
  • Insured Carrier (Select what Carrier the current lead has).
  • Insured Intent (Does the insured intent to keep or switch their insurance).
  • NOT Checkboxes on lead Multi-checkbox fields. Allows the user to select which items are NOT in a specific selection.
  • Added NOT Checkboxes to some fields in Policies. More to be added.

Patch 5.0

User Abilities

There is now a section on the User Permissions called “Abilities” which is split from roles.

Abilities allow for fine grained permission in the system.
  • Verify” allows an agent to self Verify and Submit policies. This does not allow them to cancel them.
  • Cancel” allows and agent to Cancel policies. It does not allow them to Verify or Submit them.
  • Upload Documents” allows the agent to upload documents to a policy.
  • Send Mail” allows and agent to send the welcome email, otherwise the mail button will not show.
  • Set Vendor” allows an agent to set the Vendor from a list of “Agent Selectable” vendors.
    • A Vendor must be configured as “Agent Selectable” to shows in the list of Vendors for an agent with this permission to use.
    • Set Vendor ONLY WORKS on creating New Lead that has not been automatically created by an Vendor with an Inbound Number set.
  • “Change Vendor” allows an agent to set any vendor regardless of status and “Agent Selectable” both when creating new leads or modifying them.
    • Vendors with an Inbound Phone creating new leads will still create the lead based on the Vendor settings. It can then be edited afterwards with this permission.

Mass Update

Vendors and Policies now have new mass update features for some popular fields. Be careful, there is no undo.


The following lead fields were added:

  • County,
  • Contact Preference
  • Language

Changing Columns and Sorting

The lead section now allows you to change columns as well as sort data. We will be adding these features to all Policies sections in the next patch.

The change columns button can be found under filters.

Sort By and Sort Order can be found in the leads section.


The following policy fields were added:

  • Application Number
  • Date Paid
  • Date Reactivated
    • This now gets set when the “Reactivate” button is pressed.
  • Reactivator ID
    • This now gets set when the “Reactivate” button is pressed.

You can now search by Date Paid and Date Reactivated. The Boolean Paid checkbox has been added to the “All” table.

Search by Policy Number and Application Number is now possible as well.


Vendors can now be listed as “Active, Inactive or Inactive Visible”, similar to users.

  • Inactive visible will still show when modifying leads soas to not accidentally remove Vendor data.
  • Inactive Visible will show on Filters throughout the system, Inactive will not.
  • [INACTIVE] has been added to labels for both Inactive and Inactive Visible vendors

Patch 4.98

  • Options
    • Options menu switched to Radio Dials for ease of use.
    • Hide Client Menu Option for those who don’t want certain tabs.
    • Agent of Record Added as Option to Policies (As opposed to selling Agent, to help determine who it is written under)
    • Bill Me Later on Policies can be Hidden
    • Paid on Policies can be Hidden.
    • Suspended and Suspended Ready for Resubmission in Post Dates Section can be Hidden.
    • Marketplace on Policies and Filters can be Hidden.
    • Marketing Opt In’s on Leads can be Hidden.
    • Policy Name on Policies can be Hidden.
    • Option to show Product Description or Name in Dialer Policy Menu.
    • Option to choose the order of Scripts and Rebuttals (A-Z or Z-A)
    • Option to Hide Certain Negative Policy Status Buttons.
    • Default Inbound Vendor Added.
      • This allows you to choose where inbound calls go to as opposed to just general leads made in the system using the “New” button. It is meant to be used in conjunction with our VOIP Inbound System when the inbound number is not assigned to a Vendor.
  • Products and Fields
    • Can now be filtered by Visible or Hidden to System, Agent or Upline.
    • Now properly respects Menu Order, then Alphabetical, except for duration which follows numerically from 1 month to 1 year+
  • Templates
    • New Template Types:
      • Fronter Scripts
      • Fronter Rebuttals
      • Can only be seen by those with Fronter Permission.
    • Scripts and Rebuttals can now be opened in a different window with a link icon next to it’s name.
    • Scripts and Rebuttals now support images, they default resize to the size of the current window or the popup window. Contact us if you need to host some images.
  • Users
    • User Carrier Data
      • When a particular carrier is set, it will show Label: Value under the policy as a notice to verifiers or other agents regarding this particular carrier.
    • Agent of Record
      • Check this box if you want an Agent to show up under Agent of Record if you are using the option. Other Agents will not show up. This is to make the menu smaller than the entire list of agents.
    • New Meta: Primary Language
      • Also shows on user list.
    • New Meta: FFM ID
    • New Meta: NPN
  • Vendors
    • Load Delay
      • For use with Inbound Vendors, especially live transfers. This will prevent the system from creating a lead on an inbound call and keep searching for something being sent to that vendor from a Live Transfer companies. It will try X times every X seconds based on what you set it to.
  • Dependents
    • Exclude from Dependents added so we can properly calculate beneficiaries.
  • Policies / Clients
    • Added phone number column to Payment Issues.
    • Stats
      • consolidated into a dropdown.
      • Now shows Beneficiaries.
      • Split calculations between Primary and Ancillary Products.
      • Shows Subsidized Amounts
    • Include Notes
      • Allows for a data dump of each note with it’s attached policy for reporting purposes. This will duplicate policies as each policy will have a list of notes attached duplicating each policy times the amount of notes on the policy. Because notes aren’t attached to policies and are attached to leads, some notes may not reflect a particular policy though they will always refer to the primary lead.