With TLDCRM, managing your leads has never been easier. We’ve put all the information you need right where you can get at it. No more unexpected policies hidden away, no more asking the client for their information, you already have it! Once you have them on the phone you just worry about making the sale. Not enough information? Match up leads with their dependents, policies, agent notes, customer service requests, and even verification recordings should you utilize our integrated phone system with SIP trunking by our good friends at Telnyx.

We make sure each lead is taken through our standardized sales flow expertly crafted by our knowledgeable developers with a history in health insurance, from sale to submission.

Reports update in real time with every lead you add into the CRM. View your room’s live performance on your dashboard, or generate a more detailed view into your data with our evolving Reports section. Have an idea? Send it to us! Many features our clients enjoy are all inspired by requests from users like you. If our CRM doesn’t fit your needs, we’ll do our best to make it so.

Let your agents know how they’re doing by displaying your Sales Board report live on a TV or Projector! Watch how fired up your agents get as they compete with each other for sales and any contests you announce. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of competition.

We make receiving leads simple and easy. With a couple clicks of your mouse you can create a new lead source and send an email to any third party provider to integrate with our system. All instructions included. You can even customize the vendor fields to match your vendor if they don’t offer that flexibility! We include a public link to small result sets of data that you can optionally give to your vendor to debug their integration without having to get anyone involved! We can scrub leads for uniqueness against leads received in that vendor, in your entire account or even in our entire system! Make sure that your exclusive leads really are exclusive!

Send leads anywhere! Configure your vendors to send your lead direct to your Dialer with our unique lead ID, or resell your leads and keep track of price points, and amount of leads sent to any other location! The relay system can also be used to integrate any other provider such as SMS or even Physical Mail campaigns that support API integrations. Relays, just like vendors, can be configured in the system. No code required! Ask us about automation options using relays.

Track inbound leads per vendor using our cutting edge and flexible phone system. When your phone rings, your CRM will open with the closest lead match found in your system. If it isn’t in your system our unique method automatically saves leads under the appropriate vendor based on which phone number the call came in on! Put price points on those vendors so you can see how much you really owe for live transfer leads!

Monitor your agents, or display our Sales Board on any TV. It will automatically keep itself up to date. The Sales Board contains tons of neat options that can be used to show simple or detailed information commonly found on Call Center whiteboards. You can have it automatically sort by total sales for the day or week, split sales information between primary and ancillary products, and even run contests for the month. Keep your agents motivated!

Find out how much your leads are actually costing you, and what your CPC (Cost Per Conversion) and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) is. Our reports give you quick real-time snapshots of your estimated spend per vendor, as well as conversion rates per vendor grouped by carrier, plan, product, or any other mixture of criteria. You can pull custom reports using our robust filtering system, or if you have an idea for a report just suggest it to us and it will become  a new part of the TLD Platform.

“In business as in life, your chances of being run over are doubled if you stay in the middle of the road.”