Patch 7.0.6

TLDialer Changes and Updates

TLDialer 2.0

We did a bit of an OVERHAUL on our TLDialer Apps system, which allow us to connect directly into the internals of the dialer and modify behavior and allows us to do things like State Routing. We now have a fully dynamic system, that follows our own patterns and enables us to add new apps dynamically! We were even able to inject code into the main dialer form to allow us to do previously impossible things that have been causing some issues. Along with this have come some significant improvements to the transfer system, barging, monitoring, and more. There is much more to come with this new System! And now for the Updates.

As always when TLDialer Changes, make sure you have your agents all log out and log back in.

  • TLDialer Apps use Routing Extensions to route to each app. The Prefix for apps is TLD{appname}
    • Prefix: TLD
    • App Name: Proceeding 6 Characters
    • Extra / Custom Extensions – Proceeding Numbers after App Name
  • All apps can be duplicated/ isolated and configured by changing the extension to TLD{APPNAM}{EXTRACHARACTERS}
  • TLDialer App Configs can be overridden by creating a fake DID (Ask us to do this) to set DID Custom Parameters on.
    • Each App has different Parameters that go in each custom DID field. Each app has it’s own defaults so most of the time this fake DID is not needed.
    • If you configure one of the custom fields with a parameter, it will override the default. Provide nothing in the custom field and it will fallback to the default for that parameter. Not setting custom fields will just have all parameters fallback to defaults which renders the fake DID fruitless.
    • You can override the default behavior of an app by making the DID Pattern the App name, or you can create your own extension by suffixing anything after the App Name. Just remember to point your Extension to the App with the modified extension you created and it will isolate to just that one.
  • Apps Available
    • TLDSURVEY – Survey System Extension
    • TLDSRVDCL – State Routing Inbound Extension
    • TLDSRVDAD – State Routing Outbound Extension
    • TLDSRXFER – State Routing Transfer Extension
    • TLDBATMAN – No Agent No Answer Transfer Extension ( NANA )

TLDialer General Changes

  • Loading Leads on Calls should now load faster, we are skipping the AJAX Check for the Vici record and taking it straight from the TLDialer Process. Should be near instant now.
  • We now Prevent you from logging into the Dialer if you have another Instance open somewhere else. We now also change the Status to “Duplicate Instance”.
  • You can no longer click the “Disconnect” button, or any buttons but the login buttons while disconnected and have the system attempt to dispo a lead for your disconnected user or some other wizardry.
  • The Starting Status Message is now “Authenticating”. If you somehow click before Authentication or Instance Denial runs, it will tell you to chill out for a second until it says “Ready to Connect”.
  • Once the server Authenticates you do not have another instance running it will now turn blue and say “Ready to Connect”
  • If the server stops sending data to you temporarily we will now block buttons from being pressed.
  • The Emergency Logout button now also Resets the TLDialer Instance of the User being kicked to make sure errything works allright. When being booted, or disconnecting yourself, we now remove the Vici session completely so we can avoid the annoying popup that asks if you want to leave the page or not.
  • Emergency Logout now runs Slay Session, which sends a message up the socket for the agent to navigate away, clearing the session completely.
  • We Removed AGENTDIRECT From the Transfer Menu, it shouldn’t really be there.
  • Added “Client Registered” filter and schema item so you can see if a lead’s phone number is in the client list or not. Added this to TLDialer Leads.
  • Added GMT Offset Filter to TLDialer Leads.
  • Fixed issue with TLDialer Leads Menu not saving correctly on refresh.
  • Added Fronts and Converted Fronts to Agent CPA Report.
  • Added Outbound Autodial field to live agents schema.
  • Updated AMD Rate to be more appropriate to what it actually is. Hover to see the formula! Remember AMD Rates include any status an agent presses that has an Answering Machine flag.

TLDSIP WebRTC Client (Webphone)

  • When using TLDSIP, you now have a Microphone Check Meter show up before you connect, to make sure you are getting some audio! It will go away on login and come back on disconnect.
  • When using TLDSIP We now Prevent you from logging into the Dialer if your Audio isn’t working. The Disconnected Status will be replaced with Audio Error.
  • We now only connect the TLDSIP Phone AFTER Authentication, to prevent overwriting a previous register.

TLDialer Transfers

  • Update: 9/23/2019
    • We are no longer using the button presses to prevent transfers. We are now checking all the lines to see if the agent is in a transfer properly and letting them know if they are. Along with this we added some new features to the Transfer Menu.
    • If the Agent is n Queue or in a Transfer it will show what we mentioned above, however, with the new method it is possible to do 4 or 5 way calls if needed, but we currently have this disabled.
    • NEW External Transfers once NOT Detectable, NOW detectable. Yay! This means that you can do a 3 way call with a carrier or a loved one and it should show that you are in a conference instead of showing nothing.
    • NEW The Transfer menu will now let you know if a Manager has Joined the call (Barge)
    • NEW The Transfer menu will now let you know if a Manager is talking only to you (Whisper)
    • Don’t worry, Agent’s still can’t tell if they are being monitored.
  • Things that this patch should fix.
    • Double+ Transfers (Wrong Conference!)
    • No Client on the Line. (Wrong Conference!)
    • Agent gets Dead / Blank Call. (Wrong Conference!)
    • Manager Monitors, but can be heard. (Wrong Conference!)
    • Multiple Agents Talking to Each Other (Multiple Wrong Conferences!)
    • Can No Longer Hear Clients on Line Suddenly (Wrong Conference! Didn’t Disconnect from bad conference!)

TLDialer State Routing

  • We now have a new Script for creating an Ingroup for Fronters to Transfer to that works with State Routing. It still uses the same State Route Inbound Group, but works properly with Fronters Transferring to the group, as well as flagging the call as to what type of Call the originating transfer came from so we can adjust the Agent CPA report to compensate if we need to.

TLDialer Client

We now have the ability to Inject our own code into VICIDial creating two way communication between the systems in real time. It is SUPER fast. We can now press buttons and close unneeded windows in the client.

Things that this Fixes:

  • Agent Logs In, Presses Pause to Start, and goes into Closer instead of Ready.  This was because there is a screen that needs a submit button in the client hit that automatically times out, but not fast enough for our quicker, less patient agents.
  • Changed “Dispo Pause” method to actually select the checkbox in the Dialer instead of pressing Pause for the agent when they press pause during Dispo. This should now work 100% and no longer possibly grab another call if in queue. Woohoo!
  • More fixes as we catch them in action now that we have been able to identify what has been happening and also have a systemic solution to add fixes as needed.


  • Uploader now shows CSV Encoding Type: UTF-8 or ASCII.
  • Uploads should now correctly count the line items in a CSV Upload.
  • Added Vendor ID to Post System when duplicate checking so you can see if the Dupe was in Same Vendor or not.
  • You can now attach policies, notes, dependents ONLY if the Dupe is in the same Vendor, if desired.

Bugfixes & Minor Changes

  • Added Vendor Public Name to Old Leads Schema so you can use it in the Column Builder.
  • Updated New and Old Policies Schema to support Premuium Actual, Actual Monthly, Actual Initial and Actual Yearly where it 0’s out if the Subsidized Premium is more than the Premium.
  • Fixed an issue with Date Paid and Paid checkbox not setting properly when recalculating commissions received.
  • Commissions Received now using the more improved export window so you can select the columns that get exported.
  • Fixed an issue with Dependent Annual Income Validation when set to 0 not updating so it couldn’t be validated.
  • Fixed an Issue with Fronter ID not being set when Posted in via Post System.
  • We can now push a Popup window with Links or Messages to assist an agent. Useful for live screen debugging since most people don’t know how to type when instructed on the phone.
  • TQL can now Force Index joins.
  • Added accounting role to commissions section.
  • You can now see your TLDialer Seat limit and cannot add new TLDialer Seats when adding users if there aren’t enough.
  • Fixed issue with phones checking TLDialer Seat limit incorrectly.
  • Added change_lead_fronter_id permission.
  • “Owner ID” now checks the assigned_id and if the date_assigned is NOT NULL and is greater than the current date, it will show, this allows you to assign leads to an agent for a later date. Neat!
  • Changed some Layout stuff in the Products table for easier viewing of things.
  • Made it Easier to Calculate CDR Minutes from our Carrier. We will soon release a section where you can see the detailed call log data.
  • Added Plan type to Policy Sidebar. Updated the Icons so they are more even too.
  • Product Export now respects current Query.
  • Added some Missing Filters in Old Policies section: Dialer ID’s, Import Source, Row and ID. Lead ID’s.
  • TQL can no longer attempt to aggregate on aggregated fields.
  • Explore now respects “Export” permission.

Patch 7.0.5

TLD & TLDialer Automated & Self-Serve Whitelist

This is a big one, we have been looking to creating a solution to this problem for a while, and it is finally done! Enjoy the fruits of my sleepless nights!

The “Access” panel has been re-written. We changed the External IP Whitelist Users into a Multi-checkbox so it is easier to select agents as well. It has been Renamed to “IP Unrestricted Users“. It’s counterpart: External Admin Level Limit has been renamed to “IP Unrestricted User Level“. And now onto the Nitty Gritty.

  • IP Whitelist: The IP Whitelist is now a full on table. TLDialer itself, also has a Whitelist. These two Whitelists work in conjunction with one another, and can also be used Separately. Most of what we have done is pretty much automated.
    • The Whitelists are split into Allowed and Revoked, all living on the same panel.
      • The tables can be paginated through as well as searched. Each tab has it’s own search and pagination but all 4 tabs run queries at once when you hit go!
        • You can search by IP Address. Allower Name, Revoker Name, and Description. It will try to match best possible using %LIKE%
    • When adding an IP, you MUST Put something in the Description. You CANNOT Update the description after the IP has been added. We are doing this for tracking and auditing purposes and to keep people honest.
    • Agent IP Restrictions Applies to Agents under the IP Restricted User Level and will allow them to log in.
    • Admin IP Restrictions Apply to Everyone on an Account, EXCEPT for the IP Unrestricted Users. Having at minimum 1 Admin IP Restriction will IP Restrict your whole account for Admins. Admins will be subject to the Agent IP Whitelists but also have the additional benefit of qualifying for the Admin IP as well.
    • IP Unrestricted Users bypass all IP Checks regardless of any IP Restrictions.
    • Adding an IP to the Allowed IP’s Table will also automatically add the IP to the TLDialer Whitelist table by default. IF you do not want that IP Authenticated on TLDialer, you can switch to that tab and Revoke it by pressing the red X.
    • We have Automatically imported all current IP Addresses that were listed in the old IP Whitelist textbox.
    • When you revoke an IP it will end up in the Revoke List which can be searched and keeps a history of what has happened with IP Authentication. This is why we do not allow modifying the descriptions as it would interrupt the history flow for auditing.
  • TLDialer Whitelist: The TLDialer whitelist was a little trickier as each individual Dialer Server is locked out from the world except for the IP’s authenticated.
    • Whitelist Interval – 1 Minute: Adding and Revoking in this list takes about a Minute. When adding, the Revoke button will be a black button with an hour glass until the server authenticates it, it will also do the same when revoking until it finally clears it out as revoked.
    • There are Two Types of IP Whitelists for TLDialer
      • Permanent: Will last until manually revoked
      • Temporary: Will last for a Full day and are cleared at 2 AM Account time. This lets you give someone temporary access.
    • Automatic Whitelisting: If a User is Unrestricted in TLDCRM, we will AUTOMATICALLY add the Users IP Address to the TLDialer Whitelist with a 1 day pass.
      • 1 Day IP Whitelists get cleared every day at 2 AM account time.
      • The server will Re-add the IP if logged into the unrecognized IP the next day on login or access to the CRM if still available.
      • The moment an IP gets Auto-Whitelisted a Popup will notify the User that their IP has been added and should wait at least a Minute before using TLDialer to make sure it has been completed.
    • When you revoke an IP it will end up in the Revoke List which can be searched and keeps a history of what has happened with IP Authentication. This is why we do not allow modifying the descriptions as it would interrupt the history flow for auditing.
    • You can add an IP into the Whitelist that is NOT in the TLDCRM Whitelist manually if you have people connecting to use JUST the Dialer without TLDialer, for fronter operations or specific kinds of management. This should be rarely if ever used.


  • Added a Workaround for not being able to Pause from Dispo Mode. We queue up a Pause if you tried to pause before hand and initiate it right after. There may be an off chance you might get a call within the less than a second that it tries to do this.
  • We now have a reset button that will boot you out of TLDialer, even if you left yourself logged in at home. You know who you are…This also runs on Logout.
  • Pushed a fix to allow Bluetooth Audio Devices and iOS in general to work with the Webphone again. They changed things up!
  • Dead Calls should now show up properly in Live Agents Reports.
  • Added “Gradient Mode” which can be turned on per request for Live Agents Report. Most accounts have this on by default now.
  • Minute Resets will no longer run on Inactive Lists or Inactive Vendors
  • Fixed an issue where a person without a valid phone could try to monitor or barge causing all sorts of craziness.
  • We now check the Client Filter Phone Group when manually adding leads to the hopper to avoid calling clients accidentally when mass inserting.
    • There is a checkbox to override this behavior if you want to add current clients.
  • Users can now see their Outbound CID in the Profile Dropdown. Clicking will copy to Clipboard.
  • Users can now see any Inbound DID’s that point to their User in the Profile Dropdown. Clicking will copy to Clipboard.

Contact Form

  • Not Taken Policy Status can now be hidden.
  • Lead ID now copies to clipboard if clicked.
  • Dialer ID’s now copy to clipboard. There is a button for these.
  • Clicking the Clients name in the Dialer Info Box will now copy to clipboard.
  • Alternate Notes Layou in Options -> Settings -> Contact Form
    • Per Request: It is now possible to show a Top to Bottom layout for Notes instead of the standard Staggered pattern notes.
  • Fixed some issues with fields that should have been disabled but weren’t being disabled after Verificaiton.
  • Fixed an issue with the Dropdown Converter that was “undisabling” Policy records that should have stayed disabled after verification.
  • Fields and Sections can now be force hidden by Products.
    • Force HIDE Overrides Force Show. Always.

Quick Notes

  • Quick Notes has been Revamped, someone found it so we added some more features.
  • Quick Notes can be Added for the Entire Account, if so everyone can see them.
    • A user Can Enable / Disable the Quick Note in their profile or you can enable it for specific users.
  • Show Last Note on Quick Note now works properly. A Little tab on the left of the quick note will let you open and close the last note if there is one. There is also a copy last note to clipboard button.
  • An Icon will appear in the Footer Bar where you can hide and show the quick notes quickly.
  • The Position of the Quick Note, Having the Last Note Open / Close or the Quick Note Itself Open / Close will follow throughout your session so you can keep it where you want.
  • Added a Button to Snap Quick note back to Bottom Right corner.
  • Removed the “Close Quicknote” Button and replaced it with a Minimize Button.
  • Changed Colors of the Quick notes to match your brand colors.


  • You can now copy pictures and such from the clipboard into a Document directly on the contact for for lead and policy documents by highlighting the grey box in front of browser and pressing ctrl+v.
  • Documents now populate a mime_type field for each document so we know exactly what it is.  This may or may not be useful for you but it is useful for us.
  • Documents now have a “Type” that can be set while uploading. This should make identifying a document easier. You can create your own custom types.
    • Document Types can now be required on the lead or on the Policy based off system and custom types.
    • You can now edit a documents type and description from the contact or from the documents section.
    • Public Documents. You can now set documents to be publicly accessible (without login) and for these we will NOT be storing a log. This is going to be useful for hosting content that you need to link elsewhere where there may be high traffic, or for emailers and such.

Lead Statuses

  • Added an Option for both the System as a Whole, or per Status, to require at least one policy on the lead before converting the lead. It will stop disposition from happening accidentally.
  • Lead Status Relays can now have a Vendor Group limitation added as opposed to just Vendors.


  • TLDialer Ingroup Ranks and Grades
    • Ingroup Ranks and Grades can now be editing on the User edit screen in the TLDialer Tab.
    • Ingroup Ranks and Grades can now be Mass Edited in the TLDialer Tab under Ingroups subtab.
    • We added lots of features to filter the ingroups so you can set the ranks and grades quickly.
      • Mass Set Rank and Grade to a specific number
      • Copy Ranks and Copy Grades from another User
      • Set and Copy Functions will only change the ingroups that are currently filtered so you can find the ingroups you want then just set those. So fast!


  • We now automatically append some data if it’s not provided in case you do a “Whoopsie” and need us to modify a certain subset of uploaded leads.
    • We now automatically add import_id to the lead if it does not exist. It will set it to the current Upload ID for easy searching.
    • We now automatically add import_source to the lead if it does not exist. We use the actual file name that was uploaded (not the processed file name) for easy searching.
  • You can now use Excel UTF-8 CSV’s. We remove the BOM Byte for you when we detect UTF-8. Yay! That was really annoying wasn’t it?
  • Added a Link to Leads via Upload ID if the file is a Process file, otherwise it will not be clickable.
  • Removed “Upload ID”, “Reference ID” and “Download” tabs to save space on the table.
    • Replaced with “Action”, “ID” and XID”. Hover over the Columns to see their true name.
  • Added some Color to Upload History Table so you can more easily identify error files or files currently in process.
  • Field Mapping Changes
    • You can now copy the values you are mapping to internal relational fields to the clipboard. There is a button next to each unique value.
    • There is also a copy all button that will give you a list of these values to paste elsewhere. If you hold Ctrl + Click this copy all button it will only copy the unmapped values.
    • Made it so that when mapping products it shows ALL products in your account including the hidden ones, since many uploads of policies are historical products from other system

Campaigns (Relays & Mailer)

  • “Age” campaign types can now be sent out by hour not just day, this gives you a little more fine tuned control to allow you to send an email 2 or 3 hours after a lead is received for instance.


  • Date / Time Filters now support relative Days. When you open the Relative Time Menu, there is an input and a button that says “Days Ago”. This will allow you to check “X” Days Ago. Type in the number of days and press the Days Ago button and it should work.
  • Date / Time Filters now allow you to enter the following format 2019-04-20 and it will auto format to your preferred format set in system settings.


  • Fields now has a Settings Column that has icons.
    • Custom Fields and Custom Statuses have a ton of icons showing you information on the Custom Fields at a glance.
    • Custom Statuses will show a tiny sample of how the button will look, including a quick glance as to what the button will do.
    • Custom Fields will show you the type of button it is including icon chosen or default icon.
    • Other Fields show the settings as a JSON dump. You can click to copy the data if needed!


  • Explore section column builders now include the ability to rename fields when displaying tables. This works now only in the Explore sections and Agent CPA Report for now.
  • Fixed an issue with saving multi-checkbox selections on refresh.
  • Added Right Click Context Menu to Delete Filter Tab.
  • Filter Tabs can be Added. They do not save yet.


  • When creating a new lead either via Manual, by Overriding the Dupe Checker, or via Inbound or TLDialer Inbound, the lead will now be stamped with the following possible import sources
    • manual
      • Manually Input Leads
    • inbound
      • Inbound Leads via Legacy URL Pop.
    • manual_dupe
      • Manually Input Leads that already exist in the system and you unchecked the Create Dupe option if it is available.
      • We made the Button “Create Dupe?” Turn Red now to make sure you read the dang button.
    • tldialer_inbound
      • Inbounds created through the TLDialer System.


  • Moved Ancillary and Fields settings into new “Settings” tab. This section cannot be mass updated yet.
  • You can now Force Hide Fields and Sections per Product.
  • You can now add Custom Field Validation Rules in Products for Leads, Policies and Dependents.
  • Custom Field Validations Respect the Custom Field’s settings.
    • If you Hide a Field from the System or Agents (Forms ) then the field will not be validated.
    • If you set filters for the Custom Fields, they will not be validated if they do not apply to that lead or policy.
    • All Custom Fields will show regardless of status in the Products Validation settings so you can mix and match filters and requirements.


  • Optimized the query that grabs TLDialer List data. Split into 3 different queries to use indexes.
  • Vendors with Public Facing Search capability, now require an Export setting in the Vendor to be set if you want the vendor to be able to export, it is no longer allowed by default on the advanced vendor report.
  • Fixed an issue with Vendor Log Exports. Should work fine now.
  • Changed the “Hover” effect on Response to Click instead, and included the copy paste functions added in other parts of the system. Fixed an issue with Public Logs not Displaying JSON if not logged in.


  • Added “Total Fronts” to salesboard as well as Fronter Commissions
  • Fronter Commissions will total into the Commissions Paid box if visible.
  • You can now also Toggle a Fronter Icon on the User if the user has that role so you can identify Fronters more easily.


Callbacks got some more love in this patch!

  • Callback section had buttons standardized.
  • My Callbacks section had buttons standardized.
  • Option to set Callback as a Global Callback. Users by default can see their own and global callbacks. You can find this in Settings -> Options -> Contact Form
    • When setting a callback, if the system option is set a checkbox for “Set as Global” will appear as an option.
  • Dialer Callbacks Windows (Modal) now has an Icon next to the leads name that shows whether the callback is yours or global.
  • Icon Added to Callbacks and My Callbacks to show whether the callback is assigned or global.
  • Fixed and issue with Untrash and Uncomplete Callbacks when checking for user max settings. Should work properly now.
  • Removed check for max callbacks when callback is global.
  • Autocomplete Callbacks on next dispo is now an option that can be turned off, but is by default on.
  • Fixed an issue with a timer preventing callbacks from being cleared if they were done within 15 minutes. Now it will only not clear the current callback that has been set if it is for today until you navigate away and come back and re-dispo the lead.

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • All user information now copies to clipboard under your username in the top right.
  • Added “Change Agent of Record” permission.
  • Logs with JSON Data Tags (Such as Request / Response) are now Click to open instead of Hover. If you click the data itself in the Flap when it is open, it should copy the data to clipboard for easier access, no more click and drag for copy pasta!
  • Explore section tables have been revamped slightly.
  • Fixed a couple of minor query issues.
  • Fixed default Daily Reset Limit for Lists in Vendors when adding them.
  • Added Total Quotes to Agent Production Report.

Patch 7.0.4

Explore Beta

  • We have added Links to Explore section on the top menu next to Customers. This will allow you to play with the Explore Section.
  • Changes WILL Happen in this section we have a lot planned for it, the goal is for these sections to replace “Leads” and “Policies”.

TLDialer – Multi-Tab / Window Fixes

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO REFRESH YOUR BROWSER TOMORROW! You might not be able to dial until you log out and in as we changed some core parts of how we connect to the Dialer sessions.

One of the issues we see most often is Agents who have access to Live Agents report get stuck because the softphone tries to re-register while they are on the dialer. Unfortunately we have no logs to reject registration or even know the phone is registered.  This patch should resolve a ton of those issues using our own custom internal system. This issue was one of the reasons we suspect sometimes caused crossed calls.

  • TLDialer now uses an Instance ID passed to the socket server to identify the primary tab. The Instance ID is removed from the URL so you can’t refresh or duplicate tabs onto it and cause problems with registrations. You should only ever have ONE TLDialer tab at a time, however TLDialer commands from other windows should still pass through such as dispositions and such.
  • Duplicating a TLDialer tab should take you to the New Contact Page outside TLDialer.
  • Refreshing the TLDialer tab should take you to the New Contact Page, click TLDialer to start over again. This is actually a cleaner restart!
  • Refreshing the TLDialer tab will disconnect your phone AND log you out via timeout or the next time you click the TLDialer Tab.
  • The Live Agents Page will no longer load the Webphone while you are already in TLDialer.

Everything looks mostly the same but we have solved this really irritating technical hurdle due to browser limitations.

TLDialer – Vendor Sources

  • You can now see the following:
    • Reset List Button.
    • List Active / Inactive.
      • Pressing the Button will Toggle the List On and Off.
    • Total Leads in the List.
    • Total Leads Callable Leads in the List. This does NOT mean Dialable based on your campaign settings. Just that the Called Since Last Reset is set to No.
    • Total Leads in Hopper.
  • TLD Reset Lists now respect the new Vici Feature: Daily Reset Limit and will also show you how many times it has been reset.

Custom Fields

  • Custom Dependent Fields have been added, they work like the rest of them do.

Contact Form

  • Added Calculate Annual Income on the Annual Income field. Press it and it will do the hard maths for the arithmetic impaired. This is useful for putting the Monthly Income and Calculating it into Yearly.
  • Added Custom Dependent Fields into Dependents.
  • Added Options in Settings -> Options to remove Trash for Agents ( under level 30, includes Fronters ).


  • You can now see if a lead has Callback set on the Contact form. There is a little ICON next to the Lead ID / Current Status Button.
  • Agents cannot see other peoples callbacks, but you can give them that ability with “View Lead Callbacks” ability.
  • When you disposition a lead, if you have a callback set for that current day, it will auto complete the callback and any expired callbacks so you don’t need to remember to hit the checkbox.
    • Please do not hoard Callbacks as “Expired” This is no longer possible due to this change, you should be rescheduling and organizing your future calls.

TLDialer Leads

  • Added Area Code Filter.
  • Resets now Respect List Reset Max in Vici.

TLDialer Recordings

  • Added Area Code Filter.
  • Added Length in Seconds Filter.

TLDialer Calls

  • Added Recording ID Filter.

TLDialer Dispositions

  • Added Explanations to Special Statuses: DISPO and WAITTO
  • Changed Y / N Columns to Checkboxes and X’s with color.


  • New Validation Option: SSN Must be 9 Digits.


  • Fixed a Bug on Lead Documents where it was always showing the current date as the date uploaded.
  • Changed Group By in Call Logs to CloseCall ID instead of Unique ID.
  • Added City of Birth to Vendor Post Fields
  • Updated Admin Reports to reflect Stages for Sales instead of Statuses.
  • Fixed an issue with Scripts that loaded on Lead Open not replacing text. Works now!


  • Added Dependent Fields Menu
  • Added Explore Menu
    • Added Leads Menu
    • Added Policies Menu

In the Works!

  • ESignature Generator and Signing system.
    • Digital Signature
    • Use Finger for Signing
    • Auto Generate PDF
    • Track Location, IP Address, etc. for legal purposes.
  • SMS with our Carrier to Text Leads in Real Time.
  • More Commissions Modifications.
  • Multiple IVR Survey Options / Chooser.
  • SalesForce TLDialer Connector.


Patch 7.0.3


  • When an agent loads a TLDialer Lead via a Live Call, whether Manual, Inbound or AutoDial we now remove any leads from the hopper with that Dialer / Lead ID.
    • We also do this again just in case when the agent Dispositions the lead.
  • We can now have a Filter Phone Group set for Clients. When a lead status is pressed that has a Vici Status with Sale Flag associated, it will add the phone numbers for the lead into the Phone Group. This phone group can be used as a filter on campaigns to make sure your outbounds do not dial leads with phone numbers in this phone group.

TLDialer – Agent CPA Report

  • Agent CPA Report has been Launched. We are still modifying and making better / more features.
  • You can find this Report under TLDialer -> Agent CPA.
  • The Agent CPA Report shows you mixed statistics between TLDialer Calls and Sales for the Agent.
    • In terms of Cost or Spend per Agent, we use a new table called tldialer_first_contacts which attaches all the information regarding the TLD Lead and Dialer Call and it’s Origin (Inbound / Outbound) to determine Cost based on the First Attempt at a Lead.
  • Some new Definitions:
    • We have added some new fields into the Calls section (Inbound and Outbound Logs) to determine 2 main types of calls per log. These are also reflected in the tldialer_first_contacts log and will now be standard terminology throughout the system for the call logs.
      •  Inbounds
        • Queue Calls
          • The call came in via a normal inbound DID Route
        • Direct Calls
          • The call was directly to the agent via DID or a Direct Agent Transfer ( Agent Direct )
      • Outbounds
        • Auto Calls
          • The agent received the lead from the Auto Dialer Campaigns.
        • Manual Calls
          • The agent found or created a lead and dialed it.
  • Overrides
    • Overrides allow you to customize the report in many ways. You can override the following data points:
      • Most of the following overrides are presented so you can create a more flat rate Agent CPA calculation that is not reliant on actual lead cost or actual call counts.
      • Inbound and Outbound Breakdown Costs per Lead against CPA.
        • This overrides the Cost value that is pulled from the first contacts table (which comes from TLD) and does a flat calculation at that rate for that type.
        • You can set the Rate to 0, so you can simply remove certain call types from the calculations for CPA (such as Direct Calls / Callbacks and Manual Dials ) You can also set rates higher for more important calls such as inbounds.
        • Leaving Settings blank will use Costs gathered in the tldialer_first_contacts table.
      • Inbound and Outbound Weights against Conversion Rate.
        • You can use any number (including decimals) to count a call type more than once. The default weight for a call type is 1.
        • This effects the Closing % Calculations so you can give more favor to outbounds over inbounds for example.
      • Penalty Threshold.
        • The Penalty Threshold is the Target CPA, which then is used to compare to the Agent’s Actual CPA to see how high or low they are from hitting the target.
  • Note: The Agent CPA Report CORRECTLY will convert a State Routed Outbound to Inbound Conversion as an Outbound Call. The First Agent to touch it is on the Inbound because of the route.
  • Coming Soon: We are working on making this report dynamic so you can show, hide and rename field labels as you like.

TLDialer – New Custom Table – tldialer_first_contacts

  • This table keeps track who contacted a lead first and by what method. It has the added Caveat of also including the TLD Lead ID, the TLD Lead Cost and the TLD Vendor ID for later reference!
  • This table can give us sums of call counts broken down by user to figure out who “took” a lead, or at least contacted it first for calculating into the Agent CPA Report. This is a little more efficient than using the TLD Action Logs which was our original method. We had to make this table to get this data as there where multiple pain points trying to query the data live without this custom table, as the data required does not exist in the Dialer in an Easy to Access Manner. With this table we are able to bring you up-to-date information quicker so it can be pulled in near-real time (about 1 minute behind) compared to waiting over a minute just for a report to load and thrashing the logs.
    • Pain Point 1: Two Logs, Which one was the first contact, how much was the lead worth in TLD?
    • Pain Point 2: State Routing: Inbounds are Converted to Outbounds and in this special case it needs to be noted quickly and efficiently.

Service Objects Validation

  • For SuperAdmins, a second icon shows up next to Validate Address, which will allow you to override the address and accept it as valid.

Contact Form

  • New Option to Mask Phone numbers from people with Fronter Role Only. If Mask Phones for Fronters and Agents is set, it will not override this setting. Any user with Fronter role will have it masked.
  • Now possible to Change PCP Office to PCP Address
  • Married is now Marital Status, instead of a Boolean options (Yes or No) you can now choose single, separated, widowed or divorced. The Married field still exists and checks for married = 1 or 0 or null, if married is not 1 (married) then it considered the person not married.

Lead Statuses

  • Custom Lead Statuses can now be set to Unassign an Agent from a Lead.


  • You can now move policies to another lead. This option will be available for superadmins only. It is a button called “Move” on the top of a policy. A popup will ask you to find the lead you want to move to or you can just type in the Lead ID. This will move the Policy, Any action logs associated with it, as well as any Lead Meta (Custom fields, etc), Documents and Survey Answers. It will also log on the previous lead that a policy was moved out, and on the receiving lead that it was moved in.


  • Leads can now have 4 decimal places for price tracking, for those of you somehow able to buy leads for less than a penny. Good for you!


  • You can now mass send emails to Policies as well as Leads.

Commissions Received

  • Now forcing Chargebacks in the Breakdown to be Negative as well as calculating the total amounts based off the negative.


  • Fixed a bug with Updating Lead Costs as an Admin. It was not accepting the pennies.
  • Fixed an issue with CSS in Vendor Forms.
  • Fixed Minor Issue when searching for fields by field and id.
  • Fixed issue for Empty object in Live Agents Table.
  • Fixed an issue with DateTime, Time and Date Custom Fields when using the alternative Date formats.
  • Finally found the cause of the issue sometimes causing Dialers to Disconnect, it was due to AWS’s internal DNS Failing. Gotta love DNS. We now have failover DNS’s that should maintain reliability.
  • Fixed up some Queries for more faster on the TLDialer Live Agents Page.


  • Updated to latest jQuery

Patch 7.0.2


  • TLDialer Live Agents now shows who the Call is in Queue for when it is agent_only ( Agent Direct )
  • Added New Relationship between vicidial_auto_calls agent_only field and user table.
  • NANA – No Agent No Answer
    • Now Supports Transferring after Expiration alongside Busy and Hangup. This allows the phone to “Ring” when an agent is on pause, but still direct to Voicemail if they don’t log in.
    • Now Support Transferring to AgentDirect Overrides instead of just Ingroup.
  • Updated Method to Detect Who is Logged In Via Sockets. Everyone should be default to Sockets. Originally, the Account ID for the User was set based off the User’s account, now it is based off the Currently logged in account. This enables us to use the Socket Method Across accounts with Multi-user capabilities.
  • Call Queue & Direct Queue
    • Added total_direct to both Socket and Non-socket method, which is a count of the AGENTDIRECT calls in queue for the agent.
    • Added queue details back to Socket method so we have details to use later, as well as improved the simplicity and efficiency of the query.
    • Queue Counter will now turn Red when there is an AGENTDIRECT Call for the Agent in Queue.
    • Direct Queue can now create a Popup if configured in TLDialer Settings, letting the agent know they have an AGENTDIRECT Call, and who it is from. This supports Multiple Agent Direct Calls in queue at once. Ask us to Enable this.
    • Direct Queue can now Ring a Phone Ringing sound when the agent is PAUSED and they have an AGENTDIRECT Call, if configured in TLDialer Settings. Ask us to Enable this.
  • We can now remove the Vicidial “Pop” that occurs when a client gets Transferred into your conference. We will be rolling this out as standard for all accounts as it should increase contact ratio’s and prevent people from hanging up once they hear what sounds like a Dialer Transfer.
  • We have replaced the “You are the only person in this conference” with “Welcome to TLDialer. Unpause to get started.”
  • Due to the removal of the Vicidial Pop, On an Incoming Call, Outbound or Inbound, we will play a tone to notify you that your have a call coming in, the client will not hear this tone. Some of you already had this enabled on top of the Vicidial Pop as it was often inaudible or too short for Agents. This will remain the same for those accounts, but still have the Pop Removed.
    • The incoming call sound can be customized, just let us know what sound file you would like to use.
  • We can now send a copy of Recordings to an FTP of your Choosing.
  • Clarified Which Outbounds are Manual vs Outbound Dials in the Logs.
  • We not have an option for a larger TLDialer bar for those with limited visual capabilities.
  • Fix to default user group for mass edit users.
  • Mass Edit TLDialer -> Leads now works properly. We removed ability to change call count as this can cause many problems.
  • TLDialer Hopper
    • This will show you leads currently in the Hopper
    • You can now manually add leads into the hopper from the TLDialer -> Leads screen, with a custom priority. Normally leads go into the hopper as PRiorit 50 or 99 from the Post system, and as Priority 0 from the Campaigns. If you want them called last set the priority between -1 and -99, if you want them dialed right now set it to highest priority, or whatever priority you like.
      • If the lead already exists in the hopper, it will have it’s priority updated to what you selected.
    • Clicking the Leads in Hopper from the Live Agents page should show take you to the hopper and have any campaign filters from the Live Agents page already set.
    • You can now remove leads from the hopper from the TLDialer -> Hopper Page and the TLDialer -> Leads Page
  • FTP Backups
    • TLDialer can now backup your recordings to your own FTP nightly for the previous days recordings. We can also push all existing recordings to an FTP. Ask us to set it up for you!
      • *Note: Pushing all recordings can take some time depending on your rate limit.
    • Supports Rate Limits / second

Custom Fields

  • The new 7.0 Custom Fields now work properly with the Lead Uploader and should allow you to map fields accordingly.
  • Posting Fields should work as well.
  • *Known bug, if your fields aren’t saving, open the vendor map, hit “Save” and it should work again, also make sure the Vendor is set to allow import custom.

Lead Tags

We are finally taking steps towards automation with Lead Tagging. Tagging is a great way to track leads aside from their current status. Tags Normally are not settable by Agents, we make make a special “Tagger” role and Abilities to View, Add or Remove Tags in the future depending on Feedback. The following automation has been added

  • Lead Statuses can be customized to “Add Tag”, “Remove Tags”, or “Drop All Tags” on Press of the Status
  • Vendors now have 4 Multi-Checkboxes for Lead Tags under the Automation Tab. This allows you to add Tags to the Lead on Creation within the following Scenarios.
    • Add Lead Tag on FTP Create Lead
    • Add Lead Tag on Post Create Lead
    • Add Lead Tag on Upload Create Lead
    • Add Lead Tag on Inbound Create Lead
  • Lead Tags Settings are Not retroactive, so you can, for example, have all leads that come in for a month tagged with one lead, then change the tag for the next month for all new leads to be tagged differently.
  • As before, you can also Mass Add, Remove and Drop tags from the leads table
  • You can also filter leads based on lead tags.

Happy Tagging!


  • Added FTP Credentials Meta Custom
  • You can now export field sources a JSON.


  • Found and corrected yet another deep nested bug.
  • Improved system performance and memory usage.
  • TQL Search Boxes should now work! Some just default to primary key search but we are adding more in as we can.


  • Clarified Some of the Uploader Messaging and Tags
  • Uploader now has Filter Select and more robust info on what vendor you are choosing.


  • Fixed a display issue with Terminate date being calculated when the duration is 0.
  • The beneficiaries section now has an “Add Another Beneficiary” button to add another. Beneficiaries by default get 100% of the benfit. If you add a numerical percentage to an additional, it will subtract from that 100% automatically. You can add as many as needed. They will show up before the contingent beneficiary.
  • Added Save buttons in each policy section
  • Moved Copy buttons near save buttons.


  • Minor fix to CSR section, no longer forces all settings even on refresh.


  • Vendors can now have CORS Domain Settings configured when Posting. This allows you to use jQuery or Javascript to post leads into the CRM without that pesky Cross Origin Resource Sharing message.

Commissions Received

  • You will now get an error message when trying to add “First, Full, Last” commission Types if they already exist for a particular policy.
  • When adding “First” commission type, the “Legacy: Paid” checkbox will automatically check itself and it will stamp the Date paid with the date paid on that commission record.
  • When mass editing, recalculations now occur on the policy being edited to, as well as policies that have had that commission removed from them.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Updated to Latest NodeJS

Patch 7.0.1

7.0 is coming along full force. The remaining issues with the Schemas and Database methods have been ironed out and we should be ready to launch the explore section shortly once a bit of interface work is done.

If you love TLD Please, please please give us a kind Review on G2 Crowd here! We are 4 shy of enabling another category on their platform. It will help us grow, and in turn, help you grow.

TLDialer Updates

  • New Option: Notify Agent when an Agent Direct Call is in Queue. A popup will open if a Call enters an Agents Queue and they are either on a Call, Dispo or Pause, notifying them that they should leave pause to grab the next call as it is Directly to them. The Queue Icon will also turn Red while the call is in the Queue and go back to blue once it either drops or is transferred to the Agent. Ask us to Enable it if you like!
  • Added new VICIDial Admin button in the TLDialer Sidebar.
  • When you click your Name in the Top Right, if you are a manger or higher you will see your Password among your credentials, Click the password to copy it so you can more easily log into the VICIDial Admin Panel. Unfortunately VICI uses PHP_AUTH which requires you to enter in the username and password manually, we are investigating workarounds, but aside from creating a separate script that lives in Vici, we have had no luck after trying Various methods ( Dang you CORS!!!! ) We try not to touch the VICIDial Codebase to keep it pristine and workable for Open Source Releases and Updates.
  • If you are using TLDialer and you Clone a Vendor, a List will now automatically be created based on the Cloned Vendors list but with the New Cloning Vendors List ID, if it has one attached. This is similar to adding a new vendor, just a little more automated.
  • Added Lead List Active to TLDialer Leads Filters.
  • Minor Fix to Vendor Meta. Trimming Values so that we don’t have phone numbers with spaces on inbound_phone causing numbers not to detect and join for easy management.
  • Fixed an Export Bug in some TLDialer Sections.

TQL Updates

  • Fixed an ordering issue with Join Columns by using Hashes. Faster and More Efficient now.
  • Fixed a Join Ordering Issue with similar methodology, also faster and more efficient.
  • Created TQL Debugger to both Log Queries when needed, as well as instantly notify us via Slack whenever a query goes wrong so we can fix it ASAP. THis has allowed us to correct the last few minor kinks during the soft launch.

Custom Fields

  • Lead Post System now works with new Custom Lead Fields including Mapping and Uploads.
  • Custom fields can now be hidden based off of Lead of Policy Data and Criteria.
    • Criteria Includes: Lead Status, Policy Status, Lead Tags, Policy Tags, Vendors, Vendor Groups, Carrier, Product, Plan,
    • Every Filter Option also has an Option to show on a “New” lead, regardless of Filter Criteria.
  • Custom Fields can now be shown or hidden based off of User Roles, Abilities, Levels and User Group Membership.
  • Custom Fields will no longer write to DB if they don’t have a previous value and no values are provided. This will save us some space. If you write to a custom field and then delete the value, it will keep the meta record, but null out the value instead. Yay for saving space!
  • Removed Remnants of Old Custom Lead Model.
  • Disabled old Custom Meta section in Leads, prepping for Explore Section to Launch this Weekend if possible!

IVR Surveys

  • Refactored / Removed Auto-Fill of Values in IVR Questions and Surveys, and show Placeholders instead, making it easier to customize. Why store the data unless we are going to use it?
  • Added More Default Prompts to IVR Presets and Survey IVR Configs.
  • IVR Surveys now have a True Final Fallback for all Options.
  • All Prompts and Options related to the IVR Have Icons Indicating what the Fallback is, and if it is selected.
  • Added Missing Prompts for Resume, Pause and Invalid Entry.
  • Start, Stop, Restart, Reset, Pause and Resume should now all work properly in all cases, this includes while a question is being read and while an answer is being received / spoken by the client. Resuming will repeat the current question.
  • Added a Cleanup Process to the IVR in case of an unfortunate disconnect. Should prevent some Recordings from continuing longer than they need to.
  • Fixed a bug that was not resetting the Total NoVoice Retries, causing them to accumulate and then fail.
  • Added IVR Voice Silence Timeout, which was causing problems as the system could wait infinitely if it did not detect silence. This has resolve most remaining issues along with the retries fix.
  • IVR Fallbacks for Prompts and Settings follow an Order from First Chosen to Last. For example, if you change the Survey’s settings, it will use that value, but if you change a questions setting it will use that value instead. If you have no value set, it defers to the system preferred default.
    • The Fallback Cascade Pattern:
      1. Question
      2. Survey
      3. IVR Preset
      4. System Default
  • Added Some Product Filters to be able to Search for IVR Enabled Products based off a couple different settings: Presets and Surveys Selected.

General UI  Updates and Bugfixes

  • Fixed some Icons on Custom Field Types so they should all show now.
  • Updated to latest FontAwesome Pro Fontset. More Icons!
  • Added Some more Instructions and examples in the UI Help for Multi-Checkboxes. Learn to use them they are a timesaver!
  • Added Ability: View Admin Lead Data
    • This allows a user to see the bottom left panel admins can see related to a lead, who created it, converted it, the vendor, etc. This section is very very ugly and outdated as it was originally used for Debugging information and I had no idea anyone was actually using it.
  • Fixed an issue with Mass Update Products where it wasn’t clearing settings when trying to clear.

Patch 7.0.0 – Soft Launch

Wednesday we Soft Launched TLD 7.0. This was a Significant Update and Rewrite of some of our core backend processes which will allow for further and faster development in the future. Some of the new features are still hidden since they are still being tested, like the new Explore Section which will replace the Leads and Policies section ( But won’t be removed just yet due to legacy preferences ). Below you will find a massive list of changes, updates and bugfixes that have been going on since our last patch. We held off on publishing these notes as we finally felt we were nearing the finish line for 7.0.

7.0 Major Changes

Explore Section

The explore section will come out in the next patch, as it is a major change to how data is looked through. It works similarly but there are more options and more room for information. There are many more ways to customize the system as well in this new revision! We know you will like it!

Custom Fields

  • Custom Fields have been moved into the Fields Section. The Custom Leads Fields link has been updated.
  • Custom Policy Fields are now possible to create!
  • Custom Fields can now be Filtered by the Following Permissions.
    • User Level
    • User Group
    • User Roles
    • User Abilities
  • Custom Fields can now be Filtered by the Following Filters
    • Leads & Policies
      • Vendor
      • Vendor Group
      • Lead Tags
    • Policies
      • Policy Tags
      • Carriers
      • Plans
      • Products
      • Stage
    • Filter Policies also have a flag for whether or not it should show up on “New” records or not.
  • All Filters and Permissions include “Not In” as an option. EX: Everyone BUT Agent Role.
  • Removed Type: Checkbox
  • Added Types: Boolean, Alphanum Select
  • We have Migrated all your old Custom Fields into the new system automatically, nothing should be need to be done by you.

TQL Changes

  • The TQL Core has been Partially Rewritten
  • We can now import to further depths without running into recursion issues.
  • We now exclude the Key on the imported table that was imported since it is a duplicate and not needed
  • We now have support for SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, GROUP_CONCAT fields automatically built in for every single field.
  • Caching Schemas has been Improved.
  • Fixed some Join Reference Issues incorrectly placed in Schemas.
  • Improved Memory Consumption and Processing Time for TQL Schemas by 300%.
  • Created a new Internal Debugging Tool for TQL that Integrates with Slack and will notify us of anything Fishy going on in real time. It’s super robust, too bad you will never see it! But trust us it is useful! We are notified of errors in real time without your input, so we can take action and fix quickly.
  • TQL DateTime method has been improved. Now using much faster query formats for searching between dates. Previous version was not using Indexes in certain instances causing severe lag locking tables.
  • TQL TLDialer – Vicidial Schema Updates
    • Added Relationships to park log for users, and custom time queries.
    • Added relationships to agent log for campaigns, also added custom time queries for pause time, talk time, dispo time and dead time.
    • Added queue time to closer log.
    • Added Campaign Filter to Live Agents Table.
    • TLDialer Leads now has “Entry List ID Filter” as well as “Actual List ID Filter” to work with Cascades more easily. Actual List ID will do a Search in Entry List if its not 0, or the List if it is, so you can track where your leads originated from.
    • Added Source ID Filter to TLDialer Leads.
    • Fixed a Query issue with the TLDialer Resets, we needed to use :59 seconds instead of :00 for certain parameters. Thanks for the report!
    • Fixed another Query Issue specific to Last Local Call Time. Apparently, Vicidial stores the DateTime Called in the TIMEZONE OF THE LEAD, based off the GMT Offset Now Field. Why? I don’t know. We changed all Local Call Time queries to now convert the current time period and the last call time to GMT before comparison.
    • DID’s section has gotten some updates, new filters, and more relational data to join together.

Other Changes and Fixes since Last Revision

Contact Form

  • Policies can now have Custom Fields Show
  • Lead Income & Policy Application Number label can now be renamed in Settings -> Options -> Contact Form
    • These Rename features are stopgaps. We recognize the desire to name fields as you desire and are working on a solution.
  • Added more Removable Fields from Lead Form.
  • Made it so that the Pricing Module will no longer effect Verified Policies. If a Product had a Price Change, the Module was overwriting the initial value causing confusion.
  • Fixed an issue with Appointments and Callbacks where you couldn’t set one after a manual entry of a lead.


  • Vendor List should now show the Colors selected for Labels if the vendor has a public label set.
  • Removed some Fields from the Vendor Print Instructions, particularly “Lead ID”, because when Lead ID is passed, it ALWAYS triggers a Dupe check by Lead ID, as it is a system field.
  • Fixed an issue where Cloning Vendors would copy Cascades and Resets, causing all sorts of problems, we will revisit this later and make it work.
  • Fixed the Behavior of the List Forms Disabling when you change the List ID associated with a Vendor, if you put it back to what it was it should un-disable it.
  • You can now sort Vendors by some criteria.


  • Fixed an issue with Custom Statuses not showing up in Policies section
  • Added “Agent User Group” as Filter and Columns in Policies section.


  • Changed the Way Callbacks” Expired and Upcoming” filter works. They now only show things that aren’t trashed or expired.
    • Added “Abandoned” to Callbacks Filters as well to show you Callbacks set for agents that are no longer active.

Uploader, Vendor Logs & Post System

  • When Uploading Leads and seeing the “Process Upload” panel, if you change the Vendor Selected, without hitting “Select Vendor”, the Process sidebar will be removed and ask you to press “Select Vendor”. This is to prevent someone uploading leads,  having matching columns, and then trying to select a different vendor and process it.
  • Fixed an issue with Post Update Leads. It will no longer accept blank data values, they get filtered out before updating.
  • Changed the way we log data in the Vendor Logs, now a little more robust and clear as to what is what. Added Details section to POST with the Method and Format of the data received.
  • Added Ability to allow Vendor Logs to Play or Download Recordings for the Leads they can show. Lots of protections to prevent unauthorized access have been added. Only Works when Advanced Vendor Report is enabled.
    • You will see a button / Box with the number of recordings on a lead. Click this to open the public recordings page.
  • Added Status Filter to Advanced Vendor Report.


  • Fixed odd case where Updating Users would not refresh Live Agents Table.
  • Standardized Refresh Live Agents to use the Same Function. Now respects Intersection between Campaign and User Ingroups every time.
  • Added Legend for the Columns to TLDialer Dispositions Page.
  • Fixed an issue when Converting the First Policy and having the Lead Status Update. It will not properly disposition the Dialer Lead when you hit Sale for the first time.
  • Cascading and Minute Resets: Now only 1 Criteria at minimum is required to run, date criteria no longer required, it can run purely off the total call attempts.
  • Fixed an issue related to Cascades. If the Entry List ID is not 0 and different than the list_id, it should use the Entry List ID for creating new leads.
  • Added Lead ID and Log ID Filters to Vendor Logs
  • Fixed an Issue where Marking a Policy as “Sale” would hangup the call if Hangup on Dispo was Set and it was the first conversion on a Lead. Whoops!
  • Contacts now have a “TLDialer” tab in the Log section if capable. You must be manager or higher, or have View TLDialer Logs Permissions to see it!
    • Unlike other log sections, this one only loads once you click, we may move the rest of the logs to this method to reduce initial load time on the page for contacts with lots and lots of action logs, notes, etc.
    • This log section mimics the VICIDial Lead Edit / Log section, with some improvements. It is a bit more verbose. It also includes some translated fields such as length of call into a time format instead of seconds. It also includes The TLDialer Reset Logs so you can see how many times the lead has been reset through our custom implementation.
    • The first tab is known as the “Timeline” tab, which is an aggregate of all the logs in order of occurrence with the most pertinent information for the section shown. This is Unique to TLD! Enjoy!
  • New NANAnswer (No Agent No Answer) capability for TLDialer / Vicidial. What this does is check if you have any agents live and in READY or CLOSER mode, and if there are no agents available it will ring and then hangup or give a busy signal WITHOUT answering the call. This is useful for Live Transfer Vendors that want to send their calls elsewhere if you have no agents available. Normal behavior of Vicidial is to auto answer all calls and place them in queues, voicemails, drops, etc. This is custom functionality we have developed. We also have a queue log for information as to what happened with this table.
  • Added DID ACCID Installed Script, so we can do this much faster now.
  • Changed Label on User TLDialer Groups to Inbound Groups / Closer Campaigns for clarity.
  • Working on a new Hangup script to overcome some issues found with Vicidials native API Script hanging up wrong lines. We have a dropdown with current connected lines but it is only possible to hangup blind conferences from there at the moment.


  • Fixed a Display Issue on the notification when adding Inactive or Inactive Visible Users.
  • You can now mass edit users to be AoR as well as Max Callbacks and Primary Language, as well as Disable Global Quote tools and Disable Edit Notes.
  • Users can now have “Editing” Notes disabled. This prevents the Agent from editing any note. They can only add new ones. Maybe this will help with those who are doing the wrong thing and trying to hide something? Although the Logs keeps track of every note change done, this method will make it harder for an agent to goof up and not take responsibility.
  • Agent of Record can now have a State Filter applied so they only show up in the proper states.

Dashboard & Reports

  • Added a couple missing links to the Admin Dashboard for Primary Ancillary and Sale Totals.
  • Added Sort by Premium, Primary Premium, Ancillary Premium to Sales Board


  • Fixed an issue with non set statuses in Email and Relay Campaigns.


  • Added new features to the View Log.
    • You can now see where the lead was opened from (How)
    • You now have a full URL and IP Log of where the lead was opened from.


  • Massive Fixes to Mailer
    • Apparently, Bounce, Complaint and Delivery Notifications have been broken for a very, very, very long time, as most people don’t often use the mailer.
    • Improved the Bounce, Complaint, Delivery Notification Performance and Date Logging.
    • Fixed the Opened Pixel to work again & Improved the Open function performance
    • Fixed Unsubscribe Link to show Email in the TO if a lead Email is not present.
  • You can now Mass Email from the Lead Screen. This works similar to the Relay button.
  • You can now have an Email sent to your client when a lead is received via Post, Upload or FTP separately.
  • You can now have a Notification Email sent to you or someone else when a Lead Arrives
  • All Emails require you to configure and use a Mailer Template if you want to send fields with the emails. These templates need some revision in the future.

IVR Surveys

  • If your account is flagged to use the IVR and has a Google API Key Installed, then you can now “Preview” every Setting and Survey Question, as well as Logic Alternative Questions, straight from the CRM! This way you don’t have to go through your entire IVR Survey just to hear how it sounds.
    • You can even DOWNLOAD the recording! We can now use this feature to automatically generate call menus and voicemail recordings for you! It’s super cool! There are many voices to choose from and inflections, etc. can be controlled via SSML right in the text.
  • Updated Formatting on Survey Inputs for IVR.
  • Refactored Fallback Settings Config for IVR Surveys.
  • Got Recordings Working, they are prefixed with ivr- in the filename when they show up. Vicidial handles the mixing, etc, they can be downloaded and played just like normal Vicidial recordings.
  • On successful completion of IVR Survey, now will pass recording_id to the record_id of the policy, and auto verify the policy. The Multi-User editing system takes care of refreshing the policy for the agent.
  • Survey Logic Sets now Support their own Set of Routes! This way you can route around a question that may have no answer if the Criteria is True.
  • Survey is Live and working!

Commissions Received

  • Fixed an issue with commissions received when recalculating to 0.
  • Recalculate all no longer has limit.


  • Fixed an issue when Searching by email for Policies in Quick Search
  • Fixed an issue when Searching by Two Names for Policies in Quick Search
  • Added “Name” + “State” to Quick Search. You can use a Capitalized State along side the name of the person you are looking for.
  • Added Help Icon to Quick Search
  • Multi Checkboxes can now search for multiple criteria by using commas.
    • Example: You want to see FL and CO, normally typing FL CO would only show an item with both FL and CO, now you can do FL,CO and get both!
  • Fixed an issue with Paginate All


  • Fixed a Minor Issue where ServiceObjects would report the Address was Valid, but it was either not, or there was an error saving data into the ServiceObjects resultset. This was preventing the Validation system from moving forward.
  • Fixed another weird case with the ServiceObjects API.

Patch 6.9.11 – TrustedForm, Commissions Received, & More.

TrustedForm Integration

We now have a more solid integration with TrustedForm beyond just storing the certificate in a tracking field. You can now automatically claim TrustedForm certificates within TLD. Please Note: TrustedForm integration does NOT reject leads.

  • TrustedForm API Key can be added under Settings -> Options -> Integrations
  • Each Vendor has it’s own TrustedForm settings in the Data tab.
    • TrustedForm settings for vendors can be Mass Updated!
  • We can accept either a TrustedForm ID, or the full Link to the Cert. In our application, we strip out the URL before the ID, so either works!
  • Once we Claim the Lead, we store the Link Data in Lead Meta, we are working on a way to show that the lead has been validated on the Lead Form itself. We may defer to showing a gold badge on the Field where the Cert was sent in on.
  • If Email Notifications of Errors are configured, then you will get a very detailed email with error reasons, a link to view the Cert Itself on Trusted Form if present, as well as many links to Lead and Vendor Pre Filtered Sections in TLD.
  • The settings work as follows:
    • Claim Trusted Form Certificates 
      • Disabled
      • Claim
        • Claims with No Notifications
      • Claim & Notify Invalid Certificate
        • Only Notifies when a Certificate is Invalid or already Claimed.
      • Claim & Notify Missing Certificate
        • Ignores Invalid Certificates, only Notifies if a lead comes in without a certificate
      • Claim & Notify Missing or Invalid
        • Notifies on Invalid OR Missing Certificate Claim Trusted Form Certificates
    • Certificate Field
      • Here you define which lead field the certificate is coming in on, this can be any of the major tracking fields on a lead. Make sure you coordinate with your vendor where they are sending it.
        • Campaign ID
        • Import ID
        • Import Source
        • Link
        • Page
        • Reference ID
        • Referrer
        • Tracking ID
    • Email Failures To
      • Enter the email address you would like Failure Notifications sent to. You can enter a comma separated list if desired.
      • Notifications come from [SUBDOMAIN ie: TLD] Trusted Form Integration<>

Commissions Received

  • This section has been reworked using the new TQL System. You can generate dynamic reports from this section as well as Save and Load Filters.
  • Totals and Averages have been added for every currency type in the table. Relationships with Policies, Leads, etc. have been created so you can create reports, sort, and query by complex criteria.
  • The Add Commission and Stats Dropdowns should now remember their state, so you can run queries and watch the stats change without having to open or scroll down.
  • When adding, editing, trashing or untrashing a commission entry, the Policy related to it will have all it’s commissions recalculated if a Policy ID is Present. This will reflect on the Policy itself and in the Customers section columns.
  • Added a Recalculate All button to recalculate and update all policies with commissions added.
  • Added a Mass Edit tool to fix up dates, references, etc to make commissions entry faster.
  • Trash button has been changed from X And Checkmark to Trash and Recycle.
  • Stats has been modified to be more compact and also uses TQL, so the queries should reflect.
  • Added new TQL Filters and Filter Tabs that did not exist before.
  • Export now exports the current view, not just everything

Field Sources

We now have a new Field Sources table that allows you to store arbitrary data sets in your account.

  • This Section can be found in Settings -> Fields. Press the “Sources” Button to be taken to the section.
  • You can add, edit or delete Field Source fields. Be careful with Deleting fields as it could cause Data loss if you have a field source set and remove it! Better to hide it than remove.
  • You can import Field Sources via JSON or CSV by pressing the corresponding Buttons
  • Field Names can only be lowercase letters or numbers or underscore “_”. Anything else will be automatically stripped out on upload.
  • Import from JSON
    • You can either Paste a valid JSON Source Text, or upload a .json file for processing. We will validate whether or not the JSON File or Text is valid on upload. An error will be returned if the JSON is improperly formatted or has some other error. If the JSON file is large you will see a progress bar in the bottom left corner of the modal letting you know the upload status.
    • If your JSON File is a Flat Array, do not set the ID or Description field. The only option you should worry about is wether or not to “Set the ID to the Description” provided, which would be the value. If you do not set this, the field ID will automatically be set the the position of the Item in the Array + 1.
    • If your JSON File is an array of Objects, then you can optionally set what the ID and Description Keys are for each Object. You must have both ID and Description set for this to work, otherwise you will get an error.
    • The “Drop Current Entries” option will dump all the field values for the selected field name before uploading the JSON Text or File. This lets you effectively replace them all quickly.
    • The “Update Current Entries” option will attempt to insert, or update the field values based on the field name and the ID. This is useful when adding new elements!

Field Definitions

  • New Table: Field Definitions; which defines all of our fields in the fields table. This allows us to more dynamically generate Menus and Customize Panel Settings in the Fields section. More for us than for you, but good for you too!
  • What can this Table do?
    • Define if the Field has a Panel or Not
    • Define if the Field supports Custom Fields and what ID they start at. (We reserve some numbers for system or future use)
    • Define if the Field support Customizing the field or not (Hide / Unhide, settings, etc).
      • Special: Define if you can change the Name
      • Special: Define if you can change the Description
    • Define if Name support Strict Mode names or not.


  • Fixed a bug where when closing the Transfer Dropdown, the system may not have stopped querying for Agent Transfer Data.

TLDialer Cascades

  • Cascades can now have the List it pulls from manually set after creation. Go nuts!


  • You can now Sync TLDialer Phone and User Data with CRM Data. This will copy current fluff fields to TLDialer if they are different.
    • Fields
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Email
      • Custom2, Custom3, Custom4.
  • You can now Force a Refresh of the Live Agents table to push Ingroups Live when Changed in the Vicidial Panel or by Manual Database queries.

UI Updates

  • Added new Checkbox Method to make the UI Easier to Use. Allows us to use dynamically selected icons, colors and title instead of checkboxes. This lets us make the interfaces tighter and easier to read at a glance.
    • Some Lock fields have been changed to actual locks that turn red when locked, or a black unlocked lock when not locked.
  • Updated TQL Mod buttons to be closer together, and grouped by Type of button. Radio’s will not have a line separating their options similar to the way that the Operators menu works.
  • Lead Pop now Supports Policy Pop. We will be adding where needed in the system.
  • Users Filter now save the open / close state of the filter menu and tabs.
  • Replaced Pulse with Ring Bell, as Pulse was not working. Particularly this is for the Callbacks Button on the Contact Form.
  • Policy Sidebar
    • Added Policy ID to the Top Right of Sidebar Entries with an Icon
    • When a Policy is a Rewrite or Rewritte, this now shows on it’s own line with an icon.
    • When a Policy is an AoR Change, shows on it’s own line with an icon.

Vendors Updates

  • Made it possible to change the Footer Phone Number and Email address by currently loaded vendor on the lead. You can mass Edit this setting too.
    • This setting can be found under Vendor -> General
  • Vendors section updated to look like the rest of filter sections.
  • Vendors now has List Filters for TLDialer.
  • Debug Mode now logs a robust Debug of Memory Usage and Elapsed time in the Vendor Logs.

Products Updates

  • Added Help Sections for General, Field, Ancillary & Visibility Settings. Click the “?” Icon to see it.
  • Clarified Visibilty Settings: Instead of Yes / No the dropdowns now say Visible / Hidden.
  • Products now have a User Group Filter. You can Ban or Allow User Groups from selling a Product.
  • Modified the Policy Matrix and removed an Entire Line from each entry to make things more compact.
  • Reorganized some of the buttons in the Matrix Fields, looking more like TQL Mods for the copy helpers, and moved the “Locked” checkbox to an add on in front of the fields.
  • Added # of the Product as well as the Price ID Generated.
  • You can now “Copy” all settings from another product via Mass Edit. This overrides all other Behavior.
  • You can now “Reset to System” via Mass Edit, this copies the base Products config, if it has one. Reset All Settings clears the setting config instead of replacing it. But it still sort of acts the same.
  • You can now “Create or Merge Into” sections via Mass Edit, this will overwrite whatever is there in a section, but not unset or delete any existing information. This is a good way to Add a checkbox to a section without having to redo each section. 
  • We can clone products now for ease of use, but this is an Omni ability only. Helps us get your products in faster.

Fields Updates

  • Refactored Fields to work with TQL Fields so they are more standard.
  • Clarified Visibilty Settings: Instead of Yes / No the dropdowns now say Visible / Hidden.
  • Normal Lead Statuses can now be Customized. Currently cannot customize order. This is coming soon.
  • Custom Policy Statuses can now be filtered by Current Policy Status. This allows you to create cascading workflows!
  • Fixed an issue with Custom Lead Status Filters for Level. Typecast to (int) was missing.
  • Modified Lead Status Convert Change setting to show 3 options instead of Yes / No. Before Conversion, After Conversion, Before & After Conversion. “Yes” has become “After Conversion” which was the intended Behavior.


  • Added Term Reason to Calls Filters
  • Added Outbound and Inbound Call Date to TLDialer Leads Filters
  • Added Total Users to vicidial_users table
  • Added “Call Day” to vicidial_closer_log and vicidial_log ( Calls ) so you can show and group by Day without Time.
  • More Optimizations to TLD Side TQL, getting Ready for the Explore section.
  • Cleanup of Menus.
  • New Programming interfaces to make code smaller and cleaner.


  • Fixed an issue with Lead Scorecard giving incorrect numbers as it was not summing the total leads properly for larger date ranges where multiple policies existed on a lead.
  • Fixed similar issue with Vendor Performance Report.
  • Fixed an issue with Exporting Call Log when using both inbound and outbound logs. It was not providing headers if the outbound log had no data. Now should check second set if outbound has no headers.
  • ServiceObjects™ Address Validation is now more Lenient. Will not Reject partial match, and will notify what has been updated.
  • Admin123™ on Failed Transaction, the Policy Status will now be updated to Payment Issue. Agents will need to contact a Manager to Resolve and / or Submit again.
  • Fixed an issue with TQL Schema imports. Investigating some alternatives for efficacy.
  • Fixed an issue with Legacy Asterisk Call Log Model.

Prep Work & Coming Soon

We have been laying the foundation for some pretty drastic (but maybe unnoticeable to you!) changes! We are constantly striving to optimize the system, add more features, make “go faster” and optimize our data storage techniques. Here is a sampling of some of the things coming soon!

Automated IVR / AI

Our Automated IVR is almost ready to Launch! This is a Plug into our Survey system which allows TLDialer to function as a full fledged IVR to Speak Text provided by yourself, and then Listen for Verbal responses from clients and decide which question to go to next based on given answer phrases. We are using Google Compute’s Powerful Speech to Text and Text to Speech Engines! The Quality of the Voice readouts is Uncanny and can be modified to perfection with all our new system and survey settings. It also Supports SSML! Next patch will include this module! 

  • In the future, we think we might even be able to speech to text and text to speech with Google Translate in Real time and allow for English Speaking Agents to speak to Spanish Speaking Clients! This is far in the future though but theoretically possible!
  • If you have any ideas how Speech to Text or Text to Speech could benefit your company, please let us know as we are looking for new use cases to harness this technology now that it is working and integrated. Our current use case is automated Verification of Policies.

Explore Section

Explore is our replacement for the base Leads and Customers sections of the CRM (TQL 1.0 -> 2.0) which now support many more filters and options as well as a cleaner layout! We are prepping to get this launched soon! The Explore section will Herald the coming of Patch 7.0

Custom Policy Fields & Custom Lead Fields Rework

Along with the Explore Section, Custom Fields for Policies are coming and Leads are being reworked! The Custom Leads Fields section has been reworked into the Fields Module instead of the Options Module. This will allow us to optimize some data loadouts as well as let us expand these sections a bit more easily. The biggest change is the amount of filters you can select to only show certain fields in certain situations without loss of data. These fields will be Searchable in the Explore update as well! These new Custom Fields will support our new “Meta Sources” section where you can use your own Arbitrary data to create dropdowns and fields for your system! No programming required! Just a little bit of a learning curve to configure and maintain it correctly. 

Other Notable Stuff Coming Up

  • Policy Upload and Sync Tool for Statuses and Data
  • Commissions Uploader
  • Notification System
  • New Menu Types! (BloodHound, Tag Selector)
  • Billing Integration (Similar to Admin123)

Patch 6.9.10 – TLDialer Changes & Fixes

3 New Dialer Statuses

The TLDialer Status Button now has three new Statuses, that will hopefully help troubleshoot connectivity issues some are experiencing with shoddy internet. Please let us know As soon as possible if you see any of these 3 statuses.

1. Timeout

If Vicidial Disconnects from the SIP Session (Hangs Up), you will now see your session say “Timeout” in red. This means that you lost internet connection long enough for Vicidial to kick you out. You can click the “Login” button immediately from here to start a new session without refreshing your browser. This should prevent users from jumping back into SIP Sessions that were released by Vicidial, and hopefully prevent the crossed lines issue we have been having at times.

2. Connection Issue: Reconnecting

If the system notices a lack of communication to the SIP Phone, the Connection Issue status will appear. If it is a minor internet hiccup, the system SHOULD be able to put you back into both the Dialer and your SIP Session automatically. We have run various tests by plugging and unplugging our internet to simulate the issue some call centers are having with connectivity and as long as the hiccup is a little less than 10 seconds, usually the system can reconnect, otherwise it will now show Timeout and ask you to log in again and re-establish the SIP Session.

3. Reconnected!

This is a temporary status, shown in green, that we were successfully able to reconnect your session. It will show for about 3 seconds, then go back to whatever status you were before the connection issue happened. The agent will at least be informed now as to what is happening.

TLDialer Debugging

We are now collecting logs, locally on each machine, of when start, stop, close browser / refresh and connection issues occur, so we can further investigate these connectivity issues we are having. Eventually we will be able to pull the logs ourselves from the local machines but for now it is limited to when we do remote support. Please note we only keep one day worth of logs on each machine, so if something does occur, be sure to report it immediately.

Getting stuck at pause should no longer be an issue as you will get one of the three new statuses above. If you do still get stuck please let us know so we can check it out and grab the debug information.

TLDialer Fixes & Changes

  • Ingroups can now be Updated and Mass Updated Live again without having the agents log in and out. We added a new “Feature” that interpreted the data differently when updating, and forgot to remove the manual workarounds in the functions that do the updating!
  • Updated SIP.js with some Hotfixes found while debugging the connectivity issues. SIP.js is an Open Source Library. We found some new bugs they didn’t; we notified them and patched them on our end.
  • Fixed oversight with TLDialer when disconnecting, network issues, closing browser, or errors, leads were being set to FAX instead of DROPPED for the lead that wasn’t closed out.
  • When a Agent closes the browser and does not disposition correctly we now fire off ERI instead of Dropped / Fax which is agent error.
  • You now cannot call Blocked Numbers in the Block Number filter phone group. IF you want to call a block number, ask a manager to unblock those numbers. This can be done in the Contact Sidebar under DNC. We also respect the DNC, but a lead that is Dispo’d as DNC doesn’t have the Dial Buttons whereas Blocked ones do. (Reason being, for speed of the system so we don’t have to query blocked numbers every page load. )
  • Added Entry Date Minutes and Last Local Call Time Minutes to TLDialer Leads. Searchable and usable in Columns.
  • All Dialers have been updated to be capable of using TLDialer Resets and Cascades. The Reset log has been made generally available to all now so you can see the reset flow.
  • We have made some general dialer changes for stability and performance of the connection, particularly for bad internet connections which we are more frequently then not encountering. Due to our changes we have noticed less and less issues with connectivity…beyond random carrier issues, it’s actually getting pretty quiet. We have however, on occasion, experienced some agents logging into others conferences due to being “Ghosted” in the system. Meaning, they are connected to the Conference via the softphone, but no longer on the Dialer. This is due to our lessened efforts to check if the user is still connected, as we favor keeping the agent and client on the phone over being strict on keep alives and disconnecting them at the slightest hiccup in connection. We are hoping The new Timeout status should take care of this issue as it will give the agent the option to log back instead of being stuck at Pause, once the system realizes they have been removed from a conference.
  • You can now see yourself to transfer to yourself in TLDialer. This is for people who believe they are such amazing salesmen, that they can pitch two people at once: The one they are on the phone with, and one calling back. A call can be transferred direct to the agent, and the agent can put the current call back into his personal queue instead of parking it, grab that pending transfer, close it out, and then grab the remaining pending transfer that is in their personal queue once they ready up again.
  • Forcing Vendor Lead Code update to TLDialer on new Lead Create via Inbound. There was something happening causing it to sometimes not update when certain data was missing.
  • Fixed an Issue with Filters in TLDialer Leads section. One of the search filters wasn’t working.
  • Fixed an issue with Vici Phone Update in Mass Edit. Now works. HAve fun!

Lead Uploader Fixes

  • Fixed a MAJOR issue when Lead ID was present in a CSV Upload, even if mapped to a different field. We had some leads that were effected due to this bug across all accounts. This was due to an oversight on my part and an account level protection that was missing from a core component. The effect lasted about 1 day while we gathered data and wrote scripts to fix like new. We restored all these leads to what they were from our backups. All is well.
  • Fixed an issue with Uploader not adding notes on dupe check or on initial insert. We had a duplicate field being set causing a Database error.
  • Fixed some logging related to Updating Leads, Adding Notes, Dependents and Policies. the GET portion of the Action log should now show the parameters used in the upload, and the POST portion should show the data that was modified.

Contact Form

  • Added a limit on Action logs to 500. 1000 was causing memory errors. we are looking into a way to display everything without the lag and memory issues. Some of you sure do work your Clients!
  • You can now Hide all the Legal Section items individually in Settings -> Options -> Contact Form.
  • Kicker was Missing from Policies even though they were set. We kicked the kicker back into place so all looks even and clean now. I don’t think the Kicker has ever shown up in the system, surprisingly no one noticed until now. He is a sneaky devil.
  • Some fixes went into when and where some buttons show up, particularly in relation to Admin123 Integrations and IVR.

Admin123 Integration

  • Fixed some data issues related to Post Dates
  • Fixed Error with Bank Account Type. It was defaulting to “Checking” due to the wrong field being looked at, should now be correct! Who signs up with their savings account anyhow?!

Vendor Scorecard Report

  • The Vendor Scorecard Report can now be filtered by Vendor Group
  • You can now save and load Filters on the Vendor Scorecard.
  • The Vendor scorecard has been updated to look more like the rest of the filter systems.

Advanced Public Vendor Report

Added all the Tracking / Marketing fields we have into this report, and made them searchable / exportable for your Vendors with this enabled.

Quote Tool

Fixed wonkiness with saving on the Global Quote Tool. We need to refresh the data AFTER we update, not before…It was saving, just not showing the updates, causing confusion.

Patch 6.9.9

Custom Minute and Cascading List Resets for TLDialer & Admin123 Billing Integration!

Admin123 Integration

We are happy to announce our Admin123 Integration is live and now working! Please contact us if you have a product that is sold through Admin123 that you would like TLDCRM to Submit for Billing! The system supports many dynamic options for Admin123. We are working on status syncs as well, our first phase is submission and storage of Policy Numbers and Member ID’s. See More Details at the Bottom!

TLDialer Cascades and Resets

We are also happy to announce that our List Cascade and List Reset system is now operational! You can now take fine grain control of the intervals and reasons for your Dialer lists to reset besides just at certain times of the day! Ask us how it use it! The interface is simple but the ideas a little complicated!

Minute Resets

Runs every minute on the minute! Reset your leads back to Not Called based on Status, Lead Entry Date, Last Called Time, and Total Call Attempts! You can even reset specific leads the very next day at the same time they originally inquired! Set as many resets as you like and create effective call patterns! All resets are logged in our robust custom logging system so you can see exactly what happened!

List Cascades

The best way to give your prime agents the best run of your leads. Runs once a day, choose what days of the week and at what time! Change List ID from primary lists to Cascade lists, which can also have their own resets! Manage the Vici list right from the Vendors Panel, right on the cascade as well. Split your Lists into Cascades and assign different Lists to different campaigns so you can control exactly the quality and age of the lead your agents get! Cascades are also logged! Cascades however, do not reset the leads back to Not dialed, you would need to use the Minute system for that.

Multi-Term Policy Options

We have added some new features specifically regarding Multi-Term policies. There is now a Workflow option for using a single policy to track all the policy numbers and lapse dates for the Multi-term policy.

  • This Option can be found in Settings -> Options -> Data under Multi-Term Policy
  • When a Duration and Terms are set, the system will automatically add Terms – 1 Policy Number fields under the primary Policy Number field for tracking purposes. You can fill them in at any time.
  • The Policy Lapse will be calculated based on the Duration mulitplied by the Terms, instead of just the Duration. This will allow you to get a more accurate Lapse date for the policy. This change is system wide when the setting goes into effect as we have baked it into the TQL Schemas similar to the Ancillary features in the same option menu.
  • If you have an effective date set, the current term will automatically correct itself to the current term, and will override the manual entry method. You can still try to change it, but the system will always query the correct term.
  • We added a new Display Field to Policies called multi_term or Multi-Term. If a Policy has Terms and a Duration, it will show up as DxT for example 4×2, 3×2, 6×2, 3×4.
  • As you could before, you can search for these fields in the Policies / Customers section. If you enable this setting, you may find new or missing policies in the Renewals and Lapsed section based on how your company decided to manage multi-term policy data.
  • We are recommending you use this approach for Multi-term Policies, unless you are already too used to doing it the old way. This is why we have made it optional.

Automated IVR Integration Features

Along with Admin123, we also have some new custom features related to using third party IVR’s. We are working on our own IVR solution, and are hoping to merge it with our Survey system sometime in the future!

  • When a Product has IVR Enabled, the Verify Button will be replaced by the IVR Buttons enabled.
    • Phone Number ( Call IVR )
    • Field DTMF
      • This fields format is for example: {policy_id}#
        • This will send the Policy ID of the Current Policy as a DTMF Tone, for the IVR to Lookup using the Egress API. Buttons
    • Start / Yes DTMF
    • Stop / No DTMF
    • Restart
  • By default, Agents can see and use the IVR System, as it is intended for Agents to Self Verify.
  • Only Managers or Higher can Override the IVR when it is enabled for a product, unless different Manual Override Roles are checked in the product Configuration. A second, Override: Verify button will be shown if it is possible to override.
  • When enabled, the Egress API will show an additional IVR JSON Column with pertinent data for an IVR.
  • When successful, the Ingress API may be used to Submit the Policy by passing in status = 2 along with the Policy ID. A Record ID may also be submitted for reference to the IVR Recording. This process may get more flexible in the future.

The workflow for the IVR is pretty simple. Once the “Sale button” has pressed you will then use the forthcoming buttons to do the following:

  1. Call an IVR System and Transfer them into your conference with your client.
  2. Pass a Data Point from the TLD Policy to the IVR via DTMF Tone.
  3. Start the IVR via DTMF Tone from the buttons.
  4. Wait for the Client to finish Verifying.
  5. Wait for the IVR to Update TLD, and Update the Policy as Verified.
  6. Leave the Conference and finish the Sale.

Contact Form

  • Fixed bug where when choosing a new product and locking that field, the field would retain an uneditable value.
  • Fixed a bug where after resetting convertible text from drop down to text, would not keep the order of select menus.
  • New Options Save Unknowns Phones – When loading unknown phone number, allow save without touching form instead of requiring some input.
    • This can be found in Settings -> Options -> Contact Form.
  • Added “Record ID” to the system. It was always there, just never showing up.
  • Moved Validations Messages to under the Submit Buttons when present.
  • Lots of Mods to Policy Validator. Should be cleaner now.
  • Rewrote Policy Status Button Methods yet again for Policy Statuses. Should be more Consistent now. Using a Lock System now.
  • When Verifying an Admin123 Policy with a IVR Set, a button will show in red the Error as to Why it is not valid.
  • When Converting, Verifying or Submitting a Product with Pricing Matrix Configured and Enabled, the system will now prevent you from submitting invalid policies if Pricing is Enabled.
  • Added “Nointegration” button for Submit when Overridable.


  • Can now Transfer to Self…for queueing reasons.
  • Fixed a bug with Reset Now in TLDialer Lists
  • Reset Times now has a Multi-checkbox on TLDialer Lists instead of relying on the user typing in dash separated times.
  • Reorganized the TLDialer Lists Panel.


  • Changed Users section to have the same Filters header as newer sections.
  • TLDialer Users can now be filtered by TLDialer Ingroup, User Level, User Group, and Active / Inactive.
  • User Table now has a new icon that shows the Users TLDialer Level. It will be Red if the user is inactive. Clicking the User Level will show the current Active Status as well as the User Level and User Group for the user. The user group has a link to open in the Vicidial Admin Panel.
  • User Action buttons should be more even now.
  • User Quote Tools can now be configured like Global Quote tools with POST Options.


  • Vicidial Dash-array is now a TQL Schema property that allows for us to do searches with Multi-checkboxes.
  • Added: Fields, Labels, Configs to TQL Egress API.


We have a new Theory on how Product Validations operate. They operate on a series of “Locks”. A Lock means that the Policy must be valid for that reason in order to continue, or the user must have the appropriate override permissions based on their role or other criteria on the Product config itself. The Product Matrix was the first to introduce the concept of a “Lock”.

For example, if you have Admin123 Enabled and Configured, but are missing a Benefit ID or Product ID or the Product Combo is Invalid, it will be locked. Managers or Higher can usually override this setting, unless otherwise specified.

The types of locks that exist now are the following, each Lock has Override settings in the system now.

  • Post Date Lock
  • IVR Lock
  • Admin123 Conversion Lock
  • Admin123 Verification Lock
  • Admin123 Submission Lock
  • Validation Locks

Also, we have made the following changes and fixed to Product.

  • Changed Products Menu to look like rest of system.
  • Fixed an Issue with Multi-checkboxes on Products when using the Set Stages to All.
  • Add more Copy from Product Menus to the Products Section. Can now be used in the Embedded, Points, Emails, Pricing and all Validation Subsections as well as Admin123. Added Merge from Feature. So you can merge instead of overwrite Into a specific Product Config.
  • Added address validation as required fields for accounts with service objects Enabled. This works on Leads, Policies and Dependents.
  • Recombined the Matrix Fields and Other fields into “Fields” split into two vertical sections for use with Mass Updating.
  • Added Filter Select boxes to Copy Menus, Emails and Embedded sections
  • Added New Filters to Products table to determine what is configured and what isnt.
  • Cleaned up Icons and Buttons in the Products table to be more descriptive.
  • Added Override Option for Post Dates in Submission Validation in Product Settings in the Options Multiu-checkbox
  • You can set the product to allow certain roles to Override certain locked Stages, and by default Managers or Higher (Level 70+) can Override the stage changes. When a stage is invalid, those with Override capabilities will see an Override: prefix on the Buttons.


  • Changed Fields section to look like rest of the system.
  • Made it so that Prohibited Customizable Fields do not load at all.

Other Bugfixes & Updates

  • Fixed an issue with Modal Resizing, now should remove the full class when changing back to a different size other than full.
  • Fixed an issue with Renewals section and Rewrite Refused.
  • Fixed issue with Links inside Flaps. They can be clicked again.
  • Cleaned up Error screen when Error happens during HTML Generation. No more extra html!
  • Fixed an issue with Contact Validation Errors showing Twice. Now only shows once.
  • Made Multi-checkboxes slight more performant.
  • Fixed an issue with Post Date Policy buttons from the last patch.
  • Fixed an issue with Custom Policy Statuses from the last patch.
  • We now have JSON Search Capability! Yay!
  • Improved TQL Schema Generation Times by reducing Iterations. Still working on a non-cached lag solution.
  • Websocket transport emits disconnecting eventSip.JS Updated to .11.4 => .12. Maybe more stable? That’s what they say anyways.
  • Fixed a Bug with Transfers from TLDialer Contact causing browser crash. Removed conflicting tldialer-command class.
  • Register expires can be 0
  • Fix connection timeout issue where connection promise could be hanging and Transport be left in an unusable state
  • Websocket disconnect default code is now 1000
  • Prevent processing multiple ACK’s with SDP
  • Fix edge cases related to unexpected Websocket disconnects
  • Fix potential out of bounds error with addMidLines modifier
  • Modified Select Menu’s and Multi-checkboxes to support Overridden Fields, to show what would be checked if this was not checked, or if blank.

Service Objects & Address Validation

We have an Address Validation Service we have integrated with Service Objects. It basically allows you to click a button on an Address to Validate it and stores the results. When used with the Validation tools in Products, it double checks to see if any of the data has changed before trying to revalidate.

We are working on figuring out the best way to offer this service to others, as it is a third party API and currently we are using a clients credentials that would not be able to handle the volume of requests. If you have an account with ServiceObjects, please let us know and we can enable this for you immediately.


Admin123 is now Generally available! It does take some configuration, as most people require more or less fields to be passed to Admin123, and some use the new Automated IVR in conjuction with it. If you sell a product on Admin123, give us a ring and we can help get you setup so that you can Manager Your Leads, Dial Your Clients, and Submit new Policies all without leaving the CRM!

Every Product in the System can be configured to be an Admin123 Product. A product can run with it’s Standalone configuration. Be sure to use the Validation Rules for Conversion, Verification and Submission to validate your data before you send it to the system. The Admin123 integration does not do any data validation besides key points such as the presence and absence of Benefit ID’s Product ID’s, and Config values. It is imperative you rely on the Product Validation system instead.

Admin123 Integration Field

As an alternative to Configuring each individual product, you can now customize the field known as admin123_integration in the fields section with a generic integration mapping for your products. You can then set that Field as an Integration in each product instead of filling it out multiple times. This makes it easier to update passwords and configuration information. Products still need to be configured with a Product ID and Benefit ID however to function.

Individual Admin123 User Credentials

Each User can have their Admin123 Enroller ID and other pertinent user fields set when editing users under the Third Party tab. This configuration will Override Product and Integration Field settings.

How do the configs work? What order do they take precedence?

The order of overrides between user, product and integration config is as follows:

  1. User Config
  2. Product Config
  3. Integration Config

The user config trumps all of them, as it usually contains the unique Enroller ID of the User. Product and Integration Configs have more information set than the User, as long as we have a complete configuration, the submission process will go through.

If you have chosen the Conversion, or Verification Locks, valid Admin123 Configs, Benefit ID’s and Product ID’s will be required before passing Sale or Verification, however, a Submission Lock will always be forced active, as you cannot submit a Product that is not configured correctly.

How does submitting Work?

Basically, when you get to Submit, if you have the proper Permission ,you just click “Submit” And you are done!

The following are some changes since our last configuration update:

  • Added “Name” to Admin123 Config Panel so that the Messages and Buttons will use that name instead of Admin123. You can set it to “Billing System” for instance.
  • Admin123 Benefit ID should show up always in Mass Update Matrix when Admin123 is Enabled. Please note that Disabling a product will remove the Benefit ID entries. If you want to deactivate a configured product, please use the “Active” dropdown. Only Products with Admin123 Enabled and Active will be use the API Submission.
  • Admin123 now can have User Group Allow permissions on the Integration and the Product configs. What this means is you can limit a certain subset of users to using the Submission Tool, regardless of Role. Otherwise, normal roles will see the Submission button.
  • Policy Admin123 Config can now have a preset set.
  • Added admin123_integration field. By default added 2: USA Dental Club and A1.
  • Fixups to Admin123 API.
  • Rewrote Admin123 User Fields.
  • Updates to Admin123 Config Reader.