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Patch 8.1.0

TLMessenger Text Message (SMS) Canned (Preset) Responses is finally here…it’s finally here. You asked for this one for quite a while, so here it is! With some advanced features as well! FYI, for details, open up a SMS window, click the “?” icon next to the chat tab in TLMessenger. Canned Responses ( Present Text […]

Patch 8.0.1

Our latest updates introduce some new features and functionality and some Qualify of Life updates. Most of these are edge cases. SMS A List of Banned Words and Phrases can be added to your account now under Settings -> Options -> Features. Please enter a comma separated list of the words you want to return […]

Patch 8.0.0

Get ready, this is over a years worth of patch notes, we finally got these sorted and are ready to release patch notes on a more regular schedule again. Here we go! Dashboards Admin Dashboard Added average premium lead to admin dashboard. Agent Dashboard We have prettied up the Agent Dashboard a little and are […]

Patch 7.5.5

Asterisk AMD Patch VICIDial Core Updates and TLDialer Replication Support Asterisk 13.21.0 Patched and rebuilt with SIP Logging Capability and a fix to Asterisk 13’s AMD Hanging on No Audio Issue. SIP Logging helps debug issues with calls that involves more than just Asterisk CLI, AGI, or AMI commands as it allows us to store […]

Patch 7.5.0

Lots of things have changed since the last patch, and we have been slacking on updating our version number! The reason for the jump in the version change is two-fold. TLDialer VICIDIAL Cluster Support, and the rewrite of the TLDSIP Softphone. Most other changes had to do with reports and minor bug fixes as well […]

Patch 7.0.6

TLDialer Changes and Updates TLDialer 2.0 We did a bit of an OVERHAUL on our TLDialer Apps system, which allow us to connect directly into the internals of the dialer and modify behavior and allows us to do things like State Routing. We now have a fully dynamic system, that follows our own patterns and […]

Patch 7.0.5

TLD & TLDialer Automated & Self-Serve Whitelist This is a big one, we have been looking to creating a solution to this problem for a while, and it is finally done! Enjoy the fruits of my sleepless nights! The “Access” panel has been re-written. We changed the External IP Whitelist Users into a Multi-checkbox so […]

Patch 7.0.4

Explore Beta We have added Links to Explore section on the top menu next to Customers. This will allow you to play with the Explore Section. Changes WILL Happen in this section we have a lot planned for it, the goal is for these sections to replace “Leads” and “Policies”. TLDialer – Multi-Tab / Window […]

Patch 7.0.3

TLDialer When an agent loads a TLDialer Lead via a Live Call, whether Manual, Inbound or AutoDial we now remove any leads from the hopper with that Dialer / Lead ID. We also do this again just in case when the agent Dispositions the lead. We can now have a Filter Phone Group set for […]

Patch 7.0.2

TLDialer TLDialer Live Agents now shows who the Call is in Queue for when it is agent_only ( Agent Direct ) Added New Relationship between vicidial_auto_calls agent_only field and user table. NANA – No Agent No Answer Now Supports Transferring after Expiration alongside Busy and Hangup. This allows the phone to “Ring” when an agent […]