Patch 6.7.6

TLDialer Call Log

  • Fixed Call Log Query Parameters
  • Fixed a bug in the closer_log Relationships
  • Reduced the amount of fields that show. Now should only show the pertinent fields in the column builder.
  • Normal queries should now come in the right order.
  • The Call Log Now Support Aggregation (We even mush the two tables together for you, and even preserve ordering!
    • Use the Column Builder to Choose the Column you want to Group by and the “Total Calls” column as well.
    • Then In Filters, choose the Group By Column you want to group by!
    • Press Go!
    • If you want a GRAND Total of all the columns, click the “Aggregate” Checkbox at the top right of the “Group By” section, this will flatten the results to 1 row giving you a total count.
      • Here is an example of what it looks like.


  • Fixed an issue with ordering in exports


  • Multi-checkbox behavior has been slightly modified but basically does the same thing.
  • Multi-checkboxes now has sortable support for things like Group by. This can be seen in the Call Log section since grouping order sometimes does matter.