Patch 6.7.8


  • Fixed issue broken last patch with the filter tabs across the board.
  • Changed Filters Button to be more Apparent, and also mobile friendly. Making use of the exact same space but making things easier to find.
  • Created New TQL Fields Layout for Future use. We now have reusable widgets of equal heights so we can create fields and auto stack them so they are nice and neat.
    • Created new “Number” type with Native Ranges
    • Created 3 different height layouts for fields, 50, 100, and 200
  • Cleaned up the Date Picker code as well as what else can show when it’s available.
  • Changed Filters Icons to be larger  and more apparent, also more mobile friendly. Adjusted select box along with it and also optimized for mobile. Tested on iPhone X.
  • Multi-checkboxes now have Custom Checkboxes instead of normal browser ones. This should standardize the look of the interface across browsers (although you really should be using Chrome).
  • Filters Popovers where wonky. Moved them to face down and also moved elements around to stop the wonkiness.
  • Found a bug with mobile view where the right hand menu was showing when it shouldn’t (only on mobile view for Desktop, via shrinking screen).
  • Fixed a bug with Multi-selects not re selecting.

Dialer Feature

  • New Dialer Option: Format Names on Save
    • This will auto Capitalize the First, Middle and Last Names.
    • It takes into account roman numerals: ‘II’, ‘III’, ‘IV’, ‘VI’, ‘VII’, ‘VIII’, ‘IX’
    • It also will try to split names by ‘, ‘-‘, “O'”, “L'”, “D'”, ‘St.’, ‘Mc’
    • It also has lowercase exceptions for ‘the’, ‘van’, ‘den’, ‘von’, ‘und’, ‘der’, ‘de’, ‘da’, ‘of’, ‘and’, “l'”, “d'”
  • Added Format Names feature to Dependents and Policy Billing.


  • Recordings
    • Added new filters to Recordings Sections.
    • Fixed some Schema Relationships for Recordings
    • Specifying only Critical tables for Recordings.
  • Campaigns
    • Added Hopper Count to Campaigns (Pull it in with the Column Builder)
      • This will let you see how many leads per campaign are in your hopper. We are working on a solution for “Dialable” leads.
  • DID’s
    • DID’s now have a ton of search features.
  • Leads
    • Lead interface got some cleanup with new TQL Field Interface.
    • List Schema got proper tagging for List itself.
  • Live Agents
    • Added the new Filter Header.


  • Fixed an issue with 0 button not working.


  • Looks a little nicer with the white background

Service Objects Address Validation Integration

  • 80% done with Address Verification tool.

Lead Meta Changes

  • Added Reference ID and Reference to Lead Meta. We will be revising Lead Meta to work for all attached tables with TQL (Policies, Dependents, Notes)


  • Fixed an issue where when requesting a non column joined tables arguments, it wasn’t joining, now joining properly based on arguments, group by order by and where.
  • Fixed an issue with Schema Caching, now properly clears on it’s own when we patch. Yay.
  • Updated Lead Meta Schema.


  • Fixed a problem with service loading.
  • Fixed to Meta Model when an account has no users.
  • Fixed an Issue with Choosing and Unchoosing “Dependent Address Same as Lead”
  • Added General Integration Section under Third Party in Options for the API Key used with Service Objects.