Patch 6.7.4


  • If you are using the Webphone, TLDialer will now use TLDSIP’s DTMF Tones instead of Vici tones, as Vici tones are slow and unreliable.
    • The Dialpad works the exact same way.
    • The Dialpad should be near instant now as you press buttons.
  • The Dialpad no longer hides when pressing buttons.
  • Made a fix for callbacks not setting the proper callback status even though the callback went in.


  • When making a blind call, TLD SIP will now ring
  • An Audible click noise will be played when a call connects
  • An Audible pop noise will be played when a call disconnects.
  • If a call is rejected or fails, a busy noise will be played.
  • You can now hear DTMF Tones when you press them. They are synced to the same speed the phone sends them.
  • DTMF Tones now send via RTP.
  • Upgraded to latest SIP Version.


  • There was a problem with the TQL Caching function, it has been corrected.