Patch 6.7.7

TLDialer Call Log

  • Fixed some Grouping issues for the combined report.
  • Added toggle to choose between Inbound and Outbound Reporting. Default is mixed.
  • Added new Aggregate Columns
    • Over 30, 90 Sec, 10, 20 Min
    • Under 30, 90 Sec, 10, 20 Min
    • Average Length In Seconds
    • Total Length in Seconds


  • New Dialer Option: Mask Phone Number
    • From the ages of old, where we do not trust the agent at all, this turns the phone number field into a PHI field similar to SSN’s. All functionality is the same.
    • It will show the last 4 digits of the phone number when phone is filled out.


  • Mass Update now does the intended Behavior and doesn’t rip out non updated Validation sections.
  • Added Easy Buttons to Click and Open certain filters, in the filters.
  • Save button in Product Matrix now keeps window open.
  • Fixed annoying notification when you havent modified product options and are modifying matrix values.


  • More schemas added to system,

Mass Update

  • Working, but still unreleased. In testing.