What is (a(n)) ______?

  • Asterisk

    • The PBX (Private Branch Exchange) being used to route all calls from Gafachi and/or other providers (such as Fractel) for TLDCRM clients electing to use our phone system.
  • Dialer (Genesis, Five9, etc.)

    • A dialer is a program that makes phone calls and connects you to a caller at an accelerated rate versus calling them yourself.
    • There are multiple types of dialers:
      • Predictive – Calls several prospects at once in order to quickly connect a soon-to-be-idle agent.
      • Power – Connects an agent whenever they are available.
      • Preview (Click-to-dial) – Allows agents to select whom they wish the dialer to call, previewing information gathered on the prospect before connecting them.
      • Power IVR – Used to only receive interested prospects.
      • Voice Drop – Used for payment reminders, etc. The dialer will call and hang up after playing a message.
  • Peers (AKA Extensions)

    • Any “extension” you have us set up we will call a “peer.” This includes admins, managers, verifiers, stations, and any other custom group you decide to ask for. This is the technical definition within Asterisk and will only serve to help you understand where the necessities for the complexity come from.
  • DID (AKA Phone Number)

    • The inbound (Direct Inward Dialing) number we register in our Asterisk configuration that is utilized by the peers we have specified according to your requests.
  • Toll Free

    • Typically referred to as an “800 number” these are inbound numbers which cost the caller nothing (toll free). We register these in Asterisk but do not normally suggest them as outbound since it costs more than a traditional DID.

I want a(n) ______, how do I get one?

  • Inbound Queue

    • A queue is a group of peers we assign in the Asterisk CLI. What we need from you to implement a queue follows:
      1. List of peers that will be called by the queue.
      2. Music, if any other than the default, to be played while waiting for an answer.
      3. Ring strategy: ring all, round robin, least recent, fewest calls, random via penalty, etc.
      4. How long to ring using the strategy before going to voicemail.
      5. Optional: Other requirements or requests that we can work in based on Asterisk’s options.
  • DID/Toll Free Number

    • Let us know, along with any area code you prefer. You may receive a temporary number meanwhile, as certain area codes may be out of stock.
  • Custom Menu/Prompt

    • You must commission a sound file to be created speaking the options you request, then attach it to a written out list of routes that match the options for us to implement.
    • A suggested contact for this is below:
      Stu Ginsberg
      VP New Business Development
      OMG National
      1801 N Pine Island Road
      Suite 200
      Plantation, FL 33322
      1.800.789.4619 Ext 117
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Thanks to Gregory Conroy from Esotech Inc.