An easy to use and affordable SaaS Platform for
Insurance Call Centers.

Sales Flow
We take your contacts from lead to sale with a robust workflow that allows you to know exactly who did what and when with detailed auditing features.
PHI / HIPAA Compliant
We take great measures to secure your data. All of our operations and third party vendors have signed a BAA with us, and we will of course sign one with you!
Managed Backups
Did you know if you lose a single medicare recording on request, you forfeit your forward commissions? We store and backup your data in three different locations per medicare specifications.
Agent Control
Control every detail of what your agents see. Protect your data from your staff and give sensitive access to only those who need it using our predefined roles or specific abilities.
VoIP - Voice over IP
We provide a full fledged phone system for you and customize it to your needs. No need to learn complicated panels or wonder what the best setup is. Sell from anywhere you have internet access.
Third Party Integrations
Our platform has a relay system that lets you send your data where you need it, from dialers to SMS and other marketing platforms. Need a custom integration? We’ll implement it as an option in our system.
Skyrocket Sales
Our lead to sale workflow will boost you over the top of the call center game.
Quick glimpses and detailed lead vendor analysis let you fine tune your expenses.
Personal Approach
Unparalleled customer service by both phone and email.
Crowdsourced Features
We bring the best of everyone’s workflow into one monolithic system for your benefit.

About Our Company

TLDCRM is run by the creative and technical team at Esotech. The lead developer and original system designer has been involved over 8 years on the data side of the Health and Life Insurance Sales industry as well as digital marketing and systems consulting. Working with hundreds of call centers over the years we have been able to streamline our system to fit all workflows.

TLDCRM is a cloud based CRM and VoIP platform that can be used from anywhere in the world.
Our headquarters is in Miami, FL. With offices in California and Washington.
Founded in 2008, Esotech has been building systems for almost 10 years. TLDCRM, an Esotech property, has been up and operational since 2013.
We aren’t just involved in the insurance industry. We have the experience to come up with solutions for anything regarding the web and automating your business.

TLDCRM or Total Lead Domination is a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud based platform and VoIP system for insurance sales regarding health, life and other ancillary products. We provide the tools you need to succeed at selling.

We provide a CRM to manage your lead and policy flow, as well as a free VoIP Softphone if you decide to use our phone systems. We also provide all compliant backups of recordings and documents uploaded to our system.

We take the headache out of managing and analyzing your lead sources as well as your current book of business. We can help you setup your call center to run smooth and efficient as well as manage all your PHI/HIPAA protected information.

There is no insurance tailored CRM out there that manages call center lead flow and data like we do. We are constantly improving and adding modules to the system at no cost to you. If what we have doesn’t work for you we will work to accommodate!

“It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.” – Mark Hunter

Latest Patches

Patch 5.3.11

Patch 5.3.10

Patch 5.3.9

Patch 5.3.8

Fanatical Support

Have questions about the system, or are you planning a new campaign and would like advice on how to proceed? Our support services can be used via email or a simple phone call. All information is kept private and secure.

Give us a call or fill out or contact form to request a demo or get more details information on the system. TLDCRM is a large system and was made with ease of use in mind. That being said, initial setup can be daunting since it’s a combination of business workflow and systems training. We are here for you 9 – 7 Eastern with email support after hours.

Phone Support: 1.888.646.9653 x2
Phone Sales: 1.888.646.9653 x1

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