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The CRM for Health Insurance Sales

Total Lead Domination was created with health and life insurance sales in mind. Our team has years of experience working with the health insurance industry and has continued to work with hundreds of call centers across the country over the past 10 years. We provide a robust CRM to manage your sales, as well as a dialer. And your account can be customized to your business's needs at any time. TLD has everything your team needs to dominate the competition.
  • TLD CRM Boost Boost sales with an optimized workflow.
  • TLD CRM Scale Scale your account to the needs of your business.
  • TLD CRM Secure Secure your data with cloud backups and multiple security measures.
  • TLD CRM Tech Keep up with the latest tech advancements integrated into TLD regularly.
  • TLD CRM Support Get quick support on any requests or questions you may have about your account


TLDialer is our integrated dialer optimized for high capacity call centers. Your agents work on one screen for both the CRM and Dialer while the system takes care of synchronizing data and dispositions in the background. Calls on our dialer come in crystal clear, utilizing the latest webphone technology.

Lead Management

Keeping track of customers is simple with our lead management system. You can find contact information, policies, dependents, notes and more attached directly to the lead. Each contact displays a unique timeline of all calls, views and actions that occurred on that contact.

Data Management

From a real-time salesboard to in-depth reporting, you can get all the data that matters to you. All your business’s information is secure and backed up to three different locations. Analyzing reports is easy with our robust reporting options; filter for a variety of data points to find the data you need.

Account Customization

Tailor your account to your needs. Scale your account to match your business and only pay for the users you have. Decide who can access what data, customize the products available, add your branding, and more! You can also integrate your favorite applications for workflow and reporting seamlessly with our robust API. Your account works for you!

Workforce Management

Organizing and managing your workforce is simple in TLD. With roles and abilities, you can decide what kind of access your users have in the account. You can also sort them into groups and agencies to put your workforce structure into practice within the system.

“Sales success comes from the right balance of quality human interaction, as well as the appropriate use of supplemental tools” -Deb Calvert