Patch 6.6.12


  • TLDSIP Interface will now show at the bottom left corner of this Dialer screen.
    • When logged into the Dialer, the TLDSIP Bar will disappear.
    • You can call an external number with the TLDSIP Interface, there is no need to add a 9 or 1, they will be stripped and the 9 and 1 added automatically.
    • You can call an internal number with the TLDSIP Interface, just dial the number. This is going to be primarily used for Voicemail configuration for agents.

Policy Workflow

  • We found a missing button in the Policy Workflow due to our allowing of negative statuses during the Policy Submission process.
  • We have added the Submit button when a Policy is in Negative status, but has been verified.
  • We have also added some documentation related to policy workflow here: TLDCRM – Policy Workflow

Improved Import Schemas

  • Made some improvements to import Schemas
  • TLDialer Sections should now properly sort, including via imported schema.