Patch 6.7.3

Dialer Contacts

  • Fixed an issue where Policies were being saved / updated even though they didn’t need saving. This had to do with the new Products Matrix system.
  • Fixed issue with initial load of Unsaved Policies and such being arrays instead of objects. Somehow still worked…


    • Making use of a new Caching method for our TQL Schemas, which have reduced processing time by about 400% for the new system.
  • Fixed a bug with Counts and Columns
  • Fixed a bug with Exports in TQL / TLDialer. They should work again.
  • TQL is now PCI and PHI protected.
  • TQL now has a Debug Log so we can monitor performance.
  • Fix for Multi-Group By


  • Added Channel Psuedo Columns to Live Channels, Live Sip Channels and Auto Calls. This parses out the Channel info to make things easier on us in the future.
  • TLDialer Leads
    • Added Relationship to DNC  to the List Schema for Phone Number and Alt Number. This will allow you to pull Reports based on the presence or absence of a phone number in the DNC. Check the filters tabs!
    • The TLDialer Leads Table has had a secondary button added to find a lead in TLD based on the Lead ID or the Vendor Lead Code, if present. The second button will still open the lead in TLDialer Admin mode.
  • Fixed a MASSIVE issue, although a very small codefix, related to how we check wether an agent is on a call or not. This should hopefully fix some of the “Can’t hangup or leave conference” issues.
  • Fixed an issue with Updating Leads in TLDialer. Leads should update now regardless of wether you are on TLDialer or not, as long as TLDialer is enabled for the account.
  • Added ability to Emergency Force Logout an Agent from the Live Agents screen. It is the only red button. Careful!
  • Fixed some Transfer Logic. We found an issue specifically with Blind Transfers to Ingroups / Queues. They should work properly now.
  • Transfer buttons now will give feedback as to what the heck they are actually doing instead of staying silent. They should tell you EXACTLY what they are trying to do, wether it is transfering to an Agent, a Queue, or an external number. They will also tell you the type of transfer you are attempting.
  • Started playing around with the Hangup commands to see if we can get to the root cause of the calls not hanging up during transfers randomly, although we feel the previously mentioned fix may fix it!