Patch 6.6.11


  • TLDSIP Webphone now has it’s own interface.  It will allow you to make generic outbound calls or calls to extensions.


  • Transfer Groups
    • The Transfer Dropdown now respects the Transfer Groups set in the Campaign.
    • It also will show the Ingroup Description instead of the ID now.
    • The Color of the Group Configured in Vici will also show next to the group name.
    • Status Colors will now show next to the agent name they reflect the same status colors you are used.
    • Reformatted the Status and Extension text to show Status @ EXT: # and removed EXT # from Offline members.
      • This made the table a little smaller as more text can fit.


  • Prepping for 3rd Party Integration with IVR’s and Admin123, we have added an API Section that allows you to create API Credentials as well as deactivate them and regenerate keys in case of abuse.
  • This will show up under the Settings section in TLD, Superadmin only.
  • Keys Generate are valid UUID’s
  • Each API can be configured to access certain sections. It allows basic CRUD operations on specific tables.

Admin Dashboard

  • We have added an “Agent First Viewed” report to go along with Agent First Worked. This will show you who viewed a lead first for those agents that load a lead and take no actions.
  • We have fixed the Agent First Worked report to work with the new and old logging methods.


  • Reworked the fields system to work with arrays only and not objects for simplicity and further development.
  • Changed all Checkboxes to be boolean dropdowns.
  • Carriers
    • For Carrier Fields, you can now set colors, this will be used later.
    • You can now set a Carrier Label, Number, and Transfer Method per Carrier
    • If set, during the Verification Stage of a Policy, you will be presented with a button that shows the phone number to call.
      • If Transfer Method is set to Manual it will create a telephone hyperlink. You will have to do the transfer yourself.
      • If the Transfer Method is set to Live, Warm or Blind, it will try to use TLDialer to Transfer. If TLDialer is not active, the button will do nothing but it will still show the phone number to call.
  • Some Changes to Master Edits of Fields (non-client)


  • Reworked Pricing Matrix Copy Codes
  • Removed “Copy Only Text Fields”
  • Reworked the products system to work with arrays only and not objects for simplicity and further development.


  • We now have a Configuration panel for certain carrier product for Admin123.
  • Users can now have Admin123 Credentials set in the Users Tab under Third Party. Credentials can be changed Per Carrier as they are different.


  • Fixed a bug with Uploading Notes. Now should work!

AWS Integration

  • We began laying the groundwork for AWS integrations so we can add out IP Filters to TLDialer servers without having to do it manually. We will be syncing the IP address filters from TLD to these boxes in the future.


  • Created new TLD Schema based off the TLDialer Schema we created. We have begun porting TLD over to the new method as it lets us work on one single codebase method.
  • Solved a major Import issue. We can now import nested Schemas. This gives our column Builder and query system supreme flexibility.

Sales Board

  • Modified sales board to support filtering specific agents.


  • Some fixes put in to help with the new schema layout for TLDialer.
  • The Column Builder now splits the fields based on what table they are from. In the future this will work in Leads and Policies too, but for now only works in TLDialer Sections.
  • For Example in the Live Agents TLDialer Section you will see sections for:
    • TLDialer Live Agent Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent User Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent Lead Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent Lead Status Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent Lead User Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent Lead List Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent Campaign Fields


  • Cleaned up some log models
  • Moved some Logging Code into the proper model.
  • Fixed a bug with Notes and Dependents logs for add and update