Patch 6.6.14


Add Users to Ingroups from TLDCRM!

  • It is now possible to add Users to Ingroups while Editing or Adding a user!
    • There will be a Multi-checkbox that will show the currently allowed Ingroups for the user, this list is also filterable for quick searches.
  • When adding or Updating a user, we now automatically upsert Available Campaigns and Ingroups into the related user tables, no more having to click save on the user after creating them.
  • If you modify a users ingroups available, it will automatically insert itself into the Vicidial Live Agents table and grant immediate access to that ingroup for that user.
    • In the future, if the agent doesn’t have auto join ingroups set, this will just provide the ingroup as a new option to join instead.
  • Update functions now also always add users into the proper campaign tables in case they have not been added to new campaigns.

Mass Add, Remove, Drop Ingroups from TLDCRM!

  • You can now use the Mass Update Tool to Add, Remove or Drop Ingroups from whole groups of Agents. You can use these functions in conjunction too, for instance you can drop all and add some, or remove some and add some.

Other TLDialer Changes

  • Allowed ability to Manually Assign a TLDialer “User” over our automatic method of creating them via TLD User ID. The Phones extension will match the “User” set, as well when creating a phone along with it.
  • Changed some Defaults for Adding and Editing users and phones. Locked some fields from being edited. (For your safety!)
  • Reworking some original sections to work with new Query system instead. Much more efficient.
  • Found a Possible Bug, where some API Commands may or may not work if API access was not granted on the user. Commands would run, but it seems like some random problems would arise for users without this setting. We are testing this and hoping for good results.
  • Added Voicemail ID as a Immutable Setting on the User edit and creation forms, without this, voicemails would not work (even though they were set on the phone itself).
  • Reworked Transfer List Query to use new Query system instead of custom code previously written.
    • Transfer Groups should still respect campaign settings.
  • Ingroups Available Query now respects intersection of Agent and Campaign ingroups.
    • This will be used to allow people to choose ingroups in the future instead of just auto setting.
  • Made live_agents user unique.
  • Set user_groups user_group field as primary, even though the table has no indexes at all…????
  • Added Live Agents Relationship to User Table.
  • Cleaned up DB Param Binds Protection.
  • Reordered cleaning of Data and checking for Missing Params in TLDialer Get, Update and Insert
  • Removed Some Functions
  • Reworked Some Functions
  • Reorganized Functions into a somewhat sane order.
  • Added Data Dash Array Function to deal with Matt’s crazy text arrays…
  • Removed Tabs separating Dialer & Phone from User Add and Edit, this was causing some confusion. They are now simply side by side.


Add All User Info on User Creation!

This one has been a long time coming. It is now possible to add user roles, abilities, groups and other meta on user creation. No more creating the user then having to find it and reopen it to edit.

Other User Changes

  • Reorganized the User Table. Removed Email (and placed as Tooltip on Username). Added “Info” column with icons related to TLDialer such as Ingroups (click for list!), Webphone Enabled and Sockets Enabled.
  • The Add User panel has been reworked! You can now add everything related to a user on creation, including roles, abilities, user groups, and other settings including TLDialer Users and Extensions. No more Adding, then Editing the user. Yay!
    • Yes, this was a loooooong time coming. This was one of the original modules in the system from 5 years ago.
  • Clarified Timezone and time settings by showing their defaults when not set.
  • Removed A1 Integration Settings since it is now part of Admin123 Integration Settings.


  • Added Report: Agent Policy Production
    • The purposes of the report is to allow people to see an Agent Report similar to the Agent Dashboard, but with the ability to seach via Conversion Dates, not just sale dates. This is for call centers that get paid on post dates that are converted today, rather than the day they are posted.
      • Defaults to Date Converted Today
      • Can select specific Statuses if desired.
      • Can Mix and Match Date Converted and Date Sold on the Policy.
      • Each Result will have a link to that specific search for that specific agent and the query parameters provided.


  • Added ordering to Multi-checkboxes to make them more predictable.
  • Fixed a minor notice (invisible) regarding special fields and columns.

Lead Uploader

  • Now, when posting leads, the “source” of the file will be set to either upload, post or ftp
  • An Upload ID will now be Attached to every Vendor Log if it was imported via Upload or FTP.
    • This Upload ID can be used to make corrections if things didn’t go right.
  • You can now Force Skip Relay Send from the Option Panel for all Leads being Uploaded.
  • You can now Force Skip Relay Send from the Option Panel for all Duplicate Leads
  • Added Relay Messages to the Response Column.
  • Added “Response” column to keep the response we get from uploaders, etc. We reused the Third Party Text Field from ages old before we had relays…
  • Removed Third Party Code, as it is no longer used or even in the code of the system.
  • Cleaned up Logging Functions. Much more Dynamic now, will let us do much more with the uploader later..
  • Reorganized the Check-boxes in the Options Dropdown.
  • Added Vendor Name, Upload ID, Reference ID, Progress, Current to the Lead History Section.
    • Reference ID pertains mostly to Error Files, it will let you know which upload it is an error file for.
  • As leads are inserted in the Uploader, they will update the new “Current” field in the Upload List. This will also Update the “Progress” field with how far it has gone.
  • Added new Upload “Types” -1 Failed and 0 Processing. Types will be updated based on what the uploader is doing.
  • Added new_ftp_lead to action logs for filtering.

Vendor Logs

  • Added “Response” to Vendor Logs JSON Output.
  • Added Source and Upload ID Search boxes to Vendor Logs. (Nice for Relays!)

FTP Lead Sync

  • Resolved FTP Firewall Issues. It was CSF…yet again.
  • FTP Sync can now be Run Without documents using the documents_skip flag.
  • FTP Sync can now be Run for a previous Upload that did not get documents with the documents_upload_id flag.
    • You must set this to an Upload ID of a previous Upload. It will error out if it cannot find any records.
  • FTP Sync in the Vendor Tab now has a button you can click to try and run it. Careful!

Error Logging

  • New more robust error logging solution.

Dialer / Contacts

  • Remove Check for Logs and Recordings when no lead present.


  • Fixed Minor PHP Notices in the Menu System.