Patch 6.7.2

Massive Speed Improvements

  • Found a way to almost increase the system speed by over 300%
  • Also increased Database query speeds system wide.

Uploader Changes

  • You can now upload Lead ID as a Field. This field will only work with Updates. If a Lead ID is used as Criteria, then it will not insert the lead.
  • Mappings now build over time instead of requiring you to remap a file to a vendor every upload.
    • This means if you Map for with Columns Agent, with Values of Agent1 and Agent2 but later load up Column Agent in a different file, but with Agent3 and Agent 4; Agent 1 and Agent 2 still be mapped even if not present. It will not be required to have those in the file however to upload, just the values present in the current file.
      • There are buttons now to clear the current mapping set (while preserving historical Agent1 and Agent2). And there is another button to clear it entirely including the previous uploads mappings.


  • Fixed a bug with Reconnecting.