Patch 6.6.15

Pricing Matrix Now Live!

The pricing matrix is now fully functional. Based on what your agent enters in the policy and lead, it will automatically fill in prices based on your settings if you set them.

We have reworked the Pricing Module to enable enhanced options when building your product pricing matrix. Eventually we will be creating some standard sets that can be copied straight from our master table definitions to ease the data entry workload.

We are very excited about this module and how it works we will below give you some basics as to what your agents can expect.

We will be expanding on the agent experience and rules sets in the coming months based on feedback.

The Agent Experience

  • When selecting options, Required fields that have been selected will be highlighted in Green, and those still missing will be highlighted in yellow.
  • Once a product has been fully set, the pricing matrix will use the same “Undo” functionality that comes with multi-user updates. It will be possible to unset the new value to what it was in case this was not desired.
  • Products that have already been set will not be colored green or yellow unless a change has been made.
  • A notification will be given when pricing has been updated due to new selections.

The Admin Panel

The admin panel is complex, but we have made it as easy as we could for data entry and to configure your products. The Pricing Matrix has a series of tools that lets you filter certain permutations or combinations of permutations and copy prices straight down or to all available. This way when you have a certain option where the premium is always the same, you can just type it in once and be done after clicking copy all with a filtered option.

  • If you want a field to be included in the Pricing Matrix you must check off to use in that Permutation Matrix.
  • If you want to lock fields to only the options provided, you must select Lock Field.
  • If no price has been set on a permutation, it will not be autofilled. You can still manually fill this in (as long as the manual fill lock is not checked)
  • If you want your agents to not be able to type in premium, enrollment fee, or admin fee, you can lock these fields in the Options tab.
  • Fields that would normally allow you to type in things like “Deductible” and others, can be locked, which will convert them into dropdowns automatically forcing the agent to pick one of them. If you would like a blank or 0.00 option please make sure to type in 0.00.
  • Some fields are not allowed in permutations, such as Deductibles.
  • When using the Age Permutation, you will be given levels of ages in the permutations, which will change prices based on the age set.
  • Depending on the carrier of the product being configured you may be presented with extra options in the Pricing Matrix, such as Admin123 Benefit ID. This allows us to create dynamic product based codes for sending to third parties via API and the Submit System.

Please note, that the Pricing Module and the Validation Module work in Conjuction. You would still want to set your Product Validations to stop the agent from proceeding before the pricing module takes effect.


  • Fixed a minor issue with the new Policies Report. When clicking an Agent name it was not filtering for the proper agent.

Vendor Stats

  • Added a new way to let your vendors know what is going on with your leads. Now you can choose from different options in the “Stats” column which will give more search and control to the Vendor when looking through their leads. In this case this also works for both Inbounds and Outbounds configured for the vendor, instead of searching through the vendor log. Also includes exportable CSV for the Vendor.

Advanced Leads Grouping

  • You can now group leads by pretty much anything. Coming soon to policies section. The current grouping options section and Aggregate Checkbox has been moved to a Multicheckbox and instead of the Not flag, has a Aggregate Flag.


  • Added 3 second delay between clicking buttons in TLDialer. This prevents the issue with agents clicking too many times and originating too many calls to transfers and the like.
  • Fix for when there are more than 100 ingroups and they were not all showing (Yes, one of or clients has over 500 ingroups! Wow!)