Patch 6.6.13

Vendor Lead Posts – Custom Fields

  • Receive Custom Lead Fields
    • You can now receive Custom Fields via Lead Vendor Posting.
    • The Vendors have a new option called “Import Custom Lead Fields”
      • When Enabled, the Post Map will show a mapping section for Custom Lead Fields
        • This will only show custom lead field maps that have no vendor filter, or are a vendor in the filter list.
      • When receiving leads on an enabled Vendor, the system will look for a map first. If not found, it will still check for the defined lead custom fields that either have no vendor filter or are in that vendor filter list.
      • The Uploader will also work with Custom Fields. Does not required a pre-saved map.
        • The uploader will ask you to map the possible data points to your custom if you have a “Source” set, which is usually the case with Select Menus that are using another field dataset in the system. The uploader also respects the vendor specific limitations on fields.
      • The Vendor Map is not required for the fields to be posted in, however we provide it so that you can customize it if needed as usual.
      • *If you change your Custom Lead Map Names,┬áit will break any implementation you have with vendors using them, as the reference is no longer valid. The same applies if you add a Vendor filter to a field and forget to set an active implementation, it will filter it out. We recommend not changing Lead Custom Field names unless absolutely necessary. It also will leave your previous data orphaned, as we are checking for a new field reference.
      • If no fields are provided, no lead meta will be inserted.
      • Custom Lead Fields will not insert if the lead does not insert.
      • Custom Lead Fields will insert / overwrite if Update Lead on Dupe is selected in the Uploader.
      • Fields are automatically filtered and cleaned by type set in the Lead Custom Fields section. Changing field types can have adverse effects and leave your data orphaned since we use different columns for certain types. Some types such as Currency and Decimal use the same field and can be changed.
  • Found a bug with system fields in Dependent Upload validation in the uploader / post system. Fixed.
  • Dupes will now correctly print out their dupe Lead ID in the error document, and also show a link in the Uploader Menu so you can open the offending lead.
  • Reduced Server Load on bulk imports by not sending a ping to the Relay system if no relays are configured for the vendor.
  • Total Relays Queued now shows in the Uploader, or a message if the relays were not configured.
  • Set some Defaults to Vendors, and removed some Blank options that should always be set when adding a new vendor.
  • Added Vendor ID to Top of the Vendor Edit Form.
  • Added Import ID to Top of the Vendor Edit Form.
  • Added List ID to Top of the Vendor Edit Form.
  • Fixed a bug specifically with the Language Field in Vendor Validations. Apparently I renamed language to language_id, even though its language in the database, causing some issues and not allowing a disposition when language was required.
  • Reordered the way the dupe checker works, it will now give you the LATEST lead for the criteria specified, and it will give sort by latest converted, then by lead_id. This should get you the freshest, most worked lead as the dupe.


  • Lots of changes to look and feel of products. Redesigned Tabs to make it more clear where you are.
  • Updates to the way Settings works and merges changes.
  • Mass Update Has some new options to pull the settings from the master table if it is configured. You can also reset all settings on specific fields.
    • Settings includes all options besides main product info like name, type, etc.
  • Force Show Fields and Sections per Product
    • New Option to Force Show Fields and Sections for particular Products. This is useful in combination with the Global Hide Fields and Sections under Settings -> Options -> Dialer
    • For example:
      • Sections
        • You can Globally Hide Marketplace Sections
        • You can then Force Show Marketplace Section for a particular Product.
      • Fields
        • You can Globally Hide Life Insurance Fields
        • You can then Force Show Life Insurance Fields for a Particular Product.
  • Pricing Matrix
    • Pricing Matrix can now be enabled or disabled, so you can set up your pricing matrix without effecting your agents.
    • The Front end Section is almost ready for launch.


  • Fixed an issue where user Modifier wasn’t being set on Update.


  • Single Click Login
    • There is now an option to allow Agents to login without choosing a campaign, when they only have one campaign available. Simple clicking the login button will start their TLDialer Session. Ask us to Enable it.

Dialer Action Log

  • Fixed an issue where Custom Fields were showing up as changed every time.

Vendor Log

  • Fixed a minor issue with json display on Vendor Log. Should always be correct now.


  • Lots of changes to look and feel of fields. Redesigned Tabs to make it more clear where you are.
  • Updates to the way Settings work and merges changes.


  • You can now have multiple phone numbers show up per carrier with their own custom labels and transfer types.
    • We made this visible throughout all phases now, not just Verification. This is particularly useful for calling Medicare carriers to determine eligibility while quoting, or customer service after the deal is closed.