It is now possible to Call Barge in TLDialer.

This feature requires your user to have a TLDialer Webphone configured. It can be done from any Browser and operating system except for iOS Currently, as the WebRTC Connection does not seem to be working. We will try to resolve this issue so you could use an iPad or iPad Pro to monitor your call center.

You should be able to connect from any Windows or Mac Chrome Browser, or Android devices with Chrome running. Most of our code is optimized for chrome so it is your safest bet to use this browser although the system should work in Firefox, Edge, or Safari but we have not tested with these browsers.

When you click on Live Agents you will be presented with 3 buttons. The buttons are larger on Tablets and Mobile devices when in mobile card mode.

Once you click one of the buttons a large button will appear next the the Live Agents title. Pressing this button will disconnect from whatever mode and person you where connected to. If you click another button on another agent, or another mode, you Will automatically be disconnected and placed in the other call. The phone will auto hang up and accept the next call.

When barging or whispering please make sure to disconnect from the agent when you are done or you will continue to transmit background noise.

Button 1: Monitor

This will allow  you to listen in on the agent. It will not prompt the agent or make any noise to notify them you are listening.

Button 2: Barge

This will play a Vici POP noise and place you in the call with the agent. The Agent and the Client will be able to hear you.

Button 3: Whisper

This will allow you to listen in on the agent, and only speak to the agent. The client will not be able to hear you. It will not prompt the agent or make any noise that you are there.

Button  4: Open Lead

If the agent is currently on a lead, this will open the lead. The agent will be notified that you have opened the lead in TLD, as well a sync any changes you make. It should also sync changes the agent makes to your screen as they hit save if you want to monitor their data entry.

*Button 4/5: Hijack:

We found this feature while working in the Vici codebase. We have yet to release it but are experimenting with it as it is an unlisted and undocumented feature in Vicidial. We assume this takes the call from the agent and places the agent on mute but it is currently unverified so we did not push it out. It is easy to implement once we figure out what it does.

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