Patch 4.60

New Features

  • Added “Policy Name” to policies. This is a text field. It is useful for sending e-mails to clients about their product but wanting to show a different policy name than the official names in the system. It is usable in templates as {policy_name}
  • Product Public, or Public Name is a field you can use to show clients a different name for a particular product. You can customize this in the Products section. It is usable in templates as {product_public}
  • Added Hide Cancelled Policies into Options. This makes it so the agent cannot see their cancelled policies on their dashboard to improve morale.
  • Allowed manual override of cancel dates.
  • Added Maximum Callbacks Option.
  • Added Policies Paid Checkbox


  • Changed way ON and OFF buttons work in Options. When it is on it is now green and says ON. when it is off it shows red and OFF.


  • Unkick was setting to “Submitted” instead of “Quoted”. Now sets to “Quoted” and removes kicker ID.
  • Lead Vendor Scorecard now shows % * 100 for Conversion Rate.
  • Callback Default # (When not configured) had an error.
  • Query error fixed for policies when introducing product_public

Patch 3.22


  • Download as WAV for Recordings.
  • Downloads Passthrough system (private) instead of serve from subdomain (public).
  • *Recordings domain will be removed soon.

Posts and Uploads

  • Fixed issue with Dupe Check inside Vendor.
  • Added Upload Table to record Uploads to keep track of data.
  • Standardized error and processed filenames for Uploads.
  • Processed uploaded files can be downloaded with date, information and who uploaded.
  • After Upload, any errors and dupes now create an error file that can be downloaded along side the processed file.
  • Files are downloaded via passthrough (not public).


  • Mailer Logs now show Open Date
  • Mailer Campaign Performance Report (With Open Rate!)
    • /reports/mailer
    • Tracking Pixel was installed about a Month ago. Older emails won’t have the pixel.

Patch 3.15


  • Mutiple Fixes to Dialer jQuery
  • Added Trash Status
  • Removed Transfer and Hangup Buttons
  • Removed Limitation on Dispositioning leads since it is no longer connected to Asterisk
  • Moved insertLog into lead model instead of dialer controller. allows for logging in other areas of the system (like lead edit page)
  • Moved Verification and Status Updates into appropriate Models.


  • Fixed Remote IP Login Issue.


  • Changed Lead Model to Search by Trash Status.
  • Removed Queue Log from Edit Lead
  • Added Lead Cost to Mass Update
  • Added User Account and Status in Checkbox Menus

Patch 3.0

Relays are now live.

Dialer integration have completely changed in form and functions in terms of how data gets from TLD to Dialers (Genesis).

It is now possible to send a lead from TLD to multiple dialer posts or other dialer vendors. This allows you to resell your leads should you choose to in real time.

Please see the section on using Relays for more details.

As a courtesy all accounts have been updated to use Relays based on the “Third Party” settings that was used previously.


Patch 2.88

Lot’s of Patch notes! New Technologies! Make go more faster!

  • NodeJS
    • Many functions in TLD were recreated in NodeJS. Node is a state of the art asynchronous back end and front end system running on the server. It currently is running timed processes, websockets and other minor routes. We are moving toward more heavily relying on Node in the future due to it’s speed and memory efficiency.  Many of TLD’s core features, queries and more are being recreated in Node.
  • Mail
    • Mail is now working as intended and is ready for affiliate use.
  • Mailer Campaigns
    • Mailer campaigns are now active. Setting up a mail query will run every hour and look for leads or policies within an hour and X days based on campaign settings.
  • Mailer Queue
    • The mailer queue was rewritten to be lighter on the database. Efficiency increased by 1000%. Mail that is queued will not go out until after a minimum of one minute as the queue is checked every minute. We also have to respect Amazon SES limits for bulk mail sending which is currently about 300 mails a minute. Regular mails such as CSR E-mails, Campaigns and even Vendor Post instructions insert into the queue as opposed to mailing direct.
  • Redis Sessions
    • Redis is a very fast state of the art open source keystore memory database system.  It is now running on the server.  It is excellent for if we ever have to shard the server (Use multiple servers to host the site).
    • Sessions are what authenticate a user and store data. We switched from mySQL Database based sessions to redis sessons to free up the database from having to deal with them.  This increases performance from any ajax based checking functions. However most of these were removed with the websocket optimization.
  • Recordings
    • Websockets! Recordings is our first implementation of Websockets. Now whenever there is a new recording, instead of checking constantly to the server every second, the server emits events to each client that there is a new recording and checks to see if it matches the numbers on the lead. This is 10000% more efficient than the previous method. Active Recordings are now checked on lead load, when the phone number field changes, and when a recording starts on the server. We are working on a method to automatically check for archive recordings and insert into the page when a new one is found.
    • If the socket server somehow cant be accessed or crashes the old AJAX method of checking recordings is still active as a fallback.
      • There was a bug in the AJAX method that whenever you hit save, it would start double to triple to quadruple checking for the recordings. This was fixed since it is still fallback method.
  • Query Logger
    • Installed a query logger for development that we can enable and disable in the config. Had a side effect of being very strict with PDO’s  bindParam and bindValue. All queries were updated to bindValue to correct the issue. 
  • Removed Duplicate Queries
    • Found multiple instances of duplicate queries and pushed them into memory when being requested. In some instances this fix drastically increased performance.
  • Profile Report Index
    • Found 3 indexes not being used properly. Combined them into 1 index which allows the profile page to run much faster. Also makes insertions into lead database faster.
  • SSL Log
    • We had a few crashes due to the SSL Log being overfull and filling the hard drive. The reason this happened was due to the AJAX method in the dialer. Now that we are using websockets it should not occur.
  • Time Clock
    • Was removed as we find a better way to deal with users logging in and out from multiple machines and browsers. Expect more strictness.
  • Server Updates
    • The server was updated to PHP 5.5+ as well as all other software updated. This was much needed. We will be scheduling weekly updates from now on.

What’s Next?

  • Clock
    • An accurate clock method
    • Auto log out based on inactivity. (Javascript)
    • Auto log out if you login elsewhere.
      • More annoying but more secure, more accurate clock data.
  • Carrier API Integration
    • SMIG
      • Sync Policy Notes and Statuses
    • HII
      • Sync Policy Statuses
      • Sync Recordings via FTP
  • Genesis
    • Allowing Multiple Posts per Account (Multi Config)
  • Mailer
    • Increase Mailing Limit to allow Affiliates
  • Reports
    • Moar Reports!
  • Post System
    • Ability to Send Data to multiple third party Posts per Vendor.

Patch 2.73

Mailer Interface


Mailer campaigns allow you to pair a Mail Template (From the Templates Section) as well as add a subject, filter criteria for Lead or Policy, and the age of the lead at which you want to send an e-mail.

Emails are sent once per hour on the hour and filter age criteria based on the exact moment the lead came in. This formula has proven to work well as it is often synced with the time a person was already seeking and inquiring health insurance.  It also allows us to stagger emails to prevent flooding the email service.


Mailer logs allow you to see and filter results regarding your mail campaigns.

New Policy Status: Insufficient Data

Added Insufficient Data section for when you havbe submitted a policy but are missing data. Works as a queue for your agents to fix the data. Added a button for this status as well.

Optimizations & Fixes


Combined JS methods for Filters into one patterned script for better performance. Removed “click” filtering when using multi-checkboxes and checkboxes. You must now press Go to filter. This will increase performance in some cases when selecting multiple checkboxes.


Exports work across Leads and Policy sections properly. There was an issue where if you were on anything but the “All” section in Clients, it would not export based on the section you were on.


Fixed an issue where you could “Reactivate” a policy before Submitting it, leaving it with no Date Sold.

Now displaying Policy Date information at the bottom near the buttons. This includes Created, Modified, Verified and Sold Dates. This will be editable by Admin or higher in a later patch for now it is just display. Will include Cancelled and Kicked Dates as well.

Table Formatting

First pass at standardizing the look of tables and buttons, as well as specific column placement to give the system a more seamless look.

TLDCRM Phone System Update 01/16/2014; New Extension Patterns & More Info

All TLD members are now using the same config style and as a result we can more easily troubleshoot and solve problems that may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions / Situations

What is a queue?

A queue is a line (or queue, if you will) of callers that will ring all members until the call has been picked up, in which case the next caller in line is advanced and proceeds to ring all the members. Often these are attached to at least one of your inbounds. Queues can be added, customized, fixed, or changed by contacting Esotech via support ticket or phone call. Queue changes are not considered urgent unless they are preventing calls from being received.

I want to Live Transfer calls to my agents on one of my inbounds.

Live transfers MUST be reported to Esotech so that we may optimize the DID or Toll Free in question to prevent queue usage due to live transfer policies.

Extension Patterns for your Office

With the aforementioned config changes comes a new extension pattern some are already familiar with, but with extra features now added:

_1XXX Stations. ex. 1001 dials station01
_3XXX Verifiers. ex. 3003 dials verifier03
_7XXX Managers ex. 7005 dials manager05
_9XXX Admins ex. 9002 dials admin02
1000 Station Queue. Rings all stations.
3000 Verifier Queue. Rings all verifiers (“Internal Verification”).

Extra patterns:

_00XXXX Esotech Inc. ex. 001 for Sales, 002 for Support.
_0YXXXX Interoffice (Request List of Offices for Y)

Y represents client ID digits of the TLD office you wish to contact. You may request a list of offices if you need to contact another office.
X represents extension digits, ex. stationXX or stationXXX

Custom extensions are possible.
Please contact Esotech for more information and/or your request via a ticket, email, or phone call.

For all support requests please use our support system at and create a ticket or email us at Phone calls should be reserved for emergencies. Please note that we may create a ticket for you if we are experiencing high call volume.