Patch 6.6.1


  • Inbound -> Qualification Time
    • This works as other a data point reference for the qualification time to be charged on an inbound vendor.
    • There is a system option that will allow you to show the QT time on the lead itself for those of you not using the Dialer. Just enable it and if a QT time is Set it will show up.
    • Added QT Time to the Vendor Table as it is an important info item.
    • When working in conjunction with TLDialer, the QT Time will be displayed next to the timer on the right in light blue. QTtime is in seconds.
      • This will give you agents a clue as to how fast they need to talk with the lead before hanging up and incurring a charge.
      • Coming soon: On Hangup of the Call, a call to TLD will be fired with the elapsed time. If there is a QT set, and the elapsed time is less than the QT time, the default cost will be removed from the lead and set to 0. This should help with CPA reporting.


  • Fixed some login, logout and status workflows.
  • Added debug panel
  • Recordings shouldn’t go bonkers anymore with notifications