Our Integrated Vici solution is ready to go live, and is available for Beta testing to any of our users using our Vici solution.

It should be seamless and require no setup on your end, just shoot us an email if you would like to try it out.

TLDCRM can now control VICIDIAL instances that we manage and maintain. We have written a high level service plugin for Vicidial that follows all their standards and takes some liberties with the data they provide. We did a lot of reverse engineering and you can be sure we will be adding more and more features as time goes on, particularly based on client feedback.

This page will be continuously updated with progress and status notes regarding TLDialer

TLDCRM Specific Changes

  • Statuses and Custom Statuses can now be mapped to VICI Statuses.
    • When Vici is enabled, you can set custom VICI Status codes in the Fields section when editing a status or custom status. This way you can choose the mappings, otherwise it will revert to default statuses we have selected to match our internal CRM statuses. Unknown statuses will default to”Other[O]”.
  • Setting Status and Callback on leads emits an event we catch to pass to VICI, all Dialer work should not effect workflow for non dialer users. We can use these events later for other dialer integrations if needed!
  • When Vici is disabled, but a user is Enabled via User Settings, that user will load all dialer resources where necessary. This is a good way to only allow certain agents to load the Dialer if you want to play around with it before giving it to everyone else.
  • TLDialer will now show on the Agent Dashboard as a Button Link when enabled for the user or account.


  • Exit TLDialer
  • Login / Logout
    • Select Campaign.
    • Automatically Set Ingroups.
  • Show Campaign
    • Show Ingroups
  • Park / Grab.
  • Pause / Resume.
  • Record / Stop Recording.
  • Load Lead on Incoming Call.
  • Update Status on TLD Status Change.
  • Hangup Call.
  • Disposition Vici Lead from TLDCRM Lead.
    • Set Callback Disposition and Schedule from TLDCRM Lead / Callback form.
  • Automatic Hangup on Disposition
  • Queue
    • Show current Queue count
  • Transfers / Conferences
    • Show List of Users and their Statuses
      • Disable Transfers those not in READY or PAUSED Status
    • Park and Transfer to Queue (Ingroup)
    • Ring and Transfer to Queue (Ingroup)
    • Release and Transfer to Queue (Ingroup)
    • Park and Transfer to Agent
    • Ring and Transfer to Agent
    • Release and Transfer to Agent
    • Hangup All Lines
    • Hangup Conference Line
    • Leave Conference (Remove Self)
  • Manual Dialing
    • Dial current lead from TLD to Vici
      • Clicking the dialpad on a phoen number in a lead will initial a call when paused.
      • It will search for a lead in Vici to load based on reference_id (VICI lead_id), vendor_lead_code (TLD Lead ID), and then phone number. If no reference ID is set in TLD for a lead found, it will updated it and connect the VICI lead to the CRM lead.
  • DTMF Tones
    • Dial Pad
    • Send Typed in Digits
      • Supports Letters! Converts letters to numbers for you.
        • Example: 1-888-646-WOLF(9653)
  • Update vendor_lead_code with TLDCRM Lead ID on creation of TLDCRM Lead from Vici
    • Currently happens via Dialer Pop, not via direct insert. We may add that option later.
  • Update lead data in VICI when pressing Save in TLDCRM
    • Lead must have both Reference ID (Vici’s Lead ID) and TLD Lead ID.
  • Qualification Time
    • Show Qualification time for the particular inbound vendor,
    • Show countdown timer based on time the customer called in.
  • Jump back to Current Call Lead while Navigating CRM.


  • Queue
    • Show Queue List, with links to TLD leads where available.
  • Group Aliases
    • Show List of Group Aliases (Outbound Caller ID)
    • Select Group Alias on Transfers / Call
  • Qualification Time
    • Update lead cost when hanging up before Qualification Time


  • 2018-4-10
    • Fixed issue with Disposition Status 0, Trash. Now works.
  • 2018-4-13
    • Fixed issue when refreshing session disconnects but cant get back in.
    • Fixed issue when disconnecting phone, now ends session and hangs up any clients
    • Fixed issue with Pause not showing reliably.
    • Fixed issue with Transfer button to agents not showing based on correct statuses


  • Working on behavior when you refresh the screen, currently disconnects like Vici native but sometimes leaves a stuck session.
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