Patch 6.5.11


  • Added ability to Update Lead when a duplicate lead if found. This works alongside the attach notes / policies / dependents to lead feature.
    • Coming Soon! Update Policy based on Criteria


  • New Lead Fields
    • Assigned ID / Assigned Agent
      • This field is meant to allow you to assign a lead to an agent to show up in the “My Leads” section.
      • You can assign and Agent and set the Date Assigned right on the lead if you are an admin, superadmin or Manager.
      • You can assign and set the date in the Mass Edit feature in the lead section as well.
      • Assigned Agent and Assigned Agent Date can now be set in the lead uploader
    • Date Assigned
      • Settable date when you assign a lead to an agent. Can be used to calculate when it should no longer be that agents lead.
        • We will probably create a background process that will reassign leads to the system user when a lead has expired. We may opt to use Campaigns to do this in the future!
    • ┬áLink
      • Will produce a link to lead a link.
      • Added to lead uploader and post system.
    • Image
      • Will load and show an external image and also open the image on click.
      • Added to lead uploader and post system.
  • Updated Lead Fields
    • Owner ID
      • Now returns a User ID in the following order:
      • Agent ID (Converter)
      • Assigned ID
      • Creator ID
    • Owner Group ID
      • Now returns a Group ID in the following order:
      • Agent ID (Converter)
      • Assigned ID
      • Creator ID


Dashboard got some visual updates. We standardized the links to look more like buttons. They are very large so they won’t be missed easily. We added the My Business buttons in the agent dashboard so they can easily be opened on mobile as well as desktop. You will also see your “My Filters” if any are set for quick access.

My Leads

The my leads section now works with the agent assignment system. This is great for agencies where manual distribution is necessary.