Patch 6.5.10


  • Added Options Button to Uploader
    • Dupe Criteria
      • You can now override default dupe check to check by the following
        • Name (First and Last)
        • Phone
        • All Phones (1 OR 2 OR 3)
        • Email
        • Address (Like)
        • City (Like)
        • State
        • County (Like)
        • Zipcode (Like)
        • Reference ID
        • Referrer
    • Attach Notes / Policies / Dependents to Dupes
      • This will make it so that when a dupe is encountered, it will attach any notes, policies or dependent to the duplicate lead. This will be shown as success code 2.
      • You can use this to updated notes from other CRM’s where you have unique data in the system. When you upload leads we recommend to use the referrer and reference ID fields to mark the unique ID in another system so it is easy to update.
    • Bypass Default Dupe Check
      • This will allow you to upload leads and policies that do not have a phone or email present. Useful for bringing clients in from other systems where data is missing or not available. This will work in conjunction with the Dupe Criteria checkboxes. So if you choose Name as the criteria it will still check dupes, just not require a phone or email. If you choose phone and choose bypass, it will still check for phones but will check for a blank phone if none is provided.
  • Fixed Bug: Some User fields were not being added on upload to policies, this has been corrected


  • Made Mobile Quote Tool links easier to see.

Admin Dashboard

  • Tables can now be sorted by clicking the column.
  • Tables now have total information in the footer.


  • The system user should always be visible now and selectable and active. It will show (MASTER) next to it.