Patch 4.80

  • Call Detail Records (CDR) report now shows its intended data: a log of calls.
  • Talk Time report added and shows what CDR once did, with more reliable results.
  • Recordings section should now allow retrieval of recordings prior to January 2015 when we underwent a phone system change.
  • Scripts and Rebuttals now populate lead data dynamically using bracket fields {first_name}. This works similar to emails. Does not work with policy fields as we do not know which policy the agent is verifying in the script.
  • Added tracking_id and campaign_id to policies section exports.
  • Added dashboard option to show X last touched leads w/ and w/o phone numbers for agents
  • Added single page mode option for Dialer section to remove tabs if desired. Will show as a flat one page list.
  • Added “Logs” section on dialer screen for manager’s or above.
    • Added Action Log as a regular table to Logs section.
    • Added Relay Log as a regular table to Logs section.
  • Added “Dynamic Headers” options in Relays so you can auto fill in lead fields for SMS messages and other relay data.
    • *Pending Relay Server Testing and Restart for this to work.

Auto-Recording & Caller ID Passthrough

As of today, we now offer the following new features for our phone system:

  • Auto-recording (on agent pick-up) of calls to queues (hunt/ring groups).
  • Caller ID passthrough for our relatively new Attended Transfer functionality, this is particularly helpful for warm transfers from your office to a buyer.

Submit a support ticket or give us a call during business hours to ask how we can activate this for you or how this would best fit your needs.

Thank you for using TLD CRM.

TLDCRM Phone System Update 01/16/2014; New Extension Patterns & More Info

All TLD members are now using the same config style and as a result we can more easily troubleshoot and solve problems that may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions / Situations

What is a queue?

A queue is a line (or queue, if you will) of callers that will ring all members until the call has been picked up, in which case the next caller in line is advanced and proceeds to ring all the members. Often these are attached to at least one of your inbounds. Queues can be added, customized, fixed, or changed by contacting Esotech via support ticket or phone call. Queue changes are not considered urgent unless they are preventing calls from being received.

I want to Live Transfer calls to my agents on one of my inbounds.

Live transfers MUST be reported to Esotech so that we may optimize the DID or Toll Free in question to prevent queue usage due to live transfer policies.

Extension Patterns for your Office

With the aforementioned config changes comes a new extension pattern some are already familiar with, but with extra features now added:

_1XXX Stations. ex. 1001 dials station01
_3XXX Verifiers. ex. 3003 dials verifier03
_7XXX Managers ex. 7005 dials manager05
_9XXX Admins ex. 9002 dials admin02
1000 Station Queue. Rings all stations.
3000 Verifier Queue. Rings all verifiers (“Internal Verification”).

Extra patterns:

_00XXXX Esotech Inc. ex. 001 for Sales, 002 for Support.
_0YXXXX Interoffice (Request List of Offices for Y)

Y represents client ID digits of the TLD office you wish to contact. You may request a list of offices if you need to contact another office.
X represents extension digits, ex. stationXX or stationXXX

Custom extensions are possible.
Please contact Esotech for more information and/or your request via a ticket, email, or phone call.

For all support requests please use our support system at and create a ticket or email us at Phone calls should be reserved for emergencies. Please note that we may create a ticket for you if we are experiencing high call volume.