Patch 6.6.11


  • TLDSIP Webphone now has it’s own interface.  It will allow you to make generic outbound calls or calls to extensions.


  • Transfer Groups
    • The Transfer Dropdown now respects the Transfer Groups set in the Campaign.
    • It also will show the Ingroup Description instead of the ID now.
    • The Color of the Group Configured in Vici will also show next to the group name.
    • Status Colors will now show next to the agent name they reflect the same status colors you are used.
    • Reformatted the Status and Extension text to show Status @ EXT: # and removed EXT # from Offline members.
      • This made the table a little smaller as more text can fit.


  • Prepping for 3rd Party Integration with IVR’s and Admin123, we have added an API Section that allows you to create API Credentials as well as deactivate them and regenerate keys in case of abuse.
  • This will show up under the Settings section in TLD, Superadmin only.
  • Keys Generate are valid UUID’s
  • Each API can be configured to access certain sections. It allows basic CRUD operations on specific tables.

Admin Dashboard

  • We have added an “Agent First Viewed” report to go along with Agent First Worked. This will show you who viewed a lead first for those agents that load a lead and take no actions.
  • We have fixed the Agent First Worked report to work with the new and old logging methods.


  • Reworked the fields system to work with arrays only and not objects for simplicity and further development.
  • Changed all Checkboxes to be boolean dropdowns.
  • Carriers
    • For Carrier Fields, you can now set colors, this will be used later.
    • You can now set a Carrier Label, Number, and Transfer Method per Carrier
    • If set, during the Verification Stage of a Policy, you will be presented with a button that shows the phone number to call.
      • If Transfer Method is set to Manual it will create a telephone hyperlink. You will have to do the transfer yourself.
      • If the Transfer Method is set to Live, Warm or Blind, it will try to use TLDialer to Transfer. If TLDialer is not active, the button will do nothing but it will still show the phone number to call.
  • Some Changes to Master Edits of Fields (non-client)


  • Reworked Pricing Matrix Copy Codes
  • Removed “Copy Only Text Fields”
  • Reworked the products system to work with arrays only and not objects for simplicity and further development.


  • We now have a Configuration panel for certain carrier product for Admin123.
  • Users can now have Admin123 Credentials set in the Users Tab under Third Party. Credentials can be changed Per Carrier as they are different.


  • Fixed a bug with Uploading Notes. Now should work!

AWS Integration

  • We began laying the groundwork for AWS integrations so we can add out IP Filters to TLDialer servers without having to do it manually. We will be syncing the IP address filters from TLD to these boxes in the future.


  • Created new TLD Schema based off the TLDialer Schema we created. We have begun porting TLD over to the new method as it lets us work on one single codebase method.
  • Solved a major Import issue. We can now import nested Schemas. This gives our column Builder and query system supreme flexibility.

Sales Board

  • Modified sales board to support filtering specific agents.


  • Some fixes put in to help with the new schema layout for TLDialer.
  • The Column Builder now splits the fields based on what table they are from. In the future this will work in Leads and Policies too, but for now only works in TLDialer Sections.
  • For Example in the Live Agents TLDialer Section you will see sections for:
    • TLDialer Live Agent Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent User Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent Lead Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent Lead Status Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent Lead User Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent Lead List Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent Campaign Fields


  • Cleaned up some log models
  • Moved some Logging Code into the proper model.
  • Fixed a bug with Notes and Dependents logs for add and update

Call Barging in TLDialer

It is now possible to Call Barge in TLDialer.

This feature requires your user to have a TLDialer Webphone configured. It can be done from any Browser and operating system except for iOS Currently, as the WebRTC Connection does not seem to be working. We will try to resolve this issue so you could use an iPad or iPad Pro to monitor your call center.

You should be able to connect from any Windows or Mac Chrome Browser, or Android devices with Chrome running. Most of our code is optimized for chrome so it is your safest bet to use this browser although the system should work in Firefox, Edge, or Safari but we have not tested with these browsers.

When you click on Live Agents you will be presented with 3 buttons. The buttons are larger on Tablets and Mobile devices when in mobile card mode.

Once you click one of the buttons a large button will appear next the the Live Agents title. Pressing this button will disconnect from whatever mode and person you where connected to. If you click another button on another agent, or another mode, you Will automatically be disconnected and placed in the other call. The phone will auto hang up and accept the next call.

When barging or whispering please make sure to disconnect from the agent when you are done or you will continue to transmit background noise.

Button 1: Monitor

This will allow  you to listen in on the agent. It will not prompt the agent or make any noise to notify them you are listening.

Button 2: Barge

This will play a Vici POP noise and place you in the call with the agent. The Agent and the Client will be able to hear you.

Button 3: Whisper

This will allow you to listen in on the agent, and only speak to the agent. The client will not be able to hear you. It will not prompt the agent or make any noise that you are there.

Button  4: Open Lead

If the agent is currently on a lead, this will open the lead. The agent will be notified that you have opened the lead in TLD, as well a sync any changes you make. It should also sync changes the agent makes to your screen as they hit save if you want to monitor their data entry.

*Button 4/5: Hijack:

We found this feature while working in the Vici codebase. We have yet to release it but are experimenting with it as it is an unlisted and undocumented feature in Vicidial. We assume this takes the call from the agent and places the agent on mute but it is currently unverified so we did not push it out. It is easy to implement once we figure out what it does.

Patch 6.6.10

Database Upgrade

We are now running AWS Aurora mySQL 5.7 Compatible DB. This gives us access to some neat Database functions that work well with some of the methods we use in the system, particularly the JSON Data Format!!

Socket Server

Some huge things coming using Sockets technology! This is just the beginning. It is based on the same tech we use for the TLDialer Platform and in fact works along with it!


  • You can now set an Icon for your Filter Menus!
  • You can now set Roles and Abilities to allow the view of a particular filter.
    • We are working on a permissions issue where you could see the filter, but not load the section. This will be corrected later.
    • Note: If a user does not have access to a section such as Leads, or Policies, in general, they will not see filters in that menu as they are assumed to be protected.
      • Your best bet to give access to everyone to a filter without too much trouble is to set it under the My Business section.
  • We removed the [GLOBAL] tag in the Filters Dropdown in place of an actual globe.
  • Private Filters will now show a Lock instead of nothing to make it easier to tell which is private and which is not.
  • Reorganized the Save Filter Section
  • Added hoverover tooltips to Filter Section Labels


  • When editing a user you can now see who created it and also who modified it last.
  • Added the Users Name at the Top of the Editform, as well as User ID.
  • Import ID will show to the left of User ID when Import ID is Set. This is for people to keep track of Users imported from Old Systems.


  • Reorganized the Print Vendor section (Including Email).
  • Now also shows what types each field can be set to on the field itself. Will warn when a type if a system field so the recepient knows they need the ID’s
  • Switched from Tables to List Items. This makes it a little cleaner.
  • By default, we do not show the possible values for each field at the moment, we will make this optional for the print form, particularly for showing lists of vendors, products, etc. Most of the time Vendors would not need this information unless it was a 3rd party sending in full on qualified policies.


  • Fixed a minor bug regarding display.

Agent Performance Report

  • Refactored to take into account the new log methods.


Basic Changes

  • All Checkboxes in the Dialer Screen have been updated to Boolean dropdowns (yes / no dropdowns)
    • This was done due to some updates we are working on for integrations and the socket server.
  • All Asynchronous code has been changed to event driven or Promise based, allowing us to chain together series of functions and reuse them throughout the dialer script. This is being used with the Socket features.


  • The dialer will now no longer trigger saves on the lead, policies, dependents or notes if there have not been updates. This should reduce some of our logging and make the system faster overall with saves.
  • As a side effect, we have modified the way that logging works. Now, policies, notes and dependents get a log for each one that is changed, as opposed to a log for all the records in a section. The “Policy ID” has been changed to a “Reference ID” and a “Reference” column determining the table has been added.
    • The logging changes are backwards compatible. You should still be able to see changes from the previous method.

New Socket Features

  • The Dialer will now notify you when someone else has opened the lead you are currently on.
  • If someone else updates the lead you are on, it will update the form fields on your screen. You can click the Undo button next to the field that has been updated to set it back to what you had set it to in case the change was not welcome.
    • This works with each individual note, policy and dependent as well.
      • We are working on a way to show new dependents or policies added in real time.
  • If someone updates the lead status, the info and sidebar will refresh to reflect the new status.



We made some key structure changes to TLDialer Schemas. This should let us develop even faster and easier in the future.


  • Ingroups listed on the Ingroups Dropdown now show the proper Ingroup Name instead of Ingroup List ID
  • Some Query Optimizations for faster performance. Apparently when using an auto dialer the list table locks, so we avoid querying it until a new lead pops.
    • Removed Auto Dial Query – Not needed. More faster.
    • Removed Phones Join Query – Not Needed. More faster.
    • Remove Lead Query – Now on Demand. More faster.

Live Agents

  • Added Auto refresh Button with Refresh Timer. Defaults to 5 Seconds.
  • Button will go Grey while Active.
  • If your user has a Webphone configured, the webphone will now connect while on this page.

Unqualified Leads

  • Fixed a bug not allowing the disqualification to update the action log properly. Was still working just not logging it.
  • Added a few cases and clearer error messages
    • Note: Leads can only be unqualified on the day they came in! This is just to prevent it from clearing out an old lead.

Call Log

  • The Call Log is now Generally Available with all it’s Relational Data.
  • You can search and Export through the call log.
    • The Limit on the Call Log is natively doubles, because it pulls from both the Log and the Closer Log, so if there are records you will get a mix of both.
    • You can export both as well.
    • closercallid has been renamed to UniqueID to even up the columns
    • alt_dial has been added to the log as UNAVAILABLE for closer_log to even up the columns. This is not a real field.
    • log_type has been added as a psuedo-field as well. Contents from the closer log will say CLOSER and the general log will say LOG
    • By default, due to the large table size, the date search is set to today, you can change this anytime once you load it.


  • You can now see the list of ingroups in the Ingroups section.
  • Currently you can open the ingroup for editing with the link button on the table, but this will open in Vicidial until we get our own panel working.
  • This section works with our Column Builder so you can change columns to see settings quicker than in Vici’s lists.


  • You can now see the list of campaigns in the Campaigns section.
  • Currently you can open the campaign for editing with the link button on the table, but this will open in Vicidial until we get our own panel working.
  • This section works with our Column Builder so you can change columns to see settings quicker than in Vici’s lists.

Patch 6.6.9


  • Block Number added as a Button on the Lead Status Sidebar under Trash
    • This will Block ALL numbers on the lead.
    • Must be Super Admin, Admin, or have Block Numbers ability.
    • Must have a Default Block Filter Group set in TLDialer Options
  • UnBlock Number added as a Button on the Lead Status Sidebar under Trash
    • This will UnBlock ALL numbers on the lead.
    • Must be Super Admin, Admin, or have UnBlock Numbers ability.
    • Must have a Default Block Filter Group set in TLDialer Options
  • Export Data Now Available
    • All sections will now be exportable as we finished the method to get this working.
    • Currently you can Export the following:
      • Recordings
      • Live Agents
  • Fixed an issue with searching for alt_dial exhausting memory on manual dials and preventing dialing out on leads with no numbers in the system. This was only happening on Dialers with large databases, so it didn’t show up in test.

Leads & Policies

  • Fixed an issue preventing multiple numbers search due to the check for removal of dashes.

Patch 6.6.8


  • Added Live Agents to TLDialer
    • This will eventually be more robust than the Real Time Report in Vicidial
  • Created way to inherit nested schemas. (Lots to come from this one!)
  • Removed Lead Upload Button from Recordings (Wasn’t supposed to be there).
  • DEAD calls now properly show as Dead.

Quick Search

  • Made it so that the quick search by phone number on enter or on load of list now will parse a string for a phone number with dashes (10 Digit) and try to load a phone first.
  • Quick search now also searches through phone2 and phone3.
  • The Search box in Leads and Policies now also does the same thing.


  • Fixed issue where Templates popped up regardless of status if set in the vendor.
  • Moved Enrollment Fee, Deposit and Admin fee next to premium since these are key price fields.
  • Added Button when a State is in the NO SELL STATE Option Config. It will also change the Contacts Name to RED and Strike it through.


  • Added Has and Missing icons next to the Operators Button. This will allow you to check for the presence or absence of date fields.
  • Added “Has Dupe by Phone” checkbox to Policies. This will show you policies that have a dupe by phone and different lead ID than the current policy. Useful for cleaning up records (Merge Tool coming soon).


  • Pricing Matrix
    • The pricing matrix is now active and can be used to customize policies and allow only certain options as well as set default premiums, enrollment fees and admin fees
    • You can also lock fields so an agent must fill out one of the options.
    • You can also make it so the agent can or cannot override the premium, etc. If a premium is already set, they will be set to uneditable, but retain their current value.


  • Added Mass Add, Remove and Drop Vendor Validations
  • Reorganized Vendors Tabs. Some have been removed and merged.
  • Converted States Reject, Groups and Validations to Multi-checkbox instead of large list of check boxes.
  • Changed Accept instead of Reject into a dropdown, removing an issue with being able to unset it.
  • Fixed issue with Questionnaire and Multi-checkbox meta not allowing you to unset them all.
  • Fixed an issue with Validations if only one validation was set.

Action Logs

  • Fixed an issue with Custom fields that was constantly showing that changes were made. We now investigate the custom fields object for changes and it will show correctly.


  • Added CC Type to Credit Card Billing fields. Also shows  a neat little icon when set.

Policy Statuses

  • Added 4 new Policy Statuses
    • These Statuses show up during Verification and Submission
      • Pending: Application Mailed
      • Pending: Sent to Client
      • Pending: Awaiting Signature
      • Pending: Carrier Approval
  • Added new Reset Buttons. You must have Unkick, Manager, Admin or Superadmin privileges to do this. This allows you to undo some accidental button clicks. You can find these when available next to the Trash button.
    • Reset to Quoted
      • Shown during Submission
      • Resets a Verified Policy back to Quoted.
    • Reset to Verified
      • Shown when Active
      • Resets an Active Policy back to Pending Submission



Patch 6.6.7

TLDSIP Webphone

  • Our TLDialer Solution now has a build in Webphone. It is now no longer necessary to install the TLDSIP Softphone on a computer once configured correctly.
  • On load of TLDialer the TLSIP Webphone will auto load and auto register based on the users configured credentials.
  • On connect to TLDialer, the TLDSIP Webphone will auto answer and notify you that you are connected.
  • You can now theoretically use TLDialer on any device running the chrome browser. This includes Macbooks, ChromeBooks, and even a Raspberry Pi.
  • Notice that closing the browser window or duplicating TLDialer, or Loading TLDialer in TLDialer will cause issues. Please do not do this. We are looking into a way to prevent the user from loading TLDialer twice.
  • When you first load TLDialer with TLDSip Webphone, the Browser will ask you for access to your microphone. Please click yes! Thank you.


  • Fixed a logic issue with Inbound calls that get routed to other ingroups not saving in the correct vendor. Should now save in the correct Vendor.
  • Added more information when an inbound lead is created
    • list_id
    • source_id
  • Put in some protection against loading TLDialer in TLDialer…currently has a race condition, so we are looking into something more permanent for you fast clickers out there.


  • If you try to create a new contact with a phone number already in the system, you will now get a Popup that asks if you want to load that lead or continue creating the duplicate. If you check the Duplicate checkbox it will create a new lead.
  • Top Right Search now searches the same way the leads section does. Accepts more than just phone number when pressing Enter. It will try to find the most relevant lead. You can search by Phone, First Name, Last Name,  Lead ID or Email.

Touchpoints Rework

  • Touchpoints have been reworked, they also now support dialer_id’s to store dialer_id’s used on the same lead as a conversion point. These dialer_id’s may or may not be part of the same list.
  • Touchpoints are now no longer unique. They can continue to be added to the system. They will be converted and sold based on the policy status. This way you can track all outbound and inbound activities on a Policy aside from purely loading it.
  • When you Press the Sale button, the person pressing it will convert the touchpoint and become the agent
  • When you Press the Submit button, the person pressing it will stamp the date_sold on the touchpoint and become the submitter.
  • Once a touchpoint has converted and been sold, no other touchpoints will be modified until a new touchpoint is established from a different campaign, as it is assumed that you are just doing admin work on the policies and not receiving the lead via a CSR queue or some other queue or inbound campaign.

View Logs

  • View logs have been added to Dialer Logs Panel.


  • Clear Post Date on Submit Option added. We still stamp the action log that this was done to preserve the date and make it easy to find.


  • All services and Services are now running TLS 1.2 as per new Standard required after June 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Styling Issues on Quick Search Tables.
  • Fixed issue with Custom Fields not Saving on New Lead Save.

Patch 6.6.5

TLDialer – Total Lead Dialer (Native Integrated Vicidialer)

Changes and Improvements

  • Developed and Launched TLDialer Socket Server
    • Speed Improvements: Now relies on Server pushing data, instead of requesting it. Should be much faster.
    • No More Throttle: No more throttled tab when quoting in another tab. Google Chrome does not throttle tabs with Websockets open, as opposed to setInterval and setTimeout events which for some reason Chrome stops running or slows down causing tons of issues.
    • Server Efficiency: Now we run 1 query per account per second to check on the Dialer and push to the active users, instead of checking every second for every user on the system. This also frees up PHP processes and offloads it to two different node servers (TLDialer App and TLDialer Socket Server) using Redis memory store to pass event data.
    • Finally! This should resolve the following last few issues:
      • Auto Pause when waiting in Other Tab, or immediately clicking away after Dispositioning the lead.
      • Crossed Lines (due to the same Throttling, we assume).
      • Odd States while Quoting in another Tab.
  • Made it so that the Reload Lead button shows during After Call Work.
  • Added Leave Voicemail Button, go ahead. Press it! It works like a blind transfer.
  • Our Pseudo-Disconnected Status no longer exists, so you won’t be kicked if your local SIP channel suddenly disappears or changes.
    • This fixed a big bug where sometimes you would leave a transfer and it would disconnect your session due to your SIP channel vanishing for some random reason we have yet to discover. (Can’t find it in the Vici code base yet).
  • TLD Query System now works with all Vicidial Schema. We will be adding new sections in the coming months as we flesh it out and eventually connect TLD Data to these reports.
    • Dynamic Recordings Section Added under TLDialer Tab with Column Builder.
  • Recordings Tab added to Browser. You can play or download from there. Sorry, MP3 Only for now.
    • Found a way to circumvent the Apache HTTP Auth for downloading and playing recordings. You can now rely on TLD Permissions and not have to worry about Vici permissions to download recordings.
  • Changes to some JS Dialer Events for better workflow.
  • Removed Initial JS Check f0r Session existing. Now done in PHP on page refresh. This prevents unwanted Disconnects.
  • Added Call Agent button in case you didn’t pick up the phone or accidentally hang up. It should keep your session going and reconnect you without a problem.
  • We are experimenting with a free WebPhone so that TLD Can be 100% Web based and not required even a softphone.
  • Vendors & List Sync
    • Lead Vendors now have multiple Add, Update, and Mass Update options for TLDialer Lists
      • Create List with Default Parameters
      • Update List with New Parameters
      • Mass Drop List Associations
      • Mass Update Lists
      • Mass Create or Connect Existing Lists to Vendors by List ID.
      • Reset List
      • Change Campaign (Clears Leads from Hopper)
      • Enable Audit Comments
  • Users & Phones Sync
    • Users now have multiple Add, Update and Mass Update Features.
      • Create User with default Parameters
      • Create Extension with default Parameters
      • Mass Drop User and Phone Associations
      • Mass Update Users and Phones
      • Mass Create or Connect Existing Users and Extensions to User by User
      • Change User Group
      • Sync Users and Phones (For when data gets messed up like this morning).
      • Coming Soon:
        • Assign Campaigns
        • Mass Assign Campaigns
        • Assign Ingroups
        • Mass Assign Ingroups


  • Vendor Automation
    • You can now have a Vendor change it’s Vendor ID on a specific status.
    • You can now have a Vendor Pop open a Script automatically on load so your agents can get right to the pitch. Remember, template scripts Work with all our dynamic fields! It is a very underused part of the system!
  • The Salesboard should now keep your settings across sessions as it is saving to user meta instead. This is just a usability feature. It can still be reset.
  • New Fields
    • Policies
      • Billing Middle Name
    • Leads
      • Drivers License Expiration
  • Made Insured Carrier show all carriers regardless of setting on Uploader.
  • New TLDialer Left Menu Section
    • Dialer Link
    • Recordings Link
  • Fronter Owner
    • Fronter Owner has an Option panel to determine how it behaves.
      • Default:
        • Creator if Unsold and Unfronted.
        • Fronter if Sold or Fronted.
      • Optional:
        • Fronter Only.
  • My Fronts
    • Shows a list of Fronted Leads for a Fronter based on the Fronter Owner Data settings.
  • Vendor Group Options
    • Vendor Group Menu Display
      • Shows Name or Description in Menus for Vendor Groups
    • Vendor Group List Display
      • Shows Name or Description in Lists for Vendor Groups
  • New Notifications System.
    • We can not push multiple notifications from single actions (such as modal actions, editing things, etc).
    • This became Necessary with our Vici integrations into our core modules.
  • Reworked Mass Edit Vendor Notifications and Workflow
  • Reworked Mass Edit User Notifications and Workflow
  • Cleaned up some UI Elements, tightened up the filters section. Added a responsive Icon.
  • You can now search by Greater Than, Less Than, etc by clicking the icons in the date pickers under filters.
    • This should give you some robust reporting power.
  • You can also search by Relative Time by clicking the little calendar icons in the date pickers under filtrs.
    • These relative times can be saved as filters and even added as menu items!
  • Improved DateTime Function
    • Now will auto reverse your dates if you put them in the wrong order.
    • Supports Many nice new formats without requiring the primary date set.
  • Improved Int, String, Like, etc functions
    • Now does not require primary field to be set. For example user_id_in_not can be used alone as opposed to requiring user_id_in and user_id_in_not being set to 1. You can now just set user_id_in_not to whatever you want and it will pick it up. This opens up a lot of options for us!
  • Improved Schema Query Building Method.
    • Inspired as we started building our Vici Schema. We will eventually format TLD Data to work the same way as it works with relational data in a nicer, faster and more efficient way, but leaves the user experience the same.


  • Fixed a massive bug that went unnoticed and didn’t really effect anyone, where fieldname_not was not properly switching the operator from = to !=
  • Fixed an aggregate Query issue in the Stats section of Policies. Should now show accurate results. The beneficiaries calculation was skewing numbers, so we separated that into a separate query.
  • Disabled Debug Mode on TLD Live. Was causing massive Delays. Whoops.
  • Added some new Debugging Tools
  • Disabled My CSR’s from Agent Dashboard. Something is causing it to Jam up, we are investigating.
  • Fixed a bug with the system determining wether or not a schema is pulling a single record or not.
  • Fixed a Chrome Issue that throttles the TLDialer tab with the new Websocket Method. This is slowly being released.
  • Introduced a bug that overwrites all your phones with the same Full Name and Password
  • Fixed a bug that overwrites all your phones with the same Full Name and Password

Patch 6.6.4


Vendor & List Sync

  • Vendor List
    • If you have TLDialer enabled you will see the List ID next to the Vendor ID if present.
  • Add List
    • You can now automatically create a List in Vicidial with the most common settings already preconfigured for you.
    • When adding a new vendor, by default, if TLDialer is configured, the Create List Checkbox will be checked and the new Lists information will automatically be populated.
      • You can create a Vendor without a List by unchecking the box.
    • Once you save the new Vendor, the Name, Description and List ID will automatically be copied into the new List, and the Vendor will be flagged with that List ID.
    • The List ID will be created based off the Vendor ID automatically.
    • If a List ID already exists, TLD will give you an error saying there is already a list with that ID.
  • Update List
    • When editing a Vendor, if you click on the TLDialer Tab, you can now modify the list settings right from the panel.
    • You can turn on audit comments, (Separate Table). It will notify you when you do this.
    • You can change campaigns.
      • Be warned, just like in Vici, if you change a lists campaign it will remove any current leads from the autodial hopper for that list and campaign. The success notification will let you know how many leads were removed from the hopper, unlike Vici.
    • You can Reset the list, which will tell you how many leads were reset if any, unlike Vici.
    • All Actions through TLD Dialer Panel will Log in Vici’s Admin log if successful.
    • You can update the List ID the Vendor is connected to, if it differs from the Vendor ID itself or if it is missing from the vendor. There are a couple of rules here.
      • If you choose the “Create New List” Checkbox on a Vendor that doesn’t have a List ID Set, it will try to create it based on the current Vendor ID.
        • If it finds a list in Vici, it will instead Connect it, and ignore the settings you have set. TLD will notify you that the list has been connected.
      • If you update the List ID and it was Blank, it will not copy over the settings in the Add New List form.
      • If you update the List ID and it was originally set to another list, it will not copy over the settings in the Add New List form.
  • Mass Update Lists
    • You can Drop associated List ID’s via the Mass Edit button
  • Mass Add Lists
    • You can Mass Add Vicidial Lists from the Mass Edit section. All features from Add List apply. The only thing you cannot customize is the name and the description of the list as it will automatically be generated based on the Vendor’s name and description.


  • New Custom Dupe Check Flags
    • Import ID
    • Import File
    • Import Row
  • Split the Dupe Attacher to work for individual tables, not just all.
    • Leads
    • Dependents
    • Notes

New Date Filters

  • Date Filters have received an Update, we will be modifying them in different sections as needed. They will mostly show up under Leads and Policies Now.
    • Not Between ><
    • Between <>
    • Equals (Exact Date) =
    • Not Equal To !=
    • Greater Than >
    • Less Than <
    • Greater Than or Equal >=
    • Less Than or Equal To <=
  • New Date Filter Relative Date Shortcuts
    • Date Filters with the new Date filters Features also have yet another icon to the left of them that will open a small dropdown with text name based shortcuts to create dynamic reports that can be saved and change with the day!
    • Relative Dates
      • Today
      • Yesterday
      • This Week
      • This Month
      • This Quarter
      • This Year
      • This Sunday
      • This Monday
      • This Tuesday
      • This Wednesday
      • This Thursday
      • This Friday
      • This Saturday
      • Last Week
      • Last Month
      • Last Quarter
      • Last Year
      • Last Sunday
      • Last Tuesday
      • Last Wednesday
      • Last Thursday
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      • Last Saturday

My Fronts

  • There is a new Pseudo Field in Leads called Fronter Owner ID
    • This allows a Secondary owner of a lead for Fronters.
    • If an Agent is Set, then it uses the Fronter ID.
    • If No Agent is Set and a Fronter is set, it uses the Fronter ID.
    • If No Agent is Set and No Fronter is Set, it uses the Creator ID.
  • There is a new Section under My Business that is available to the Fronter role or those with “My Fronts” ability.
    • This section is pre-filtered with the Fronter Owner ID, it works similar to My Leads.


  • Fixed a bug with Dispositions showing up as “1”
  • Made it so that when you are on an anonymous call and there is no lead data / phone number, dispositioning the lead will not work in TLD, but will still disposition the current lead in the dialer. So go ahead and mash the buttons, it will disposition the call.

Patch 6.6.3

Import Data

This patch we added some import fields to the entire system, to preserve information during uploads and make it easier to update erroneous data due to user error. These fields will also be used with Carrier syncs so we can maintain reference information between them when necessary. Often times carriers allow us to sync data via CSV downloads, as opposed to normal push and pull methods, so these fields will take care of it! This also frees up our Reference ID and Referrer field which was being used for this before.

When importing leads into the system, the Import Source and Import Row will be automatically set unless overridden by the Vendor Map and the mapped fields present in the CSV. If no mapped fields are detected it will mark the current filename of the import as well as the row on the lead. The Import ID is optional, but when provided, if no policy, dependent, or note Import ID, Import Row or Import Source is present it will use the leads Import ID. Policies, Dependents and Notes can have their own individual import fields overridden by the Vendor Map if needed.


  • New fields
    • Dialer ID
      • Any Character (Max 255)
      • This field has been added over using the leads reference_id. We have updated the DB for those who were using this section for the Dialer’s Lead ID. We have made it intentionally ambiguous in case we decide to support other native dialers other than Vicidial.
    • Import ID
      • Any Character (Max 255)
    • Import Source
      • Any Character (Max 255)
    • Import Row
      • Any Number (Max 8 Million)


  • New Fields
    • Import ID
      • Any Character (Max 255)
    • Import Source
      • Any Character (Max 255)
    • Import Row
      • Any Number (Max 8 Million)
    • Commission Paid Chargeback
      • This is the Chargeback you charged the agent. Eventually Payroll will auto fill this out, but for now you can use it as you see fit.
    • Commission Received Chargeback
      • System use only for now, use Commissions Paid Section under Commissions.
  • Feature: Conversion Lockout
    • In Options -> Dialer you can now find an option called Conversion Lockout Timer.
      • You can leave black or set to 0, or any positive number of minutes.
      • When a policy has been verified or sold, if the policy is still within the lockout timer a regular agent can still edit it. This is useful if you need the Agent to fill out information that they had forgotten to input during verification or submission and the agent is the one contacting the client


  • New Fields
    • Import ID
      • Any Character (Max 255)
    • Import Source
      • Any Character (Max 255)
    • Import Row
      • Any Number (Max 8 Million)


  • New Fields
    • Import ID
      • Any Character (Max 255)
    • Import Source
      • Any Character (Max 255)
    • Import Row
      • Any Number (Max 8 Million)


  • Cleaned up the Options -> Dialer section.
    • Now a lot less messy and friendly to use. So many options!


We gave the user edit interface some love as it has been the same for many years now.

  • Users have been cleaned up.
    • Groups and Permissions have been moved under General
    • Groups, Roles and Abilities have been converted to Multi-checkboxes with filters.
      • This is much easier than the previous role manager, since you had to hunt for the permission you wanted to add or remove.
    • TLDialer Options for User Creation on Adding new users are now much more robust.
      • Defaults have been set but can now be overridden. Some fields are not available as we generate them for you.
    • TLDialer in User Edit
      • You can now see very detailed information on the TLDialer Config panel for the user.

Maintenance & Performance

  • Enabled GZIP Compression for HTML.
    • Site should load much faster now.
  • Combined Fonts CSS into one file, and now hosting Google Fonts Locally
    • Also faster.

Lead Posts

  • Return Types
    • Return Type setting has been added to Lead Vendors
    • We now support both JSON and XML Response Types for Lead Posts. Default is still TEXT as it always has been.


If you have your Vicidial Config setup correctly, you can now automatically create vicidial users and phones while adding a TLD user. A checkbox will show (default checked) as well as a choice of user group and choice of user level for the user. We may add more options in the future, but for now the config options for the user are set to our most common use case. You can always edit the user in Vici later while we merge over the panel to TLD.

  • Qualification Time
    • Qualification Time now updates the lead by removing the price when the call is hungup within the allotted time.
    • The Qualification Time will not be removed if it has been created after the first day. Since leads are in real time, the lead should have been created just before or during the load if it was a live transfer. This is just an extra measure.
    • Once a lead has been qualified or unqualified, it can not be qualified or unqualified again.
  • Automatic User and Phone Creation
    • Vici Username set to TLD User ID
    • Vici Password (Now more secure) creates a hash password for Vici.
    • Vici Phone and Phone Pass remain the same.
  • Automatic Sync of Vici Data when Editing user.
    • If your User account has a User ID from creation of Vici, it will automatically check both the User and Phones settings and update TLD. This is for cases where a manager in Vici made a modification to your extension or your phones. It also allows us to pull most recent information for Updating VICI Users from TLD.
  • Coming Soon: Update VICI from TLDialer
    • When editing a user, it is now possible to modify VICI settings from the TLDialer Tab. Once you update the user, it will check to see if any changes have been made, and if so, will update VICIDial with the users settings.


  • Changed the way user meta is handled. Now all using the same function. Also cleaned up the function to recognize numeric previously sequential arrays and maintain behavior.

Patch 6.6.2


  • Added revision flag to force download of new CSS and JS, aside from version flag.


  • Added Refresh Lead button while on call. If you navigate away from the lead you are working on while on a call, this button will take you back to the current lead in TLD.
  • Session Connects / Disconnects – Resolved all major issues.
    • If you hang up your phone while in a call, it will hang up the client instead of leaving them in limbo, and log you out completely. This is similar to Vici solution itself.
    • If you refresh your screen, it will hang up the client instead of leaving them in limbo, and log you out completely. This is better than current Vici solution that leaves the client in limbo. (Connected to the call, but no one on the other end or any way to retrieve.)
  • Added Qualification Time from Vendor Settings to the Dialer and Lead Info section.
    • Qualification Time has a countdown timer based on the calls initial pickup by a queue or agent, so the numbers may seem less than the time you are on the call since it is based on the time the client has been on the call.
    • When the Qualification time is about to hit 10 it will turn red.
    • When the Qualification time is up it will turn back to light blue and be crossed out.
    • Save your company some money! Hang up the call if the person is a piker!
  • When a lead is loaded in TLD by Vici, TLD will now Update Vici’s vendor_lead_code to TLD’s lead_id, but only if the call is an inbound call and the inbound number is set to the vendor_lead_code or the vendor_lead_code is blank for the lead. This will trigger a refresh of the hidden vici screen so data is preserved.
  • Now displaying Call Connected message.
  • More accurate / consistent notifications.
  • Added Feature: Sync TLD to Vici
    • When you press save (including dispo), the lead data will automatically update Vici’s records including if you are not logged into the dialer. It will attempt to refresh any agents vici screens when this happens so that data is preserved.
  • Added Feature: Hangup on Dispo. This is configurable in the system settings.
    • When you disposition a lead, it will automatically hangup, so you can skip a click!
  • Disabled the “Are you sure you want to close this window?” from TLD when Vici is loaded because it was causing issues with agents clicking cancel which then did not load the lead. Vici itself will give the popup if the agent tried to close out of the actual TLDialer.’
  • Cleaned up some buttons and colors on the dialer control panel.


  • Notes got cleaned up so that all the boxes will always be even.
  • CSR section got cleaned up to be more even with the rest of the box, the CSR buttons now just say CSR with icons on it, and will describe the action on hover.
  • CSR Agent and Schedule have been moved to the same line.
  • CSR info related to dates and users are now in color coded takes (grey for request, red for schedule, green for complete
  • Notes tags will now say “My” when the note was created by you.
  • CSR tags will now say “My” when the CSR is created by you and unassigned, or assigned to you, or completed by you.
  • Note Tags now have different colors
    • New Note is always Blue
    • Notes are White
    • CSR Pending are Yellow
    • CSR Overdue are Red
    • CSR Complete are Green
  • CSR’s will now show their status in the top right box
    • Pending CSR
    • Overdue CSR
    • Completed CSR
  • Quick Notes had some Style changes
    • Smaller Box, but more space
    • Added “X” to close it quickly.
    • You can click and drag the box around if it gets in the way, it will reset when you save.
    • Mobile Optimizations (bigger on smaller screens)