Alexander Conroy

Patch 6.6.11

TLDSip TLDSIP Webphone now has it’s own interface.  It will allow you to make generic outbound calls or calls to extensions. TLDialer Transfer Groups The Transfer Dropdown now respects the Transfer Groups set in the Campaign. It also will show the Ingroup Description instead of the ID now. The Color of the Group Configured in […]

Call Barging in TLDialer

It is now possible to Call Barge in TLDialer. This feature requires your user to have a TLDialer Webphone configured. It can be done from any Browser and operating system except for iOS Currently, as the WebRTC Connection does not seem to be working. We will try to resolve this issue so you could use […]

Patch 6.6.10

Database Upgrade We are now running AWS Aurora mySQL 5.7 Compatible DB. This gives us access to some neat Database functions that work well with some of the methods we use in the system, particularly the JSON Data Format!! Socket Server Some huge things coming using Sockets technology! This is just the beginning. It is […]

Patch 6.6.9

TLDialer Block Number added as a Button on the Lead Status Sidebar under Trash This will Block ALL numbers on the lead. Must be Super Admin, Admin, or have Block Numbers ability. Must have a Default Block Filter Group set in TLDialer Options UnBlock Number added as a Button on the Lead Status Sidebar under […]

Patch 6.6.8

TLDialer Added Live Agents to TLDialer This will eventually be more robust than the Real Time Report in Vicidial Created way to inherit nested schemas. (Lots to come from this one!) Removed Lead Upload Button from Recordings (Wasn’t supposed to be there). DEAD calls now properly show as Dead. Quick Search Made it so that […]

Patch 6.6.7

TLDSIP Webphone Our TLDialer Solution now has a build in Webphone. It is now no longer necessary to install the TLDSIP Softphone on a computer once configured correctly. On load of TLDialer the TLSIP Webphone will auto load and auto register based on the users configured credentials. On connect to TLDialer, the TLDSIP Webphone will […]

Patch 6.6.5

TLDialer – Total Lead Dialer (Native Integrated Vicidialer) Changes and Improvements Developed and Launched TLDialer Socket Server Speed Improvements: Now relies on Server pushing data, instead of requesting it. Should be much faster. No More Throttle: No more throttled tab when quoting in another tab. Google Chrome does not throttle tabs with Websockets open, as […]

Patch 6.6.4

TLDialer Vendor & List Sync Vendor List If you have TLDialer enabled you will see the List ID next to the Vendor ID if present. Add List You can now automatically create a List in Vicidial with the most common settings already preconfigured for you. When adding a new vendor, by default, if TLDialer is […]

Patch 6.6.3

Import Data This patch we added some import fields to the entire system, to preserve information during uploads and make it easier to update erroneous data due to user error. These fields will also be used with Carrier syncs so we can maintain reference information between them when necessary. Often times carriers allow us to […]

Patch 6.6.2

System Added revision flag to force download of new CSS and JS, aside from version flag. TLDialer Added Refresh Lead button while on call. If you navigate away from the lead you are working on while on a call, this button will take you back to the current lead in TLD. Session Connects / Disconnects […]