TLD & TLDialer Automated & Self-Serve Whitelist

This is a big one, we have been looking to creating a solution to this problem for a while, and it is finally done! Enjoy the fruits of my sleepless nights!

The “Access” panel has been re-written. We changed the External IP Whitelist Users into a Multi-checkbox so it is easier to select agents as well. It has been Renamed to “IP Unrestricted Users“. It’s counterpart: External Admin Level Limit has been renamed to “IP Unrestricted User Level“. And now onto the Nitty Gritty.

  • IP Whitelist: The IP Whitelist is now a full on table. TLDialer itself, also has a Whitelist. These two Whitelists work in conjunction with one another, and can also be used Separately. Most of what we have done is pretty much automated.
    • The Whitelists are split into Allowed and Revoked, all living on the same panel.
      • The tables can be paginated through as well as searched. Each tab has it’s own search and pagination but all 4 tabs run queries at once when you hit go!
        • You can search by IP Address. Allower Name, Revoker Name, and Description. It will try to match best possible using %LIKE%
    • When adding an IP, you MUST Put something in the Description. You CANNOT Update the description after the IP has been added. We are doing this for tracking and auditing purposes and to keep people honest.
    • Agent IP Restrictions Applies to Agents under the IP Restricted User Level and will allow them to log in.
    • Admin IP Restrictions Apply to Everyone on an Account, EXCEPT for the IP Unrestricted Users. Having at minimum 1 Admin IP Restriction will IP Restrict your whole account for Admins. Admins will be subject to the Agent IP Whitelists but also have the additional benefit of qualifying for the Admin IP as well.
    • IP Unrestricted Users bypass all IP Checks regardless of any IP Restrictions.
    • Adding an IP to the Allowed IP’s Table will also automatically add the IP to the TLDialer Whitelist table by default. IF you do not want that IP Authenticated on TLDialer, you can switch to that tab and Revoke it by pressing the red X.
    • We have Automatically imported all current IP Addresses that were listed in the old IP Whitelist textbox.
    • When you revoke an IP it will end up in the Revoke List which can be searched and keeps a history of what has happened with IP Authentication. This is why we do not allow modifying the descriptions as it would interrupt the history flow for auditing.
  • TLDialer Whitelist: The TLDialer whitelist was a little trickier as each individual Dialer Server is locked out from the world except for the IP’s authenticated.
    • Whitelist Interval – 1 Minute: Adding and Revoking in this list takes about a Minute. When adding, the Revoke button will be a black button with an hour glass until the server authenticates it, it will also do the same when revoking until it finally clears it out as revoked.
    • There are Two Types of IP Whitelists for TLDialer
      • Permanent: Will last until manually revoked
      • Temporary: Will last for a Full day and are cleared at 2 AM Account time. This lets you give someone temporary access.
    • Automatic Whitelisting: If a User is Unrestricted in TLDCRM, we will AUTOMATICALLY add the Users IP Address to the TLDialer Whitelist with a 1 day pass.
      • 1 Day IP Whitelists get cleared every day at 2 AM account time.
      • The server will Re-add the IP if logged into the unrecognized IP the next day on login or access to the CRM if still available.
      • The moment an IP gets Auto-Whitelisted a Popup will notify the User that their IP has been added and should wait at least a Minute before using TLDialer to make sure it has been completed.
    • When you revoke an IP it will end up in the Revoke List which can be searched and keeps a history of what has happened with IP Authentication. This is why we do not allow modifying the descriptions as it would interrupt the history flow for auditing.
    • You can add an IP into the Whitelist that is NOT in the TLDCRM Whitelist manually if you have people connecting to use JUST the Dialer without TLDialer, for fronter operations or specific kinds of management. This should be rarely if ever used.


  • Added a Workaround for not being able to Pause from Dispo Mode. We queue up a Pause if you tried to pause before hand and initiate it right after. There may be an off chance you might get a call within the less than a second that it tries to do this.
  • We now have a reset button that will boot you out of TLDialer, even if you left yourself logged in at home. You know who you are…This also runs on Logout.
  • Pushed a fix to allow Bluetooth Audio Devices and iOS in general to work with the Webphone again. They changed things up!
  • Dead Calls should now show up properly in Live Agents Reports.
  • Added “Gradient Mode” which can be turned on per request for Live Agents Report. Most accounts have this on by default now.
  • Minute Resets will no longer run on Inactive Lists or Inactive Vendors
  • Fixed an issue where a person without a valid phone could try to monitor or barge causing all sorts of craziness.
  • We now check the Client Filter Phone Group when manually adding leads to the hopper to avoid calling clients accidentally when mass inserting.
    • There is a checkbox to override this behavior if you want to add current clients.
  • Users can now see their Outbound CID in the Profile Dropdown. Clicking will copy to Clipboard.
  • Users can now see any Inbound DID’s that point to their User in the Profile Dropdown. Clicking will copy to Clipboard.

Contact Form

  • Not Taken Policy Status can now be hidden.
  • Lead ID now copies to clipboard if clicked.
  • Dialer ID’s now copy to clipboard. There is a button for these.
  • Clicking the Clients name in the Dialer Info Box will now copy to clipboard.
  • Alternate Notes Layou in Options -> Settings -> Contact Form
    • Per Request: It is now possible to show a Top to Bottom layout for Notes instead of the standard Staggered pattern notes.
  • Fixed some issues with fields that should have been disabled but weren’t being disabled after Verificaiton.
  • Fixed an issue with the Dropdown Converter that was “undisabling” Policy records that should have stayed disabled after verification.
  • Fields and Sections can now be force hidden by Products.
    • Force HIDE Overrides Force Show. Always.

Quick Notes

  • Quick Notes has been Revamped, someone found it so we added some more features.
  • Quick Notes can be Added for the Entire Account, if so everyone can see them.
    • A user Can Enable / Disable the Quick Note in their profile or you can enable it for specific users.
  • Show Last Note on Quick Note now works properly. A Little tab on the left of the quick note will let you open and close the last note if there is one. There is also a copy last note to clipboard button.
  • An Icon will appear in the Footer Bar where you can hide and show the quick notes quickly.
  • The Position of the Quick Note, Having the Last Note Open / Close or the Quick Note Itself Open / Close will follow throughout your session so you can keep it where you want.
  • Added a Button to Snap Quick note back to Bottom Right corner.
  • Removed the “Close Quicknote” Button and replaced it with a Minimize Button.
  • Changed Colors of the Quick notes to match your brand colors.


  • You can now copy pictures and such from the clipboard into a Document directly on the contact for for lead and policy documents by highlighting the grey box in front of browser and pressing ctrl+v.
  • Documents now populate a mime_type field for each document so we know exactly what it is.  This may or may not be useful for you but it is useful for us.
  • Documents now have a “Type” that can be set while uploading. This should make identifying a document easier. You can create your own custom types.
    • Document Types can now be required on the lead or on the Policy based off system and custom types.
    • You can now edit a documents type and description from the contact or from the documents section.
    • Public Documents. You can now set documents to be publicly accessible (without login) and for these we will NOT be storing a log. This is going to be useful for hosting content that you need to link elsewhere where there may be high traffic, or for emailers and such.

Lead Statuses

  • Added an Option for both the System as a Whole, or per Status, to require at least one policy on the lead before converting the lead. It will stop disposition from happening accidentally.
  • Lead Status Relays can now have a Vendor Group limitation added as opposed to just Vendors.


  • TLDialer Ingroup Ranks and Grades
    • Ingroup Ranks and Grades can now be editing on the User edit screen in the TLDialer Tab.
    • Ingroup Ranks and Grades can now be Mass Edited in the TLDialer Tab under Ingroups subtab.
    • We added lots of features to filter the ingroups so you can set the ranks and grades quickly.
      • Mass Set Rank and Grade to a specific number
      • Copy Ranks and Copy Grades from another User
      • Set and Copy Functions will only change the ingroups that are currently filtered so you can find the ingroups you want then just set those. So fast!


  • We now automatically append some data if it’s not provided in case you do a “Whoopsie” and need us to modify a certain subset of uploaded leads.
    • We now automatically add import_id to the lead if it does not exist. It will set it to the current Upload ID for easy searching.
    • We now automatically add import_source to the lead if it does not exist. We use the actual file name that was uploaded (not the processed file name) for easy searching.
  • You can now use Excel UTF-8 CSV’s. We remove the BOM Byte for you when we detect UTF-8. Yay! That was really annoying wasn’t it?
  • Added a Link to Leads via Upload ID if the file is a Process file, otherwise it will not be clickable.
  • Removed “Upload ID”, “Reference ID” and “Download” tabs to save space on the table.
    • Replaced with “Action”, “ID” and XID”. Hover over the Columns to see their true name.
  • Added some Color to Upload History Table so you can more easily identify error files or files currently in process.
  • Field Mapping Changes
    • You can now copy the values you are mapping to internal relational fields to the clipboard. There is a button next to each unique value.
    • There is also a copy all button that will give you a list of these values to paste elsewhere. If you hold Ctrl + Click this copy all button it will only copy the unmapped values.
    • Made it so that when mapping products it shows ALL products in your account including the hidden ones, since many uploads of policies are historical products from other system

Campaigns (Relays & Mailer)

  • “Age” campaign types can now be sent out by hour not just day, this gives you a little more fine tuned control to allow you to send an email 2 or 3 hours after a lead is received for instance.


  • Date / Time Filters now support relative Days. When you open the Relative Time Menu, there is an input and a button that says “Days Ago”. This will allow you to check “X” Days Ago. Type in the number of days and press the Days Ago button and it should work.
  • Date / Time Filters now allow you to enter the following format 2019-04-20 and it will auto format to your preferred format set in system settings.


  • Fields now has a Settings Column that has icons.
    • Custom Fields and Custom Statuses have a ton of icons showing you information on the Custom Fields at a glance.
    • Custom Statuses will show a tiny sample of how the button will look, including a quick glance as to what the button will do.
    • Custom Fields will show you the type of button it is including icon chosen or default icon.
    • Other Fields show the settings as a JSON dump. You can click to copy the data if needed!


  • Explore section column builders now include the ability to rename fields when displaying tables. This works now only in the Explore sections and Agent CPA Report for now.
  • Fixed an issue with saving multi-checkbox selections on refresh.
  • Added Right Click Context Menu to Delete Filter Tab.
  • Filter Tabs can be Added. They do not save yet.


  • When creating a new lead either via Manual, by Overriding the Dupe Checker, or via Inbound or TLDialer Inbound, the lead will now be stamped with the following possible import sources
    • manual
      • Manually Input Leads
    • inbound
      • Inbound Leads via Legacy URL Pop.
    • manual_dupe
      • Manually Input Leads that already exist in the system and you unchecked the Create Dupe option if it is available.
      • We made the Button “Create Dupe?” Turn Red now to make sure you read the dang button.
    • tldialer_inbound
      • Inbounds created through the TLDialer System.


  • Moved Ancillary and Fields settings into new “Settings” tab. This section cannot be mass updated yet.
  • You can now Force Hide Fields and Sections per Product.
  • You can now add Custom Field Validation Rules in Products for Leads, Policies and Dependents.
  • Custom Field Validations Respect the Custom Field’s settings.
    • If you Hide a Field from the System or Agents (Forms ) then the field will not be validated.
    • If you set filters for the Custom Fields, they will not be validated if they do not apply to that lead or policy.
    • All Custom Fields will show regardless of status in the Products Validation settings so you can mix and match filters and requirements.


  • Optimized the query that grabs TLDialer List data. Split into 3 different queries to use indexes.
  • Vendors with Public Facing Search capability, now require an Export setting in the Vendor to be set if you want the vendor to be able to export, it is no longer allowed by default on the advanced vendor report.
  • Fixed an issue with Vendor Log Exports. Should work fine now.
  • Changed the “Hover” effect on Response to Click instead, and included the copy paste functions added in other parts of the system. Fixed an issue with Public Logs not Displaying JSON if not logged in.


  • Added “Total Fronts” to salesboard as well as Fronter Commissions
  • Fronter Commissions will total into the Commissions Paid box if visible.
  • You can now also Toggle a Fronter Icon on the User if the user has that role so you can identify Fronters more easily.


Callbacks got some more love in this patch!

  • Callback section had buttons standardized.
  • My Callbacks section had buttons standardized.
  • Option to set Callback as a Global Callback. Users by default can see their own and global callbacks. You can find this in Settings -> Options -> Contact Form
    • When setting a callback, if the system option is set a checkbox for “Set as Global” will appear as an option.
  • Dialer Callbacks Windows (Modal) now has an Icon next to the leads name that shows whether the callback is yours or global.
  • Icon Added to Callbacks and My Callbacks to show whether the callback is assigned or global.
  • Fixed and issue with Untrash and Uncomplete Callbacks when checking for user max settings. Should work properly now.
  • Removed check for max callbacks when callback is global.
  • Autocomplete Callbacks on next dispo is now an option that can be turned off, but is by default on.
  • Fixed an issue with a timer preventing callbacks from being cleared if they were done within 15 minutes. Now it will only not clear the current callback that has been set if it is for today until you navigate away and come back and re-dispo the lead.

Bugfixes and Improvements

  • All user information now copies to clipboard under your username in the top right.
  • Added “Change Agent of Record” permission.
  • Logs with JSON Data Tags (Such as Request / Response) are now Click to open instead of Hover. If you click the data itself in the Flap when it is open, it should copy the data to clipboard for easier access, no more click and drag for copy pasta!
  • Explore section tables have been revamped slightly.
  • Fixed a couple of minor query issues.
  • Fixed default Daily Reset Limit for Lists in Vendors when adding them.
  • Added Total Quotes to Agent Production Report.
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