Patch 6.9.10 – TLDialer Changes & Fixes

3 New Dialer Statuses

The TLDialer Status Button now has three new Statuses, that will hopefully help troubleshoot connectivity issues some are experiencing with shoddy internet. Please let us know As soon as possible if you see any of these 3 statuses.

1. Timeout

If Vicidial Disconnects from the SIP Session (Hangs Up), you will now see your session say “Timeout” in red. This means that you lost internet connection long enough for Vicidial to kick you out. You can click the “Login” button immediately from here to start a new session without refreshing your browser. This should prevent users from jumping back into SIP Sessions that were released by Vicidial, and hopefully prevent the crossed lines issue we have been having at times.

2. Connection Issue: Reconnecting

If the system notices a lack of communication to the SIP Phone, the Connection Issue status will appear. If it is a minor internet hiccup, the system SHOULD be able to put you back into both the Dialer and your SIP Session automatically. We have run various tests by plugging and unplugging our internet to simulate the issue some call centers are having with connectivity and as long as the hiccup is a little less than 10 seconds, usually the system can reconnect, otherwise it will now show Timeout and ask you to log in again and re-establish the SIP Session.

3. Reconnected!

This is a temporary status, shown in green, that we were successfully able to reconnect your session. It will show for about 3 seconds, then go back to whatever status you were before the connection issue happened. The agent will at least be informed now as to what is happening.

TLDialer Debugging

We are now collecting logs, locally on each machine, of when start, stop, close browser / refresh and connection issues occur, so we can further investigate these connectivity issues we are having. Eventually we will be able to pull the logs ourselves from the local machines but for now it is limited to when we do remote support. Please note we only keep one day worth of logs on each machine, so if something does occur, be sure to report it immediately.

Getting stuck at pause should no longer be an issue as you will get one of the three new statuses above. If you do still get stuck please let us know so we can check it out and grab the debug information.

TLDialer Fixes & Changes

  • Ingroups can now be Updated and Mass Updated Live again without having the agents log in and out. We added a new “Feature” that interpreted the data differently when updating, and forgot to remove the manual workarounds in the functions that do the updating!
  • Updated SIP.js with some Hotfixes found while debugging the connectivity issues. SIP.js is an Open Source Library. We found some new bugs they didn’t; we notified them and patched them on our end.
  • Fixed oversight with TLDialer when disconnecting, network issues, closing browser, or errors, leads were being set to FAX instead of DROPPED for the lead that wasn’t closed out.
  • When a Agent closes the browser and does not disposition correctly we now fire off ERI instead of Dropped / Fax which is agent error.
  • You now cannot call Blocked Numbers in the Block Number filter phone group. IF you want to call a block number, ask a manager to unblock those numbers. This can be done in the Contact Sidebar under DNC. We also respect the DNC, but a lead that is Dispo’d as DNC doesn’t have the Dial Buttons whereas Blocked ones do. (Reason being, for speed of the system so we don’t have to query blocked numbers every page load. )
  • Added Entry Date Minutes and Last Local Call Time Minutes to TLDialer Leads. Searchable and usable in Columns.
  • All Dialers have been updated to be capable of using TLDialer Resets and Cascades. The Reset log has been made generally available to all now so you can see the reset flow.
  • We have made some general dialer changes for stability and performance of the connection, particularly for bad internet connections which we are more frequently then not encountering. Due to our changes we have noticed less and less issues with connectivity…beyond random carrier issues, it’s actually getting pretty quiet. We have however, on occasion, experienced some agents logging into others conferences due to being “Ghosted” in the system. Meaning, they are connected to the Conference via the softphone, but no longer on the Dialer. This is due to our lessened efforts to check if the user is still connected, as we favor keeping the agent and client on the phone over being strict on keep alives and disconnecting them at the slightest hiccup in connection. We are hoping The new Timeout status should take care of this issue as it will give the agent the option to log back instead of being stuck at Pause, once the system realizes they have been removed from a conference.
  • You can now see yourself to transfer to yourself in TLDialer. This is for people who believe they are such amazing salesmen, that they can pitch two people at once: The one they are on the phone with, and one calling back. A call can be transferred direct to the agent, and the agent can put the current call back into his personal queue instead of parking it, grab that pending transfer, close it out, and then grab the remaining pending transfer that is in their personal queue once they ready up again.
  • Forcing Vendor Lead Code update to TLDialer on new Lead Create via Inbound. There was something happening causing it to sometimes not update when certain data was missing.
  • Fixed an Issue with Filters in TLDialer Leads section. One of the search filters wasn’t working.
  • Fixed an issue with Vici Phone Update in Mass Edit. Now works. HAve fun!

Lead Uploader Fixes

  • Fixed a MAJOR issue when Lead ID was present in a CSV Upload, even if mapped to a different field. We had some leads that were effected due to this bug across all accounts. This was due to an oversight on my part and an account level protection that was missing from a core component. The effect lasted about 1 day while we gathered data and wrote scripts to fix like new. We restored all these leads to what they were from our backups. All is well.
  • Fixed an issue with Uploader not adding notes on dupe check or on initial insert. We had a duplicate field being set causing a Database error.
  • Fixed some logging related to Updating Leads, Adding Notes, Dependents and Policies. the GET portion of the Action log should now show the parameters used in the upload, and the POST portion should show the data that was modified.

Contact Form

  • Added a limit on Action logs to 500. 1000 was causing memory errors. we are looking into a way to display everything without the lag and memory issues. Some of you sure do work your Clients!
  • You can now Hide all the Legal Section items individually in Settings -> Options -> Contact Form.
  • Kicker was Missing from Policies even though they were set. We kicked the kicker back into place so all looks even and clean now. I don’t think the Kicker has ever shown up in the system, surprisingly no one noticed until now. He is a sneaky devil.
  • Some fixes went into when and where some buttons show up, particularly in relation to Admin123 Integrations and IVR.

Admin123 Integration

  • Fixed some data issues related to Post Dates
  • Fixed Error with Bank Account Type. It was defaulting to “Checking” due to the wrong field being looked at, should now be correct! Who signs up with their savings account anyhow?!

Vendor Scorecard Report

  • The Vendor Scorecard Report can now be filtered by Vendor Group
  • You can now save and load Filters on the Vendor Scorecard.
  • The Vendor scorecard has been updated to look more like the rest of the filter systems.

Advanced Public Vendor Report

Added all the Tracking / Marketing fields we have into this report, and made them searchable / exportable for your Vendors with this enabled.

Quote Tool

Fixed wonkiness with saving on the Global Quote Tool. We need to refresh the data AFTER we update, not before…It was saving, just not showing the updates, causing confusion.