Patch 7.0.0 – Soft Launch

Wednesday we Soft Launched TLD 7.0. This was a Significant Update and Rewrite of some of our core backend processes which will allow for further and faster development in the future. Some of the new features are still hidden since they are still being tested, like the new Explore Section which will replace the Leads and Policies section ( But won’t be removed just yet due to legacy preferences ). Below you will find a massive list of changes, updates and bugfixes that have been going on since our last patch. We held off on publishing these notes as we finally felt we were nearing the finish line for 7.0.

7.0 Major Changes

Explore Section

The explore section will come out in the next patch, as it is a major change to how data is looked through. It works similarly but there are more options and more room for information. There are many more ways to customize the system as well in this new revision! We know you will like it!

Custom Fields

  • Custom Fields have been moved into the Fields Section. The Custom Leads Fields link has been updated.
  • Custom Policy Fields are now possible to create!
  • Custom Fields can now be Filtered by the Following Permissions.
    • User Level
    • User Group
    • User Roles
    • User Abilities
  • Custom Fields can now be Filtered by the Following Filters
    • Leads & Policies
      • Vendor
      • Vendor Group
      • Lead Tags
    • Policies
      • Policy Tags
      • Carriers
      • Plans
      • Products
      • Stage
    • Filter Policies also have a flag for whether or not it should show up on “New” records or not.
  • All Filters and Permissions include “Not In” as an option. EX: Everyone BUT Agent Role.
  • Removed Type: Checkbox
  • Added Types: Boolean, Alphanum Select
  • We have Migrated all your old Custom Fields into the new system automatically, nothing should be need to be done by you.

TQL Changes

  • The TQL Core has been Partially Rewritten
  • We can now import to further depths without running into recursion issues.
  • We now exclude the Key on the imported table that was imported since it is a duplicate and not needed
  • We now have support for SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, GROUP_CONCAT fields automatically built in for every single field.
  • Caching Schemas has been Improved.
  • Fixed some Join Reference Issues incorrectly placed in Schemas.
  • Improved Memory Consumption and Processing Time for TQL Schemas by 300%.
  • Created a new Internal Debugging Tool for TQL that Integrates with Slack and will notify us of anything Fishy going on in real time. It’s super robust, too bad you will never see it! But trust us it is useful! We are notified of errors in real time without your input, so we can take action and fix quickly.
  • TQL DateTime method has been improved. Now using much faster query formats for searching between dates. Previous version was not using Indexes in certain instances causing severe lag locking tables.
  • TQL TLDialer – Vicidial Schema Updates
    • Added Relationships to park log for users, and custom time queries.
    • Added relationships to agent log for campaigns, also added custom time queries for pause time, talk time, dispo time and dead time.
    • Added queue time to closer log.
    • Added Campaign Filter to Live Agents Table.
    • TLDialer Leads now has “Entry List ID Filter” as well as “Actual List ID Filter” to work with Cascades more easily. Actual List ID will do a Search in Entry List if its not 0, or the List if it is, so you can track where your leads originated from.
    • Added Source ID Filter to TLDialer Leads.
    • Fixed a Query issue with the TLDialer Resets, we needed to use :59 seconds instead of :00 for certain parameters. Thanks for the report!
    • Fixed another Query Issue specific to Last Local Call Time. Apparently, Vicidial stores the DateTime Called in the TIMEZONE OF THE LEAD, based off the GMT Offset Now Field. Why? I don’t know. We changed all Local Call Time queries to now convert the current time period and the last call time to GMT before comparison.
    • DID’s section has gotten some updates, new filters, and more relational data to join together.

Other Changes and Fixes since Last Revision

Contact Form

  • Policies can now have Custom Fields Show
  • Lead Income & Policy Application Number label can now be renamed in Settings -> Options -> Contact Form
    • These Rename features are stopgaps. We recognize the desire to name fields as you desire and are working on a solution.
  • Added more Removable Fields from Lead Form.
  • Made it so that the Pricing Module will no longer effect Verified Policies. If a Product had a Price Change, the Module was overwriting the initial value causing confusion.
  • Fixed an issue with Appointments and Callbacks where you couldn’t set one after a manual entry of a lead.


  • Vendor List should now show the Colors selected for Labels if the vendor has a public label set.
  • Removed some Fields from the Vendor Print Instructions, particularly “Lead ID”, because when Lead ID is passed, it ALWAYS triggers a Dupe check by Lead ID, as it is a system field.
  • Fixed an issue where Cloning Vendors would copy Cascades and Resets, causing all sorts of problems, we will revisit this later and make it work.
  • Fixed the Behavior of the List Forms Disabling when you change the List ID associated with a Vendor, if you put it back to what it was it should un-disable it.
  • You can now sort Vendors by some criteria.


  • Fixed an issue with Custom Statuses not showing up in Policies section
  • Added “Agent User Group” as Filter and Columns in Policies section.


  • Changed the Way Callbacks” Expired and Upcoming” filter works. They now only show things that aren’t trashed or expired.
    • Added “Abandoned” to Callbacks Filters as well to show you Callbacks set for agents that are no longer active.

Uploader, Vendor Logs & Post System

  • When Uploading Leads and seeing the “Process Upload” panel, if you change the Vendor Selected, without hitting “Select Vendor”, the Process sidebar will be removed and ask you to press “Select Vendor”. This is to prevent someone uploading leads,  having matching columns, and then trying to select a different vendor and process it.
  • Fixed an issue with Post Update Leads. It will no longer accept blank data values, they get filtered out before updating.
  • Changed the way we log data in the Vendor Logs, now a little more robust and clear as to what is what. Added Details section to POST with the Method and Format of the data received.
  • Added Ability to allow Vendor Logs to Play or Download Recordings for the Leads they can show. Lots of protections to prevent unauthorized access have been added. Only Works when Advanced Vendor Report is enabled.
    • You will see a button / Box with the number of recordings on a lead. Click this to open the public recordings page.
  • Added Status Filter to Advanced Vendor Report.


  • Fixed odd case where Updating Users would not refresh Live Agents Table.
  • Standardized Refresh Live Agents to use the Same Function. Now respects Intersection between Campaign and User Ingroups every time.
  • Added Legend for the Columns to TLDialer Dispositions Page.
  • Fixed an issue when Converting the First Policy and having the Lead Status Update. It will not properly disposition the Dialer Lead when you hit Sale for the first time.
  • Cascading and Minute Resets: Now only 1 Criteria at minimum is required to run, date criteria no longer required, it can run purely off the total call attempts.
  • Fixed an issue related to Cascades. If the Entry List ID is not 0 and different than the list_id, it should use the Entry List ID for creating new leads.
  • Added Lead ID and Log ID Filters to Vendor Logs
  • Fixed an Issue where Marking a Policy as “Sale” would hangup the call if Hangup on Dispo was Set and it was the first conversion on a Lead. Whoops!
  • Contacts now have a “TLDialer” tab in the Log section if capable. You must be manager or higher, or have View TLDialer Logs Permissions to see it!
    • Unlike other log sections, this one only loads once you click, we may move the rest of the logs to this method to reduce initial load time on the page for contacts with lots and lots of action logs, notes, etc.
    • This log section mimics the VICIDial Lead Edit / Log section, with some improvements. It is a bit more verbose. It also includes some translated fields such as length of call into a time format instead of seconds. It also includes The TLDialer Reset Logs so you can see how many times the lead has been reset through our custom implementation.
    • The first tab is known as the “Timeline” tab, which is an aggregate of all the logs in order of occurrence with the most pertinent information for the section shown. This is Unique to TLD! Enjoy!
  • New NANAnswer (No Agent No Answer) capability for TLDialer / Vicidial. What this does is check if you have any agents live and in READY or CLOSER mode, and if there are no agents available it will ring and then hangup or give a busy signal WITHOUT answering the call. This is useful for Live Transfer Vendors that want to send their calls elsewhere if you have no agents available. Normal behavior of Vicidial is to auto answer all calls and place them in queues, voicemails, drops, etc. This is custom functionality we have developed. We also have a queue log for information as to what happened with this table.
  • Added DID ACCID Installed Script, so we can do this much faster now.
  • Changed Label on User TLDialer Groups to Inbound Groups / Closer Campaigns for clarity.
  • Working on a new Hangup script to overcome some issues found with Vicidials native API Script hanging up wrong lines. We have a dropdown with current connected lines but it is only possible to hangup blind conferences from there at the moment.


  • Fixed a Display Issue on the notification when adding Inactive or Inactive Visible Users.
  • You can now mass edit users to be AoR as well as Max Callbacks and Primary Language, as well as Disable Global Quote tools and Disable Edit Notes.
  • Users can now have “Editing” Notes disabled. This prevents the Agent from editing any note. They can only add new ones. Maybe this will help with those who are doing the wrong thing and trying to hide something? Although the Logs keeps track of every note change done, this method will make it harder for an agent to goof up and not take responsibility.
  • Agent of Record can now have a State Filter applied so they only show up in the proper states.

Dashboard & Reports

  • Added a couple missing links to the Admin Dashboard for Primary Ancillary and Sale Totals.
  • Added Sort by Premium, Primary Premium, Ancillary Premium to Sales Board


  • Fixed an issue with non set statuses in Email and Relay Campaigns.


  • Added new features to the View Log.
    • You can now see where the lead was opened from (How)
    • You now have a full URL and IP Log of where the lead was opened from.


  • Massive Fixes to Mailer
    • Apparently, Bounce, Complaint and Delivery Notifications have been broken for a very, very, very long time, as most people don’t often use the mailer.
    • Improved the Bounce, Complaint, Delivery Notification Performance and Date Logging.
    • Fixed the Opened Pixel to work again & Improved the Open function performance
    • Fixed Unsubscribe Link to show Email in the TO if a lead Email is not present.
  • You can now Mass Email from the Lead Screen. This works similar to the Relay button.
  • You can now have an Email sent to your client when a lead is received via Post, Upload or FTP separately.
  • You can now have a Notification Email sent to you or someone else when a Lead Arrives
  • All Emails require you to configure and use a Mailer Template if you want to send fields with the emails. These templates need some revision in the future.

IVR Surveys

  • If your account is flagged to use the IVR and has a Google API Key Installed, then you can now “Preview” every Setting and Survey Question, as well as Logic Alternative Questions, straight from the CRM! This way you don’t have to go through your entire IVR Survey just to hear how it sounds.
    • You can even DOWNLOAD the recording! We can now use this feature to automatically generate call menus and voicemail recordings for you! It’s super cool! There are many voices to choose from and inflections, etc. can be controlled via SSML right in the text.
  • Updated Formatting on Survey Inputs for IVR.
  • Refactored Fallback Settings Config for IVR Surveys.
  • Got Recordings Working, they are prefixed with ivr- in the filename when they show up. Vicidial handles the mixing, etc, they can be downloaded and played just like normal Vicidial recordings.
  • On successful completion of IVR Survey, now will pass recording_id to the record_id of the policy, and auto verify the policy. The Multi-User editing system takes care of refreshing the policy for the agent.
  • Survey Logic Sets now Support their own Set of Routes! This way you can route around a question that may have no answer if the Criteria is True.
  • Survey is Live and working!

Commissions Received

  • Fixed an issue with commissions received when recalculating to 0.
  • Recalculate all no longer has limit.


  • Fixed an issue when Searching by email for Policies in Quick Search
  • Fixed an issue when Searching by Two Names for Policies in Quick Search
  • Added “Name” + “State” to Quick Search. You can use a Capitalized State along side the name of the person you are looking for.
  • Added Help Icon to Quick Search
  • Multi Checkboxes can now search for multiple criteria by using commas.
    • Example: You want to see FL and CO, normally typing FL CO would only show an item with both FL and CO, now you can do FL,CO and get both!
  • Fixed an issue with Paginate All


  • Fixed a Minor Issue where ServiceObjects would report the Address was Valid, but it was either not, or there was an error saving data into the ServiceObjects resultset. This was preventing the Validation system from moving forward.
  • Fixed another weird case with the ServiceObjects API.