Patch 6.9.11 – TrustedForm, Commissions Received, & More.

TrustedForm Integration

We now have a more solid integration with TrustedForm beyond just storing the certificate in a tracking field. You can now automatically claim TrustedForm certificates within TLD. Please Note: TrustedForm integration does NOT reject leads.

  • TrustedForm API Key can be added under Settings -> Options -> Integrations
  • Each Vendor has it’s own TrustedForm settings in the Data tab.
    • TrustedForm settings for vendors can be Mass Updated!
  • We can accept either a TrustedForm ID, or the full Link to the Cert. In our application, we strip out the URL before the ID, so either works!
  • Once we Claim the Lead, we store the Link Data in Lead Meta, we are working on a way to show that the lead has been validated on the Lead Form itself. We may defer to showing a gold badge on the Field where the Cert was sent in on.
  • If Email Notifications of Errors are configured, then you will get a very detailed email with error reasons, a link to view the Cert Itself on Trusted Form if present, as well as many links to Lead and Vendor Pre Filtered Sections in TLD.
  • The settings work as follows:
    • Claim Trusted Form Certificates 
      • Disabled
      • Claim
        • Claims with No Notifications
      • Claim & Notify Invalid Certificate
        • Only Notifies when a Certificate is Invalid or already Claimed.
      • Claim & Notify Missing Certificate
        • Ignores Invalid Certificates, only Notifies if a lead comes in without a certificate
      • Claim & Notify Missing or Invalid
        • Notifies on Invalid OR Missing Certificate Claim Trusted Form Certificates
    • Certificate Field
      • Here you define which lead field the certificate is coming in on, this can be any of the major tracking fields on a lead. Make sure you coordinate with your vendor where they are sending it.
        • Campaign ID
        • Import ID
        • Import Source
        • Link
        • Page
        • Reference ID
        • Referrer
        • Tracking ID
    • Email Failures To
      • Enter the email address you would like Failure Notifications sent to. You can enter a comma separated list if desired.
      • Notifications come from [SUBDOMAIN ie: TLD] Trusted Form Integration<>

Commissions Received

  • This section has been reworked using the new TQL System. You can generate dynamic reports from this section as well as Save and Load Filters.
  • Totals and Averages have been added for every currency type in the table. Relationships with Policies, Leads, etc. have been created so you can create reports, sort, and query by complex criteria.
  • The Add Commission and Stats Dropdowns should now remember their state, so you can run queries and watch the stats change without having to open or scroll down.
  • When adding, editing, trashing or untrashing a commission entry, the Policy related to it will have all it’s commissions recalculated if a Policy ID is Present. This will reflect on the Policy itself and in the Customers section columns.
  • Added a Recalculate All button to recalculate and update all policies with commissions added.
  • Added a Mass Edit tool to fix up dates, references, etc to make commissions entry faster.
  • Trash button has been changed from X And Checkmark to Trash and Recycle.
  • Stats has been modified to be more compact and also uses TQL, so the queries should reflect.
  • Added new TQL Filters and Filter Tabs that did not exist before.
  • Export now exports the current view, not just everything

Field Sources

We now have a new Field Sources table that allows you to store arbitrary data sets in your account.

  • This Section can be found in Settings -> Fields. Press the “Sources” Button to be taken to the section.
  • You can add, edit or delete Field Source fields. Be careful with Deleting fields as it could cause Data loss if you have a field source set and remove it! Better to hide it than remove.
  • You can import Field Sources via JSON or CSV by pressing the corresponding Buttons
  • Field Names can only be lowercase letters or numbers or underscore “_”. Anything else will be automatically stripped out on upload.
  • Import from JSON
    • You can either Paste a valid JSON Source Text, or upload a .json file for processing. We will validate whether or not the JSON File or Text is valid on upload. An error will be returned if the JSON is improperly formatted or has some other error. If the JSON file is large you will see a progress bar in the bottom left corner of the modal letting you know the upload status.
    • If your JSON File is a Flat Array, do not set the ID or Description field. The only option you should worry about is wether or not to “Set the ID to the Description” provided, which would be the value. If you do not set this, the field ID will automatically be set the the position of the Item in the Array + 1.
    • If your JSON File is an array of Objects, then you can optionally set what the ID and Description Keys are for each Object. You must have both ID and Description set for this to work, otherwise you will get an error.
    • The “Drop Current Entries” option will dump all the field values for the selected field name before uploading the JSON Text or File. This lets you effectively replace them all quickly.
    • The “Update Current Entries” option will attempt to insert, or update the field values based on the field name and the ID. This is useful when adding new elements!

Field Definitions

  • New Table: Field Definitions; which defines all of our fields in the fields table. This allows us to more dynamically generate Menus and Customize Panel Settings in the Fields section. More for us than for you, but good for you too!
  • What can this Table do?
    • Define if the Field has a Panel or Not
    • Define if the Field supports Custom Fields and what ID they start at. (We reserve some numbers for system or future use)
    • Define if the Field support Customizing the field or not (Hide / Unhide, settings, etc).
      • Special: Define if you can change the Name
      • Special: Define if you can change the Description
    • Define if Name support Strict Mode names or not.


  • Fixed a bug where when closing the Transfer Dropdown, the system may not have stopped querying for Agent Transfer Data.

TLDialer Cascades

  • Cascades can now have the List it pulls from manually set after creation. Go nuts!


  • You can now Sync TLDialer Phone and User Data with CRM Data. This will copy current fluff fields to TLDialer if they are different.
    • Fields
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Email
      • Custom2, Custom3, Custom4.
  • You can now Force a Refresh of the Live Agents table to push Ingroups Live when Changed in the Vicidial Panel or by Manual Database queries.

UI Updates

  • Added new Checkbox Method to make the UI Easier to Use. Allows us to use dynamically selected icons, colors and title instead of checkboxes. This lets us make the interfaces tighter and easier to read at a glance.
    • Some Lock fields have been changed to actual locks that turn red when locked, or a black unlocked lock when not locked.
  • Updated TQL Mod buttons to be closer together, and grouped by Type of button. Radio’s will not have a line separating their options similar to the way that the Operators menu works.
  • Lead Pop now Supports Policy Pop. We will be adding where needed in the system.
  • Users Filter now save the open / close state of the filter menu and tabs.
  • Replaced Pulse with Ring Bell, as Pulse was not working. Particularly this is for the Callbacks Button on the Contact Form.
  • Policy Sidebar
    • Added Policy ID to the Top Right of Sidebar Entries with an Icon
    • When a Policy is a Rewrite or Rewritte, this now shows on it’s own line with an icon.
    • When a Policy is an AoR Change, shows on it’s own line with an icon.

Vendors Updates

  • Made it possible to change the Footer Phone Number and Email address by currently loaded vendor on the lead. You can mass Edit this setting too.
    • This setting can be found under Vendor -> General
  • Vendors section updated to look like the rest of filter sections.
  • Vendors now has List Filters for TLDialer.
  • Debug Mode now logs a robust Debug of Memory Usage and Elapsed time in the Vendor Logs.

Products Updates

  • Added Help Sections for General, Field, Ancillary & Visibility Settings. Click the “?” Icon to see it.
  • Clarified Visibilty Settings: Instead of Yes / No the dropdowns now say Visible / Hidden.
  • Products now have a User Group Filter. You can Ban or Allow User Groups from selling a Product.
  • Modified the Policy Matrix and removed an Entire Line from each entry to make things more compact.
  • Reorganized some of the buttons in the Matrix Fields, looking more like TQL Mods for the copy helpers, and moved the “Locked” checkbox to an add on in front of the fields.
  • Added # of the Product as well as the Price ID Generated.
  • You can now “Copy” all settings from another product via Mass Edit. This overrides all other Behavior.
  • You can now “Reset to System” via Mass Edit, this copies the base Products config, if it has one. Reset All Settings clears the setting config instead of replacing it. But it still sort of acts the same.
  • You can now “Create or Merge Into” sections via Mass Edit, this will overwrite whatever is there in a section, but not unset or delete any existing information. This is a good way to Add a checkbox to a section without having to redo each section. 
  • We can clone products now for ease of use, but this is an Omni ability only. Helps us get your products in faster.

Fields Updates

  • Refactored Fields to work with TQL Fields so they are more standard.
  • Clarified Visibilty Settings: Instead of Yes / No the dropdowns now say Visible / Hidden.
  • Normal Lead Statuses can now be Customized. Currently cannot customize order. This is coming soon.
  • Custom Policy Statuses can now be filtered by Current Policy Status. This allows you to create cascading workflows!
  • Fixed an issue with Custom Lead Status Filters for Level. Typecast to (int) was missing.
  • Modified Lead Status Convert Change setting to show 3 options instead of Yes / No. Before Conversion, After Conversion, Before & After Conversion. “Yes” has become “After Conversion” which was the intended Behavior.


  • Added Term Reason to Calls Filters
  • Added Outbound and Inbound Call Date to TLDialer Leads Filters
  • Added Total Users to vicidial_users table
  • Added “Call Day” to vicidial_closer_log and vicidial_log ( Calls ) so you can show and group by Day without Time.
  • More Optimizations to TLD Side TQL, getting Ready for the Explore section.
  • Cleanup of Menus.
  • New Programming interfaces to make code smaller and cleaner.


  • Fixed an issue with Lead Scorecard giving incorrect numbers as it was not summing the total leads properly for larger date ranges where multiple policies existed on a lead.
  • Fixed similar issue with Vendor Performance Report.
  • Fixed an issue with Exporting Call Log when using both inbound and outbound logs. It was not providing headers if the outbound log had no data. Now should check second set if outbound has no headers.
  • ServiceObjects™ Address Validation is now more Lenient. Will not Reject partial match, and will notify what has been updated.
  • Admin123™ on Failed Transaction, the Policy Status will now be updated to Payment Issue. Agents will need to contact a Manager to Resolve and / or Submit again.
  • Fixed an issue with TQL Schema imports. Investigating some alternatives for efficacy.
  • Fixed an issue with Legacy Asterisk Call Log Model.

Prep Work & Coming Soon

We have been laying the foundation for some pretty drastic (but maybe unnoticeable to you!) changes! We are constantly striving to optimize the system, add more features, make “go faster” and optimize our data storage techniques. Here is a sampling of some of the things coming soon!

Automated IVR / AI

Our Automated IVR is almost ready to Launch! This is a Plug into our Survey system which allows TLDialer to function as a full fledged IVR to Speak Text provided by yourself, and then Listen for Verbal responses from clients and decide which question to go to next based on given answer phrases. We are using Google Compute’s Powerful Speech to Text and Text to Speech Engines! The Quality of the Voice readouts is Uncanny and can be modified to perfection with all our new system and survey settings. It also Supports SSML! Next patch will include this module! 

  • In the future, we think we might even be able to speech to text and text to speech with Google Translate in Real time and allow for English Speaking Agents to speak to Spanish Speaking Clients! This is far in the future though but theoretically possible!
  • If you have any ideas how Speech to Text or Text to Speech could benefit your company, please let us know as we are looking for new use cases to harness this technology now that it is working and integrated. Our current use case is automated Verification of Policies.

Explore Section

Explore is our replacement for the base Leads and Customers sections of the CRM (TQL 1.0 -> 2.0) which now support many more filters and options as well as a cleaner layout! We are prepping to get this launched soon! The Explore section will Herald the coming of Patch 7.0

Custom Policy Fields & Custom Lead Fields Rework

Along with the Explore Section, Custom Fields for Policies are coming and Leads are being reworked! The Custom Leads Fields section has been reworked into the Fields Module instead of the Options Module. This will allow us to optimize some data loadouts as well as let us expand these sections a bit more easily. The biggest change is the amount of filters you can select to only show certain fields in certain situations without loss of data. These fields will be Searchable in the Explore update as well! These new Custom Fields will support our new “Meta Sources” section where you can use your own Arbitrary data to create dropdowns and fields for your system! No programming required! Just a little bit of a learning curve to configure and maintain it correctly. 

Other Notable Stuff Coming Up

  • Policy Upload and Sync Tool for Statuses and Data
  • Commissions Uploader
  • Notification System
  • New Menu Types! (BloodHound, Tag Selector)
  • Billing Integration (Similar to Admin123)