Patch 7.0.2


  • TLDialer Live Agents now shows who the Call is in Queue for when it is agent_only ( Agent Direct )
  • Added New Relationship between vicidial_auto_calls agent_only field and user table.
  • NANA – No Agent No Answer
    • Now Supports Transferring after Expiration alongside Busy and Hangup. This allows the phone to “Ring” when an agent is on pause, but still direct to Voicemail if they don’t log in.
    • Now Support Transferring to AgentDirect Overrides instead of just Ingroup.
  • Updated Method to Detect Who is Logged In Via Sockets. Everyone should be default to Sockets. Originally, the Account ID for the User was set based off the User’s account, now it is based off the Currently logged in account. This enables us to use the Socket Method Across accounts with Multi-user capabilities.
  • Call Queue & Direct Queue
    • Added total_direct to both Socket and Non-socket method, which is a count of the AGENTDIRECT calls in queue for the agent.
    • Added queue details back to Socket method so we have details to use later, as well as improved the simplicity and efficiency of the query.
    • Queue Counter will now turn Red when there is an AGENTDIRECT Call for the Agent in Queue.
    • Direct Queue can now create a Popup if configured in TLDialer Settings, letting the agent know they have an AGENTDIRECT Call, and who it is from. This supports Multiple Agent Direct Calls in queue at once. Ask us to Enable this.
    • Direct Queue can now Ring a Phone Ringing sound when the agent is PAUSED and they have an AGENTDIRECT Call, if configured in TLDialer Settings. Ask us to Enable this.
  • We can now remove the Vicidial “Pop” that occurs when a client gets Transferred into your conference. We will be rolling this out as standard for all accounts as it should increase contact ratio’s and prevent people from hanging up once they hear what sounds like a Dialer Transfer.
  • We have replaced the “You are the only person in this conference” with “Welcome to TLDialer. Unpause to get started.”
  • Due to the removal of the Vicidial Pop, On an Incoming Call, Outbound or Inbound, we will play a tone to notify you that your have a call coming in, the client will not hear this tone. Some of you already had this enabled on top of the Vicidial Pop as it was often inaudible or too short for Agents. This will remain the same for those accounts, but still have the Pop Removed.
    • The incoming call sound can be customized, just let us know what sound file you would like to use.
  • We can now send a copy of Recordings to an FTP of your Choosing.
  • Clarified Which Outbounds are Manual vs Outbound Dials in the Logs.
  • We not have an option for a larger TLDialer bar for those with limited visual capabilities.
  • Fix to default user group for mass edit users.
  • Mass Edit TLDialer -> Leads now works properly. We removed ability to change call count as this can cause many problems.
  • TLDialer Hopper
    • This will show you leads currently in the Hopper
    • You can now manually add leads into the hopper from the TLDialer -> Leads screen, with a custom priority. Normally leads go into the hopper as PRiorit 50 or 99 from the Post system, and as Priority 0 from the Campaigns. If you want them called last set the priority between -1 and -99, if you want them dialed right now set it to highest priority, or whatever priority you like.
      • If the lead already exists in the hopper, it will have it’s priority updated to what you selected.
    • Clicking the Leads in Hopper from the Live Agents page should show take you to the hopper and have any campaign filters from the Live Agents page already set.
    • You can now remove leads from the hopper from the TLDialer -> Hopper Page and the TLDialer -> Leads Page
  • FTP Backups
    • TLDialer can now backup your recordings to your own FTP nightly for the previous days recordings. We can also push all existing recordings to an FTP. Ask us to set it up for you!
      • *Note: Pushing all recordings can take some time depending on your rate limit.
    • Supports Rate Limits / second

Custom Fields

  • The new 7.0 Custom Fields now work properly with the Lead Uploader and should allow you to map fields accordingly.
  • Posting Fields should work as well.
  • *Known bug, if your fields aren’t saving, open the vendor map, hit “Save” and it should work again, also make sure the Vendor is set to allow import custom.

Lead Tags

We are finally taking steps towards automation with Lead Tagging. Tagging is a great way to track leads aside from their current status. Tags Normally are not settable by Agents, we make make a special “Tagger” role and Abilities to View, Add or Remove Tags in the future depending on Feedback. The following automation has been added

  • Lead Statuses can be customized to “Add Tag”, “Remove Tags”, or “Drop All Tags” on Press of the Status
  • Vendors now have 4 Multi-Checkboxes for Lead Tags under the Automation Tab. This allows you to add Tags to the Lead on Creation within the following Scenarios.
    • Add Lead Tag on FTP Create Lead
    • Add Lead Tag on Post Create Lead
    • Add Lead Tag on Upload Create Lead
    • Add Lead Tag on Inbound Create Lead
  • Lead Tags Settings are Not retroactive, so you can, for example, have all leads that come in for a month tagged with one lead, then change the tag for the next month for all new leads to be tagged differently.
  • As before, you can also Mass Add, Remove and Drop tags from the leads table
  • You can also filter leads based on lead tags.

Happy Tagging!


  • Added FTP Credentials Meta Custom
  • You can now export field sources a JSON.


  • Found and corrected yet another deep nested bug.
  • Improved system performance and memory usage.
  • TQL Search Boxes should now work! Some just default to primary key search but we are adding more in as we can.


  • Clarified Some of the Uploader Messaging and Tags
  • Uploader now has Filter Select and more robust info on what vendor you are choosing.


  • Fixed a display issue with Terminate date being calculated when the duration is 0.
  • The beneficiaries section now has an “Add Another Beneficiary” button to add another. Beneficiaries by default get 100% of the benfit. If you add a numerical percentage to an additional, it will subtract from that 100% automatically. You can add as many as needed. They will show up before the contingent beneficiary.
  • Added Save buttons in each policy section
  • Moved Copy buttons near save buttons.


  • Minor fix to CSR section, no longer forces all settings even on refresh.


  • Vendors can now have CORS Domain Settings configured when Posting. This allows you to use jQuery or Javascript to post leads into the CRM without that pesky Cross Origin Resource Sharing message.

Commissions Received

  • You will now get an error message when trying to add “First, Full, Last” commission Types if they already exist for a particular policy.
  • When adding “First” commission type, the “Legacy: Paid” checkbox will automatically check itself and it will stamp the Date paid with the date paid on that commission record.
  • When mass editing, recalculations now occur on the policy being edited to, as well as policies that have had that commission removed from them.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Updated to Latest NodeJS