Alexander Conroy

Patch 6.7.5

TLDialer DEAD CALLS ARE BACK! You should now be able to tell when a client has hung up. This plays nicely with Transfers as well. If an agent hangs up the transfer, the person transferred in will be considered a Dead Call and should hang up and then dispo. If the client hangs up during […]

Patch 6.7.4

TLDialer If you are using the Webphone, TLDialer will now use TLDSIP’s DTMF Tones instead of Vici tones, as Vici tones are slow and unreliable. The Dialpad works the exact same way. The Dialpad should be near instant now as you press buttons. The Dialpad no longer hides when pressing buttons. Made a fix for […]

Patch 6.7.3

Dialer Contacts Fixed an issue where Policies were being saved / updated even though they didn’t need saving. This had to do with the new Products Matrix system. Fixed issue with initial load of Unsaved Policies and such being arrays instead of objects. Somehow still worked… TQL EVEN MOAR FASTER! Making use of a new […]

Patch 6.7.2

Massive Speed Improvements Found a way to almost increase the system speed by over 300% Also increased Database query speeds system wide. Uploader Changes You can now upload Lead ID as a Field. This field will only work with Updates. If a Lead ID is used as Criteria, then it will not insert the lead. […]

Patch 6.7.1

MASSIVE PATCH Though it may not seem like it… TLDialer Updates Transfer Agents Table now has a more robust simple query. When a lead comes in that is not in TLD, TLD will now accept ALL data from TLDialer to fill in the blanks, not just the phone number anymore. We do a reverse lookup […]

Patch 6.6.16

TLDialer You should no longer see yourself in the Transfer List Fixed a big bug that prevented the Transfer to Number feature to always call the same number over and over. This should no longer occur. New Pseudo fields have been added to Live Agents Schema to represent wether an agent can be transferred to, […]

Patch 6.6.15

Pricing Matrix Now Live! The pricing matrix is now fully functional. Based on what your agent enters in the policy and lead, it will automatically fill in prices based on your settings if you set them. We have reworked the Pricing Module to enable enhanced options when building your product pricing matrix. Eventually we will […]

Patch 6.6.14

TLDialer Add Users to Ingroups from TLDCRM! It is now possible to add Users to Ingroups while Editing or Adding a user! There will be a Multi-checkbox that will show the currently allowed Ingroups for the user, this list is also filterable for quick searches. When adding or Updating a user, we now automatically upsert […]

Patch 6.6.13

Vendor Lead Posts – Custom Fields Receive Custom Lead Fields You can now receive Custom Fields via Lead Vendor Posting. The Vendors have a new option called “Import Custom Lead Fields” When Enabled, the Post Map will show a mapping section for Custom Lead Fields This will only show custom lead field maps that have […]

Patch 6.6.12

TLDSIP TLDSIP Interface will now show at the bottom left corner of this Dialer screen. When logged into the Dialer, the TLDSIP Bar will disappear. You can call an external number with the TLDSIP Interface, there is no need to add a 9 or 1, they will be stripped and the 9 and 1 added […]