Patch 6.6.15

Pricing Matrix Now Live!

The pricing matrix is now fully functional. Based on what your agent enters in the policy and lead, it will automatically fill in prices based on your settings if you set them.

We have reworked the Pricing Module to enable enhanced options when building your product pricing matrix. Eventually we will be creating some standard sets that can be copied straight from our master table definitions to ease the data entry workload.

We are very excited about this module and how it works we will below give you some basics as to what your agents can expect.

We will be expanding on the agent experience and rules sets in the coming months based on feedback.

The Agent Experience

  • When selecting options, Required fields that have been selected will be highlighted in Green, and those still missing will be highlighted in yellow.
  • Once a product has been fully set, the pricing matrix will use the same “Undo” functionality that comes with multi-user updates. It will be possible to unset the new value to what it was in case this was not desired.
  • Products that have already been set will not be colored green or yellow unless a change has been made.
  • A notification will be given when pricing has been updated due to new selections.

The Admin Panel

The admin panel is complex, but we have made it as easy as we could for data entry and to configure your products. The Pricing Matrix has a series of tools that lets you filter certain permutations or combinations of permutations and copy prices straight down or to all available. This way when you have a certain option where the premium is always the same, you can just type it in once and be done after clicking copy all with a filtered option.

  • If you want a field to be included in the Pricing Matrix you must check off to use in that Permutation Matrix.
  • If you want to lock fields to only the options provided, you must select Lock Field.
  • If no price has been set on a permutation, it will not be autofilled. You can still manually fill this in (as long as the manual fill lock is not checked)
  • If you want your agents to not be able to type in premium, enrollment fee, or admin fee, you can lock these fields in the Options tab.
  • Fields that would normally allow you to type in things like “Deductible” and others, can be locked, which will convert them into dropdowns automatically forcing the agent to pick one of them. If you would like a blank or 0.00 option please make sure to type in 0.00.
  • Some fields are not allowed in permutations, such as Deductibles.
  • When using the Age Permutation, you will be given levels of ages in the permutations, which will change prices based on the age set.
  • Depending on the carrier of the product being configured you may be presented with extra options in the Pricing Matrix, such as Admin123 Benefit ID. This allows us to create dynamic product based codes for sending to third parties via API and the Submit System.

Please note, that the Pricing Module and the Validation Module work in Conjuction. You would still want to set your Product Validations to stop the agent from proceeding before the pricing module takes effect.


  • Fixed a minor issue with the new Policies Report. When clicking an Agent name it was not filtering for the proper agent.

Vendor Stats

  • Added a new way to let your vendors know what is going on with your leads. Now you can choose from different options in the “Stats” column which will give more search and control to the Vendor when looking through their leads. In this case this also works for both Inbounds and Outbounds configured for the vendor, instead of searching through the vendor log. Also includes exportable CSV for the Vendor.

Advanced Leads Grouping

  • You can now group leads by pretty much anything. Coming soon to policies section. The current grouping options section and Aggregate Checkbox has been moved to a Multicheckbox and instead of the Not flag, has a Aggregate Flag.


  • Added 3 second delay between clicking buttons in TLDialer. This prevents the issue with agents clicking too many times and originating too many calls to transfers and the like.
  • Fix for when there are more than 100 ingroups and they were not all showing (Yes, one of or clients has over 500 ingroups! Wow!)


Patch 6.6.14


Add Users to Ingroups from TLDCRM!

  • It is now possible to add Users to Ingroups while Editing or Adding a user!
    • There will be a Multi-checkbox that will show the currently allowed Ingroups for the user, this list is also filterable for quick searches.
  • When adding or Updating a user, we now automatically upsert Available Campaigns and Ingroups into the related user tables, no more having to click save on the user after creating them.
  • If you modify a users ingroups available, it will automatically insert itself into the Vicidial Live Agents table and grant immediate access to that ingroup for that user.
    • In the future, if the agent doesn’t have auto join ingroups set, this will just provide the ingroup as a new option to join instead.
  • Update functions now also always add users into the proper campaign tables in case they have not been added to new campaigns.

Mass Add, Remove, Drop Ingroups from TLDCRM!

  • You can now use the Mass Update Tool to Add, Remove or Drop Ingroups from whole groups of Agents. You can use these functions in conjunction too, for instance you can drop all and add some, or remove some and add some.

Other TLDialer Changes

  • Allowed ability to Manually Assign a TLDialer “User” over our automatic method of creating them via TLD User ID. The Phones extension will match the “User” set, as well when creating a phone along with it.
  • Changed some Defaults for Adding and Editing users and phones. Locked some fields from being edited. (For your safety!)
  • Reworking some original sections to work with new Query system instead. Much more efficient.
  • Found a Possible Bug, where some API Commands may or may not work if API access was not granted on the user. Commands would run, but it seems like some random problems would arise for users without this setting. We are testing this and hoping for good results.
  • Added Voicemail ID as a Immutable Setting on the User edit and creation forms, without this, voicemails would not work (even though they were set on the phone itself).
  • Reworked Transfer List Query to use new Query system instead of custom code previously written.
    • Transfer Groups should still respect campaign settings.
  • Ingroups Available Query now respects intersection of Agent and Campaign ingroups.
    • This will be used to allow people to choose ingroups in the future instead of just auto setting.
  • Made live_agents user unique.
  • Set user_groups user_group field as primary, even though the table has no indexes at all…🙄
  • Added Live Agents Relationship to User Table.
  • Cleaned up DB Param Binds Protection.
  • Reordered cleaning of Data and checking for Missing Params in TLDialer Get, Update and Insert
  • Removed Some Functions
  • Reworked Some Functions
  • Reorganized Functions into a somewhat sane order.
  • Added Data Dash Array Function to deal with Matt’s crazy text arrays…
  • Removed Tabs separating Dialer & Phone from User Add and Edit, this was causing some confusion. They are now simply side by side.


Add All User Info on User Creation!

This one has been a long time coming. It is now possible to add user roles, abilities, groups and other meta on user creation. No more creating the user then having to find it and reopen it to edit.

Other User Changes

  • Reorganized the User Table. Removed Email (and placed as Tooltip on Username). Added “Info” column with icons related to TLDialer such as Ingroups (click for list!), Webphone Enabled and Sockets Enabled.
  • The Add User panel has been reworked! You can now add everything related to a user on creation, including roles, abilities, user groups, and other settings including TLDialer Users and Extensions. No more Adding, then Editing the user. Yay!
    • Yes, this was a loooooong time coming. This was one of the original modules in the system from 5 years ago.
  • Clarified Timezone and time settings by showing their defaults when not set.
  • Removed A1 Integration Settings since it is now part of Admin123 Integration Settings.


  • Added Report: Agent Policy Production
    • The purposes of the report is to allow people to see an Agent Report similar to the Agent Dashboard, but with the ability to seach via Conversion Dates, not just sale dates. This is for call centers that get paid on post dates that are converted today, rather than the day they are posted.
      • Defaults to Date Converted Today
      • Can select specific Statuses if desired.
      • Can Mix and Match Date Converted and Date Sold on the Policy.
      • Each Result will have a link to that specific search for that specific agent and the query parameters provided.


  • Added ordering to Multi-checkboxes to make them more predictable.
  • Fixed a minor notice (invisible) regarding special fields and columns.

Lead Uploader

  • Now, when posting leads, the “source” of the file will be set to either upload, post or ftp
  • An Upload ID will now be Attached to every Vendor Log if it was imported via Upload or FTP.
    • This Upload ID can be used to make corrections if things didn’t go right.
  • You can now Force Skip Relay Send from the Option Panel for all Leads being Uploaded.
  • You can now Force Skip Relay Send from the Option Panel for all Duplicate Leads
  • Added Relay Messages to the Response Column.
  • Added “Response” column to keep the response we get from uploaders, etc. We reused the Third Party Text Field from ages old before we had relays…
  • Removed Third Party Code, as it is no longer used or even in the code of the system.
  • Cleaned up Logging Functions. Much more Dynamic now, will let us do much more with the uploader later..
  • Reorganized the Check-boxes in the Options Dropdown.
  • Added Vendor Name, Upload ID, Reference ID, Progress, Current to the Lead History Section.
    • Reference ID pertains mostly to Error Files, it will let you know which upload it is an error file for.
  • As leads are inserted in the Uploader, they will update the new “Current” field in the Upload List. This will also Update the “Progress” field with how far it has gone.
  • Added new Upload “Types” -1 Failed and 0 Processing. Types will be updated based on what the uploader is doing.
  • Added new_ftp_lead to action logs for filtering.

Vendor Logs

  • Added “Response” to Vendor Logs JSON Output.
  • Added Source and Upload ID Search boxes to Vendor Logs. (Nice for Relays!)

FTP Lead Sync

  • Resolved FTP Firewall Issues. It was CSF…yet again.
  • FTP Sync can now be Run Without documents using the documents_skip flag.
  • FTP Sync can now be Run for a previous Upload that did not get documents with the documents_upload_id flag.
    • You must set this to an Upload ID of a previous Upload. It will error out if it cannot find any records.
  • FTP Sync in the Vendor Tab now has a button you can click to try and run it. Careful!

Error Logging

  • New more robust error logging solution.

Dialer / Contacts

  • Remove Check for Logs and Recordings when no lead present.


  • Fixed Minor PHP Notices in the Menu System.

Patch 6.6.13

Vendor Lead Posts – Custom Fields

  • Receive Custom Lead Fields
    • You can now receive Custom Fields via Lead Vendor Posting.
    • The Vendors have a new option called “Import Custom Lead Fields”
      • When Enabled, the Post Map will show a mapping section for Custom Lead Fields
        • This will only show custom lead field maps that have no vendor filter, or are a vendor in the filter list.
      • When receiving leads on an enabled Vendor, the system will look for a map first. If not found, it will still check for the defined lead custom fields that either have no vendor filter or are in that vendor filter list.
      • The Uploader will also work with Custom Fields. Does not required a pre-saved map.
        • The uploader will ask you to map the possible data points to your custom if you have a “Source” set, which is usually the case with Select Menus that are using another field dataset in the system. The uploader also respects the vendor specific limitations on fields.
      • The Vendor Map is not required for the fields to be posted in, however we provide it so that you can customize it if needed as usual.
      • *If you change your Custom Lead Map Names, it will break any implementation you have with vendors using them, as the reference is no longer valid. The same applies if you add a Vendor filter to a field and forget to set an active implementation, it will filter it out. We recommend not changing Lead Custom Field names unless absolutely necessary. It also will leave your previous data orphaned, as we are checking for a new field reference.
      • If no fields are provided, no lead meta will be inserted.
      • Custom Lead Fields will not insert if the lead does not insert.
      • Custom Lead Fields will insert / overwrite if Update Lead on Dupe is selected in the Uploader.
      • Fields are automatically filtered and cleaned by type set in the Lead Custom Fields section. Changing field types can have adverse effects and leave your data orphaned since we use different columns for certain types. Some types such as Currency and Decimal use the same field and can be changed.
  • Found a bug with system fields in Dependent Upload validation in the uploader / post system. Fixed.
  • Dupes will now correctly print out their dupe Lead ID in the error document, and also show a link in the Uploader Menu so you can open the offending lead.
  • Reduced Server Load on bulk imports by not sending a ping to the Relay system if no relays are configured for the vendor.
  • Total Relays Queued now shows in the Uploader, or a message if the relays were not configured.
  • Set some Defaults to Vendors, and removed some Blank options that should always be set when adding a new vendor.
  • Added Vendor ID to Top of the Vendor Edit Form.
  • Added Import ID to Top of the Vendor Edit Form.
  • Added List ID to Top of the Vendor Edit Form.
  • Fixed a bug specifically with the Language Field in Vendor Validations. Apparently I renamed language to language_id, even though its language in the database, causing some issues and not allowing a disposition when language was required.
  • Reordered the way the dupe checker works, it will now give you the LATEST lead for the criteria specified, and it will give sort by latest converted, then by lead_id. This should get you the freshest, most worked lead as the dupe.


  • Lots of changes to look and feel of products. Redesigned Tabs to make it more clear where you are.
  • Updates to the way Settings works and merges changes.
  • Mass Update Has some new options to pull the settings from the master table if it is configured. You can also reset all settings on specific fields.
    • Settings includes all options besides main product info like name, type, etc.
  • Force Show Fields and Sections per Product
    • New Option to Force Show Fields and Sections for particular Products. This is useful in combination with the Global Hide Fields and Sections under Settings -> Options -> Dialer
    • For example:
      • Sections
        • You can Globally Hide Marketplace Sections
        • You can then Force Show Marketplace Section for a particular Product.
      • Fields
        • You can Globally Hide Life Insurance Fields
        • You can then Force Show Life Insurance Fields for a Particular Product.
  • Pricing Matrix
    • Pricing Matrix can now be enabled or disabled, so you can set up your pricing matrix without effecting your agents.
    • The Front end Section is almost ready for launch.


  • Fixed an issue where user Modifier wasn’t being set on Update.


  • Single Click Login
    • There is now an option to allow Agents to login without choosing a campaign, when they only have one campaign available. Simple clicking the login button will start their TLDialer Session. Ask us to Enable it.

Dialer Action Log

  • Fixed an issue where Custom Fields were showing up as changed every time.

Vendor Log

  • Fixed a minor issue with json display on Vendor Log. Should always be correct now.


  • Lots of changes to look and feel of fields. Redesigned Tabs to make it more clear where you are.
  • Updates to the way Settings work and merges changes.


  • You can now have multiple phone numbers show up per carrier with their own custom labels and transfer types.
    • We made this visible throughout all phases now, not just Verification. This is particularly useful for calling Medicare carriers to determine eligibility while quoting, or customer service after the deal is closed.


Patch 6.6.12


  • TLDSIP Interface will now show at the bottom left corner of this Dialer screen.
    • When logged into the Dialer, the TLDSIP Bar will disappear.
    • You can call an external number with the TLDSIP Interface, there is no need to add a 9 or 1, they will be stripped and the 9 and 1 added automatically.
    • You can call an internal number with the TLDSIP Interface, just dial the number. This is going to be primarily used for Voicemail configuration for agents.

Policy Workflow

  • We found a missing button in the Policy Workflow due to our allowing of negative statuses during the Policy Submission process.
  • We have added the Submit button when a Policy is in Negative status, but has been verified.
  • We have also added some documentation related to policy workflow here: TLDCRM – Policy Workflow

Improved Import Schemas

  • Made some improvements to import Schemas
  • TLDialer Sections should now properly sort, including via imported schema.

Patch 6.6.11


  • TLDSIP Webphone now has it’s own interface.  It will allow you to make generic outbound calls or calls to extensions.


  • Transfer Groups
    • The Transfer Dropdown now respects the Transfer Groups set in the Campaign.
    • It also will show the Ingroup Description instead of the ID now.
    • The Color of the Group Configured in Vici will also show next to the group name.
    • Status Colors will now show next to the agent name they reflect the same status colors you are used.
    • Reformatted the Status and Extension text to show Status @ EXT: # and removed EXT # from Offline members.
      • This made the table a little smaller as more text can fit.


  • Prepping for 3rd Party Integration with IVR’s and Admin123, we have added an API Section that allows you to create API Credentials as well as deactivate them and regenerate keys in case of abuse.
  • This will show up under the Settings section in TLD, Superadmin only.
  • Keys Generate are valid UUID’s
  • Each API can be configured to access certain sections. It allows basic CRUD operations on specific tables.

Admin Dashboard

  • We have added an “Agent First Viewed” report to go along with Agent First Worked. This will show you who viewed a lead first for those agents that load a lead and take no actions.
  • We have fixed the Agent First Worked report to work with the new and old logging methods.


  • Reworked the fields system to work with arrays only and not objects for simplicity and further development.
  • Changed all Checkboxes to be boolean dropdowns.
  • Carriers
    • For Carrier Fields, you can now set colors, this will be used later.
    • You can now set a Carrier Label, Number, and Transfer Method per Carrier
    • If set, during the Verification Stage of a Policy, you will be presented with a button that shows the phone number to call.
      • If Transfer Method is set to Manual it will create a telephone hyperlink. You will have to do the transfer yourself.
      • If the Transfer Method is set to Live, Warm or Blind, it will try to use TLDialer to Transfer. If TLDialer is not active, the button will do nothing but it will still show the phone number to call.
  • Some Changes to Master Edits of Fields (non-client)


  • Reworked Pricing Matrix Copy Codes
  • Removed “Copy Only Text Fields”
  • Reworked the products system to work with arrays only and not objects for simplicity and further development.


  • We now have a Configuration panel for certain carrier product for Admin123.
  • Users can now have Admin123 Credentials set in the Users Tab under Third Party. Credentials can be changed Per Carrier as they are different.


  • Fixed a bug with Uploading Notes. Now should work!

AWS Integration

  • We began laying the groundwork for AWS integrations so we can add out IP Filters to TLDialer servers without having to do it manually. We will be syncing the IP address filters from TLD to these boxes in the future.


  • Created new TLD Schema based off the TLDialer Schema we created. We have begun porting TLD over to the new method as it lets us work on one single codebase method.
  • Solved a major Import issue. We can now import nested Schemas. This gives our column Builder and query system supreme flexibility.

Sales Board

  • Modified sales board to support filtering specific agents.


  • Some fixes put in to help with the new schema layout for TLDialer.
  • The Column Builder now splits the fields based on what table they are from. In the future this will work in Leads and Policies too, but for now only works in TLDialer Sections.
  • For Example in the Live Agents TLDialer Section you will see sections for:
    • TLDialer Live Agent Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent User Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent Lead Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent Lead Status Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent Lead User Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent Lead List Fields
    • TLDialer Live Agent Campaign Fields


  • Cleaned up some log models
  • Moved some Logging Code into the proper model.
  • Fixed a bug with Notes and Dependents logs for add and update

Call Barging in TLDialer

It is now possible to Call Barge in TLDialer.

This feature requires your user to have a TLDialer Webphone configured. It can be done from any Browser and operating system except for iOS Currently, as the WebRTC Connection does not seem to be working. We will try to resolve this issue so you could use an iPad or iPad Pro to monitor your call center.

You should be able to connect from any Windows or Mac Chrome Browser, or Android devices with Chrome running. Most of our code is optimized for chrome so it is your safest bet to use this browser although the system should work in Firefox, Edge, or Safari but we have not tested with these browsers.

When you click on Live Agents you will be presented with 3 buttons. The buttons are larger on Tablets and Mobile devices when in mobile card mode.

Once you click one of the buttons a large button will appear next the the Live Agents title. Pressing this button will disconnect from whatever mode and person you where connected to. If you click another button on another agent, or another mode, you Will automatically be disconnected and placed in the other call. The phone will auto hang up and accept the next call.

When barging or whispering please make sure to disconnect from the agent when you are done or you will continue to transmit background noise.

Button 1: Monitor

This will allow  you to listen in on the agent. It will not prompt the agent or make any noise to notify them you are listening.

Button 2: Barge

This will play a Vici POP noise and place you in the call with the agent. The Agent and the Client will be able to hear you.

Button 3: Whisper

This will allow you to listen in on the agent, and only speak to the agent. The client will not be able to hear you. It will not prompt the agent or make any noise that you are there.

Button  4: Open Lead

If the agent is currently on a lead, this will open the lead. The agent will be notified that you have opened the lead in TLD, as well a sync any changes you make. It should also sync changes the agent makes to your screen as they hit save if you want to monitor their data entry.

*Button 4/5: Hijack:

We found this feature while working in the Vici codebase. We have yet to release it but are experimenting with it as it is an unlisted and undocumented feature in Vicidial. We assume this takes the call from the agent and places the agent on mute but it is currently unverified so we did not push it out. It is easy to implement once we figure out what it does.

Patch 6.6.10

Database Upgrade

We are now running AWS Aurora mySQL 5.7 Compatible DB. This gives us access to some neat Database functions that work well with some of the methods we use in the system, particularly the JSON Data Format!!

Socket Server

Some huge things coming using Sockets technology! This is just the beginning. It is based on the same tech we use for the TLDialer Platform and in fact works along with it!


  • You can now set an Icon for your Filter Menus!
  • You can now set Roles and Abilities to allow the view of a particular filter.
    • We are working on a permissions issue where you could see the filter, but not load the section. This will be corrected later.
    • Note: If a user does not have access to a section such as Leads, or Policies, in general, they will not see filters in that menu as they are assumed to be protected.
      • Your best bet to give access to everyone to a filter without too much trouble is to set it under the My Business section.
  • We removed the [GLOBAL] tag in the Filters Dropdown in place of an actual globe.
  • Private Filters will now show a Lock instead of nothing to make it easier to tell which is private and which is not.
  • Reorganized the Save Filter Section
  • Added hoverover tooltips to Filter Section Labels


  • When editing a user you can now see who created it and also who modified it last.
  • Added the Users Name at the Top of the Editform, as well as User ID.
  • Import ID will show to the left of User ID when Import ID is Set. This is for people to keep track of Users imported from Old Systems.


  • Reorganized the Print Vendor section (Including Email).
  • Now also shows what types each field can be set to on the field itself. Will warn when a type if a system field so the recepient knows they need the ID’s
  • Switched from Tables to List Items. This makes it a little cleaner.
  • By default, we do not show the possible values for each field at the moment, we will make this optional for the print form, particularly for showing lists of vendors, products, etc. Most of the time Vendors would not need this information unless it was a 3rd party sending in full on qualified policies.


  • Fixed a minor bug regarding display.

Agent Performance Report

  • Refactored to take into account the new log methods.


Basic Changes

  • All Checkboxes in the Dialer Screen have been updated to Boolean dropdowns (yes / no dropdowns)
    • This was done due to some updates we are working on for integrations and the socket server.
  • All Asynchronous code has been changed to event driven or Promise based, allowing us to chain together series of functions and reuse them throughout the dialer script. This is being used with the Socket features.


  • The dialer will now no longer trigger saves on the lead, policies, dependents or notes if there have not been updates. This should reduce some of our logging and make the system faster overall with saves.
  • As a side effect, we have modified the way that logging works. Now, policies, notes and dependents get a log for each one that is changed, as opposed to a log for all the records in a section. The “Policy ID” has been changed to a “Reference ID” and a “Reference” column determining the table has been added.
    • The logging changes are backwards compatible. You should still be able to see changes from the previous method.

New Socket Features

  • The Dialer will now notify you when someone else has opened the lead you are currently on.
  • If someone else updates the lead you are on, it will update the form fields on your screen. You can click the Undo button next to the field that has been updated to set it back to what you had set it to in case the change was not welcome.
    • This works with each individual note, policy and dependent as well.
      • We are working on a way to show new dependents or policies added in real time.
  • If someone updates the lead status, the info and sidebar will refresh to reflect the new status.



We made some key structure changes to TLDialer Schemas. This should let us develop even faster and easier in the future.


  • Ingroups listed on the Ingroups Dropdown now show the proper Ingroup Name instead of Ingroup List ID
  • Some Query Optimizations for faster performance. Apparently when using an auto dialer the list table locks, so we avoid querying it until a new lead pops.
    • Removed Auto Dial Query – Not needed. More faster.
    • Removed Phones Join Query – Not Needed. More faster.
    • Remove Lead Query – Now on Demand. More faster.

Live Agents

  • Added Auto refresh Button with Refresh Timer. Defaults to 5 Seconds.
  • Button will go Grey while Active.
  • If your user has a Webphone configured, the webphone will now connect while on this page.

Unqualified Leads

  • Fixed a bug not allowing the disqualification to update the action log properly. Was still working just not logging it.
  • Added a few cases and clearer error messages
    • Note: Leads can only be unqualified on the day they came in! This is just to prevent it from clearing out an old lead.

Call Log

  • The Call Log is now Generally Available with all it’s Relational Data.
  • You can search and Export through the call log.
    • The Limit on the Call Log is natively doubles, because it pulls from both the Log and the Closer Log, so if there are records you will get a mix of both.
    • You can export both as well.
    • closercallid has been renamed to UniqueID to even up the columns
    • alt_dial has been added to the log as UNAVAILABLE for closer_log to even up the columns. This is not a real field.
    • log_type has been added as a psuedo-field as well. Contents from the closer log will say CLOSER and the general log will say LOG
    • By default, due to the large table size, the date search is set to today, you can change this anytime once you load it.


  • You can now see the list of ingroups in the Ingroups section.
  • Currently you can open the ingroup for editing with the link button on the table, but this will open in Vicidial until we get our own panel working.
  • This section works with our Column Builder so you can change columns to see settings quicker than in Vici’s lists.


  • You can now see the list of campaigns in the Campaigns section.
  • Currently you can open the campaign for editing with the link button on the table, but this will open in Vicidial until we get our own panel working.
  • This section works with our Column Builder so you can change columns to see settings quicker than in Vici’s lists.

Patch 6.6.9


  • Block Number added as a Button on the Lead Status Sidebar under Trash
    • This will Block ALL numbers on the lead.
    • Must be Super Admin, Admin, or have Block Numbers ability.
    • Must have a Default Block Filter Group set in TLDialer Options
  • UnBlock Number added as a Button on the Lead Status Sidebar under Trash
    • This will UnBlock ALL numbers on the lead.
    • Must be Super Admin, Admin, or have UnBlock Numbers ability.
    • Must have a Default Block Filter Group set in TLDialer Options
  • Export Data Now Available
    • All sections will now be exportable as we finished the method to get this working.
    • Currently you can Export the following:
      • Recordings
      • Live Agents
  • Fixed an issue with searching for alt_dial exhausting memory on manual dials and preventing dialing out on leads with no numbers in the system. This was only happening on Dialers with large databases, so it didn’t show up in test.

Leads & Policies

  • Fixed an issue preventing multiple numbers search due to the check for removal of dashes.

Patch 6.6.8


  • Added Live Agents to TLDialer
    • This will eventually be more robust than the Real Time Report in Vicidial
  • Created way to inherit nested schemas. (Lots to come from this one!)
  • Removed Lead Upload Button from Recordings (Wasn’t supposed to be there).
  • DEAD calls now properly show as Dead.

Quick Search

  • Made it so that the quick search by phone number on enter or on load of list now will parse a string for a phone number with dashes (10 Digit) and try to load a phone first.
  • Quick search now also searches through phone2 and phone3.
  • The Search box in Leads and Policies now also does the same thing.


  • Fixed issue where Templates popped up regardless of status if set in the vendor.
  • Moved Enrollment Fee, Deposit and Admin fee next to premium since these are key price fields.
  • Added Button when a State is in the NO SELL STATE Option Config. It will also change the Contacts Name to RED and Strike it through.


  • Added Has and Missing icons next to the Operators Button. This will allow you to check for the presence or absence of date fields.
  • Added “Has Dupe by Phone” checkbox to Policies. This will show you policies that have a dupe by phone and different lead ID than the current policy. Useful for cleaning up records (Merge Tool coming soon).


  • Pricing Matrix
    • The pricing matrix is now active and can be used to customize policies and allow only certain options as well as set default premiums, enrollment fees and admin fees
    • You can also lock fields so an agent must fill out one of the options.
    • You can also make it so the agent can or cannot override the premium, etc. If a premium is already set, they will be set to uneditable, but retain their current value.


  • Added Mass Add, Remove and Drop Vendor Validations
  • Reorganized Vendors Tabs. Some have been removed and merged.
  • Converted States Reject, Groups and Validations to Multi-checkbox instead of large list of check boxes.
  • Changed Accept instead of Reject into a dropdown, removing an issue with being able to unset it.
  • Fixed issue with Questionnaire and Multi-checkbox meta not allowing you to unset them all.
  • Fixed an issue with Validations if only one validation was set.

Action Logs

  • Fixed an issue with Custom fields that was constantly showing that changes were made. We now investigate the custom fields object for changes and it will show correctly.


  • Added CC Type to Credit Card Billing fields. Also shows  a neat little icon when set.

Policy Statuses

  • Added 4 new Policy Statuses
    • These Statuses show up during Verification and Submission
      • Pending: Application Mailed
      • Pending: Sent to Client
      • Pending: Awaiting Signature
      • Pending: Carrier Approval
  • Added new Reset Buttons. You must have Unkick, Manager, Admin or Superadmin privileges to do this. This allows you to undo some accidental button clicks. You can find these when available next to the Trash button.
    • Reset to Quoted
      • Shown during Submission
      • Resets a Verified Policy back to Quoted.
    • Reset to Verified
      • Shown when Active
      • Resets an Active Policy back to Pending Submission



Patch 6.6.7

TLDSIP Webphone

  • Our TLDialer Solution now has a build in Webphone. It is now no longer necessary to install the TLDSIP Softphone on a computer once configured correctly.
  • On load of TLDialer the TLSIP Webphone will auto load and auto register based on the users configured credentials.
  • On connect to TLDialer, the TLDSIP Webphone will auto answer and notify you that you are connected.
  • You can now theoretically use TLDialer on any device running the chrome browser. This includes Macbooks, ChromeBooks, and even a Raspberry Pi.
  • Notice that closing the browser window or duplicating TLDialer, or Loading TLDialer in TLDialer will cause issues. Please do not do this. We are looking into a way to prevent the user from loading TLDialer twice.
  • When you first load TLDialer with TLDSip Webphone, the Browser will ask you for access to your microphone. Please click yes! Thank you.


  • Fixed a logic issue with Inbound calls that get routed to other ingroups not saving in the correct vendor. Should now save in the correct Vendor.
  • Added more information when an inbound lead is created
    • list_id
    • source_id
  • Put in some protection against loading TLDialer in TLDialer…currently has a race condition, so we are looking into something more permanent for you fast clickers out there.


  • If you try to create a new contact with a phone number already in the system, you will now get a Popup that asks if you want to load that lead or continue creating the duplicate. If you check the Duplicate checkbox it will create a new lead.
  • Top Right Search now searches the same way the leads section does. Accepts more than just phone number when pressing Enter. It will try to find the most relevant lead. You can search by Phone, First Name, Last Name,  Lead ID or Email.

Touchpoints Rework

  • Touchpoints have been reworked, they also now support dialer_id’s to store dialer_id’s used on the same lead as a conversion point. These dialer_id’s may or may not be part of the same list.
  • Touchpoints are now no longer unique. They can continue to be added to the system. They will be converted and sold based on the policy status. This way you can track all outbound and inbound activities on a Policy aside from purely loading it.
  • When you Press the Sale button, the person pressing it will convert the touchpoint and become the agent
  • When you Press the Submit button, the person pressing it will stamp the date_sold on the touchpoint and become the submitter.
  • Once a touchpoint has converted and been sold, no other touchpoints will be modified until a new touchpoint is established from a different campaign, as it is assumed that you are just doing admin work on the policies and not receiving the lead via a CSR queue or some other queue or inbound campaign.

View Logs

  • View logs have been added to Dialer Logs Panel.


  • Clear Post Date on Submit Option added. We still stamp the action log that this was done to preserve the date and make it easy to find.


  • All services and Services are now running TLS 1.2 as per new Standard required after June 2018.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Styling Issues on Quick Search Tables.
  • Fixed issue with Custom Fields not Saving on New Lead Save.