Patch 7.0.1

7.0 is coming along full force. The remaining issues with the Schemas and Database methods have been ironed out and we should be ready to launch the explore section shortly once a bit of interface work is done.

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TLDialer Updates

  • New Option: Notify Agent when an Agent Direct Call is in Queue. A popup will open if a Call enters an Agents Queue and they are either on a Call, Dispo or Pause, notifying them that they should leave pause to grab the next call as it is Directly to them. The Queue Icon will also turn Red while the call is in the Queue and go back to blue once it either drops or is transferred to the Agent. Ask us to Enable it if you like!
  • Added new VICIDial Admin button in the TLDialer Sidebar.
  • When you click your Name in the Top Right, if you are a manger or higher you will see your Password among your credentials, Click the password to copy it so you can more easily log into the VICIDial Admin Panel. Unfortunately VICI uses PHP_AUTH which requires you to enter in the username and password manually, we are investigating workarounds, but aside from creating a separate script that lives in Vici, we have had no luck after trying Various methods ( Dang you CORS!!!! ) We try not to touch the VICIDial Codebase to keep it pristine and workable for Open Source Releases and Updates.
  • If you are using TLDialer and you Clone a Vendor, a List will now automatically be created based on the Cloned Vendors list but with the New Cloning Vendors List ID, if it has one attached. This is similar to adding a new vendor, just a little more automated.
  • Added Lead List Active to TLDialer Leads Filters.
  • Minor Fix to Vendor Meta. Trimming Values so that we don’t have phone numbers with spaces on inbound_phone causing numbers not to detect and join for easy management.
  • Fixed an Export Bug in some TLDialer Sections.

TQL Updates

  • Fixed an ordering issue with Join Columns by using Hashes. Faster and More Efficient now.
  • Fixed a Join Ordering Issue with similar methodology, also faster and more efficient.
  • Created TQL Debugger to both Log Queries when needed, as well as instantly notify us via Slack whenever a query goes wrong so we can fix it ASAP. THis has allowed us to correct the last few minor kinks during the soft launch.

Custom Fields

  • Lead Post System now works with new Custom Lead Fields including Mapping and Uploads.
  • Custom fields can now be hidden based off of Lead of Policy Data and Criteria.
    • Criteria Includes: Lead Status, Policy Status, Lead Tags, Policy Tags, Vendors, Vendor Groups, Carrier, Product, Plan,
    • Every Filter Option also has an Option to show on a “New” lead, regardless of Filter Criteria.
  • Custom Fields can now be shown or hidden based off of User Roles, Abilities, Levels and User Group Membership.
  • Custom Fields will no longer write to DB if they don’t have a previous value and no values are provided. This will save us some space. If you write to a custom field and then delete the value, it will keep the meta record, but null out the value instead. Yay for saving space!
  • Removed Remnants of Old Custom Lead Model.
  • Disabled old Custom Meta section in Leads, prepping for Explore Section to Launch this Weekend if possible!

IVR Surveys

  • Refactored / Removed Auto-Fill of Values in IVR Questions and Surveys, and show Placeholders instead, making it easier to customize. Why store the data unless we are going to use it?
  • Added More Default Prompts to IVR Presets and Survey IVR Configs.
  • IVR Surveys now have a True Final Fallback for all Options.
  • All Prompts and Options related to the IVR Have Icons Indicating what the Fallback is, and if it is selected.
  • Added Missing Prompts for Resume, Pause and Invalid Entry.
  • Start, Stop, Restart, Reset, Pause and Resume should now all work properly in all cases, this includes while a question is being read and while an answer is being received / spoken by the client. Resuming will repeat the current question.
  • Added a Cleanup Process to the IVR in case of an unfortunate disconnect. Should prevent some Recordings from continuing longer than they need to.
  • Fixed a bug that was not resetting the Total NoVoice Retries, causing them to accumulate and then fail.
  • Added IVR Voice Silence Timeout, which was causing problems as the system could wait infinitely if it did not detect silence. This has resolve most remaining issues along with the retries fix.
  • IVR Fallbacks for Prompts and Settings follow an Order from First Chosen to Last. For example, if you change the Survey’s settings, it will use that value, but if you change a questions setting it will use that value instead. If you have no value set, it defers to the system preferred default.
    • The Fallback Cascade Pattern:
      1. Question
      2. Survey
      3. IVR Preset
      4. System Default
  • Added Some Product Filters to be able to Search for IVR Enabled Products based off a couple different settings: Presets and Surveys Selected.

General UIĀ  Updates and Bugfixes

  • Fixed some Icons on Custom Field Types so they should all show now.
  • Updated to latest FontAwesome Pro Fontset. More Icons!
  • Added Some more Instructions and examples in the UI Help for Multi-Checkboxes. Learn to use them they are a timesaver!
  • Added Ability: View Admin Lead Data
    • This allows a user to see the bottom left panel admins can see related to a lead, who created it, converted it, the vendor, etc. This section is very very ugly and outdated as it was originally used for Debugging information and I had no idea anyone was actually using it.
  • Fixed an issue with Mass Update Products where it wasn’t clearing settings when trying to clear.