Explore Beta

  • We have added Links to Explore section on the top menu next to Customers. This will allow you to play with the Explore Section.
  • Changes WILL Happen in this section we have a lot planned for it, the goal is for these sections to replace “Leads” and “Policies”.

TLDialer – Multi-Tab / Window Fixes

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO REFRESH YOUR BROWSER TOMORROW! You might not be able to dial until you log out and in as we changed some core parts of how we connect to the Dialer sessions.

One of the issues we see most often is Agents who have access to Live Agents report get stuck because the softphone tries to re-register while they are on the dialer. Unfortunately we have no logs to reject registration or even know the phone is registered.  This patch should resolve a ton of those issues using our own custom internal system. This issue was one of the reasons we suspect sometimes caused crossed calls.

  • TLDialer now uses an Instance ID passed to the socket server to identify the primary tab. The Instance ID is removed from the URL so you can’t refresh or duplicate tabs onto it and cause problems with registrations. You should only ever have ONE TLDialer tab at a time, however TLDialer commands from other windows should still pass through such as dispositions and such.
  • Duplicating a TLDialer tab should take you to the New Contact Page outside TLDialer.
  • Refreshing the TLDialer tab should take you to the New Contact Page, click TLDialer to start over again. This is actually a cleaner restart!
  • Refreshing the TLDialer tab will disconnect your phone AND log you out via timeout or the next time you click the TLDialer Tab.
  • The Live Agents Page will no longer load the Webphone while you are already in TLDialer.

Everything looks mostly the same but we have solved this really irritating technical hurdle due to browser limitations.

TLDialer – Vendor Sources

  • You can now see the following:
    • Reset List Button.
    • List Active / Inactive.
      • Pressing the Button will Toggle the List On and Off.
    • Total Leads in the List.
    • Total Leads Callable Leads in the List. This does NOT mean Dialable based on your campaign settings. Just that the Called Since Last Reset is set to No.
    • Total Leads in Hopper.
  • TLD Reset Lists now respect the new Vici Feature: Daily Reset Limit and will also show you how many times it has been reset.

Custom Fields

  • Custom Dependent Fields have been added, they work like the rest of them do.

Contact Form

  • Added Calculate Annual Income on the Annual Income field. Press it and it will do the hard maths for the arithmetic impaired. This is useful for putting the Monthly Income and Calculating it into Yearly.
  • Added Custom Dependent Fields into Dependents.
  • Added Options in Settings -> Options to remove Trash for Agents ( under level 30, includes Fronters ).


  • You can now see if a lead has Callback set on the Contact form. There is a little ICON next to the Lead ID / Current Status Button.
  • Agents cannot see other peoples callbacks, but you can give them that ability with “View Lead Callbacks” ability.
  • When you disposition a lead, if you have a callback set for that current day, it will auto complete the callback and any expired callbacks so you don’t need to remember to hit the checkbox.
    • Please do not hoard Callbacks as “Expired” This is no longer possible due to this change, you should be rescheduling and organizing your future calls.

TLDialer Leads

  • Added Area Code Filter.
  • Resets now Respect List Reset Max in Vici.

TLDialer Recordings

  • Added Area Code Filter.
  • Added Length in Seconds Filter.

TLDialer Calls

  • Added Recording ID Filter.

TLDialer Dispositions

  • Added Explanations to Special Statuses: DISPO and WAITTO
  • Changed Y / N Columns to Checkboxes and X’s with color.


  • New Validation Option: SSN Must be 9 Digits.


  • Fixed a Bug on Lead Documents where it was always showing the current date as the date uploaded.
  • Changed Group By in Call Logs to CloseCall ID instead of Unique ID.
  • Added City of Birth to Vendor Post Fields
  • Updated Admin Reports to reflect Stages for Sales instead of Statuses.
  • Fixed an issue with Scripts that loaded on Lead Open not replacing text. Works now!


  • Added Dependent Fields Menu
  • Added Explore Menu
    • Added Leads Menu
    • Added Policies Menu

In the Works!

  • ESignature Generator and Signing system.
    • Digital Signature
    • Use Finger for Signing
    • Auto Generate PDF
    • Track Location, IP Address, etc. for legal purposes.
  • SMS with our Carrier to Text Leads in Real Time.
  • More Commissions Modifications.
  • Multiple IVR Survey Options / Chooser.
  • SalesForce TLDialer Connector.


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