Patch 5.0.1

New Features

  • Insured Premium (Field Existed, was not on Lead Form).
  • Insured Carrier (Select what Carrier the current lead has).
  • Insured Intent (Does the insured intent to keep or switch their insurance).
  • NOT Checkboxes on lead Multi-checkbox fields. Allows the user to select which items are NOT in a specific selection.
  • Added NOT Checkboxes to some fields in Policies. More to be added.

Patch 5.0

User Abilities

There is now a section on the User Permissions called “Abilities” which is split from roles.

Abilities allow for fine grained permission in the system.
  • Verify” allows an agent to self Verify and Submit policies. This does not allow them to cancel them.
  • Cancel” allows and agent to Cancel policies. It does not allow them to Verify or Submit them.
  • Upload Documents” allows the agent to upload documents to a policy.
  • Send Mail” allows and agent to send the welcome email, otherwise the mail button will not show.
  • Set Vendor” allows an agent to set the Vendor from a list of “Agent Selectable” vendors.
    • A Vendor must be configured as “Agent Selectable” to shows in the list of Vendors for an agent with this permission to use.
    • Set Vendor ONLY WORKS on creating New Lead that has not been automatically created by an Vendor with an Inbound Number set.
  • “Change Vendor” allows an agent to set any vendor regardless of status and “Agent Selectable” both when creating new leads or modifying them.
    • Vendors with an Inbound Phone creating new leads will still create the lead based on the Vendor settings. It can then be edited afterwards with this permission.

Mass Update

Vendors and Policies now have new mass update features for some popular fields. Be careful, there is no undo.


The following lead fields were added:

  • County,
  • Contact Preference
  • Language

Changing Columns and Sorting

The lead section now allows you to change columns as well as sort data. We will be adding these features to all Policies sections in the next patch.

The change columns button can be found under filters.

Sort By and Sort Order can be found in the leads section.


The following policy fields were added:

  • Application Number
  • Date Paid
  • Date Reactivated
    • This now gets set when the “Reactivate” button is pressed.
  • Reactivator ID
    • This now gets set when the “Reactivate” button is pressed.

You can now search by Date Paid and Date Reactivated. The Boolean Paid checkbox has been added to the “All” table.

Search by Policy Number and Application Number is now possible as well.


Vendors can now be listed as “Active, Inactive or Inactive Visible”, similar to users.

  • Inactive visible will still show when modifying leads soas to not accidentally remove Vendor data.
  • Inactive Visible will show on Filters throughout the system, Inactive will not.
  • [INACTIVE] has been added to labels for both Inactive and Inactive Visible vendors

Patch 4.98

  • Options
    • Options menu switched to Radio Dials for ease of use.
    • Hide Client Menu Option for those who don’t want certain tabs.
    • Agent of Record Added as Option to Policies (As opposed to selling Agent, to help determine who it is written under)
    • Bill Me Later on Policies can be Hidden
    • Paid on Policies can be Hidden.
    • Suspended and Suspended Ready for Resubmission in Post Dates Section can be Hidden.
    • Marketplace on Policies and Filters can be Hidden.
    • Marketing Opt In’s on Leads can be Hidden.
    • Policy Name on Policies can be Hidden.
    • Option to show Product Description or Name in Dialer Policy Menu.
    • Option to choose the order of Scripts and Rebuttals (A-Z or Z-A)
    • Option to Hide Certain Negative Policy Status Buttons.
    • Default Inbound Vendor Added.
      • This allows you to choose where inbound calls go to as opposed to just general leads made in the system using the “New” button. It is meant to be used in conjunction with our VOIP Inbound System when the inbound number is not assigned to a Vendor.
  • Products and Fields
    • Can now be filtered by Visible or Hidden to System, Agent or Upline.
    • Now properly respects Menu Order, then Alphabetical, except for duration which follows numerically from 1 month to 1 year+
  • Templates
    • New Template Types:
      • Fronter Scripts
      • Fronter Rebuttals
      • Can only be seen by those with Fronter Permission.
    • Scripts and Rebuttals can now be opened in a different window with a link icon next to it’s name.
    • Scripts and Rebuttals now support images, they default resize to the size of the current window or the popup window. Contact us if you need to host some images.
  • Users
    • User Carrier Data
      • When a particular carrier is set, it will show Label: Value under the policy as a notice to verifiers or other agents regarding this particular carrier.
    • Agent of Record
      • Check this box if you want an Agent to show up under Agent of Record if you are using the option. Other Agents will not show up. This is to make the menu smaller than the entire list of agents.
    • New Meta: Primary Language
      • Also shows on user list.
    • New Meta: FFM ID
    • New Meta: NPN
  • Vendors
    • Load Delay
      • For use with Inbound Vendors, especially live transfers. This will prevent the system from creating a lead on an inbound call and keep searching for something being sent to that vendor from a Live Transfer companies. It will try X times every X seconds based on what you set it to.
  • Dependents
    • Exclude from Dependents added so we can properly calculate beneficiaries.
  • Policies / Clients
    • Added phone number column to Payment Issues.
    • Stats
      • consolidated into a dropdown.
      • Now shows Beneficiaries.
      • Split calculations between Primary and Ancillary Products.
      • Shows Subsidized Amounts
    • Include Notes
      • Allows for a data dump of each note with it’s attached policy for reporting purposes. This will duplicate policies as each policy will have a list of notes attached duplicating each policy times the amount of notes on the policy. Because notes aren’t attached to policies and are attached to leads, some notes may not reflect a particular policy though they will always refer to the primary lead.

Patch 4.95

  • New Lead Fields
    • Fields have been added to Vendor Mappings and Relay Mappings as well as show on the dialer screen under Contact.
      • annual_income (number)
        • Fixed ACAExpress Integration to use Annual Income.
      • newsletter (checkbox) used to mark the client has opted in for a newsletter
      • marketing (checkbox) used to mark the client has opted in for other forms of marketing (email etc)
    • Newsletter and Marketing are both searchable in the leads section.
  • New Policy Fields
    • points
      • This must be enabled under “Options” under the section “Points System”
      • Points are arbitrary. The sales board will soon use points if desired.
    • max_out_of_pocket (coming)
    • coinsurance (coming)
  • New CSR Fields
    • You can now select a CSR Agent if you are a Manager or higher.
    • CSR Agents can search for their name or other CSR agents to sort through their requests.

Server Upgrades

Our servers were updated and maintenance performed on 10/26/2015 to increase performance and add new features.

Patch 4.90

  • Document Uploader
    • You can now attach documents to individual policies (To Contact / Lead coming next)
    • Documents can be downloaded after uploaded.
    • Documents can have descriptions.
    • Max 10mb Files
    • File Types Accepted: pdf|doc|docx|xls|xlsx|zip|7z|rar|jpg|jpeg|gif|png|bmp|txt|tiff
    • Files are stored on our server securely and backed up nightly. There is no direct access to files you must go through the CRM.
  • Pending Approval
    • There is a new status called Pending Approval that will show up if the option is checked in the Options section. This will appear after Submissions.
    • Pending Approval Customer section coming next patch
  • Marketplace Welcome Email
    • You can configure an alternate Welcome Email for the Marketplace in the Options Section. It will appear near the latest Welcome Email.
  • Marketplace Tools
    • We have added a document tracker for Marketplace sales. Once Marketplace is selected you will be able to check boxes to determine which documents are remaining or needed.
    • The Customer section has been updated with options to search for present or missing documents individually or in any combination.
    • The Marketplace section has it’s own well once marketplace is selected for future Marketplace tools.

Run your Live Transfer Health Insurance Leads Business through TLDCRM

Sell your live transfers through TLDCRM!

We make integration between your lead sources and clients easy and transparent, from our relay system to our reports, tracking charges, expenses, and costs has never been easier. We’re here to let you focus on selling your leads in real time as they come in, or as live transfers with the push of a button.

  • TLD CRM’s Relay system does all the heavy lifting.
  • Clients can’t sell in certain states? Relays are configurable to send only to applicable states!
  • Automatically pass your inbound leads straight from your vendor or landing pages to our system and then immediately to one or multiple clients.
  • Use any Dialer in conjunction with our phone system to pass calls seamlessly to call centers throughout the world.
    • Attended (Warm) Transfers
    • Blind Transfers
    • Custom Solutions
  • Track how much you need to charge your client by setting a price per relay and utilizing our ever-evolving reports.

Patch 4.75


  • You can now see your Relays under Settings -> Relays, Relay Logs and Relay Mappings
    • You can not edit active relays unless deactivating
    • You can not add active relays, it will default to inactive when adding.
    • You can not clone relays
    • You can not activate relays
    • You can deactivate relays
    • You can edit mappings to set prices and phone numbers. (Be careful what you touch!)
  • Added API Keys and Public Flag to Relays
  • Relays now have public links that allow searching and exporting for clients.
  • Relay Report
    • The relay Report is in Reports under Outbound -> Relay
  • Dialer Interface
    • On load of the dialer, or change of the state checkbox on the lead, it will hide Relays that has states checked that don’t match the lead.
  • Coming soon
    • If there is one or more states selected in a relay the relay will scrub out the lead and give an error. (Requires Relay system update)


  • Mailer and Relay report have been grouped under “Outbound” until we can think of a more clever name.


Patch 4.70

Recordings Section added.

  • Search by date, as well as phone number or extension


  • Added Integration Fields:
    • Phone / Transfer Number
    • Max Monthly
    • Max Daily
  • Modified Dialer Integration
    • Shows only Buyer Relays
    • On Change of Relay, shows / hide button with phone number and TEL: link to call on click via TLDSIP or Zoiper. You may call before or after relaying the lead.


  • Added “Budget” field to Leads
  • Updated Dialer, Vendors, Relays


  • Accounts now can and will be disabled for non payment. You will not be able to log in if your account is disabled.
  • Accounts now have tiers
  • Accounts have new fields added regarding pricing and plans. These will be visible to clients in a future patch under a “My Account” section for administrators only.

Patch 4.60

New Features

  • Added “Policy Name” to policies. This is a text field. It is useful for sending e-mails to clients about their product but wanting to show a different policy name than the official names in the system. It is usable in templates as {policy_name}
  • Product Public, or Public Name is a field you can use to show clients a different name for a particular product. You can customize this in the Products section. It is usable in templates as {product_public}
  • Added Hide Cancelled Policies into Options. This makes it so the agent cannot see their cancelled policies on their dashboard to improve morale.
  • Allowed manual override of cancel dates.
  • Added Maximum Callbacks Option.
  • Added Policies Paid Checkbox


  • Changed way ON and OFF buttons work in Options. When it is on it is now green and says ON. when it is off it shows red and OFF.


  • Unkick was setting to “Submitted” instead of “Quoted”. Now sets to “Quoted” and removes kicker ID.
  • Lead Vendor Scorecard now shows % * 100 for Conversion Rate.
  • Callback Default # (When not configured) had an error.
  • Query error fixed for policies when introducing product_public

Patch 3.22


  • Download as WAV for Recordings.
  • Downloads Passthrough system (private) instead of serve from subdomain (public).
  • *Recordings domain will be removed soon.

Posts and Uploads

  • Fixed issue with Dupe Check inside Vendor.
  • Added Upload Table to record Uploads to keep track of data.
  • Standardized error and processed filenames for Uploads.
  • Processed uploaded files can be downloaded with date, information and who uploaded.
  • After Upload, any errors and dupes now create an error file that can be downloaded along side the processed file.
  • Files are downloaded via passthrough (not public).


  • Mailer Logs now show Open Date
  • Mailer Campaign Performance Report (With Open Rate!)
    • /reports/mailer
    • Tracking Pixel was installed about a Month ago. Older emails won’t have the pixel.