Patch 6.3.5

New Lead Fields

  • Middle Name
  • Email2

These fields can be disabled under Options -> Dialer -> Hide Lead Fields

New Dependent Fields

  • Middle Name

Product Filter Change

  • For ease of use, the Carrier now shows next to the product in Policies section as well as the uploader.

Uploader / Lead Post Changes

  • You can now upload policies in the Lead Uploader.
    • Policy fields that require an ID number in the system will prompt for you to map the possible data found in the document to system fields.
    • As you map the fields it will remember what you mapped per vendor. However, if your CSV file has data that hasn’t been mapped it will not let you proceed until you map it.
    • If you do not map a Carrier and Product at minimum, policies will not be saved so you cannot process the upload.
    • If certain rows have missing Carrier or Product it will not save that policy but will still upload the lead. An error will show on the uploader page.
    • Black fields do not need to be mapped.
  • We have added the ability to send date information in posts and the uploader as well so you can set fields like Date Created, Date Converted and more.
  • You can assign users with your posts (numeric only) or via mapping the fields (uploader only)
    • Technically, if you have a mapping saved for a vendor, and the data is the same from the post source, it will use that map to process the data. So if you have mapped AgentFirst, Agent Last to an agent in the system, and you pass in AgentFirst, AgentLast via post, it will map out to the Agent’s ID. This may be more complicated and require a call to support to setup.
  • You can now technically upload multiple vendors under one mapping in the Uploader by passing the Vendor ID field. Vendor ID Field will require a map.
  • Lead Uploader Status got a Rework. You can now see more detailed information as to what’s happened to the uploads as they go, including links to open the leads and even how many policies, notes or dependents where added or attempted to add and which where successful.
  • Notes got some attention too! You can now upload CSR request notes, as well as modify all the different information within a note including dates.