Patch 6.3.7

Emoji Support

You can now customize fields with Emoji’s! Add Emoji’s to your status descriptions to make them stand out for your agents!

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Lead Status Converson

Lead Statuses can now be customized to Convert on any status, including custom statuses. The unconvert button will remove the conversion but not change the status unless.

Nested Quote Tool Links

  • You can now group your quote tools by “Group” which will show as a Dropdown. Icons have been added to links to show wether they are global or custom. Global shows as a lock icon, and custom shows as a box with an arrow in it. Groups will show with a dropdown button. Both Custom and Global links can be organized into groups. Groups are Case Sensitive, so please make sure to use the same cases!

Custom Statuses

  • Custom statuses can now be filtered by Vendor. So you can show certain statuses for only certain vendor leads. If vendor filters are set the custom status will not show up on the form for “New Contacts”.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to add extra fields not in the primary tables of TLDCRM. You can choose a type of field, section it will show in, and specific filters depending on if it is a lead or policy field to show or hide. This is useful for gathering specific information you don’t normally need, or for adding additional fields for certain campaigns. Fields always show at the bottom of a selected section. The order can be changed by dragging and dropping a field above one another. Fields types set to “Select” or “Multi-checkbox” require a source table to pull data from. All possible sources are shown in the dropdown.

  • Field Type
    • Various different types of fields are supported. Currently “file” and “image” do not work. Will be implemented at a later date.
  • Field Name
    • Must be lowercase and use underscores instead of spaces. The system will take care of this for you.
  • Field Label
    • How the field shows up on the Dialer form.
  • Field Source (For multi-checkbox and Select Menus)
  • Vendor Filter
    • Makes the custom field only show on certain vendors. If set will not show on “New” leads. But will show on auto generated leads from inbounds if it is configured ot that vendor.

Coming Soon: Search and Export custom fields.