Patch 6.3.0

User Licenses

You can now add User License information for Health and Life into the CRM.

  • This can be found by Editing a user and pressing the Licenses Tab.
  • You can set the License Number, State, Date Originally Effective and Date Renewed.
  • You can also attach a file to the license.
  • You can edit the licenses and even reattach files in the table provided. Just make sure to press the blue save button when you edit a license.

Health Insurance Innovations (HII)

  • We have almost completed our TLD / HII Integration Quote and Processing Tool.
  • There are now special fields for HII when editing HII Products.
  • There are now special fields for HII under Third Party when editing users.
  • There is a HII Config Panel in Options, currently hidden, that will provide details how to integrate.
  • The Integration will allow you to quote directly from the CRM, without having to manage links, or go to any different websites to fully quote, submit and verify your policies.
  • It will even take care of Add Ons and linking them to Primary Policies.


  • Documents now preserve a 2nd set of references and ID’s.
    • examples:
      • Policy documents now have lead as the other_reference and the lead ID attached. This is for future use. Documents will be updated accordingly.
      • User Licenses have the user and user id as the other_reference and other_id.
  • Documents now allow for duplicate file entries.
    • duplicates will be appended with -duplicate-timestamp
      • ex:
        • file1.png
        • file1-duplicate-12234543.png

More Hidden Fields

  • You can hide even more fields from the Dialer now in the Options section.


  • Added Logic tags to Templates.
  • Added more standardized Fields to Templates.


  • Fixed issue in Product section where filtering for visible or hidden wasn’t working properly.