Patch 6.2.7

More Events Changes

  • Events now support Daily and Weekly Recurring Events.
    • You will be given the option to choose a time begin and end for both of these events.
    • Weekly Events can be set on a specific day of the week.
      • Create multiple Events for different days, this will preserve reporting abilities.
    • You will be able to choose a date to schedule the person for the event. The calendar will limit itself to the day of the week in the future.
      • The Schedule date will automatically update itself based off the time of the event and the date scheduled.
    • Setting a One time event removes all time and weekday data.
    • Setting a daily or weekly event removes all one time event data.
  • Added Attendees, Guests and Total Attendees to Appointments Table.
  • Added filter to show Events with Attendees or without.

Notes & CSR’s

  • You can now search through notes and CSR’s in the leads section. You do not have to click show notes, the system is smart enough now to know when you are searching for notes and will auto join the notes table and show the data when needed.
  • CSR and Note Search fields have been added to the filters.
  • *Upcoming: CSR sections will be updated to use lead data instead of policy data which will prevent duplicate CSR’s from showing, or just best guessing the policy in the table.

Leads and Policies Contact and Medicare Filters

Standardized some of these search fields.

  • Contacts
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone
    • Phone2
    • Phone3
    • Email
    • City
    • Zipcode
  • Policies
    • Group
    • Terms
    • Current Term
    • Premium
    • Enrollment Fee
    • Admin Fee
    • Deductible
  • Medicare
    • Age from Medicare
      • Now has Upper and lower limit (optional)
    • Dependent Age from Medicare
      • Has Upper and lower limit (optional)


  • Added more filters
  • Organized Filters into sections similar to leads section.
  • Added Guests field.


  • Added “Change Cost” to system. Allows users to Change Cost of a lead if needed.

Pending Payments

  • Added Plan to filters.
  • Added Date Interrupted filter.


  • Fixed issue with Dependents Search