Patch 6.2.8


New Dependent Fields

Dependents are getting some love! We added a ton of new fields for dependents in this patch that start making dependents feel a lot more like leads. Soon we will have an option to turn a dependent into a lead using the lead or dependents data that has been entered so you can save time creating policies for other peoples dependents should they need them. We will preserve a link to this lead on the dependent as well!

  • New Fields
    • Phone
    • Phone Type
    • Phone2
    • Phone2 Type
    • Phone3
    • Phone3 Type
    • Email
    • Email2
    • Medications
    • EMPI
    • MRN
    • Language
    • PCP Name
    • PCP Number
    • PCP ID
    • PCP Office
    • Medicare Claim Number
    • Medicare Part A
    • Medicare Part B
    • Medicaid Number
    • Medicaid Level
    • Enrollment Eligibility
    • Lead Address(means address is same as primary contact)
      • Address
      • Address2
      • City
      • State
      • Zipcode
      • County
      • Country

New Lead Fields

No more sending texts to landlines! You can now select a phone type along with the phone number.

  • New Fields
    • Phone Type
    • Phone Type 2
    • Phone Type 3

New Dependent Fields

  • Enrollment Eligibility
    • This is to keep a history of what the enrollment eligibility was at the time of the policy.
    • New Enrollment Eligibility Types
      • Underwritten
      • ICEP
        • Initial Coiverage Election Period
      • IEP
        • Initial Election Period

RSVP Events Updates

  • Events can now be searched by Zipcode. This disables the search by the leads address information and relies on an internal Zipcode Longitude / Latitude database to find nearby events. It still takes into consideration all other search filters including distance. This should make it easier to find events near a client that does not have or will not give a location.