Patch 6.2.9 – Relay Campaigns

Relay campaigns are now live! This opens up tons of possibilities for manipulating and moving data from the TLD System to dialers, SMS, brokers, buyers and more!

Relay Campaigns

  • Mailer Campaigns have been merged into “Campaigns” which now work for both mail and Relays based on the same set of parameters.
  • You can choose a Relay to send the data of the lead instead of an email template.
  • Relay Queues have been created for the system to pick up relay campaigns when they find qualifying leads for the search.
  • Relay Campaigns allow you to filter your leads by particular date criteria as well as other filters like state, vendor, status and more to create robust remarketing campaigns.
  • Example Uses of Relay Campaigns:
    • Send Data to a Lead Buyer if you haven’t converted or contacted leads.
    • Send Data to a SMS to Leads or Policies in certain statuses to remind them to renew their policies, contact the company, or send a happy birthday note.
    • Send Data back to your Dialer to call leads you haven’t contacted with a new priority.
    • Send Data back to your Dialer for renewals.
    • Send CSR’s to your Dialer for followup. *requires some more modifications per request
    • Send Callbacks to your Dialer for automated callback followup *requires some more modifications per request
    • Send Data back to your Dialer to call for surveys or check on them at certain intervals after the sale.
    • Send Data back to your Dialer to call for verification, post dates and more.
    • Send Data to a Data Warehouse for storage purposes or reporting.
    • And more! We are looking for feedback on new ideas on how you can use this new system to your benefit!

PHI and PCI Fields

  • We implemented a new method to deal with PCI and PHI Data.
  • Verifiers and Above have access to PCI and PHI Data on the Dialer Screen. as well as those with the “View PHI Data” and “View PCI Data” respectively.
  • Once a Sensitive field has been entered and saved, it will grey out and two icons will appear: edit and delete.
  • If a user doesn’t have permission to view this data, it will appear a starred, some fields have 3 or 4 of the last digits showing.
  • If a user edits a starred field, it will show a blank box in it’s place, expecting the user to type in a new value. If the user types nothing, it will not save or delete the data.
    • Those who have access will have the field auto filled in so they can just edit it.
  • If a user pressed the delete button it will set the greyed out field to blank and remove the data from the edit field.
  • Once the delete button has been pressed, you can undo this delete if you have NOT YET SAVED THE LEAD, by pressing the recycle icon. After pressing saved the data will be lost.
  • This fix solves the issue of Chrome and other browsers auto filling in passwords when we where hiding the data as a “password” field.


  • The following fields can now be searched as a range.
    • Premium
    • Enrollment Fee
    • Admin Fee
    • Deductible