Patch 6.2.10

Scripts and Rebuttals

  • You can now toggle on Scripts and Rebuttals for Policies. They will show up under the Save Button in every policy.
  • You can find the setting in Options -> Dialer -> Script and Rebuttals on Policies
  • Scripts and Rebuttals on Policies will auto fill policy information as well as lead using the fields shown in Templates.


  • Updated to show all Lead and Policy fields.
    • *Fields match what is exported.

Primary Policies

  • In order to solve the issue of bundled and add on plans, we have now made it possible to set a Primary Policy on a Policy.
    • This will allow you to select the primary policy based on any other policy on the contact that does not itself have a primary policy.
    • Searches have been added to look for Primary Policies as well as Ancillary policies.
    • Searches have been added to find Policies with Ancillary policies attached.
    • This is not to be confused with Primary and Ancillary Plans. Plans are a product level categorization that can still be used to search.
    • More will be coming on the use of this new feature as we modify reports and other sections of the system to take it into account.
  • Search filters have been added to find Add on / Ancillary Policies
  • UI in Dialer has been updated to show if the product is Ancillary or Primary (x Ancillary) in the top right tab.
  • Info section in Dialer has been updated to show if it is a Primary or Ancillary and the related ID’s
  • Exports for Policies will show Ancillary count when searching for primaries or ancillaries.

Policies Filters

  • “Others” section
    • This section allows you to search by “Other” policies connected to the same contact.
      • This is useful for looking at policies sold alongside other policies. You can filter by plan, product status and more.


  • Callbacks can now be assigned.
    • You must be a manger or higher, or have the “Assign Callbacks” permission.

Admin Dashboard

  • Now shows States in policy lists.