Patch 6.3.8

Embedded Products

You can now embed products with fixed premiums and enrollment fees to go alongside a primary product. These will be set as ancillary automatically to the product being quoted. If you are using this just to track products that already have their price bundled in, then you can leave the premium blank. All other data from the primary policy will be copied (only on creation) to the rest of the ancillary products. This includes billing information and dates as well as the agent sold, etc. This is useful to use with the new Auto Quote / Verify / Submit settings as you can have the product added at any point of the sales process, and then it can keep in sync with the primary.

Auto Quote / Verify / Submit Ancillary Policies

It is now possible to select, per product, that any ancillary products get automatically quoted, verified or submitted along with the primary policy.

This makes it so that the ancillary products stay in sync with the primary, and so the agent only has to quote, verify or submit the primary policy and avoid clicking the buttons on the rest of the ancillaries. This is especially useful for products with 2 or 3 ancillaries.

Send Relays

Now supported in the following sections

  • Appointments
  • Callbacks
  • Favorites
  • Relays Logs
  • Vendors Logs
  • Mailer Logs

Policy Calculations Section

All policy calculations (except marketplace) have been moved to the Calculations section just under the Primary Policy Data. This section can be hidden, as well as any calculation fields that show up by going to Options -> Dialer -> Hide Policy Fields

We have added the following calculations to work with the new Primary / Ancillary Policy system.

  • Total Monthly w/ Ancillary
  • Total Initial w/ Ancillary
  • Total Ancillary Policies
  • Total Ancillary Premiums
  • Total Ancillary Enrollment Fees
  • Total Ancillary Admin Fees

This will help to make sure all your policies equal out. It works well with the embedded policies feature. It will allow your agents to make sure, if premiums are included in a Primary, that the math adds out to the total amount if ancillaries also have a premium set. You can still opt to put the premium information as blank just to track total ancillaries sold, but if you are able to also mark the premiums then you will get accurate reporting on where your premiums are coming from, broken down.

Action Logs

  • Fixed an issue where Manual Insert (new leads) where not inserting an initial status making it impossible to untrash, undnc or unconvert if the first action was not a convertion, trash or dnc status. We are now logging this information correctly.
  • Made sure that policies created by automation have an initial status logged in the system for similar reasons.

Admin Dashboard Changes

Now shows Primary and Ancillary Totals and Calculations for Period as well as In Range.

Moved In Range to the side next to All Range calculations.

Moved Leads totals to it’s own row.


You can now set the following Validation rules per product and per step in the sales process

  • Minimum Contact Age
  • Maximum Contact Age
  • Minimum Dependent Age
  • Maximum Dependent Age