Alexander Conroy

Patch 6.9.4

TLDialer Dispositions If you Disposition a Lead with a “Completed” or “Unworkable” status the system will Update ALL LEADS related to the Current Lead Related Criteria Status is Not Unworkable Status is Not Completed Not Current Dialer ID Same Vendor Lead Code as Current Dialer ID Phone Number in Any Phone Field¬†from Current Dialer ID […]

Patch 6.9.2

TQL EAV Support Added for TLDCRM Tables. Enabled for: Vendors Users Accounts (Options) Fixed an issue with Naming Relational Joins Improved Join Performance Overview and Modifications of TLD TQL Schemas. Changed the way Meta Fields show up. Now will show fieldname and fieldname_name as same value, your choice. Standardized some fields that should have been […]

Patch 6.9.1

TLDialer – Updates and Upgrades – OPUS Codec Enabled. (Better Call Quality) Asterisk and Vicidial upgraded to v13.21 and Revision 3046 respectively. Opus codec enabled and preferred. Inbounds tested working. Outbounds tested working. Recordings tested working. Please let us know if anything unusual arises that may be a result of this update as soon as […]

Patch 6.9.0

Upgrades TLD Database Now Running Latest Aurora mySQL 5.7 Compatible Engine (~5x Faster) Now Running on Latest Generation AWS RDS Instance (Better, Newer CPU) TLD Server Now running latest PHP Version. Slightly Faster. New features for development. Core Modules Rewrote pretty much the entire Core System. This should clean up any oddities and errors that […]

Patch 6.8.3

TLDialer –¬†Significant Change! New Table: lead_dialer_leads This table stores all the dialer leads associated with a lead when a duplicate if found and loaded instead of created newly. How It Works Every Dialer ID associated with a lead, including the current one, is stored in the lead_dialer_leads table The lead_dialer_leads table is an association between […]

Patch 6.7.10

Reports Modified the Lead Vendor ScoreCard Should show more accurate and Reliable results, even when no sales are made! When TLDialer is enabled for you account, you can now see Total Inbound Calls, and Total Qualified Calls (Based on Vendor Qualification Time [QT Time]). We will be expanding some more features and options into this […]

Patch 6.7.9

Multi-Checkbox & Select Filters Just got a WHOLE lot smarter. Now, instead of just trying to match the full text of what you have typed in for the filter, we also chunk your filter into pieces by “space” values, and then check for the presence of all combined pieces, regardless of order! Example: Field: System […]

Patch 6.7.8

Interface Fixed issue broken last patch with the filter tabs across the board. Changed Filters Button to be more Apparent, and also mobile friendly. Making use of the exact same space but making things easier to find. Created New TQL Fields Layout for Future use. We now have reusable widgets of equal heights so we […]

Patch 6.7.7

TLDialer Call Log Fixed some Grouping issues for the combined report. Added toggle to choose between Inbound and Outbound Reporting. Default is mixed. Added new Aggregate Columns Over 30, 90 Sec, 10, 20 Min Under 30, 90 Sec, 10, 20 Min Average Length In Seconds Total Length in Seconds Dialer New Dialer Option: Mask Phone […]

Patch 6.7.6

TLDialer Call Log Fixed Call Log Query Parameters Fixed a bug in the closer_log Relationships Reduced the amount of fields that show. Now should only show the pertinent fields in the column builder. Normal queries should now come in the right order. The Call Log Now Support Aggregation (We even mush the two tables together […]