Patch 6.9.4


  • Dispositions
    • If you Disposition a Lead with a “Completed” or “Unworkable” status the system will Update ALL LEADS related to the Current Lead
      • Related Criteria
        • Status is Not Unworkable
        • Status is Not Completed
        • Not Current Dialer ID
        • Same Vendor Lead Code as Current Dialer ID
        • Phone Number in Any Phone Field from Current Dialer ID
        • Alt Phone in Any Phone Field from Current Dialer ID
        • Address3 in Any Phone Field from Current Dialer ID
    • DNC
      • The DNC Button now Properly Forces the Phone Numbers on the Lead into the DNC.
      • The Remove from DNC Button now Removes all Phone Numbers on the Contact out of the DNC.
      • DNC Add and Delete both update the Vicidial DNC Log properly.
  • Recordings can now be downloaded in MP3, WAV and OGG.
  • You can now Unlink Dialer ID’s, or Open Dialer ID’s in the Vicidial Panel right from the Contact.
  • Added Mass Remove TLDialer ID’s and TLDialer Association ID’s.
  • Data Sync code has been moved to PHP instead of the JS API.
    • Faster and more secure, less prone to JS Endpoint Issues.
    • Data now syncs regardless of wether you are on the Dialer or not.
      • Data sync is based on Lead ID and Dialer ID.
        • If Multiple Dialer Leads have the same Vendor Leads Code, all of them will be updated with the correct data.
  • Dispositions now work when Offline (Not on the Dialer, and not on an Active Call, Not the Lead related to your call).
    • If you change your lead while in a Call, the system will ask you if this is the Correct Lead for the Current Call if the Dialer ID is different, or missing.
      • Pressing No will let you go about your business and continue editing as if it wasn’t that lead. This includes Dispositioning the lead. This will NOT disposition your call.
      • Pressing Yes will change the Dialer ID on the new Lead to the Call’s Dialer ID, and add the Dialer ID to the set of connected Dialer ID’s. It changes the merged leads vendor_lead_code to match the corrected TLD Lead ID. It also removes the Dialer ID From the Previous lead including the relational Dialer ID’s for that lead.
  • Added TLDialer Agent Logs to TLDialer Section so you can sort and export data.
  • You can now Hide the Ingroups dropdown  that shows up after logging in so your Agents don’t get upset when they notice the person sitting next to them has different ingroups.
  • Fixed an issue with Mass Update TLDialer User, where it would remove their Ingroups from the Live Agents Table if you didn’t select any ingroups.
  • Fixed an Issue with Hide Call Label Type where it was always and only showing the Outbound Call Label, but never the Inbound Call Label.

Custom Lead Statuses, Callbacks & Appointments

  • You can now set a Custom Lead Status to open an Appointment Window, or a Callback Window. The lead will not change status until the Appointment or Callback is Set.
  • Dialer Status ID is now a Dropdown instead of letting you randomly type in something not allowed.


  • Modified the Way Callbacks behave and set Statuses.
  • Modified the Way Appointments behave and set Statuses.
  • Modified the logic to reduce queries when a lead has no surveys.
  • Survey Logs on the Contact have been Modified to work with the new Survey Changes.
  • Fixed an Issue with the Product Matrix that was preventing it from showing Default Values when no matrix permutations were present.
  • New Relationship Field (Self) which added to Beneficiary Relationship


  • “Dialer” has been renamed to “Contact Form” in the options section since it makes more sense considering we have an actual dialer now.


  • Leads section can now have preset Filters for when you click the “Leads” tab. This is useful for not having to create a filter to filter out Trash or Spam or other Custom Statuses you don’t care about.
    • This can be found in Options -> Settings -> Data

Lead Scorecard Report

  • Now allows you to Filter Ancillary and Primary Policies as well as Products. Labels have been cleaned up to reflect.

Custom Fields

  • Field source should be more readable.
  • Added User In a User Group as a Field Source. Tag your users, and only those will show up.
  • Added Vendor In a Vendor Group as a Field Source. Tag your users, and only those will show up.


  • Users can now have Validation Rules set for Leads similar to Vendors. You can also specify the Validation statuses for these rules.
  • Users can now be Exported for External Purposes.


  • You can now Mass Update Validation Status Rules for Vendors.
  • You can add Surveys and their Open Status in the Automation Section.


  • Made it so all the extra icons on Products always show regarding settings, but grey out when not configured, and turn green when active.


Survey system has now been Revamped to be used by Agents, not just the IVR.
  • Surveys Can be found under the Marketing Tab.
  • Survey Logs have been Modified to work with the new Survey Changes.
  • Surveys can Pop Open similar to Templates on Load based on Status. This has been added to the Vendor Section.
  • On clicking a Final Question Route, the Survey will now Close itself.

Patch 6.9.2


  • EAV Support Added for TLDCRM Tables.
  • Enabled for:
      • Vendors
      • Users
      • Accounts (Options)
  • Fixed an issue with Naming Relational Joins
  • Improved Join Performance
  • Overview and Modifications of TLD TQL Schemas.
    • Changed the way Meta Fields show up. Now will show fieldname and fieldname_name as same value, your choice.
    • Standardized some fields that should have been _id to _id.
  • Fixed an issue with Live Agents Table for TLDialer, Missing some ‘`’.
  • Enabled ability to have Multiple Schemas referencing the same table but looking at the data different. (Wow!)
  • Fixed an issue with Grouping in TLD TQL Columns.
  • Fixed an issue with improper Operators showing on Multi-checkboxes
  • Fixed an issue with Booleans.


    • Can be found in Settings -> Tags
    • You can create tags and define them as Global tags, or specific to individual tables.
      • For now only Leads can be tagged, we will be adding tags to the entire system over time.
    • Global Tags can be placed on any Record.
    • Tags can be Deactivated
    • You can add more than one Tag to any Record (Leads only for now)
    • The Leads Section now has a Filter for Lead Tags.
    • You can add, remove and drop all tags using the Mass Edit function in the Leads pane.
    • Support Exports.
    • This is our First TLD Module using the TQL System!


  • Scrub by Zipcode
    • You can scrub by a comma separate list of 3 – 5 digits Zipcodes, similar to the Product Matrix Validator.
      • You can Accept OR Reject based on this list.
      • Works in Uploader, FTP and Lead Post.
  • Scrub by Area Code
    • You can scrub by a comma separate list of 3 digit Area Codes.
      • You can Accept OR Reject based on this list.
      • Works in Uploader, FTP and Lead Post.
  • Add Leads as Dependent on Dupe
    • You can now choose “Add as Dependent on Dupe” under Dupe Update and Dupe Update by Lead ID Options.
      • This is useful when you have a list of leads with the same phone number, and you just rather have the dupes added as dependents since they may be related.
        • If the lead has Address info (as it may be different), we auto uncheck “Lead Address” for you to prevent any data loss on the addresses.
  • Fixed an issue with Mapped but not present data in Vendors. Should show yellow now instead of red to prevent confusion.

Egress API

  • Modifications to Egress API. More Standards.
  • Current Capabilities
    • Search Through Policies
    • Search Through Leads
    • Search Through Users

Ingress API

  • Ingress API now Working.
    • Current Capabilities
      • Update Policy Record ID
      • Change Policy Status


  • Fixed an issue in Dialer Contact where changing Duration wasn’t updating pricing.
  • Fixed an issue with Matrix Items and the new Rider Option.
  • Fixed an issue with Selecting Price ID.
  • Fixed an issue with Disabled Permutations.
  • Admin123 Now is an Option for Any Product.
    • Added “Enabled” to allow editing of Products and “Active” to use in the system.


Bugfixes and Updates

  • Fixed a bug with inserting images in Templates.
  • Updated to latest Fontawesome Fonts. More icons!

Patch 6.9.1

TLDialer – Updates and Upgrades – OPUS Codec Enabled. (Better Call Quality)

  • Asterisk and Vicidial upgraded to v13.21 and Revision 3046 respectively. Opus codec enabled and preferred. Inbounds tested working. Outbounds tested working. Recordings tested working. Please let us know if anything unusual arises that may be a result of this update as soon as you notice. We don’t expect any issues. Thanks! Oh, also, *don’t forget to close your browser and refresh your cache* in case Chrome decides it wants to load old files!
    • This will be live on  10/8/2018 for those of you who do not have it yet.
    • Answering Machine Detection EXTREMELY IMPROVED. 80 – 95% detection rate.
    • Drop Rates Improved. You can push your dialer harder now.



  • Added 2 new Policy Statuses. These policy statuses can be disabled in Settings -> Options -> Dialer and Hidden from Dropdowns in Fields -> Search for policy_status
    • Pending: Direct Bill
      • Shows after Submission for Direct Bill Clients that have made it through the Submission Process
    • Cancelled: Non-Payment
      • Shows up for Active Policies, for when a client gets cancelled due to Non-Payment.
  • New Credit Card Type
    • Direct Express. It will have a Mastercard Icon, as it is processed by Mastercard but sponsored by the Federal Government.

My Business

  • It is now possible to show “Vendors” via their public name, and only those who have a public name, in the My Business Sections ( Leads, Policies )
    • The setting is in Settings -> Options -> Data -> Show Public Vendors in “My Business” sections.
    • This allows you to give your agents access to sort through lead lists, without knowing the actual vendors information. Cheers!


  • Uploader should now remember the correct vendor you last selected.
  • Uploader should now start spitting out results as they come again.
  • Added Protections for FTP Sync.
  • FTP Now Supports Archived Documents. It will unzip them for you.
  • FTP Now create Thumbnails for PDF’s on Sync, and attached THAT file to the Link instead of the document itself. The document will still be downloadable and openable in the download section.
  • Added Links to Vendor Log in Uploads List.
  • Added Links to Vendor Logs Filtered for Errors on Error Files.

Vendor Post System

  • New Options in Vendor Data Settings
    • Update Lead on Dupe
      • This will update the most relevant lead with the information provided when a dupe is found (Conversions First, then Last one Modified, or last one in.)
    • Update Lead on Dupe Lead ID (If Present)
      • If you pass a Lead ID that exists in the system, it will update the lead with what you have provided.
      • If you pass a lead ID without this enabled, you will get an error. Do not pass Lead ID’s if you don’t plan to update. If Lead ID is empty, normal dupe rules will apply.
    • Send Relays on Dupe
      • Default Off, Why send it Back?

Vendor Logs

  • Added Links to Vendor Maps and Post Instructions to Log Section.

Lead Scorecard Report

  • TLDialer Mods
    • The Lead Scorecard Report will now favor the calculation of calls * the vendor rate over the lead rate per lead. If there are no calls, then the lead rate will show as is.
    • The Lead Scorecard will now give you the option to see “Duplicate Calls” and “Dropped Calls”. If you don’t see these fields please press “Reset Labels in the Labels Tab.

Feature: Print

  • This feature will be improved on at a later date.
  • If enabled, under Leads and My Leads, users can select multiple leads, and it will create a print friendly version with a print button of all those leads with basic information, any content within the “Image” field, and a worksheet of questions. Future renditions will allow for different Print layouts, and different print layouts per vendor. The goal is to have the print layouts merge with the Template system in the future.


  • User Section can now be sorted again. Huzzah!
  • Users can now be added as Inactive or Inactive Visible and will preserve the setting (And not check seat count)
  • Users had a bug on add. Fixed.

Patch 6.9.0


  • TLD Database
    • Now Running Latest Aurora mySQL 5.7 Compatible Engine (~5x Faster)
    • Now Running on Latest Generation AWS RDS Instance (Better, Newer CPU)
  • TLD Server
    • Now running latest PHP Version. Slightly Faster. New features for development.

Core Modules

  • Rewrote pretty much the entire Core System. This should clean up any oddities and errors that came from the upgrades on 9/16/2018 which will forever be known as “The Event”  (9/19/2018)
    • “The Event” did not effect production in any major way, but did cause some minor issues that got hotfixed in the beginning of the week until we realized we needed a core rewrite to continue adding new features.
    • The rewrite will also let us Develop in a standard way.
    • The System should be much faster, less possibility of Memory leaks and more secure overall.
    • Tons of Legacy code have been removed that was pending 3 – 4 years to be removed.


  • Cleaned up some styles and issues on the Uploader.
  • Found and fixed a bug causing lag on live with Field Maps.
  • Added Column Count and Max Row Size to Uploaded File Info.
  • Added Column numbers to File Maps.
  • Some changes to text description on Uploader.


  • Fixed an issue with Shared Notes
  • Custom fields should now properly save.

Patch 6.8.3

TLDialer – Significant Change!

  • New Table: lead_dialer_leads
    • This table stores all the dialer leads associated with a lead when a duplicate if found and loaded instead of created newly.
    • How It Works
      • Every Dialer ID associated with a lead, including the current one, is stored in the lead_dialer_leads table
      • The lead_dialer_leads table is an association between lead_id and dialer_id
      • lead_id and dialer_id combos are unique.
      • When a lead is loaded via Manual Outbound, or Inbound, or any other method, when the lookup function of TLDCRM loads, it will check for both a Dialer ID (TLDialer Lead ID) and a Lead ID (TLDialer Vendor Lead Code).
        • Id a Lead ID Exists, it will load that lead precisely.
        • If a Dialer ID is passed along with the Lead ID, it will add the Dialer ID to the new table along with the Lead ID.
        • If a new lead is created with a Dialer ID, it will add that to the table as well.
        • Upon loading a lead that already existed, with a new Dialer ID, the system will set the CURRENT Dialer ID on the TLD Lead, to that Dialer ID, so that TLDialer and TLDCRM are working on the same lead. Updated will be passed to the TLDialer Lead, this includes if information already existed on the TLDCRM Lead.
          • An Action log will be added with the user loading the lead and the updated data.
      • Recordings will be lookup up via the Primary Dialer ID on the Lead, the leads in the lead_dialer_leads table, as well as any dialer_id’s in touchpoints.
    • A Link Icon will show next to the Lead ID, if there are entries in the lead_dialer_leads table. Click it to see the ID’s. We will allow for manual entry of Dialer ID’s onto a lead later to fix some merging issues.
    • A Broken Link will show next to a Lead ID where there are no entreis in the lead_dialer_leads table.
  • What does this mean?
    • This may fix some issues where people get “stuck” unable to leave a lead, as well as making sure the right lead loads when you do a manual dial and click the dial icon. The problem we are possibly seeing is that when manual dialing, a  lead with similar properties loads, but is the wrong lead_id / Vendor lead code that what is actually loaded in Vici.
    • This also means you can prevent dupes by searching for and tagging leads with Dialer ID’s in Customer Service Queues, making sure you load the right lead without creating dupes.
    • It also means that recordings for the same lead on different phone numbers can show up in the recordings tab.
  • Address3 / Phone 3
    • Address3 now works as a Phone Field (as per Vici Spec) and can be dialed as ADDR3. This field now syncs to Vici Database as well.

Report Update – Lead Scorecard.

  • Please see the Reports -> Lead Scorecard Report for more information!
    • You can now see call data along with new leads created, spend, qualified costs (based on qualified time) and CPA as well as conversion %.
    • Click the labels tab and drag and drop labels to reorder the report. You can also hide fields and change the names of fields.


  • Fixed an issue with aggregate queries not showing properly.

Patch 6.7.10


  • Modified the Lead Vendor ScoreCard
    • Should show more accurate and Reliable results, even when no sales are made!
    • When TLDialer is enabled for you account, you can now see Total Inbound Calls, and Total Qualified Calls (Based on Vendor Qualification Time [QT Time]).
    • We will be expanding some more features and options into this Report soon.


  • The Contact Page will now search for Recordings in TLDialer by 3 criteria
    • 1st: Dialer ID, and TouchPoint Dialer ID’s
    • 2nd: Lead ID (Vendor Lead Code)
    • 3rd: Phone Numbers (Phone 1 2 and 3)

This should make finding recordings a bit easier.

TQL / TLDialer

  • Filters Selected
    • All TLDialer Sections now have a “Filters Selected” feature at the bottom of the Open Filters Screen,
    • As you run your filters, it will update automatically.
    • You can click on the “X” next to a selected filter to remove it.
    • This should be a nice handy quick way to see what you have selected.
    • We will be adding this to other sections as we migrate them to TQL over time.
  • String Filter Mods
    • We have added the following String / Text Filter Mods to the system.
      • Like
      • Not Like
      • Like Left
      • Not Like Left
      • Like Right
      • Not Like Right
      • In
      • Not In
    • You can search for comma, space, semicolon or pipe separated data in a text field by selecting IN or Not IN Mods after typing in your query.
  • Number Filter Mods
    • Numbers now have the same Filter Mods as Datetimes.
    • You can search for comma, space, semicolon or pipe separated data in a text field by simply typing in the data without a Filter Mod.
      • Since it is a number field, any text characters will convert the field to an IN field. You can do some advanced things like setting an IN query to both the start and end of a number field, but it will only show you the data where it is common (Intersection)
  • Query Builder Rewritten
    • Query builder now has a more efficient, and collision-prevention format.
      • This was actually a ton of work…but it should pay off in the future shortly.
    • All field mods now use field_tql=mod


  • Cleaned up some Mobile View for Filters.
  • Added “Code” Multi-checkbox to Vendor Logs.


  • Fixed issue with Uploader not showing the Process button when all was well.
  • FIx to Issue where View Recordings wasn’t being respected in the Dialer Contact.

Patch 6.7.9

Multi-Checkbox & Select Filters

Just got a WHOLE lot smarter.

  • Now, instead of just trying to match the full text of what you have typed in for the filter, we also chunk your filter into pieces by “space” values, and then check for the presence of all combined pieces, regardless of order!
    • Example:
    • Field: System User
      • Type in system user
        • Match
      • Type in user system
        • Match
      • Type in usersystem
        • No Match
  • Multi-checkboxes now have a ? that will open a window with detailed instructions, and tips and tricks on using them.


  • Fix to TQL when pulling just a single column.
  • Fixed some Group By Filter issues with the way it was displaying.
  • Fixes to Data Validation and Data Cleaning in TQL.
  • Changes Way Query System Works in TQL, more better now.
  • Fixed an issue with TQL Field Mods <><=>= on dates.
  • Fields for TLDialer now have Caching.
  • Added TQL Size Type 0 for Enabled / Boolean Fields.
  • Change to how Boolean / Enabled Fields look in General (25 px)
  • Fix to the way Count Works for Totals. Still a remaining issue for conjoined queries.
  • Fixed some Export issues in TQL.
  • Fixes to TLDialer Datasets.
  • Abstracted TQL JS to it’s own Base.
  • Added “Rows” Param for later use.
  • Change to way we Detect Arguments and Params. More efficient now.
  • Removed Unneeded SetWheres.
  • Change to way “Enabled” TLDialer Fields look.
  • Added “X” Buttons to pretty much every TQL Field. Makes clearing them out faster.
  • All Number fields now support Ranges and Operator Modifiers similar to Datetimes.
  • Allowed Primary and Unique ID’s to show in Aggregate Queries, when selected in Columns.

General Changes

  • Quick search now works with Application Number
  • Cleaned up User Profile Page.
  • Fix to Custom Fields – No Longer Accepts Spaces in Name on Update.
  • Changed way Arrays look in Filter URL’s Now should show [] instead of those weird numbers and letters (URL Encoded)
  • Premium is now a Default Field in All Policies. Removed Fronter.


  • Rewrote “Protected Fields” code. There was an issue with this code and the multi-user save feature that went unreported.
    • The issue was, those with protected versions would receive updated information from those with unprotected versions, but it would set to blank on that users next save, which would then overwrite the unprotected users version.
    • Standardized the Method so it can be used repeatedly.
    • Fixed an issue with Copy Pasting with Right Click Paste and losing data.
  • Made it so that Tabs with Validation Errors now highlight Red. (Policies, Notes, Dependents, Contacts)
  • Abstracted Quote Tool into different files.
  • Fixed issue with Married Checkbox showing when it wasnt supposed to

Product Validation and Price Matrix

  • Fix for Locked Fields with no Values specified.
  • Fix for Products where no settings present.
  • Fix to Allow 0 for Duration in Matrix system.


  • Relays section now defaults to active relays only.


  • Vendor section now has a button to open the Vendor’s list in the Leads Section.


  • Change to Agent Policies Report
    • Now Includes Total.


  • Fix to Live Agent Report 3 Way Call field. Works now.
  • It is now possible to “Clear Agent Last Call Times” when they go from Pause to Ready, so that campaigns using campaign weights and times don’t give them preference due to them having the longest last call time. Ask us to Set this For you.
  • Issue with pressing 0 on Dialpad should now be correctly fixed.
  • Fix to Live Agents that was causing lag.
  • Fix to Lag happening in Group By on Live Agents (Due to so many items)
  • Added Group By to other TLDialer Sections
  • Possible Fix for Stuck Hangups
  • Fixed Update and Mass Update Ingroups not working for Live Agents. Works now!
  • FIxed an issue with TLD Sync to Vici. Should work now.
  • Removed limit from Lists and DID Multi-checkbox.
  • A fix I put in may actually fix a crap ton more issues besides what was here…


  • Uploader now has Tabs for Data Maps and Field Maps to make it easier to Navigate.
    • You will now see a Green Check or Red Exclamation depending if File or Field Maps are OK.
  • Uploader Vendor, Carrier, Language, Product List now shows a Verbose List to make it easier to find the right Fields.
  • Uploader Product List now only shows you currently Visible System Products.
  • Uploader Map Labels now clearer so you can tell whats needed and whats not.
  • Uploader now has option under Maps, to Copy the Selections from One Map section to another if the reference table is the same.
    • You will get a Notification with what was updated among how many fields.
    • For Example:
      • Mapping Agent ID & Creator ID & Assigned ID
      • If the Data is the same in all 3 fields, you can use fill out your map field with the most data, and then click “Copy Selections”
        • Any Values that Match in the other fields will have their value set to the one you copied.
        • Any Values in other fields that were already set will not be overwritten.
  • Uploader Maps now has “Clear Selections”
    • This will clear the current Field Map you are on.
      • There is an Undo Button! You can undo the clear if you accidentally clicked it.
  • Uploader “Clear All Field Maps Selections” now supports the same Undo that Uploader Maps Does.
  • Purge All Fields still has no Undo!!!
    • You will now be asked to Confirm you want to Purge Fields
  • Select Filter Update
    • Select Filter now is Smarter than before, see general changes to Filters above
  • Quick Value Copy to Select Filter for Mapping.
    • You can Click or CTRL Click each space separated word in your Value column when mapping to copy that text into the filter and have it immediately filter.
      • If you Click text, it will overwrite the filter with the current text.
      • If you CTRL Click text, it will append that text to whatever is already in the filter, prepended with a space.
        • Example 1:
          • Your Filter Says “Florida”
          • You click “Blue”
          • The Filter now says “Blue”
        • Example 2:
          • Your Filter Says “Florida”
          • You CTRL Click “Blue”
          • The Filter now says “Florida Blue”
    • There is a Double Curved Arrow now next to each value, clicking or CTRL clicking it does the same as with text, except it copies in the ENTIRE value, not just pieces of it.
    • There is an X in the Filter Selects to clear the text filter now.
    • These tools can make matching super fast if your data is very similar to the mapped data in the system. Just click one or more text pieces and then select. This works well due to the changes to the way we filter items in the Select Filter

Help Section

  • We now have a working “Help Modal” that will pop up when details could be given to confusing sections, or regarding workflow, etc.
  • We will eventually compile these on a Master Page so you can see them all, as well as have them listed here on our Website for quick reference.
  • Currently we have Started with a Help Section for Multi-Checkboxes, which goes in detail as to how they work and the variations to them throughout the system.
    • Below is a Snippet from this Help Document:


UI Help: Multi-Checkbox

Multi-Checkboxes allow you to select one or more value either for data entry or for filtering throughout the system. The way they work is standard throughout the system. Options and variations are explained below.

  • There are two lists and states in each Multi-Checkbox: Checked and Unchecked.
    • When you Check a Checkbox, it automatically gets bolded, pushed and reordered to the top of the Multi-Checbox into the Checked list. This effect persists with page refreshes or saved settings, allowing you to see what has been selected much quicker and easier than sifting through the list.
    • When you Uncheck a Checkbox, the bold effect is removed and it is resorted back into the Unchecked list.

Selecting Multiple Items

  1. Hold CTRL and press Left Click to Select an Item without having it Pop to the Top, this marks your starting point for multiple selection.
  2. After Selecting your starting point, hold SHIFT and press Left Click any other item to Check / Uncheck all items in between your previously selected and currently selected item.

*Note: If you use this method on a Filtered List, it will only select the items in between the list that are visible, which is very handy! Filtered items will not be checked or unchecked.

Selecting All Items

  1. Press and Hold CTRL + SHIFT and press Left Click to Select / Unselect All Items in a Multi-Checkbox.

Filterable Checkboxes

When a Multi-Checkbox has more than 11 Items, a Filter Box automatically appears to allow you to quickly filter through options using a smart match system based on what you type in.

The small inside the Filter Box will clear your current input.

Sortable Checkboxes

Sortable checkboxes allow you to Click and Drag selected items into the order you prefer. The system will preserve this order even on refresh, particularly for filters. This is most commonly used in Group By filters where the order of your selection sometimes matters and may change results or options.

Sortable Checkboxes are easy to find by looking for the / icon next to the / checkboxes.

Label Checkboxes

At times Multi-Checkboxes will have extra buttons at the top right of the label. Tools are usually placed there to either modify your filter results or to manipulate the checkbox in some way.

Check All Checkbox

Often we add a “Check All” button to the Label buttons as an easy way to toggle all fields on or off. These will be removed in the future in favor of the CTR + SHIFT + Left Click Method.

Dynamic Checkbox Options

Often we add other dynamic settings or commands to Multi-Checkboxes such as what is found in the Product Matrix section. These options usually have tooltips when hovering over them to discover what they are meant to do.

Label Buttons

Label buttons usually appear in Filter sections.

Not Button

When this button is selected, it tells the filter system to check for values that are NOT in the selected list.

Has Button

This will flag the system to check for the Presence of data for a particular field. A field is known to be present if it is Not Null and not Blank. Note that “0” in a text field is considered as present, but is not present in a number field.

Missing Button

This will flag the system to check for Absence of data for a particular field. A field is known to be missing if it is Null or Blank. Note that “0” in a text field is not considered as missing, but is missing in a number field.

Aggregate Button

The Aggregate Button is specific to the Group By Multi-Checkbox, and tells the system that you want to remove all Group By options, including system default ones. This normally flattens your result set to just one row. This allows you to pull dynamic total reports from any TQL (Total Query Language) Enabled System Section. All TLDialer Sections have the Aggregate option for example, and more sections will include this as we migrate all of our systems to using TQL.

Patch 6.7.8


  • Fixed issue broken last patch with the filter tabs across the board.
  • Changed Filters Button to be more Apparent, and also mobile friendly. Making use of the exact same space but making things easier to find.
  • Created New TQL Fields Layout for Future use. We now have reusable widgets of equal heights so we can create fields and auto stack them so they are nice and neat.
    • Created new “Number” type with Native Ranges
    • Created 3 different height layouts for fields, 50, 100, and 200
  • Cleaned up the Date Picker code as well as what else can show when it’s available.
  • Changed Filters Icons to be larger  and more apparent, also more mobile friendly. Adjusted select box along with it and also optimized for mobile. Tested on iPhone X.
  • Multi-checkboxes now have Custom Checkboxes instead of normal browser ones. This should standardize the look of the interface across browsers (although you really should be using Chrome).
  • Filters Popovers where wonky. Moved them to face down and also moved elements around to stop the wonkiness.
  • Found a bug with mobile view where the right hand menu was showing when it shouldn’t (only on mobile view for Desktop, via shrinking screen).
  • Fixed a bug with Multi-selects not re selecting.

Dialer Feature

  • New Dialer Option: Format Names on Save
    • This will auto Capitalize the First, Middle and Last Names.
    • It takes into account roman numerals: ‘II’, ‘III’, ‘IV’, ‘VI’, ‘VII’, ‘VIII’, ‘IX’
    • It also will try to split names by ‘, ‘-‘, “O'”, “L'”, “D'”, ‘St.’, ‘Mc’
    • It also has lowercase exceptions for ‘the’, ‘van’, ‘den’, ‘von’, ‘und’, ‘der’, ‘de’, ‘da’, ‘of’, ‘and’, “l'”, “d'”
  • Added Format Names feature to Dependents and Policy Billing.


  • Recordings
    • Added new filters to Recordings Sections.
    • Fixed some Schema Relationships for Recordings
    • Specifying only Critical tables for Recordings.
  • Campaigns
    • Added Hopper Count to Campaigns (Pull it in with the Column Builder)
      • This will let you see how many leads per campaign are in your hopper. We are working on a solution for “Dialable” leads.
  • DID’s
    • DID’s now have a ton of search features.
  • Leads
    • Lead interface got some cleanup with new TQL Field Interface.
    • List Schema got proper tagging for List itself.
  • Live Agents
    • Added the new Filter Header.


  • Fixed an issue with 0 button not working.


  • Looks a little nicer with the white background

Service Objects Address Validation Integration

  • 80% done with Address Verification tool.

Lead Meta Changes

  • Added Reference ID and Reference to Lead Meta. We will be revising Lead Meta to work for all attached tables with TQL (Policies, Dependents, Notes)


  • Fixed an issue where when requesting a non column joined tables arguments, it wasn’t joining, now joining properly based on arguments, group by order by and where.
  • Fixed an issue with Schema Caching, now properly clears on it’s own when we patch. Yay.
  • Updated Lead Meta Schema.


  • Fixed a problem with service loading.
  • Fixed to Meta Model when an account has no users.
  • Fixed an Issue with Choosing and Unchoosing “Dependent Address Same as Lead”
  • Added General Integration Section under Third Party in Options for the API Key used with Service Objects.

Patch 6.7.7

TLDialer Call Log

  • Fixed some Grouping issues for the combined report.
  • Added toggle to choose between Inbound and Outbound Reporting. Default is mixed.
  • Added new Aggregate Columns
    • Over 30, 90 Sec, 10, 20 Min
    • Under 30, 90 Sec, 10, 20 Min
    • Average Length In Seconds
    • Total Length in Seconds


  • New Dialer Option: Mask Phone Number
    • From the ages of old, where we do not trust the agent at all, this turns the phone number field into a PHI field similar to SSN’s. All functionality is the same.
    • It will show the last 4 digits of the phone number when phone is filled out.


  • Mass Update now does the intended Behavior and doesn’t rip out non updated Validation sections.
  • Added Easy Buttons to Click and Open certain filters, in the filters.
  • Save button in Product Matrix now keeps window open.
  • Fixed annoying notification when you havent modified product options and are modifying matrix values.


  • More schemas added to system,

Mass Update

  • Working, but still unreleased. In testing.


Patch 6.7.6

TLDialer Call Log

  • Fixed Call Log Query Parameters
  • Fixed a bug in the closer_log Relationships
  • Reduced the amount of fields that show. Now should only show the pertinent fields in the column builder.
  • Normal queries should now come in the right order.
  • The Call Log Now Support Aggregation (We even mush the two tables together for you, and even preserve ordering!
    • Use the Column Builder to Choose the Column you want to Group by and the “Total Calls” column as well.
    • Then In Filters, choose the Group By Column you want to group by!
    • Press Go!
    • If you want a GRAND Total of all the columns, click the “Aggregate” Checkbox at the top right of the “Group By” section, this will flatten the results to 1 row giving you a total count.
      • Here is an example of what it looks like.


  • Fixed an issue with ordering in exports


  • Multi-checkbox behavior has been slightly modified but basically does the same thing.
  • Multi-checkboxes now has sortable support for things like Group by. This can be seen in the Call Log section since grouping order sometimes does matter.